Part I: Understanding



The Dreaded Gom-Boo, or The
Impossible Three-Day Thumb-and-Finger Problem


September 9, 1982


(1) MASTER DA: Have you all heard
about the Dreaded Gom-Boo? Or the impossible Three-Day
Thumb-and-Finger Problem? Ah ha! You see? Nobody tells you
about these things except me.



(2) A myth has been circulating for
many centuries now that mankind is diseased, that all beings
are suffering from what I call the Dreaded Gom-Boo, also
called sin, maya, ego, suffering, separated individuality,
illusion, delusion, confusion, and indifference. We are all
supposed to accept this diagnosis, realize how diseased we
are, and submit ourselves to the local religious hospital,
where a father or mother doctor will confirm our disease and
require us to submit for the rest of our lives to various
regimes for our own healing and ultimate cure. This is the
basic proposition of traditional religion, and it begins
with the diagnosis of the dreaded disease.



(3) Tradition has it that we are
all, by birth, by virtue of our very existence, even now
diseased, sinful, separated from the Great One. What a
horror! Yes! What an obscenity has been laid upon us through
the traditions of society, which, merely because of the
impulse to survive as the body-mind, have for centuries
required human beings to invest themselves with the belief
in this disease and to suppress their own life-motion, which
comes only from the Great One, in order to fulfill the
presumed needs of our chaotic society.



(4) I come to tell you, as I stand
in the midst of the priests of this horror, that not even
one of you is suffering from this disease. It is an
imaginary disease, a terrible disease, but altogether
imaginary. No one has ever actually had this disease. Not
one single being has ever had the Dreaded Gom-Boo, or the
impossible Three-Day Thumb-and-Finger Problem. It has never
happened! It does not exist!



(5) What is the Truth? We are Happy.
We live in God. The Great One is our very Being. We inhere
in the Blissful, Forceful Being of the Starry God, the
Wonder, the Mystery, the Person of Love. This is our
Situation and our Destiny. I am only one among many voices,
but this is my Message to you: There is no disease. There is
nothing to cure. We are not patients and we are not
parented. We are not children. No dreadful destiny lies
before us. There is nothing whatsoever to cure.



(6) However, in spite of these
truths, you all act like patients or diseased persons and
seem to deny or doubt the very condition of your existence.
Therefore, I must remind you. I must call you to observe
yourselves and to see how the conception of this disease
arises. Where does it come from? How do you contract this
imaginary disease and become involved in seeking its
imaginary cure? I call you to observe yourself, and you will
see, well, youre grabbing your ass! Youre pinching your
belly. Youre ripping your hairs out. Youre biting your
tongue, youre pulling out your teeth, youre sticking your
fingers in your eyes, youre causing yourself great pain
because of your motive to be independent.



(7) You will never be independent.
There is not even a molecule of wood in this wall that is
independent. Nothing and no one is independent. All of us
inhere in the Great One, the Wonderful Lord, the Marvelous
Starry Person, the Delight of Being. All of us live in That.
That is our situation now. This moment is the moment of
Happiness, as is every future moment, every moment after
death, beyond this world and other worlds, lower worlds,
higher worlds, after worlds, no worlds. It is all the moment
of infinite Delight, unless we become self-conscious and
withdraw from our relations and contract upon our Happiness
and forget It.



(8) This is my Message to you, then:
There is no disease except the one you fabricate and
reinforce through all the propagandas of this horrible world
of egos. Understand it and instantly be free of your disease
in every moment. Be free of this imaginary concoction of
suffering. There isnt any such thing! The Great One has
magnified Itself in the form of sexual beings, human beings,
sexless beings, earth world, form and fruit and wood and
wall and space and star and sky and cloud and tree and life
and death. The same Great One takes all these forms,
completely Indifferent, completely Free, completely Happy in
all these excesses. This is all the Great One. The Great One
creates nothing. The Great One is everything. What a
Paradox! What a Mystery! What a Wonderful God!



(9) This is my Message to you. How
wonderful is this obscene, absurd, ridiculous paradoxical
Being that we are. This is what I tell you, and it relieves
you of the conceit of your suffering and disease, the belief
in your un-Happiness. It relieves you of your willingness to
submit yourself to being a patient for the rest of your
days. None of us are patients, none of us require a cure,
none of us have parents anymore except perhaps as our
friends. All of us stand free in the Great One, the Living
One, the Living God, the One Who has inspired all the poor
fools like me for centuries, the same delicious, glorious
Divine One who is our own form, our own process, even our
own body.



