Enlightenment of the Whole Body – Adi Da Samraj (Bubba Free John)


Chapter 7 Part III

Kingdom of God –
Nervous System Is the “Soul” of the Body, the Vehicle of
Life, and the Instrument of Our
Sacrifice –
Krishna, Gautama, and the Eternal Divine
Person –
and the Teaching of Truth to Man –
and the Ancient Mystery Tradition –
Realm Must Be Transcended –
Liberation of the Soul –
Process of Liberation, Founded in Transcendental Awakening,
or Whole body Enlightenment –
the Awakened Soul Is Free of the Mind and All Desires for
Experience –
Soul Is Not Free in Heaven or on
Earth –
the Free Soul Escapes in God –
Original Brightness –
the Self, and God –
Living God and the “Void” of Self-Realization –
Enlightenment of the Whole Body –
Is a State of Body, Not of Mind –
of the Mind Is Enlightenment of the Whole
Body –
Function of the Personal, Moral, and Esoteric Disciplines in
the Way of Divine Ignorance –
Esotericism of the Seventh Stage of
Life –
and Perfection –
Whole Body Is Enlightened by Love


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The Kingdom of God

The “Kingdom of God” is not within.
(There is nothing within us but mechanical facts and
illusions, just as in the whole world before us.) The
“Kingdom of God” is a matter of the literal Translation of
the whole bodily being of the individual into the
unqualified and All-Pervading Light of the World.

That Light is not in objective or
subjective relationship to us. It is not Jesus or any
physical or subjective perception of visible brightness. It
is the Light or Radiance we intuit to be the Condition of
our very existence and consciousness. We must each become a
living, single, or whole body sacrifice, through love and
esoteric practice, into the Radiance wherein we have arisen
and wherein we are eternally Ignorant, eternally without
knowledge of what even a single thing is.

The “Kingdom of God” is not merely a
future Realization of the individual or of mankind. It is
Realized in every moment wherein the sacrifice is made-in
every moment wherein our hold on the independent body-mind
and its environments or limits is released in the Intuition
of the prior Condition of Ignorance-Radiance. Such moments
also accumulate transcendental and superphysical effects
over time, Transfiguring and Glorifying the surrendered
bodily being at last, even through death, which is free of
all consequences for those who are most profound.

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The Nervous System Is the
“Soul” of the Body, the Vehicle of Life, and the Instrument
of Our Sacrifice

The Awakened Personalities that
become Present to Guide and Awaken human beings are
Personifications of Man in his Transcendental Totality.
Thus, the Living Spiritual Master, and all other such
Personalities met at the Threshold between independent
self-consciousness and the transcendence or perfect
Sacrifice of self in the Absolute Personality of the Real,
is a Personification of Man, or the human individual, in his
whole bodily Unity and Awakened Transcendence of
psycho-physical limits.

Truly, the Spiritual Master, or any
other Threshold Personality, is a Living Extension or
Projection of the total nervous system of the bodily being
of Man. The Spiritual Master is the Communication of the
human nervous system in its Free State, prior to recoil or
contraction upon itself, and in Perfect Communion with the
Transcendental Life and Consciousness that is Divine and
prior to all particular experiences.

When the Spiritual Master is met in
his human form in the world, he is a human other who can be
of Help to us merely by permitting us to enter into
Love-Communion with him, through discipline, service, higher
adaptation, radical Understanding of experience, and
ecstatic devotion. In that Way, those in whom the nervous
system is not yet mature, or only partially awake, and not
yet steady or strong in its openness to the All-Pervading
Life, may, by loving association, be quickened and Awakened.
And when that Process has matured to the point that the
devotee is in the seventh stage of life-that is, when the
nervous system of the devotee is in such a condition that
its mechanism of recoil from the Infinite Life is fully
under control-then Communion with the Spiritual Master
transcends the distinction of self and other. And, in that
case, Communion with the Spiritual Master becomes
Identification with the Condition of the Spiritual Master-or
perfect alignment, resonance, and stable equality between
the nervous system of the devotee and that of the Spiritual

Therefore, in the seventh stage of
life, and in the Way of Radical Intuition, the devotee
Communes with the Spiritual Master in a fully Awakened and
Secret manner, which is not possible for those who are not
thus Awakened. Then the Spiritual Master functions as a
Threshold Personality in the Perfect sense-as one who serves
the ultimate Awakening of the soul via the nervous system,
or Life-Vehicle, of the devotee. When that Awakening is
complete-or when the soul is “Perfected” in true
Self-Realization-then the devotee, equally with the
Spiritual Master, enjoys a Condition of Radical
Transcendence of the nervous system and all attributes and
experiences of the independent body-mind. Then the devotee
has been Transfigured by Identification with Life, and he is
Liberated into the Destiny of Life Itself, or the Absolute
Personality that Pervades all conditions of

The Spiritual Master thus serves the
devotee until the nervous system of the devotee can tolerate
the Absolute Invasion of Life, wherein the self-limits of
the experiential body-mind Dissolve in

God is Life. The All-Pervading Life
is Realized and Incarnated by the Spiritual Master. That
Life is All-Pervading, Transcendental, Absolute, Perfect
Consciousness, Infinite Mind, and the Paradox of which all
conditions are the Play or unnecessary modification. All
Great Teachers of the past, who have since become Archetypes
of the Perfect Condition, or Threshold Personalities who
serve our transition to the Absolute Condition, are, as in
the case of the Living Spiritual Master, Images and Vehicles
of the Awakened Life of the unobstructed nervous system.
Jesus and Krishna and Gautama are each and all, with many
others, Archetypes of the nervous system in its Native
State. They may appear to us, or seem to appear to our
subjective vision and sensitivity, and so serve the
Awakening of our Love as we grow. And the Living Spiritual
Master does the same, while he also confronts us in human
relationship, to raise us to the level of Intensity, free of
self, or negativity, and positive as love, wherein he may
serve us Perfectly. Thus, when the Spiritual Master is
approached as the Divine Personality in the seventh stage of
life, he Awakens us, beyond all illusions, to the same
Absolute Intensity that is his own Bliss, whereby we
transcend the Threshold and the independent Otherness of
even the embodied Spiritual Master, and pass beyond the
body-mind to Ecstasy.

Very ordinary people may read this
and imagine in their fear and self-possession that this is
an ordinary matter which they can claim to have already
accomplished in their mediocrity. No, this Awakening is
Great, and it requires the total Transformation of the
disposition of the nervous system, through a total
Transformation of the tendencies of the experiential
body-mind. Only the most profound and extended discipline of
the personal, moral, and higher psycho-physical conditions
of individual existence can make a foundation for this
Transcendental Awakening. And the Awakening is necessarily
associated with the most radical Process of Intuition and
Love, whereby all psycho-physical limits are utterly
discarded. Very few human beings in the history of the world
have even made a passing gesture at such a Sacrifice.
Therefore, do not be deceived by the arbitrary and ego-based
claims of God-Realization that arise in your own mind, or in
the minds of others who, like yourself, have yet to pay the
“last coin” by which Eternal Life is purchased.

God is Life. Life is the “Oversoul,”
“Paramatman,” “Brahman,” or ”Nirvana.” And the “soul,” or
the “atman,” is the temporary or personal design of energy
that is expressed via and as the nervous system, including
the brain. And the epitome of the nervous system is the
disposition of the heart, the Radiance of the atomic

The nervous system pervades the body
and provides it with a Mediator, a Connection to Life. The
whole body, expressed as the unobstructed nervous system,
opened to Infinity as Love, is the “Savior,” the “Christ”
(or the “Anointed One”), the “Son of God,” the “Avatar” (the
“Incarnation of God, or of Life”), the “Buddha” (or the
“Enlightened One”).

The chief centers of the nervous
system in the bodily being that is Man are three in number.
They are the “navel” (or the vital region below the heart),
the “head” (or the mental region above the heart), and the
“heart” itself, which is the primal center or epitome of the
Living Man or the human individual in relationship to Life
via the nervous system.

The “navel” is the Lower Man, or the
Earthly Man, the lower, subconscious, and unconscious self.
The “head” is the Higher Man, or the Cosmic Man, the
conscious and superconscious self. But the “heart” is the
“Pyramid” (the “Fire in the Middle”), the Sacrificial Altar
between “Heaven” and “Earth,” where Man, the independent
self or “soul,” or the nervous system, is Sacrificed and
thus Translated beyond the World to the Infinite Paradox and
Absolute Personality Who is Life.

Therefore, the “heart” is the primal
root of self-consciousness, or the higher and lower forms of
recoil from Infinity. And the heart, or the atomic soul,
once Awakened beyond the limits of fear and experience, is
also the Holy Place of Transfiguration, where the “Son” and
the “Father,” or the nervous system and the Transcendental
Life, become One, by virtue of the sacrifice of self into
Life through ecstatic Love.

The Spiritual Master is a human
being whose nervous system is free of obstruction, or
chronic recoil from Life. Therefore, those who love and
surrender themselves as a responsible sacrifice to the
Living God in the Company of the Spiritual Master are
Awakened to the Free State of the “atman” (the atomic soul,
manifested as the nervous system) in which it is in a
Condition of Unity with “Paramatman” (the All-Pervading Life
and Divine Soul or Self). Then the Real Condition of born
self or covered soul is Realized. When “I” and the “Father”
are One, the “soul” is “saved from Hell” (or “karma,” the
mechanical results of embodied activity). The meaning of the
ancient religious language is that true devotees are
Awakened, through their own nervous systems, into
unobstructed Communion with Life (or the “Holy Spirit of
God”). When the nervous system of the devotee is stably
prepared in ecstasy, love, or self-surrender to Life in the
Company of the Spiritual Master, then the Spiritual Master
ceases to be identified apart from the nervous system of the
devotee, and the Condition of the nervous system of the
devotee duplicates that of the Spiritual Master. In that
Process, the devotee “crosses the Threshold” into the
Transcendental Paradoxes of the Absolute Personality, the
Eternal Divine Person.

The nervous system (or the covered
soul) is pervaded by Life (or the Oversoul), even as the
body is pervaded by the nervous system. Therefore, the
nervous system belongs to a subtler realm of the manifest
World than does the elemental body. For this reason, the
soul, or “atman,” survives physical death. The subtle and
more or less conscious bioenergetic design of the nervous
system, and therefore of the atomic soul, is structured by
bodily experience and survives the death of the gross body.
The manifest or covered soul is not immortal or forever, but
it does survive the death of the extended elemental body. It
survives, but it also suffers and changes over time-during
any one embodiment, and from body to body. After death, it
incarnates again, in gross or subtle form, duplicating its
previous tendencies. It may appear in the human world, or it
may enter into other realms of experience-if it is able to
transcend the grosser limitations of the human world while
alive. But the covered soul, or the structure of energy
expressed as the nervous system, is not free until it is
perfectly surrendered into that Absolute Intensity of which
it is only a stepped-down modification or sub-intensity.
Therefore, the manifest soul, the nervous system, or the
disposition of the body-mind, must enter into Communion with
the All-Pervading and Transcendental Radiance of Conscious
Life. In that Communion, the independent self, the covered
soul, the separate, self-contained, and self-conscious
nervous system, Realizes the prior Condition of Unqualified
Consciousness, or Divine Ignorance. And in that Awakening,
the nerve-ends of the body-mind uncoil into the
Transcendental Radiance of Life, through Love.

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Jesus, Krishna, Gautama, and
the Eternal Divine Person

Jesus, Krishna, and Gautama were
three famous individuals who, like many others, enjoyed an
extraordinary degree of self-transcendence, or transcendence
of their own person, or body- mind, through devotional,
mystical, and intuitive self-sacrifice into the Eternal
Divine Self and Person Who is God and Truth. Each did all of
this under particular personal, historical, philosophical,
and religio-spiritual conditions. And each, in his own
Realization, as with other extraordinary men, emphasized
degrees or aspects of the Divine Person and perhaps excluded
or deemphasized others.