(10) We must align ourselves,
resonate ourselves, tune ourselves with That and be totally
free of self-consciousness and the pain of self-contraction.
This belief in ourselves and our independence is our
disease. We must invest ourselves with understanding and
become priests of love, of Happiness, of freedom. Even our
bodies must be submitted into this freedom, this glorious
Happiness, so that our human relations become possible, so
that our organic life, our human cellular form, this
absurdity, this limited life, such as it is, lives in the
Great One and is animated by the Great One. Its only
consciousness is the consciousness that is the Great One.
There is no limitation. The Great One Laughs and is Free of
birth and death, Free of life, Free to live, Free to die,
Free to be Happy all the time. This is always the moment of
that one Principle, and there is no disease.



(11) Therefore, in every moment,
what is the practice? To understand our belief in the
disease, the impossible Three-Day Thumb-and-Finger Problem
that is projected day after day into more and more days of
hopeful hopelessness. All our plans, all our asceticism, all
our self-indulgence, all our strategies, all the foolishness
we engage in our un-Happiness must be purified by our
Happiness, by our Awakening, by our understanding, by our
freedom from self. This is the fundamental import of my
Teaching, and it makes you free to be human, free to be
related to one another, free to love one another.



(12) This body-mind is a
limitation-there is not the slightest doubt about that-but
it is the great humor, the great joke, the great
planlessness of the excessive God. There are many, many,
many more planes beyond this-I can tell you, because I have
personal experience of them-many, many more planes and
worlds beyond this one and below this one, and they all
inhere in the Great One. And in all of these places great
beings and little beings tend to be suffering from belief in
the imaginary disease of the Dreaded Gom-Boo. All of them
are being doctored. They lie around in hospitals, receiving
their daily medicines, chanting “Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea
culpa,” as if they had committed some horrible act just by
being born, just by being alive, as if existence itself, in
any form, is separation from God.



(13) There is no separation from
God, not even in the slightest! It is impossible to be
separated from God, absolutely impossible. We exist in the
Great One. It is an obscene suggestion that we could ever,
even in a fraction of our being, be removed from the Room of
the great Lord. It is absolutely impossible. I am certain of
this. I hope you will also understand yourselves and Realize



(14) There is no disease to cure,
therefore. The spiritual process is not a cure for disease.
It is not a strategic approach toward the ultimate event of
your Happiness. The spiritual process is the magnification
of well-being, the magnification of health, Happiness,
Bliss, prior and Eternal God-Union. There is not the
slightest suggestion in my intimation to you that you should
become self-conscious and divorced from the Blissful
Happiness of your Union with the Great God. Not even the
slightest suggestion of it. To feel that you are separated
from the Divine Being is not in the least required, except
by the priests of the disease itself.



(15) There is no separation.
Therefore, we should magnify the Glory of God in our form
and also beyond our own form. To be in God is the business
of life-to understand the self, which is the belief in
disease, and be free of it in every moment and therefore be
magnified and purified in the Happiness of the Glorious
Starry God.



(16) That is the Teaching. That is
the Absolute Wonderful Truth into which I myself am born
from Eternity, being human and less than human, being
unacceptable to the shouting crowd of this life, seeming to
be an absolute fool, communicating to you the glorious
Happiness of our fundamental Being. To do so requires no
righteousness whatsoever. None. There is no righteousness.
There is only this Happiness. Go and make morality out of
that. Go and make society, community, life, and death out of
that. That is the Teaching.



(17) Therefore, what do your
anti-sexualism and neurosis have to do with anything? They
are your disease, your patient life, your waiting to be
Happy. How could one wait for the Principle of existence
itself? Only a fool would wait for It! Only the Happy claim
It. Only those who understand themselves magnify It through
every moment of their existence in every cell of their



(18) There is nothing wrong with the
human body, with its genitals and hairs and talking and
eyeballness and rotting fleshiness. Not even the slightest
thing wrong with it! The whole thing is God. The whole
thing! In itself it is not Happy, but in its attunement with
the Great One it is the circumstance of Happiness. Live in
this circumstance as Happiness and you transcend yourself.
You enter into meditation. You are purified, you are
Transfigured, you are Transformed, you will be Translated
into the Glorious Domain of the Absolute God. This is
guaranteed. This is the Law. Nothing can distract you from
it once you become Happy, but you need not even “become”
Happy-you need only Realize that you are Happy, that the
Truth, if it is the Truth, is the case, even now! God as God
is God now! The Condition of our condition is our Condition
now. Everything else is a superimposition we lay upon it in
our un-Happiness, our neurosis, our Narcissism. Understand
this contraction and Realize that you are Happiness.