The later followers of each of these
individuals equated their Master with the Divine Person, not
only mystically and ritually, but also exclusively, or most
literally and in fact. Thus, historical “Threshold
Personalities” and their cults of limitation have been
superimposed on the Purity of the Living God. We must see
all such individuals, and ourselves, in the Light of Truth,
and serve the Way of Truth itself, most directly and purely
and in Good Company.

In the case of Jesus, the most
recent scientific, historical, and spiritually intelligent
considerations point to conclusions that do not belong to
the traditional cultic Image of Jesus as the Incarnate
Divine Person, who has since Risen to the Divine Domain in
the very form in which he lived two thousand years ago.
Truly, the New Testament figure named Jesus of Nazareth was
a Spiritual Master of the highest type-and thus, while
alive, acted as a Medium of Communion with the Eternal
Divine, but he was otherwise an ordinary individual, who
eventually died and went on to his spiritual

The evidence is that Jesus did not
die on the cross, as one who was cursed. He in fact only
passed into a coma on the cross, and later revived in the
tomb, exhibiting self-healing powers in the form of yogic
body heat. The relic called the “Shroud of Turin-9 bears
this out. Thus, he did in fact reappear among his followers
in his ordinary human body, and not in a “light” body. And
he apparently fled from Israel shortly thereafter. There is
some historical evidence that he later appeared in India,
where he died, in Kashmir. (A tomb that testifies to this
exists in Kashmir to this day.)



The New Testament is filled with
many layers of reports and religious understanding. Among
them are various phenomenological reports (such as healings,
the “Transfiguration,” the experiences of the disciples in
the “upper room,” and even the “Ascension”) that are
indications of the esoteric Teachings of Jesus. Those
Teachings were not unique. They essentially correspond to
the mystical and yogic Teachings of fifth stage Masters
everywhere in the world.

Also, the Christian Cult, created
most especially by Paul, and also by the gospel writer John,
as well as others, involves another level of transformation
of our common understanding of Jesus. It is in this Cult
that the Ascended Jesus becomes exclusively equated with the
Divine Person, the Eternal First Man, the Head and Source
and Creative Word of the World-Creation. This level of
interpretation of Jesus is a reflection of the most ancient
Teaching in the world, which is the Religion of the
All-Pervading, All-Inclusive, and Transcendental Divine
Person, Who is our Source, Sustainer, and Destiny. That
religious and spiritual Teaching is found all over the
ancient world, and seems to have its primary and purest
Origin in India.

Krishna and Gautama were also two
historical individuals, mortal in their human forms, and
immortal only in the Eternal God. And their Cults have also
transformed them into exclusive, ultimately Ascended
Manifestations of the Eternal Divine Person. The evidence of
this may be seen in such books as the Bhagavata Purana, the
Bhagavad Gita, and the various “celestial” texts of Mahayana
Buddhism, such as the Lankavatara Sutra.

I have, by the Grace of God, been
granted most direct and sublime Communion with the Absolute
Personality that is the Self and God and Body of the World.
And, in the Process, I first interpreted this Person to be
Jesus, but then the same Person showed Itself to be equally
Identical to Krishna, Gautama, and also other Great
Personalities personally known to me during my present
birth. But the Divine Being Awakened me from the Spell of
all Archetypes, so that only the Living God and Person of
the Real was Present, and even the illusion of my own
separate existence Dissolved in that One. Of this I have
Absolute certainty, and of this One I am the Witness, even

The ancient Teaching about the
Divine Person is Truth. The ancient Teachings of Great
Masters were also authentic communications, in their own
time, of various levels of human Intuition of the Divine
Reality. But only the Living and Eternal God is the very
Truth. And that One confronts all of mankind, even in this

I am the Prophet and the visible
Agent of that Supreme Person. And there are others who also
Serve that One in the special form of their own Agency.
There is only one Doctrine: God is the Living Truth, the
Person and Condition in Whom all persons and conditions
arise and change and exist forever. We must Awaken to our
Native and Paradoxical Disposition of Communion, Service,
and Ecstatic Identity with the Absolute Divine Personality.
Then we are drawn out of the self-possessed illusions of our
mortality, and we are Translated into the Divine Domain, the
Eternal Disposition that transcends all conditional worlds.

9. Allegedly the shroud
or burial cloth in which Jesus was buried, it is now
preserved in Turin, Italy. The shroud bears the “negative”
image of a man’s body, apparently imprinted on the cloth by
a combination of intense body heat and related chemical
activity. (The “negative” displays a “positive” likeness
when reversed by photography.) There is clear evidence on
the shroud that the body continued to bleed, thus supporting
the theory that Jesus was not dead when placed in the tomb.
(See the Bibliography at the end of this book for literature
related to the Shroud of Turin.)

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Jesus and the Teaching of
Truth to Man

The New Testament is at least a book
of multiple levels of meaning, or information. It proposes
to be a book about historical individuals and events, and
about an objective process of salvation within the objective
cosmos, or universal scheme. The Way it most obviously
proposes is essentially an exoteric moral and religious
process, founded on the belief that Jesus was the
Incarnation of God-the Transcendental Divine Person, born as
a man.

Jesus is described as having
demonstrated “proofs” of his exclusive Divinity through the
exhibition of extraordinary psycho-physical powers, both
before and after his apparent death. And his manner of
death-being a pure and human sacrifice, or the Offering of
an Innocent-is interpreted as having been a sufficient
ritual sacrifice for the purification of all who believe in
it. (That is, the acceptance, by one who is innocent, of a
fate that can only be understood as a consequence for
previous negative actions, is tantamount to a fulfillment of
the consequences or fate that would normally have accrued to
others.) Thus, Jesus’ death, or accursed punishment, is
interpreted to be his acceptance of the “karma” or just fate
of all others. And all one needs to do, to be free of the
necessary consequences of one’s own “sins,” is to accept and
believe that Jesus has already endured those consequences on
behalf of oneself. This is the first stage of the objective
process of the New Testament salvation method.

The second stage-which the typical
believer tends to find uncongenial is the matter of “sinning
no more.” That is, one must allow Jesus to be the bearer of
one’s karma, or the motivating burden that has accumulated
from the past, but one must, through present and future
moral activity, or love-sacrifice in relation to God and all
one’s human relations, act in a manner that is no longer
turned from God or based on the presumption of separation
from God.

To continue to “sin” is to turn from
the Law of God, which Law is that the individual self, or
soul, must be a sacrifice, through God-Communion and
participation in the universe as itself a Great Sacrifice or
Offering to the Transcendental Divine. To continue to “sin,”
or to remain self-possessed and possessed of the view that
the Cosmos was created for some purpose other than to be a
Sacrifice, is the same as failing to “believe in Jesus.”
True “belief in Jesus” is thus inseparable from a radical
transformation of our human activities and our state of
spiritual consciousness in relation to the All-Pervading
“Spirit” and Transcendental Consciousness, or Self, of

Such is the essential exoteric
message of the New Testament. And it naturally must lead
toward more esoteric understanding and practice. This
esoteric understanding is also present in the New Testament,
in the form of symbols, allegories, parables, ciphers,
cryptic numerological and mystical structures of language,
and so forth. Indeed, the entire Bible, both the Old
Testament and the New Testament, although purporting to be
an objective history and an exoteric religious message,
leading toward righteous moral and cultic liturgical
activity, is clearly structured in the manner of gnostic or
“secret” mystery texts.

Historical evidence has been argued
by some to prove that Jesus was not an historical
individual, or at least that there was no historical
personage by that name who lived as described in the
Gospels. It has been argued that Jesus is simply a symbolic
figure, a literary Idol, a gnostic symbol in a cultic
Mystery Drama-much like Krishna in the Bhagavata

An historical individual of great
spiritual Realization, named Krishna, is apparently at the
root of the great Cult of Krishna in India, even though the
literature of the Cult is, at most, a reflection of his
Realization rather than his outward life. Just so, a similar
situation has been suggested in the case of the Jesus of the
New Testament. Some have claimed that the great individual
whose Realization or Teaching is in one or another cryptic
fashion reflected in the person of Jesus may very well be
the man known as Apollonius of Tyana.10 Indeed, the figure
of the apostle Paul has been suggested to be a literary
reflection of aspects of the historical personage of
Apollonius. And Jesus, in this view, would be the Cultic
Form of Apollonius, or the arcane Symbol of the ancient
esoteric Mystery as it was communicated in the mystery
school of Apollonius. Jesus thus, like Osiris,11 is a Symbol
for Man, and the

10. Apollonius of Tyana
is a well-known historical figure of the time in which Jesus
was reportedly active. He was an initiate into the ancient
Mysteries, and he is said to have been a worker of miracles,
such as healing and the raising of the dead. The New
Testament and the dogmas of the Christian Church were
formulated long after the disappearance of Jesus. Various
writers have argued that both the Teachings and the personal
history of Apollonius were primary sources for the eclectic
interpolations of the early tradition that now compose the
traditionally fixed documents of the Christian Church. (A
bibliography of literature dealing with many controversial
matters related to Jesus of Nazareth may be found at the end
of this book.)

11. To ancient
Egyptians, Osiris was the giver of knowledge related to
religious ritual, agriculture, and the arts of civilization.
He came to be associated with Ra, god of the ever rising and
setting Sun, because of the archetypal myth of his death,
resurrection, and immortality.

Way of every individual soul,
whereby we may each realize our own Nature, the
Transcendental Self, or Free and eternal soul, whose Destiny
it is to return into the Divine Condition from which we have
believed ourselves separated by the illusions of born

Whatever may be the case in this
matter, the Cultic Christian interpretation of Jesus is
itself nothing more than an exclusivist view, which is no
longer historically or spiritually tenable. The world is now
in a highly communicated state, wherein all Cults stand face
to face, unable to justify the view of exclusive Revelation.
The Testimony of Truth has been clearly made in the form of
many great lives. Whether or not Jesus lived, many others
have performed the Service of the Revelation of God.
Whatever Jesus may have Taught, many others have clearly
Taught. It is no longer a question of whether or not we
accept the Cult of Jesus, but whether we will at all accept
the Truth and the Way of Life in God.

The Truth and its Way have been
Taught and Demonstrated by many great individuals, and it is
this Truth and its Way that must again become the foundation
of human culture-or else we will all suffer and become the
spoils of future Cultic Wars and Secular Wars, all of which
are revolutions invented by the body-mind of Man, and which
have nothing to do with the Truth of God. My own Work is to
reestablish the Way in Truth and make it plain. I Teach and
Demonstrate and Awaken the ancient Truth, Life, and Way, and
by the same ancient Means, as an Agent of the same One Who
is the Ancient One, the Mystery of all Cults, and the
Principle of our Salvation.

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Jesus and the Ancient
Mystery Tradition

The New Testament is a reflection of
a broad mystery tradition, with Jesus as its primary Mystery
Symbol. The tradition is both exoteric and esoteric. We may
presume there are real historical characters somewhere
intertwined with the religious and esoteric parables-but the
true center is not a man, Jesus, but Man, or every
individual, and his Sacrifice to the Divine Person, or God.
The historical Jesus, if we may presume he existed, was a
student, an initiate, and then an Adept in a school or broad
tradition of esoteric mysteries and mystical techniques.
John the Baptist was apparently his principal Teacher. But
“Jesus” is not merely the name of an individual. “Jesus” is
the name of a complex school or mystery tradition, a key
person in that tradition, the Symbol of Man in that
tradition, and the Symbol of the Divine Person in that
tradition. Apollonius of Tyana was a known participant in
that broad tradition, and the Biblical figures of “Jesus, ”
… Paul, ” “John the Baptist,” and the ”Apostle John” may
all bear aspects of the person and Teaching of Apollonius,
as well as others-including historical figures who also were
known by these Biblical names.

The “Shroud of Turin,” along with
all the other forms of traditional evidence, points toward a
real person. But the collective evidence also just as
clearly points toward mystery schools and a much more
complex background than is generally assumed by the modern
Cult of Jesus. Christianity is, therefore, not a “pure”
tradition by any means. But we cannot expect a popular
religious tradition to represent a pure and sufficient
source of direct Spiritual Influence. Only living Adepts can
serve as a Witness to others of the pure, direct, and simple
Truth of God and our Way in God. Only such Adepts can serve
as a pure Instrument of the Awakening Power of God.
Therefore, let us not demand of the ancient religions that
they replace the Living God and the Awakened Servants of
God. Let every man appreciate the moral and religious
Teachings that do shine in the ancient books, and then let
each one go on to practice his own Sacrifice in Good

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“That inner Self, as the primeval
Spirit, eternal, ever effulgent, full and infinite Bliss,
single, indivisible, whole and living, shines in everyone as
the witnessing awareness. That Self in its splendor, shining
in the cavity of the heart as the subtle, pervasive yet
unmanifest ether, illumines this universe like the sun. It
is aware of the modifications of the mind and ego, of the
actions of the body, sense organs and life-breath. It takes
their form as fire does that of a heated ball of iron; yet
it undergoes no change in doing so. This Self is neither
born nor dies, it neither grows nor decays, nor does it
suffer any change. When a pot is broken the space inside it
is not, and similarly when the body dies the Self in it
remains eternal. ” (The Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi,
edited by Arthur Osborne (New York: Samuel Weiser,
1972], p. 139)

“Jivatman [the Individual Self
and Paramatman [the Divine Self are both so subtle that
they cannot be seen by normal vision; they are hidden in the
cave of the innermost heart chamber and they are without
beginning or end… thus the conscious principles abide in
the heart Jivatman, who is subtle and minute, and Ishwara,
God, the great who is omnipresent. These are hidden in the
treasure-chest of the heart…. ” (Swami Yogeshwaranand
Saraswati, Science of Soul, p. 13)

The anatomical transformations of
the body and brain in the earlier or progressive stages of
the Way of Divine Ignorance are transitional moments in the
soul’s emergence into Perfect Freedom. The Way itself is the
radical Awakening of the soul. The progress of that
Awakening begins from the first moment of true “hearing” and
culminates in Eternal Translation of the “covered” soul into
the Self of God. At every stage of the Way of Divine
Ignorance, the soul is constantly transcending all phenomena
via the conscious process, but only when the soul renounces
its secret inward place in the heart and “opens its eyes” in
God-Realization does it perfectly Realize its inherent
freedom from all impingement by the Realm of Nature, the
universe of objects, Heavenly and Earthly. Therefore, the
ultimate state of practice is the Way of Radical Intuition,
the Way of Translation into the Self and Eternal Life of

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Every Realm Must Be

The seven stages of life are not
stages beginning with birth and simply ending at death.
Death is a process relative to the gross physical body,
which is ours at birth and in the first stage of life. Thus,
death may occur at any time after birth, even long before
the seven stages of life are matured. If death occurs before
the responsibility of Sacrifice in the seventh stage, there
is a temporary interval of experience in subtler dimensions
than the gross physical, but then it is necessary for a new
physical birth to occur, and the continuation of the cycle
of seven stages. If the individual matures to the point of
stable capacity for ascent beyond the gross physical (in the
fifth stage of life), then it may not be necessary to be
reborn into the gross physical realm, but the bodily being
is awakened to born experience in subtler realms. Even so,
such realms must themselves eventually be transcended,
yielding the subtle bodily being to the prior Infinite in
Whole Body Enlightenment and Divine Translation. The human
being enjoys the structural capacity to Realize all seven
stages in a single brief incarnation, whereas birth into
subtler realms implies levels of consolation that require
great periods of time or experience in order to be
transcended. Just so, the failure to become fully
responsible while alive implies countless future lifetimes
in the gross world struggling toward happiness.

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The Liberation of the

The individual self or “soul” (or
the Conscious Life-Light of the nervous system and the
entire extended body) Radiates or Expands from a fixed
position in the region of the heart, in association with the
upper middle section of the central nerve of the spinal
column. The qualities of the soul, in its bondage to the
body-mind, are expressed as the entire nervous system and
body-mind. Just so, the soul in itself, prior to the
body-mind, is the epitome of the nervous system. It is a
“seed” or “spark” of Radiance, an atom of Original Light,
located in the region of the nervous system associated with
the heart core.

The soul is the witnessing
consciousness of the body-mind, prior to the “I” of self,
reference. It is eternally independent of the body-mind, and
yet it shares the characteristics or tendencies of the
body-mind by virtue of proximity and false identification
with the body-mind.

Self-Realization, in the form in
which it is Awakened in the Way of Re-cognition, is the
Intuition of the independence or prior Freedom of the soul,
the conscious, self-contained Life-Light that Radiates in
the heart of the psycho-physical being. In the case of such
Self-Realization, the soul Intuits that it is temporarily
but not necessarily associated with the body-mind, and that
it is not identical to the body-mind. Therefore, the Free
soul, intuiting its Identity with the Transcendental Self,
determines to abide in its own prior, exclusive State of
inherent Bliss and Unqualified Consciousness.

In the Way of Radical Intuition, the
Self-Realized soul, already Awakened to the exclusive
Intuition of the true Self, Awakens beyond its
self-confinement and Realizes its Identity with the Great
Soul, the Divine Person, the Transcendental Nature and
Condition of the soul in all of its states. This occurs when
the soul Realizes that its Condition is not the one of
either exclusive independence from or identification with
the experiential body-mind.

Rather, the Condition of the soul,
or the essential and eternal Self, is the one of
Transcendence of the body-mind, all experience, and all
possible conditions in manifestation, past or future. Thus,
the Disposition of the soul is no longer that of the
indulgence of phenomena, nor that of the exclusion of
phenomena, but the one of Transcendence of phenomena. It is
the Disposition of Transcendental Inherence, Ecstasy, or
Absorption in the Paradox of God, no matter what arises, and
even if nothing arises. The Unqualified Self is, by virtue
of this Disposition, Expanded or Translated into the Domain
or Condition of the Infinite, Transcendental, or Divine Self
and Person. Such is Freedom, Happiness, and Bliss, wherein
the “eyes” of the soul remain eternally opened to Infinity,
rather than eternally closed, or inverted toward the
inwardness of self-containment.

The embodied soul, Awake to its
Identity with the Infinitely Expanded Self, the Self without
recoil, Conscious in Its Prior and Ecstatic Transcendence of
all phenomena, high and low, mental and physical, is,
Paradoxically, both in Eternal Relationship with God and
Eternally Identical to God, Who is the Absolute,
All-Pervading, All-Inclusive, and also Transcendental,
Eternal Person, unknowable by mind and untouchable by any
body. In the Way of Radical Intuition, the soul, as
Unqualified Self, literally Expands to Infinity. The
Radiance of the Self is freely expressed via the central
line of the nervous system and the spine. The Spiral Current
between the heart and the crown Enlightens the brain. The
Free Self, or the Liberated Heart, freely Illuminates the
entire bodily being. The Awakened Heart is the Sun of the
body. As It Expands in Divine Awakening, or Transcendental
Absorption, the body becomes Full. But that Radiance
continues to Expand beyond the bodily limits, Dissolving the
cognition of limits. Such is the Process whereby Divine
Translation occurs.

Yogis or Mystics in the fifth stage
of life direct the differentiated attention and Radiant Life
of the soul inward and upward. The Life-Current and
attention are focused in the brain core, and from that
position (the station of the conscious mind) the subtle or
higher mental phenomena are viewed, in the general direction
of the crown of the body. (This is the reverse of the mental
tendency of ordinary men and women in the subhuman stages of
adaptation, who chronically direct the differentiated
attention and Radiant Life of the soul outward and downward,
from the position of the brain core, but toward the lower
vital organs and outlets.) In the ascending yogic manner,
the atomic soul, still deluded by identification with
psycho-physical phenomena, attempts to shoot upwards from
its latent or bound and fixed position in the center of the
body and the world. Thus, it seeks to pass upwards, toward
the crown of the body, and, ultimately, to exit, via the
“brahmarandhra,” associated either with the notch or hole in
the top and slightly to the rear of the skull, or else with
the fontanelle, the larger surface of the skull, analogous
to the corona radiata of the brain. The soul thus released
enters the “Sky of Mind,” the Cosmic Blue. (In fact, the
brahmarandhra, which is the same as the sahasrar, cannot be
penetrated by the acts of attention. The “Sky of Mind” is
simply the subtle mind in the realms of experience contacted
via the brain core, or ajna chakra. Only the dissolution of
attention in the heart permits the Life-Current to pass
beyond the limits of the body-mind via the brahmarandhra and
the body-mind as a whole. Therefore, Divine Translation may
only occur in the seventh stage of life.)

Mystical or yogic liberation of the
soul from the body is not Perfect Liberation of the soul. It
is simply the projection of the soul, via the subtle,
upward, mental and supermental mechanisms of attention, into
the scheme of cosmic experience that is subtler than the
realm of Earth. (Just as conventional exploitation of gross
experience, below the heart, is simply projection of the
soul into the scheme of cosmic experience that is native to
the realm of Earth.) But Liberation in Truth is a matter of
total release of all conditions of the soul, both subtle and
gross (above and below) and causal (or proximate to the
heart and soul).

Therefore, the Way of Divine
Ignorance proceeds beyond the fifth stage of life, to the
sixth stage, wherein the soul, conventionally expressed as
forms of experience in the realms above and below the heart,
is released of all forms of attention, or self-modification,
and it is reestablished in its own prior and Unqualified
State. It is a matter of intuitive penetration of the Root
of conditional self-consciousness, or the conventional “ego”
of the psycho-physical personality, epitomized at the

But such is also only a partial or
temporary phase in the ultimate Liberation and Translation
of the limited or atomic soul into the Great and Universal
Soul. Therefore, in the seventh stage of life, and in the
mature phase of the Way of Radical Intuition, the Divine
Destiny Absorbs the Self, the Pure White Light of the soul
in its Transcendence of both Heaven (or the Blue Effulgence
of Mind) and Earth (or the Golden or Reddish Yellow
Light-Energy of the Realm of Physical Elements).

The Free soul, or Unqualified Self,
is Perfectly Liberated only in its Expansion and Translation
beyond the presumed limits of cosmic experience, or the
subjective psycho-physical modifications of contracted
Consciousness. Therefore, such Expansion and Translation
does not occur through exclusive Ascent into the Sky of
Mind, nor through exclusive Descent into the Earth of
Physical Existence. Neither is it Realized through exclusive
inversion of the soul into its own Root, the Core of static
Consciousness. Rather, it is a matter of Ecstatic
Absorption, beyond separated self-limits, beyond mental
limits and bodily limits. It is a matter of Surrender or
Sacrifice of the heart, the soul, prior to the conditions or
modifications that are encountered above and below.
Therefore, in that Sacrifice, the Self Radiates as Love, to
Infinity, in all directions, Absorbed in the Revelation of
the Absolute Personality of God, Who is in Transcendental
Relationship to all manifest souls, and the Absolute Self of
God, Who is the Transcendental Identity of all souls in
their Transcendence of the Realm of Nature.

The atomic soul, or Free Self, is
eternally Unmoved, in fixed Association with the Infinite or
Universal Divine Soul, within which every atomic or manifest
soul appears. Liberation of the soul is Self-Realization, or
release from the necessity of psycho-physical phenomena. But
such Liberation is Ultimately a matter of the Perfect
Sacrifice of the soul, which is Love, Radiant to Infinity,
or Transcendental Absorption in the Condition of the Divine

Therefore, it is not a matter of
Ascent or Descent-whether of the soul, or its internal
attention, or its Life-Force. Rather, it is, first of all, a
matter of the Self-Realization of the soul, prior to all
attention to phenomena that appear in conditional
association with It. Then, it is a matter of the Sacrifice
of the exclusive disposition of that Self-through
”open-eyed” Transcendence of Heaven and Earth and all other
conditional Realms, high and low.