(19) Be Consciousness. Be the Being
and Realize that It is Happiness and that everything that
arises is nothing but a play upon It, or a modification of
It, a moment of It. Live a gloriously Happy life all your
life, and go on from here to much greater worlds. Out
there-I dont know if it is cloudy tonight or not-out there
are all kinds of worlds created by all kinds of fools, and
they exist only within the visible spectrum, this tiny
little fraction that our eyeballs can perceive.



(20) Do you have any conception of
the infinite numbers of possible and impossible worlds that
are extended beyond this visible spectrum? Even now your
relationship to me depends on your ability to be attuned to
me in the invisible domain, the vertical dimension of life,
the force-fields personal and beyond the personal and beyond
the human, beyond the conditional realm into the Force of
God Itself. You must tune in to this Force just like an
ordinary character turns on his TV set. Be attuned to the
great Force of God and enjoy the Glory of Light, the
Happiness, the Effulgence, the Radiance of Living



(21) When you die-and the body will
die, there is no doubt about it. What a laugh! How amusing!
How wonderful, in fact, that we will not be contained in
this ridiculousness forever, but even though you die, you
will not go to any of the shiny spots in the sky if you are
Happy. You will go beyond the visible realm into that Field
of forces and Blissfulness that is now invisible to you but
that you feel through emotion, through your sympathetic
attunement with Energy. Thus, you will not be born there nor
even here. You will be born into none of this visibility.
You will be born into what is not visibility or invisibility
and be magnified in your Happiness. Even there you will hear
me telling you this same sermon!



(22) This world is just a way
station, a place to be exaggerated, a place to magnify your
Happiness and not be dismayed, not be put into doubt, not
become a patient in this world. This is no place to become a
patient, because there is no cure for the disease you are
thinking of, no cure whatsoever! Mark my words. The disease
you have in mind has never been cured, because it is an
illusion. It is a fake disease. God has not come into this
world to cure this disease. The only reason God comes into
this world through the Adepts is to Awaken you to the fact
that you are not suffering from any disease at



(23) Life is not suffering! Life in
itself is suffering-by itself, separated, it is
suffering-but life is not in principle or in its real
Condition suffering. Life is inherence in the Great One.
Life is Happiness. Life in its real Condition transcends its
own limitations. Therefore, the notion of disease and
un-Happiness and the unsaved life of sinfulness and all the
monotony of conventional religion has nothing whatsoever to
do with the Truth. God is the Truth, and God is the
Principle of our existence.



(24) If we understand ourselves and
are free of the image of our own self-contraction, then in
our natural or native state we are tuned to every dimension
within the hierarchy of the cosmos and drawn into inherence
in the Great Principle, the Living, Wonderful, and Ordinary,
Delightful God. This is meditation. Nothing less or other
than that is meditation.



(25) Therefore, I call you to
meditate, and all the other disciplines I suggest to you are
based on this consideration. The personal and relational
disciplines are intended only to create a circumstance of
support in the chemical and biological nature of this
body-mind for this submission, this alignment, this
attunement, this Happiness. They create a biochemical basis
for God-Love. That is their only import. They are not hard
disciplines. They are circumstances of God-Love, of Bliss,
Happiness, God-Communion, Mystery, Wonder,



(26) All your life should be
Delight, and when you are so Delighted, then every movement
of this being, all its farting and sexing and speaking and
looking, will be the Delight of God, because it is! None of
this arises separate from God. The notion that it does is a
false message. There is not now nor has there ever been the
slightest separation between any appearance and the Great
One. All of it and all of its absurdities exist in



(27) All things in themselves are
effects of the interests of independent living beings. There
is no “Great Plan” upon which we can depend, because
countless beings-human beings, less than human beings,
visible beings, invisible beings, big beings, little beings,
beings in every plane within the hierarchical planes of
manifestation-all beings are thinking and feeling and acting
and desiring and creating effects.



(28) The summation of all this
chaotic desiring is the cosmos. God does not make the
cosmos. God is the cosmos. God is the Truth of it, the
Substance of it, the Condition of it. God need not create
one thing. God always stands in place as pure Delight, as
Love, as Self-Radiant Being. All the effects, the changes,
the appearances arise in God, but they are the results of
your own interests. Understand your causality, your own
effect, and be free of the disease suggested by these
appearances. Realize that the Living One is the Condition of
life, the Condition of all forms, and be Happy. This
Realization is sufficient to purify you. This message is the
only Gospel.


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