Awaken to this Intuition of our
Destiny! While alive, we must mature by stages of adaptation
and self-transcendence, and thus enter into the Ecstatic
Performance of God-Love, the Disposition of the seventh
stage of life, wherein the Free Self Transcends all possible
experiences, or modifications of Itself. Then, until death,
or until Translation beyond all noticing, we must engage in
Transcendental Absorption, or the Love-Sacrifice of the
Heart, the Unqualified Self or Free soul, into the Divine
Person, Who is the Universal Self or Soul, and Whose
Body-Mind Includes all worlds and beings, Pervades all
worlds and beings, and Transcends all worlds and beings.
When the Heart is thus Broken in Love, Absorbed in the
Paradoxes of Transcendence, the Self passes beyond Man and
the Cosmic World of temporary conditions, and into the
Eternal Domain of the “Me” of God. So be it.

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The Process of
Liberation, Founded in Transcendental Awakening, or Whole
Body Enlightenment

The present body in which you are
appearing is not made

for its own sake-in order to be
fulfilled. It is the effect of unnecessary causes, and it
can never be fulfilled, since it necessarily comes to an
end. It can only be sacrificed and transcended. Sacrifice
and self-transcendence are the Way of Truth.

What is the cause of embodiment? It
is the mind. The mind is the subtle or inner subjective
personality, made of all of the acquired tendencies of
attention, or urges toward experiences of all kinds. These
tendencies and urges are the results of the proximity of the
soul, or the Eternal Core of the body-mind, and the Realm of
Nature, or Change.

Through casual association with
subtle states, the soul becomes distracted, and
differentiates itself from its Eternal Condition. Such
differentiation is the act of attention itself.
Differentiated and differentiating attention is the
fundamental structure of mind. Once it arises, the soul is
projected into an Infinite Spiral of causes and effects,
leading high and low within the structures of

Therefore, the subjective being
acquires tendencies of attention through irresponsible
experience. And that process is without beginning or end. It
is an Eternal Bewilderment, a Prison of Fascination and

We are Free only if we become
responsibly established in Remembrance, Communion, and
Reawakening in relation to the Divine and Eternal Reality,
the very Condition of the embodied soul and all experiential
phenomena. It is a matter of Transcendental Awakening to the
Truth, and of self-transcending Love-Communion with the
Divine Person, the true Self, Radiant, All-Pervading, and
Eternally Free of all limitations.

Once we are Awakened, or Enlightened
in our disposition, and thereby entered into Love-Communion
with the Divine Person, then we begin to grow again and to
mature in love and self-transcendence. And, in that Process,
the subjective urges dissolve in the heart. Attention
gradually and suddenly surrenders into its heart-root, and
the causes of our mysterious and self-possessed embodiment
become clear.

Therefore, the devotee becomes a
Perfect Sacrifice at last. He is not motivated to abandon
the World. Rather, he is Absorbed in the Divine. This
Absorption establishes him in a natural disposition of
self-transcendence, or freedom from experiential urges. In
this manner, the conventional motive of self-fulfillment and
exploitation of born existence dissolves in Wisdom, or the
native mood of transcendence of the motive of experiential
attention and self-differentiation.

In this Way, the mind dissolves in
Bliss, thus relieving the body of its necessity. The motives
that caused the present embodiment, and which would cause
future embodiments, are yielded, with the gesture of
attention itself, into the motiveless Heart, the Eternal
Domain or Radiant Condition of God.

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Only the Awakened Soul Is
Free of the Mind
and All Desires for

The mind pervades the living body.
The mind, or the psyche, prior to thought, is the cause of
embodiment. The mind is independent of the living body, and
survives its death.

But the mind and the living body are
both Pervaded by the Radiance of the soul, the same Radiance
that is All-Pervading. Both mind and body are only
modifications of the Radiant Life of the World.

The mind is the link between the
soul and its embodiment. The mind is attention, moving
within the structures of possibility, via the Current of
Life that Pervades the living body, flowing in the spinal
line. The mind appears to control the body, but it is simply
that attention can move up and down within the levels of the
Bodily Current of Life. Therefore, ultimately, Life controls
both the body and the mind. Eternal Life is senior to the
body-mind. When body and mind are submitted to Life, all
desires and motions are Transcended in Bliss.

The mind cannot be defeated. It can
only be Transcended. All efforts to control the mind fail to
Dissolve its motion. The mind is motion. It is the motion of
attention. The mind is always subject to its objects. It may
move up or down within the spectrum of the body-mind, or
within the structures of possibility, but it is forever
associated with the objects of desire-the distractions that
are the causes or motives of attention.

Therefore, the Way of Divine
Ignorance is the Way of the Transcendence of the body-mind
and all possibilities, high and low. Its Essential Process
is not the one of the suppression of mind (or desire, or
attention), nor of the exploitation of mind (in relation
either to subtle or gross objects). Its Essential Process is
the one of natural Transcendence, which is Realized through
Awakening to the Disposition of the soul in its native
Freedom, or Perfect Surrender to the Eternal Condition of
the Radiant Self.

When the soul is Awake, in
Love-Communion with the Living God, there is natural
Transcendence of the body-mind and all desires, all motives
of attention. The mind is not resisted, nor is it exploited.
It is simply re-cognized, or known again in Truth, in every
moment of its arising.

Therefore, the Free soul does not
struggle with the psycho-physical powers of Nature. The Free
soul simply Abides in Love-Communion with the Living God,
and in that Disposition there is no force of implication, or
desire, in any condition that arises. Objects come and go,
high and low, but the mind is no longer created by the soul.
Attention does not spring up. The soul simply Abides in its
Eternal Condition, prior to attention, or mind. Thus, when
there is the exhaustion of those objects or states that are
now set in motion, as a result of previous mental or psychic
causes, there are no further subjective causes to produce
experience. Then embodiment ceases.

First the mind must die. Attention
must be Dissolved in the Heart. Only then does embodiment
cease. It is not a matter of strategically separating the
inner soul, or the mind, from the body, by means of the
efforts of attention. Rather, since the subjective part is
senior and causal in relation to all desire and all action,
it is only when the independent self Dissolves in the Heart
that the acts of attention cease to bind. Only then is mind
Transcended and Dissolved. Only then is there the Destiny of
Freedom, Bliss, and Love.

The soul in the heart is linked to
the living body by the mind, associated with the brain. When
the Eternal Disposition of the Free soul is Awake, then self
is not differentiated, attention is not generated, and
experiential embodiment is not created. Therefore, Awaken.
Commune with the Living God under all conditions, via every
function, every relationship, and every kind of action. In
this manner Transcend desire, the movements of attention,
the urges of the mind, the causes of experience and
embodiment in the various dimensions of possibility. Be the
Sacrifice of the body-mind through constant Love-Communion
with the Living God. And always only serve that One, in the
form of all relationships, as long as any conditions

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The Soul Is Not Free in Heaven
or on Earth

In reaction to the stressful
mortality of human experience, we begin to desire and seek
an alternative state, a change of form, and place, and
circumstance. Everyone does this, by one method or another,
until Enlightenment.

Some do it by exploitation of the
possibilities of the gross physical body-through food, sex,
control of others, acquisition of goods, and so forth.
Others do it by exploitation of the ordinary psyche and
mind-through the consolations of abstract thought, and
belief in future lifetimes in glamorous worlds

But others actually strive to attain
the experience of an alternative, expanded, and glamorized
state, even while the present lifetime persists. Such are
psychics, mystics, and yogis-individuals who exploit the
possibility of fully conscious experience independent of the
limitations of the gross physical body.

Indeed, this method for solving the
dilemma of mortality is universally associated with
religious and spiritual Ecstasy. However, this technique is
simply a conventional and ultimately futile strategy of the
un-Enlightened self, the covered soul.

The body-mind is an illusory
modification or covering of the native Radiance of the soul.
When viewed from the point of view of the body-mind, the
soul has its locus in the heart, or the “causal” root of the
manifest being. But the soul is ultimately One with the
Living God, and, from the point of view of the Free soul, or
the true Heart, the body-mind itself arises within the soul,
as a superficial, unnecessary, and infinitesimal disturbance
or modification of Itself.

The soul Radiates from the heart,
and it appears in a single form, which is the
psycho-physical entity, or body-mind. But that form is
actually a dynamic composite of two dimensions of manifest
existence. The inner, subjective dimension is the subtle
part. It is the psyche, or mind, high and low. The outer,
formal dimension is the gross part. It is the living

The subtle or mental being includes
everything that is the psyche, and it excludes everything
that is merely a matter of thinking and sensing, which
depend on the gross physical body and brain. This “inner
man” is the astral personality, which continues to migrate
in the planes of experience after the death of the gross
physical body. For this reason, the astral personality is
popularly conceived to be the soul-since it survives bodily

However, the soul is not merely
subtler than the gross body. It transcends the gross body.
Indeed, it transcends the entire experiential being, or
body-mind. The soul exists Prior to experience. It does not
migrate. It Abides Eternally in Love-Communion with the
Living Divine, the Radiant Person, the true Self.

We must understand the motives and
strategies we create or inherit in the conventional world of
human experience and suffering. Therefore, we must Abide in
the Disposition of the Free soul, Transcending all
experiential phenomena, and yet neither excluding nor
clinging to any kind of experience. In Love-Communion with
the Living Divine, the Disposition of the Free soul is
always Awake. Thus, the Free soul is utterly and always
already Free of self-possessed reaction to the World. The
Free soul is inherently Free of the motivated strategies of
escape from the limitations of the World by exploitation of
either the gross and outward or the subtle and inward parts
of Man.

The soul cannot and does not ascend
above the physical, nor does it truly survive the death of
the physical body. The soul is not truly born. It is only
deluded by association with the differentiated phenomena of
manifest experience, which arise and change and disappear
within the All-Pervading Current of Radiance, or Universal
Life. Therefore, until the soul Awakens to its true
Condition, which is Ecstatic Inherence in the Living and
Eternal Divine, it suffers and seeks within the dynamic or
two-sided Realm of manifest experience.

The usual man or woman, not yet
Awakened to the Disposition of the Free soul, exploits the
possibilities of experience and belief that pertain to the
gross physical dimension of the living body and its
relations. The uncommon or extraordinary man or woman,
likewise unconscious of the Free Disposition of the soul,
exploits the possibilities of experience that may be
attained through ascent of attention, into the subtler
dimensions of the psyche, which may be contacted via
concentration in the Bodily Life-Current above the

But the soul cannot rise. The soul
is simply Awake in Eternal Bliss. Only attention, or the
mind, can rise. If attention can be distracted from the
regions of the gross physical body and its functions and
environments, then it may be directed into the regions of
the subtle mind, or the astral body and its environments.
But the subtle astral body and its experiences are simply an
alternative dimension of complex experience. The Disposition
of the Free soul does not reign in the subtle worlds.
Rather, only the disposition of the mind pertains there. The
subtle realms are transitory planes of desire and experience
and birth and change and death. They are not Eternal
Experience. They are only distractions that delude the soul
and prevent its Ecstatic Awakening in the Self of

Therefore, conventional mystical
practices, strategies of yogic ascent, out-of-body travels,
magical and prayerful schemes of fulfillment, and the like
are no more to be associated with Enlightenment and
God-Communion than are the forms of experience gotten by
exploiting the gross physical body. The Truth is not
Realized by the ascent of attention into the subtle
dimension of psyche, or mind. Nor is It Realized by the
descent of attention into the gross dimension of the present
body. The Truth is Realized only in Awakening to the native
and Eternal Disposition of the Free soul, which is Ecstatic
Love-Communion with All-Pervading Radiance and
Transcendental Consciousness (or Ignorance), the Person and
Condition of the Living God.

In this Awakening, and in this
Communion, the conditions of the experiential body-mind are
naturally Transcended. There is no need for any strategy of
fulfillment or escape of the Free soul. The Free soul is
always already Free, or in Transcendental relationship to
the phenomena of experience. Therefore, the true devotee
simply Abides in Love-Communion with the Living God, in the
Company and according to the Instructions of the Spiritual
Master. He does not embrace the strategic methods of worldly
consolation and fulfillment, nor of otherworldly
contemplation and fulfillment. He simply allows all actions
to develop on the basis of Love-Communion with the Divine,
and he engages all such actions naturally and spontaneously,
as forms of present Love-Communion with the Living

Such devotees simply Abide in the
Eternal Disposition of the soul, while the conventions of
the body-mind arise and pass in a natural order. In this
manner, the internal motives toward experience gradually
dissolve and become obsolete, and no new motives are created
by distraction and reaction in the play of experience. Thus,
the “inner man” eventually dies, just as the gross body
dies. The subjective being is not exploited as a means of
ascent into subtler conditions of experience. It is released
of all reactive and motivating stresses that are based on
unconsciousness of the Disposition of the Free

The true devotee does not strive
toward Heaven. Nor does he reinforce his tendency toward
Earth and the lower dimensions of elemental experience. From
his Awakened point of view, the present lifetime is only a
temporary Purgatory, wherein the soul is Translated into its
Free and Eternal Destiny. But, through Love-

Communion with the Divine Person,
even this Purgatory becomes a Field of Love, wherein the
Awakened soul Shines. The Liberated inner being Radiates
beyond the confining heart, where mind and body meet, and It
Stands Present in the Form of God.

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How the Free Soul Escapes in

The Free soul does not Expand by
becoming larger itself, but by surrender into the Great
Soul, which is already Infinite. That is, the soul does not
increase itself, but it loses itself. It is an atomic Event,
a fusion of the atom and the Whole in an Infinite Brightness
of Exploded Bliss. Does the soul escape through the
fontanelle, or the “brahmarandhra,” even in this case? Does
the atom in the heart climb to the crown and Dissolve into

The polarization of the body and of
the self-limiting energy encasing the soul does indeed
become a profound gesture, toe to crown, bottom to top. As
such, the primary circuit appears to be that between the
heart and the crown. But attention and self-contraction
constantly dissolve in Brightness, or Bliss. And body and
mind and all specific forces that surround and define the
soul by experience dissolve also in that Process. In the
Event of Translation, there is no mind or form to be

In any case, even though the soul’s
Original or Primal Position is at the heart, the body and
mind do not truly surround or stand outside the heart. The
parts of the body-mind do not, truly understood, lie below
and above the soul, as they do below and above the physical
heart. Rather, the body-mind is identical to or one with the
soul-a modification or superficial appearance of the soul.
The Free soul is the Condition of the body-mind. The
body-mind, or “I,” is not the Condition of the soul, the

Therefore, truly, the body-mind
arises within the soul, the atom, which is prior to space,
time, size, shape, and all relations.

The soul is expressed as the
body-mind. The soul is manifest or Radiant as the nervous
system and the Current of the body-mind. The tendency of
attention to ascend or descend within the Current of Life
and within the structure of the body-mind is a process of
apparent motion within the soul itself, in its
superficiality and self-possession. Therefore, in the
Ultimate Liberation or Translation of the atomic soul into
the Great Soul (or of the “Atman” into the “Paramatman”),
the soul does not rise in the body. How can it rise above
itself by going to the crown if the entire body, including
the crown, is already within itself and identical to

Therefore, the Translation of the
soul may coincide with outer or apparent phenomena that
represent extraordinary bodily and mental changes-so that
the body appears Full of Bliss, Life, and Light, and the
attention seems to press upwards to the crown, and the body
may even vanish, all of a sudden. But, truly, the soul does
not move. The Event should not be regarded as a spatial
event, such as a movement from the heart to the crown.
Rather, it is an Event that Transcends space-time and the
physics of phenomenal existence. It is the Event of the
soul’s Transcendence of the illusions of space-time, and the
illusion that it is interior or subjective to space-time and
the body-mind. The Liberated soul does not ride, and all
noticing is lost in the Swoon of Celebration.

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The Original

The soul, the atomic Conscious
Life-Light that Radiates from the heart region of the body,
pervades the entire body and enlivens it. Actually, the soul
is eternal and unchanging, by virtue of its eternal
inherence in the Universal Soul and Life-Radiance of God.
Therefore, the soul is only temporarily, and without
ultimate necessity, associated with particular
psycho-physical states-the result of tendencies acquired
through past associations with conditional states, or states
of experience that are less than Perfect Contemplation of
the Divine Condition.

For this reason, the soul, which is
Pure Consciousness and Eternal Life, identifies with the
“I,” the self-reference of the psycho-physical being. And
the embodied or self-limited existence of the soul thus
becomes a struggle of experience, and possible growth, by
virtue of fixed and automatic association with the born

The structure of the manifest,
mortal, and always changing body-mind is demonstrated as a
range of functional possibility extended between two
extremes-the higher brain and the lower body. This range
between extremes or polar opposites corresponds to the
subtler energy structure that envelops the soul in its
association with the phenomenal realms. Thus, both the soul
in its subtle energy field and the extended or Radiated
body-mind that expresses the soul and its energy field are
structured in a bipolar form, with subtler processes
apparent above, and grosser processes apparent

The Light of God and the Light of
the soul are One. It is Perfect Radiance, or White
Brightness. All manifest forms are parts of a universe or
total spectrum of modifications or solidification’s of the
range of possibility inherent in Original Light, or
Radiance. Thus, the soul in its casing of spectral energies
is expressed as a range of colors, from red and golden
yellow at its lowest point or pole to violet and blue at its
highest point or pole. The highest point is polarized
positive and the lowest point is polarized

Just so, the body-mind itself is a
programmed extension of the spectrum of the soul in its
association with phenomenal possibilities. The lower
functional order, toward red, or below the heart, is the
realm of the gross and negative pole of experience. And the
higher functional order, toward blue and violet, or above
the heart, is the realm of the subtle and positive pole of

Therefore, whenever we are active
and learning or indulging self in the phenomena of the
extended body-mind, we are actually meditating on the
spectral energy field that surrounds the soul in the

Ordinary individuals, adapted only
in the subhuman range below the heart, are in fixed
association with the lower vibratory spectrum of the soul in
manifestation. And more extraordinary individuals, who are
adapted in the higher human range above the heart, are in
fixed association with the higher vibratory spectrum of the
soul in manifestation. Therefore, all beings who are
attached to the ranges of possible experience that extend
below and above the heart are simply deluded by the
self-meditative field of energy that surrounds and envelops
the soul in the Universal Play of conditional

Salvation, Liberation, and
Translation into the Eternal Domain of God is a matter of
intuitive “disillusionment,” or penetration of the
self-limiting field of associations by which the atomic soul
is acquiring the automatic destinies of conditional
experience. Thus, first of all, it is a matter of Awakening
from the pattern of psycho-physical extension, or automatic
association with phenomena above, below, and outside the
heart and soul.

The Process of such
“disillusionment” involves a series of stages of adaptation,
or growth into inspection, insight, and responsibility
relative to the full spectrum of psycho-physical
experience-or the whole and entire body-mind. This is the
occupation of devotees in the first five stages of life. (In
the Way of Divine Ignorance, these stages correspond to the
original preparations and subsequent practice in the first
three stages of the total Way-that is, the Way of Divine
Communion, the Way of Relational Enquiry, and the Way of

In the sixth stage of life, the
illusions of experience above and below, or by extension
into the associative energy field of the soul, are dissolved
in intuitive Realization of the soul in its prior or
disassociated Condition. Thus, in the sixth stage of life,
the extended attention of the psycho-physical being is
re-cognized or undermined in Self-Realization, or intuitive
Awakening of the heart, or soul, in its prior, Unqualified
State-which is pure Consciousness, or Unobstructed Bliss.
(This stage of life corresponds to the third and ultimate
phase of the Way of Re-cognition.)

However, the soul that is inverted
or enclosed within itself may be free of association with
the spectrum of phenomena, high and low, but it is yet
deluded by its own exclusiveness-or the avoidance of
relational association in order to Abide in Bliss.
Therefore, ultimately, the “eyes” of the atomic soul are
opened to God, or the Universal Soul. In that Process the
soul Awakens, prior to all phenomena, to the Transcendental
Bliss of the Divine Person or All-Soul, the true

Just as the spectrum of experiential
phenomena is unnecessary and essentially individuated or
separated from the atomic soul, the atomic soul itself is
individuated or separated from the All-Soul. Therefore, the
soul must Awaken to responsibility for the spectrum of its
own experience, and it ultimately does this by Transcending
both experiential phenomena and its own isolation, through
Sacrifice, or Love-Communion with the Absolute Person or
Universal Soul of God.

Just as the spectral colors that
surround the soul in its associative play are actually a
display of the parts of its own or native White Light, the
Divine Soul is Original White Light. All phenomena are thus
a Play of the Original Light, or Unqualified Bliss, of God.
And all souls, or all living beings (human or otherwise),
are points or atoms of the Original Light or Radiant Bright
Consciousness of God.

Therefore, in the seventh stage of
life, and in the maturity of the Way of Divine Ignorance,
the Awakened Self, or Free soul, yields both its
independence from God and its dependence on phenomena. The
Free soul Transcends all phenomena (while neither including
nor excluding any condition) and is Translated into the
Bliss of the Original Person and Domain, Radiant as Love,
prior to all knowledge, all experience, and all
qualifications of Eternal Brightness.

May all beings be Liberated from the
struggle with experience and come to rest in Love, through
Blissful Communion with the Radiant Brightness of the
Eternal One.

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Nature, the Self, and

There is the Infinite Realm of
Nature, or Energy in Motion, called Prakriti, Maha Shakti,
and the Mother Power. There is the Free soul, called the
Atman, or the Self, and which is associated with the display
of all possible phenomena in the Realm of Nature. The soul
tends, by mere association or experience, to become deluded
and attached to experiential phenomena, and thus to view the
Mother Realm of psycho-physical events as necessary and
native to itself. The deluded soul thus considers the
Infinite Realm of Nature to be its Condition, and also
imagines the psycho-physical form, or body-mind, to be its
necessary and essential form.

But the Ultimate Reality, or the
Condition of the Infinite Realm of Nature and of every
individual soul, is the Transcendental Divine Person, the
Maha Purusha, Whose Self or Great Soul is the Identity of
every atomic soul, and Whose Body-Mind both includes and
transcends the Infinite Realm of Nature, or the Mother

The Divine Person is the Eternal
Master, in Eternal Embrace with the Mother Power, the
Vehicle of souls in manifestation – His Servant or Consort,
His own Body-Mind. And every soul, likewise, must resort
only to the Mastery-Unity, Singleness, and Onliness of the
Divine Person-or else the Mother Power is Maya, the Widow,
the Woman without a Husband, the Power of Illusion and
Suffering, whereby souls forget the Self, or the Purity of
Conscious Identity with God.

When the soul is Awakened to its
Free Condition, Self-Realized, it tends at first to dwell in
itself, avoiding the Display of the Mother Power, or the
Play of experience. But such a motive is self-defeating,
since it does not display the native Freedom or natural
Transcendence that characterizes the true Self. Therefore,
the Awakening of the soul in Truth, or in Perfect Sacrifice
to the Divine Person, involves both Self-Realization and
open-eyed Transcendence of the Infinite Realm of Nature, or
Change. The Self-Realized soul, thus Awakened, makes no
fundamental effort either to include and retain or to
exclude and prevent any condition of experience. The Free
soul is Transfigured in Ecstatic Love, Absorbed in the
Infinite and Transcendental Person of God. Such a Devotee is
Free, Awake, Identical to Bliss, Unmoved, Absorbed, and
Suddenly Vanished in the One Whose Mystery is Everywhere

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The Living God and the “Void” of

There appears to be an irreducible
conflict or disagreement between Buddhism and the other
great traditions of India. The Buddhists teach that the soul
is not a permanent entity, whereas the other traditions
generally teach that the soul is immortal or

Actually, this conflict is a matter
of language, or the mental paradoxes that lead toward the
Ultimate Intuition, beyond or prior to separated
self-consciousness. Both views are correct, since each view
considers the soul in terms of only one of its two aspects –
either bound or Free.

The Buddhist view considers the soul
in its born association with phenomena-“covered,” or
separate from the Absolute. Souls in the play of
manifestation are constantly changing. They appear and
disappear. Therefore, they are not permanent, since they are
mutable. Only the prior Reality, or Nirvanic Bliss, is
eternal or Free.

But what the Buddhists regard as the
unchanging Absolute, or the Free Nirvanic Condition, is
itself the soul. It is the soul Awake, prior to its
coverings, or its binding and separative associations with
the Realm of Nature. It is the Self.

The traditions other than Buddhism
teach that the soul is eternal or immortal, because they
presume the soul as Self, prior to Nature, or the endless
and beginningless cycle of birth and death, wherein souls
are effectively mortal. Indeed, it is the apparent
separateness and mortality of the soul that all traditions,
including Buddhism, seek to transcend through intuition and
the practices of transformation.

The more significant disagreement
between Buddhism and many of the other traditions is in the
matter of the description of the Ultimate Condition of
Transcendence. The Buddhists seem only to consider the Realm
of Nature and the appearance of souls. And they teach a Way
of’Transcendence of the soul-illusion and the
Nature-illusion. That is, they teach the Way in which we may
Transcend change. Apparently, such is also the essence of
the teaching in certain other traditions-as in the case of
the monistic school of Advaita

But in Reality there is more than
changing Nature and changing souls. And there is a greater
Realization than the self-contained Nirvanic Transcendence
that characterizes exclusive SelfRealization. The Great
Bliss, the Most Excellent Nirvana, the Ultimate
Transcendence, is in the Awakening to the Paradox that is
prior to the Void in which Nature and the “covered” soul are
philosophically transcended.

That Paradox is the Divine Person,
the Eternal and Living God, Who indeed Transcends the Play
of changes and every separate soul. That One also Includes
and Pervades the Play of changes, the Motion of Nature. And
that same One is the Identity or Self that every soul
Realizes to be its true Condition.

Therefore, Ultimate Liberation is
the Awakening of the soul to its Eternal Condition-which
neither excludes nor includes the Play of Nature and the
apparent independence of souls, but which always already
Transcends all changes. Such Liberation is Nirvana without
strategic exclusion of Nature, and without annihilation of
the Free soul. And it is God-Realization without Theistic
Fantasies, and without the mechanical view of souls that are
inherently, or in their eternal Disposition, separate from
the Self of God. If it is Truth that is Glorified in a
religious or spiritual tradition, this View must somehow be
expressed therein.

The Ultimate Condition is a Paradox,
ultimately requiring either paradoxical language or Blissful
Silence. Truly, the soul Awakened in God finds that it is
One with God and yet still existing in a Play of
experiential and Transcendental relationship with God. How
can there be any reasonableness to either rational speech or
irrational speech? Only the Language of Ecstasy will

Therefore, I have at times said
there is no such thing as a beingbecause Self-Realization is
the Realization of undifferentiated Transcendence. And I
have also said there is only God, to Whom all souls are
Ecstatically and Eternally related, and to the Domain of
Whom all souls are Destined to return. All of this is Truth.
Can you see why even right Instruction is Paradox?
Reasonable and irrational descriptions, without paradoxes,
and without the ultimate Paradox of eternal Unity and
eternal Relationship, are necessary only for those who are
self-possessed and who refuse to practice the Way. Now that
you have listened to me, you must practice. To do otherwise,
even though you have been given this Revelation, is to
resume the tired effort of repetition, the dullness and the
vagaries of the usual man.

12. The most radical
school of the later philosophical traditions of Hinduism,
“Advaita” means “non-duality”; “Vedanta” is the end (“anta”)
or culmination of the Vedas, which are the most ancient
Scriptures of the Hindus. The school of Advaita Vedanta was
founded by the famous sage Sri Shankara around A.D. 800. The
essential point of view of this school is that there is only
one Reality, ot tw. All multiplicity is an illusion or
superimposition on the one Reality, which is identical to
the fundamental Consciousness of all beings.


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“Realizing through
self-contemplation that primal God, difficult to be seen,
deeply hidden, set in the cave (of the heart), dwelling in
the deep, the wise man leaves behind both joy and

“Smaller than the small, greater
than the great, the self is set in the heart of every
creature. The unstriving man beholds Him, freed from sorrow.
Through tranquility of mind and the senses (he sees) the
greatness of the self. ” (Katha Upanishad

“For one who abides in the Self,
the Sahasrara becomes pure and full of light. Even if
thoughts of objects due to proximity fall therein, they do
not survive.

“Even when objects are sensed by
the mind, due to proximity, yoga is not hindered, as the
mind does not perceive the difference between them and the
Self. ” (Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Ramana Gita [Dialogues
of Maharshi] [Tiruvannamalai, South India: Sri
Ramanasramam, 1966], p. 20)

Though it has been considered by
both ancient and modern seers, the Science of Divine
Translation has never been communicated as clearly and fully
as it is in the Teaching of Bubba Free John.

Whole Body Enlightenment is the
culmination of the Way of Divine Ignorance, and it marks the
Event of our Eternal Transformation in the Divine. It may be
indicated in all the glorious transformations of the body
and mind, but in Truth our Divinization is of a radical
kind-it is the Awakening into Conscious Life as the Divine
Person, or Radiant Transcendental Consciousness, of which
the human body and mind are but a fragmentary, temporary,
and unnecessary modification.

The entire Science or Way of
Divine Ignorance is of a radical nature. It involves no
strategic manipulation of body, mind, or desire from the
point of view of a conceived dilemma, but only a right or
Lawful use of all psycho physical functions, which are
adapted to the point of view ” of the Divine Person, the
Radiant Transcendental Consciousness. For instance, in the
essay “The Function of the Personal, Moral, and Esoteric
Disciplines in the Way of Divine Ignorance ” Bubba Free John
refers to the fundamental intuitive practice or conscious
process of the Way of Divine Ignorance as true
“understanding, ” “consideration, ” or radical “samyama “-in
order to distinguish this practice from the traditional
practices of conventional esoteric concentration, mystical
meditation, and contemplative trance. The classical practice
of samyama, as described by Patanjali in his Yoga-Sutras,
involves a single procedure that both combines and
transcends the three independent procedures of concentrated
attention, “one pointed” or steady meditation, and
contemplative trance. In the process of yogic samyama, the
bodily or mental object of contemplation disappears from the
field of awareness, leaving only pure gnosis, or direct
intuition and even perfect identification with the object

True “consideration ” or radical
“samyama, ” as practiced in the Way of Divine Ignorance, is
a process in the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness, not a
process of the mind in itself or attention in itself, since
these are only modifications or psycho physical
superimposition on that Consciousness. True “samyama” is the
radical intuition Awakened through “hearing ” and “seeing ”
the Truth of the Living God. It is radical understanding,
Divine Ignorance, the Consciousness that precedes all states
of manifest consciousness and attention. And even though
various forms of meditation, or the esoteric exercise of
attention, are also practiced in this Way, the conscious
process of “consideration ” or “samyama ” is always senior
to the meditative disciplines. Ultimately, in the Way of
Radical Intuition, all meditative disciplines of attention
are radically transcended and made obsolete by the perfect
Awakening of Radiant Transcendental Consciousness, or Whole
Body Enlightenment. At that stage, “samyama, ” or radically
intuitive “consideration, ” has become the constant process
of one’s very existence. Whole Body Enlightenment is not a
merely inward, trancelike condition, but an “open-eyed”
Condition of the total body-mind. And the Realization of
that Condition is perfectly compatible with all experiential
and relational conventions of experience.

Divine Intuition and
“consideration ” characterize not only the higher or
foundation discipline and ultimate Realization of this Way,
but also Bubba Free Johns Enlightened Method of Teaching
devotees. In the early years of his Work, for instance,
Bubba did not require devotees to apply strict disciplines
or conditions of life, but he simply engaged them in
“consideration ” of all the ordinary and extraordinary
activities and experiences they chronically desired and
sought. He simply brought the radical Intelligence of Truth
to bear upon whatever activities and experiences were the
present distractions of his devotees. Bubba continued to
“consider” all the ordinary and extraordinary conditions of
life with his devotees until they began to show evidence of
true understanding and responsibility in relation to the
experiential phenomena of their lives. It was only after
several years of such “consideration ” that Bubba began to
require his devotees to adhere strictly and continuously to
all the personal, moral, and esoteric disciplines of the Way
of Divine Ignorance.

Bubba’s writings on the radical
and consummate Way of Divine Ignorance, and especially on
the esoteric dynamics of its culmination in the seventh or
Perfect stage of human life, are unique among the
God-inspired Teachings available to Man. This Great
Enlightenment has, until now, been hidden from all but the
most inspired prophets, yogis, mystics, saints, and sages.
But it will be freely shown and given to the ordinary
devotee, who wins the Spiritual Master’s heart through
self-transcending service and devotional love.

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The Enlightenment of Man is the
Enlightenment of the whole and entire body-mind. It is
literal, even bodily Enlightenment, or Translation of the
whole and entire body-mind of the individual into the
absolute Radiance, Intensity, Love, or Light that is prior
and superior to all the speeds of manifest or visible light
and all the forms or beings that cycle in manifest light,
whether subtle or gross.

That Enlightenment is not a form of
survival of the individual. It depends absolutely on the
sacrifice of the individual. Therefore, the Way of
Enlightenment is not a matter of knowledge or of ascent and
glorification of the individual. It is a matter of
Ignorance, which is sacrifice of the limiting principle of
mind. And it is a matter of Radiance, or Love, which is
sacrifice of the limiting principle of the bodily

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Enlightenment Is a State of
Body, Not of Mind

Enlightenment is not a higher state
of mind. It is not a glorified state of the inward or
subjective being. Enlightenment is a bodily Condition. It is
a matter of the transcendence of mind, all inwardness, and
all illusions of independent existence. It is a matter of
relationship, not inwardness. It is a matter of the
conversion of attention from exclusive fascination with the
objects, states, desires, and mental reflectiveness of the
subjective disposition. It is a matter of the dissolution of
attention in the Transcendental Reality, the Living God. In
this manner, Radiant Life Transfigures the body, and the
mind is Dissolved in Transcendental Consciousness.
Enlightenment is Love.

Therefore, the Way of Enlightenment
is not a Way of bodily asceticism, separative inversion,
chronic inwardness, problematic self-manipulation, concern
for the attainment of internal and mental states of
experience, and so forth. Rather, it is a matter of the
bodily conversion of attention. The objects and conditions
of our various relations, gross and subtle, are not
abandoned or even embraced for their own sake. Rather, all
experiential relations are engaged as a medium of
Love-Communion with the Living God. The experiential play of
relations and actions is responsibly engaged by the true
devotee. His actions are made to conform to the Lawful
pattern wherein Life is always enhanced and Love is
glorified. But all of his actions are engaged as instants of
bodily Love-Communion with the Living God.

Thus, the true devotee is neither an
ascetic nor a self-indulgent individual. His actions are
right, but they are also essentially ordinary, natural, and
regenerative, or Life-positive. The key to his actions is
not the inversion of attention and the strategic avoidance
of relationship. Rather, the key to his actions is the
conversion of attention in the midst of relations-or the
intuitive conversion of bodily participation in the
All-Pervading Life. It is not a matter of the strategic
control of body by mind and desire-but it is a matter of the
transcendence of mind and desire in bodily Love-Communion
with the All-Pervading and Transcendental

Therefore, devotees in the Way of
Divine Ignorance are first purified in their disposition and
activity through true “hearing” and “seeing” in the Company
of the Spiritual Master. But then they are regenerated, even
bodily, in Love-Communion with the Living God.

In the process of purification, the
conventional and obsessive disorder of the body-mind is
transcended. Thus, the devotee transforms his participation
in the patterns of relations, of food and sex, and so forth.
But, beyond such purification and transformation of his
action, his action does not become less and less. That is,
after an initial period of purification and responsible
change of habits, the process of the Way is simply one of
the conversion of our functional processes, not their

Thus, for instance, devotees in the
Way of Divine Ignorance do not pursue an intentional
celibacy. Celibacy is merely the non-use of the
sex-function. Rather, devotees in this Way become
responsible for the obsessive and self-possessed pattern of
mind and dis-ease in relation to sex. Then they freely
engage in the regenerative sexual process-wherein neither
sex nor orgasm is avoided, but wherein both are converted.
Only the conversion of sex and orgasm serves a right and
regenerative purpose. Mere celibacy, without the natural
yogic conversion of the bodily participation in Life, is a
form of Lifeless self-possession. The suppression of sex is
a habit devoid of Bliss and the Lawful valuation of Pleasure
or Radiant Love.

Devotees in the Way of Divine
Ignorance may thus remain sexually active even in the stages
of highest spiritual maturity. Their sexual activity is a
form of surrender to Life, in which orgasm is converted from
an eliminative and degenerative discharge of Life to a
bodily regenerative Communion with Life.

Likewise, devotees in this Way are
Enlightened bodily in every function. Thus, body, not the
mind, is the place of true Enlightenment. And only the
bodily Enlightened devotee is in a position to transcend the
body in Transcendental Ecstasy, in which the body itself
follows the mind and is Dissolved in the Radiant Bliss of

Therefore, in the Way of Divine
Ignorance, devotees do not first abandon the body and then
glorify the mind. Rather, they first transcend the mind (or
the, process of experiential attention) and then the body is
glorified by the Love-Radiance of Life. Then the body itself
Dissolves in that same Radiance or Love wherein the mind is
first to fall.

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Transcendence of the Mind Is
Enlightenment of the Whole Body

The mind is not out of control. The
problem is that thought, which is a superficial reflection
of the body-mind as a whole, appears to be independent of
the body. We think that thought is the mind. But the mind is
actually beyond conception. The mind is simply motives, or
unspoken desires, produced by past associations. The mind is
directly manifested only as the body itself. Therefore, the
body is the past. The past cannot be controlled. The mind
cannot ultimately or finally be controlled. The mind
survives while trying to control itself, functioning through
thought, as if independent of the body, and as if
independent of the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness.
Therefore, the independent mind must be constantly
transcended, or else there is no Realization beyond desire
and the results of desire, or bodily existence as mind. But
if the mind is transcended, then the Living Consciousness is
Revealed, and all conditions of existence, high and low, are
transparent in that Consciousness, while they are also
clearly and presently perceived, prior to thought (which is
present and chronic differentiation from the

The mind, or desire, seems to cause
physical or bodily action. But in fact the body is not other
than the mind. Action is not caused by mind. Action is
itself mind. It is only thought that seems to be separate
from the body and to cause action. But thought is only a
superficially differentiated part of mind, or the body-mind
as a whole.

Because of the relentless
continuation of thought and desire, the constant repetition
of similar experiences and the chronic conflict between
desires seem to be eternally caused, or necessary forever.
Therefore, blaming the independent mind, we seek to control
it. But this effort fails to dissolve the mind, since the
body remains. Therefore, we seek to control the actions of
the body. But the motives of the mind remain hidden behind
all our self-control.

Truly, body and mind are
simultaneous with one another, and equally coincident with
the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness. The body is only
mind, and the mind is not other than the body. To play one
against the other is frustrating, and fruitless, and an
illusion founded in thinking, or disembodied mind.
Therefore, at last, it becomes clear that the Way is not
self-control any more than it is self-indulgence. Such
efforts are forever founded in the conflict or separation
between body and mind. The Way is total self-transcendence,
or the Present and Ecstatic Surrender of the whole and
entire body-mind into the Condition in which all of it is

The self is not transcended in the
control of body or mind. The self is transcended only in
intuitive surrender of the body-mind as a whole into the
Radiance of the Transcendental Divine. The self, or
body-mind, is transcended only in Ecstasy, wherein the
entire body-mind is entered into God-Communion. The
body-mind must be constantly yielded into present
God-Communion, wherein body and mind are simultaneously
surrendered into Transcendental Consciousness and Radiant
Life, or Love. The body-mind as a whole must be surrendered
into Radiant Consciousness, or the All-Pervading life, which
is the Condition of Love.

If this is done moment to moment,
via every function of the body-mind, in all relations, under
all circumstances, and through every action, then the self
is constantly transcended, the mind is constantly
transcended, the body and all its conditions are constantly
transcended. Then the strategy of self-indulgence and the
strategy of self-control are both equally dissolved in a
natural economy of existence, and mere existence is always
transcended in Ecstasy, prior to thought, prior to desire,
and prior to the body.

If thought and desire are stilled,
the mind appears to have been transcended. But such is the
illusion of mystics and yogis. The mind is transcended only
if the body is made transparent in Consciousness. Therefore,
if the true mind Dissolves in Radiance, even the body is
Enlightened. And true Enlightenment is bodily

When mind is transcended in
Transcendental Consciousness, the past is Dissolved in
Bliss. In that instant, the body is mindless, free of the
past. Indeed, when the body is free of mind, the body is not
created. Therefore, the body also Realizes the Radiance that
is prior to self-definition and self-division, or the
differentiation of the mind, wherein thought, inwardness, or
subjectivity stands over against the body. The body becomes
Transfigured in that Ecstasy. And then the body, in the same
instant in which the last trace of self-differentiating mind
is transcended in Consciousness, also Dissolves in the
Radiant Bliss or Love wherein desire and thought and mind
and self first appeared. The body is first and last.

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The Function of the Personal,
Moral, and Esoteric Disciplines in the Way of Divine

The Way of Divine Ignorance is a
Process of personal, moral, and esoteric disciplines,
founded in prior Intuition of the Transcendental Reality,
the Condition of the Divine Person. That Intuition of the
Radiant Transcendental Consciousness is Realized through
true “hearing” of the Teaching and direct “seeing” of the
Spiritual Master-or Love-Communion with the Radiant Person
or Presence of the Spiritual Master. And that Intuition is
the Awakened Foundation whereupon the devotee grows and
matures in the seven inevitable or structurally determined
stages of human life in Love-Communion with the Living

The seven stages of life are the
structures of inevitable human development. They determine
the form of all the personal, moral, and esoteric
disciplines that characterize the progressive practice of
devotees in the Way of Divine Ignorance.

The personal, moral, and esoteric
disciplines are simply functionally adapted forms of the
Divine Law of Sacrifice. Through these practices, action and
experience become forms of Ecstasy, or

The various disciplines in the Way
of Divine Ignorance serve two fundamental and simultaneous
purposes: (1) The purification of the body-mind; the
transcendence or removal of reactive tendencies
(“samskaras”), which are obstructions to direct Realization
of the Transcendental Reality. This involves actual
functional growth beyond exclusively right-sided tendencies
(“rajasic,” efferent, centrifugal, or expansively,
outwardly, and dualistically oriented tendencies) and
exclusively left-sided tendencies (“tamasic,” afferent,
centripetal, or inverted, passive, and exclusively inward,
monistic, or self-meditative tendencies). When the
self-binding motivations or structural contradictions of the
body-mind are transcended, only the balanced, harmonious,
clear-minded, or “sattwic,” disposition stands forward, and
the Radiant Transcendental Consciousness, the Heart, which
is prior even to the unified and clarified or “sattwic”
purity of the body-mind, is directly and naturally

This purification is done (a) via
personal and moral disciplines or actions, which all involve
self-transcending Love-Communion with the Living God (rather
than self-possessed and self-binding reactivity) under all
functional and relational conditions, and (b) via intuitive
“understanding” or “consideration” (“samyama”) of the
experiential conditions of the body-mind.

Such “consideration” or “samyama” is
done through the various forms of the conscious process,
including intuitive “re-cognition” of the various aspects
of psycho-physical experience. The various forms of the
conscious process naturally transcend the processes of
concentration, meditation, and contemplative trance, which
are all forms of absorption in the experiential phenomena of
the body-mind. Rather, the conscious process at every stage
of the Way is, as in the case of yogic “samyama,” a matter
of the penetration

13. The Hindu
Scriptures declare that manifest existence is a complex
variable of three qualities or “gunas.” These are “tamas,”
rajas,” and “sattwa.” Tamas, or the tamasic quality, is the
principle or power of inertia, contraction, passivity.
Rajas, or the rajasic quality, is the principle or power of
action, motivation, and expansion. Sattwa, or the sattwic
quality, is the principle or power of equilibrium, harmony,
and clarity. The manifest spiritual process is a spontaneous
or intended purification of the living being, wherein it is
first relieved of the limiting powers of tamas and rajas, so
that it takes on the sattwic quality. Then even the sattwic
quality is released into the Unqualified, Transcendental,
and Divine Condition.

and transcendence of the limitations
presented in the form of all the kinds of psycho-physical
experience. (Thus, the traditional term “samyama” better
describes the various forms of the conscious process in this
Way than do such terms as “concentration,” “meditation,”
“contemplation,” “trance samadhi,” and so forth.)

(2) The release of the
Transcendental Identity (or Radiant Consciousness), the Free
Condition of the body-mind, from Its apparent dependence on
the nervous system, the brain, the thinking mind, the
endocrine system, and the total extended body for the sense
or presumption of Existence, Consciousness, and Happiness
(Inherent Pleasure, or Bliss). The Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness that is the Condition of the body-mind must
directly or natively Realize Its inherent Freedom or
Self-Existence, Eternal Consciousness, and Absolute Bliss
(or Love-Radiance). If this native Realization is forgotten
in the midst of the experiential distractions of the world,
the Transcendental Disposition becomes qualified or limited
by the various modifications of the body-mind, and the
fearful craving for experiential existence, consciousness,
and happiness begins. Then Enjoyment is reduced to temporary
and often petty satisfactions, derived from psycho-physical
self-consciousness, or the reflections of the Realm of
Nature in the experiences of the body-mind. Therefore, that
Radiant Enjoyment must again be Realized directly, through
radical intuition of the Radiant Transcendental

This Realization is served via
esoteric or higher technical disciplines, which involve
submission of the whole body, including the thinking mind,
the brain, the endocrine system, and the nervous system,
into the Radiant and Central Current of Transcendental Life.
That Current has its apparent Primal Locus at the heart and
center of the body-mind. In the Play of manifest experience,
the Current appears to be extended along the central line or
axis of the spine. In that Play, the Creative or Positive
Pole and Unitary Disposition of the Life-Current is above
the head, above the body, above the world, and above the
mind, whereas the Dependent Pole or Experiential Disposition
may seem, in any moment of experience, to appear as any
point of focus in the body-mind itself.

The release of the Radiant
Transcendental Consciousness from Its illusory dependence on
the experiential conditions of the body-mind for Its
Enjoyment of Existence, Consciousness, and Happiness also
establishes the body-mind in a dependent relationship to the
Radiant Transcendental Consciousness. Therefore, the
structures of the body-mind become naturally or
spontaneously realigned to the Radiant Transcendental
Consciousness, granting various kinds of “siddhis,” or the
capacity for the free exercise of various extraordinary
powers over conditions in the Realm of Nature. Such powers
are not directly sought in the Way of Divine Ignorance,
since the Divine Realization grants release from all
dilemma, all necessity, and all bondage to the Realm of
Nature. However, the higher psychic, supermental, and
superphysical powers tend to appear spontaneously,
particularly after maturity in the fifth stage of life. Such
powers are secondary and unnecessary, and the kind or degree
of such capacities varies from individual to individual, but
they are natural and often inevitable signs of the intuitive
“consideration” or radical “samyama” of all experience.

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The Esotericism of the Seventh
Stage of Life

Whenever the act of attention arises
and moves toward any object or experience, high or low, a
sense of separation, dilemma, or doubt tends to arise. In
the seventh stage of life, the devotee is primarily
responsible for continuous re-cognition of this process of
the arising of attention, the search for experience, and the
suffering of the felt dilemma of separation or doubt, which
together tend to create a constant motivation to know, to
solve, and to escape.

Thus, moment to moment., there is
simply the recognition of the event of attention, recoil, or
doubt at the heart, even prior to any experience or
knowledge. Naturally, the conventions of experience also
tend to continue. Thus, the process of re-cognition at the
heart is accompanied by Love-Surrender of the total
body-mind into the Central Life-Current, with its Pole above
the head, the mind, and the world. Indeed, that Surrender is
itself naturally generated by the process of re-cognition,
which, although primarily a process at the heart, also and
simultaneously takes place relative to the objects of
attention (or psycho-physical experience). Fundamentally,
there is simply the continuous and natural re-cognition of
the process of attention and experience-or the intuitive
re-cognition of all conditions as unnecessary, transparent,
and non-binding modifications of the Radiant Transcendental

When there is the natural state
(“Sahaj Samadhi”) of conventional experiential awareness,
but with clear and radical intuition of the Radiant
Transcendental Consciousness, this is the Transfigured State
of Whole Body Enlightenment. When conventional experiential
awareness is partially or totally dissolved in the Radiant
Transcendental Consciousness, this is Translation, or “Bhava
Samadhi,” and the body itself may temporarily or ultimately
disappear in that Brightness of Bliss or Love.

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Enlightenment and

The Enlightenment of the Whole Body
is not a matter of the perfection or immortalization of the
psycho-physical body itself. Rather, it is a matter of the
Perfect Transcendence of the psycho-physical body by the
Free soul, or the Self in God.

The various disciplines associated
with the Way of Divine Ignorance are not methods for the
purposeful perfection and immortalization of the body, or
even of the psychic being (the soul in its association with
subtle phenomena). Rather, they are simply ways of turning
each and every function into Divine Communion, or
Love-Sacrifice of the soul in God. The practice of each kind
of discipline-such as the regenerative diet, or the process
of sexual communion, or the exercise of esoteric meditation
after the Awakening of the Life-Current of the body by the
Touch of the Spiritual Master-does in fact tend,
secondarily, to produce psycho-physical effects, such as
purification, harmonization, rejuvenation, and regeneration.
Even more extraordinary phenomena may appear, such as
enlarged psychic powers, uncommon internal experiences of a
yogic kind, and even superior physical states, such as
exemplary health, extreme longevity, the transfiguration or
infusion of the body by light, and bodily translation into

However, such phenomena are merely
the caused results of manifest processes in the Realm of
Nature, or Energy in Motion. They represent the coverings of
the soul, not the Destiny of the soul when Awakened to its
Real and Eternal Condition-or the Self Absorbed in God.
Therefore, these results are not the motive of practice in
the Way of Divine Ignorance. They are secondary evidence or
possible effects of the practice, but they are not the goal
of practice. Indeed, all such phenomena-all experiential
phenomena of the psycho-physical being-must become a
sacrifice in Divine Communion.

Therefore, the Principle of all
practices in this Way is Sacrifice, or Divine Communion,
enacted as a literal discipline in every dimension of the
body-mind. Whatever arises as a result of any practice must
likewise be made a sacrifice, through insight and the resort
to Love-Communion with the Living God.

In any case, the phenomena that are
likely to arise will vary greatly from individual to
individual. The casings or manifest psycho-physical
expressions of the soul are the product of acquired
tendencies that have led to the present birth. Therefore,
each individual represents different strengths, weaknesses,
tendencies, and capabilities in each area of the human
psycho-physical structure. Some may never be capable of even
superior health, while others may never experience profound
psychic phenomena. All, however, must submit each function
to the same Law, in order to Commune with God through that
function, and in order to transcend the tendencies or
habit-energies associated with that function. Every one will
be given whatever lessons, experiences, successes, and
failures are necessary for his or her maturity in
Self-Realization and the Ultimate and Perfect Transcendence
of attachment or necessity relative to the possibilities of
psycho-physical experience, high or low. Therefore, only the
Sacrifice is guaranteed. Everything else must be
Transcended. And only such Transcendence allows our
Sacrifice to be the Realization of the Bliss that Transcends
even the attainment of Bliss.

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The Whole Body Is
Enlightened by Love

The Realization of Whole Bodily
Enlightenment is the Realization of Consciousness as
Unqualified Radiance, or Love. Conditional Self-Realization
is an Intuition of Unqualified Consciousness, in which all
conditions, subjective and objective, are excluded by
inversion toward their experiential or subjective Source.
Such Self-Realization is Awake, but it is tacitly withdrawn
from the Disposition of Radiance-until the Eyes of the Heart
are opened. But Whole Bodily Enlightenment is a Condition of
Unqualified Consciousness in which all conditions,
subjective and objective, are always already transcended, by
virtue of prior Translation into their most prior or
Transcendental and Radiant Source. Therefore, nothing is
excluded, but everything is transcended. There is simple
abiding as the Heart, Radiant to Infinity. There is simple
abiding as Love. All conditions that arise, subjective and
objective, instantly appear to be no more than superficial
modifications of the Radiant Consciousness that is the
Condition of self, or the body-mind, and all experience.
Therefore, only the Heart persists, as Love.

Love is Ignorance-Radiance, the
Unqualified Consciousness that is Light, All Power, and
Life. Abiding as Love, withdrawing from no conditions of
experience, priorly free of self, of recoil,transcending
body and mind, pursuing no State beyond Love, the apparent
individual is always already Dissolved in God. When the
whole and entire body-mind is transcended through Love,
there already is Transfiguration, Super-Regeneration, and
even Bodily Translation. Only Love persists. Only Love is
Truth, Reality, and God. Whatever the apparent individual
may appear to experience or suffer, once such Enlightenment
by Love is Realized, there is no separate self, or body, or
mind, but only the Self, Body, and Mind of the Absolute

Man may pursue Life, or Light, or
Consciousness. Even devotees in the stages of the Way of
Divine Ignorance turn toward Life, and Light, and
Consciousness in the moments of their growth. They turn
within, or upon the experiential Sources of Life, or Light,
or Consciousness. But devotees in the Way of Radical
Intuition, the seventh stage of life, Realize Unqualified
Love to be their own Condition, and that of all beings,
processes, things, and realms of experience. And such Love
is Itself the Power and Identity from which Unqualified
Consciousness, Unqualified Light, and Unqualified Life
spring up as the Super-Structures of all

This is the Highest and most Radical
Teaching. Only Love, the Heart, or the Unqualified Radiance
of Unqualified Consciousness, fulfills and transcends all
inward paths, all experiences, and all relations of the
self. Therefore, grow in the Way of the Heart until the
Perfect Identity Shines as the Consciousness that transcends
all bodily and mental states. Then abide as Love,
re-cognizing all conditions of experience, until all
noticing Dissolves in Bliss.

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The Gaze in the Heart That Enlightens the Whole Body and
Dissolves the World

The seven stages of life involve a
process of growth, or structural adaptation, in which the
body-mind is constantly regenerated by the Power of Life,
until the body-mind is literally Enlightened by that same
Power of Life, and Dissolved in that Condition which
transcends all experience.

In the first five stages of that
process, the attention of the individual is made to shift
from lower and less inclusive areas of functional awareness
and adaptation to higher and more inclusive dimensions of
structural possibility. Thus, in order for growth to
develop, concentration of attention must be the

The process of upward and more
inclusive concentration eventually becomes contemplation in
the mechanical energies of the brain. When such
contemplation has ascended to the highest functional
terminal of the brain, the evolution of human experience, or
the cycle of attention, has passed from the lowest to the
highest extensions of its structural possibilities. In many
mystical and yogic traditions, such terminal contemplation
is considered to be Enlightenment, or Liberation. But it is
only the ordinary fulfillment of personal psycho-physical

In the sixth stage of life (or the
terminal phase of the Way of Re-cognition), the gesture of
attention itself is understood and dissolved in the heart.
In that process, all of the illusions or experiences created
by the motion of attention in the body-mind are undermined
and dissolved in the Bliss-Full Realization of the Real
Condition of self, of the body-mind, and of the
self-defining gesture of attention. But even this Awakening
is not Enlightenment, or Perfect Liberation in Truth. It is
only the seed of the ultimate Event, in which the body-mind
and all conditions of experience are Translated into the
Divine Domain.

In the seventh stage of life, or the
Way of Radical Intuition, the body-mind is no longer the
point of view of the process of the Way. The gesture of
attention and the development of psycho-physical experience
no longer provide the structure of moment to moment practice
of the Way. Rather, the Awakened Heart, the Truth, prior to
self and experience, provides the Foundation wherein
Enlightenment Liberates the body-mind into the Divine

The Heart, or Awakened
Consciousness, prior to the reflexive gestures of attention,
self, and experience, is the Truth of the body-mind of Man.
And when Man Awakens to the Truth of the Heart, then even
the World, the Totality of Experience, Dissolves in Truth.
Thus, in the Way of Radical Intuition, the Heart is Awake,
with “open eyes.” The Heart does not turn in on Itself or
away as Itself. Rather, It is Awake as Itself, and totally
Aware, prior to all acts of attention, that all phenomena
are only unnecessary and temporary modifications of

Therefore, in the Way of Radical
Intuition, there are no acts of attention, or concentration,
or contemplation that belong to the Way itself. No
experiences, high or low, gross or subtle, are the
significant occupation of this ultimate stage of life.
Rather, the Perfect Enlightenment, Sacrifice, and Liberation
of the body-mind in Truth is the Process of the Way of
Radical Intuition.

The Enlightenment of the whole and
entire body-mind is a matter of the Transcendental Infusion
of the body-mind with the unqualified Radiance of the Heart.
This is done by a process in which that Radiance first
pervades the entire brain, to its extreme, and then, via the
brain, invades all the rest of the extended body-mind. The
Current of Radiance is permitted to pervade and “unlock”
every cell of the body and to dissolve every thought or
image that makes the mind. And the Life-Current is
established in perfect polarization, toe to crown, so that
the mechanical motions toward psycho-physical experience are
dissolved in the Divine Radiance, prior to all independent

However, this process in the Way of
Radical Intuition is not made possible by any acts of
attention, concentration, or contemplation. There is no
upward or downward turning of attention that characterizes
the specific and ultimate Process of Enlightenment and
Translation. Rather, in the Way of Radical Intuition,
attention and all experience are re-cognized or dissolved,
moment to moment, in the Infinite Space of the Heart. (The
Heart, or the true Heart is, therefore, not within the body,
or at the level of the chest. It is very Consciousness, the
infinite Self of God.). therefore, when there is such
re-cognition of phenomena in the Heart, the illusions of
self and its experience are destroyed in the Radiance of
God. Such “destruction” is not negative of self-willed in
any sense. It is simplythat the very gestures of self, of
attention, and all phenomena of experience are Realized, in
the Heart, to be unneccessary. There is no finite entry into
the realms of the born self, but, instead, there is only the
abiding in the Infinite Realm of the Heart, the Realm or
Domain of the Divine Person.

Therefore, in the Way of Radical
Intuition, there is no mystical yoga, no upturning of
attention, no grasping of experience, knowledge, psychi
visions, no consoling phenomena, high or low, subtle of
gross. There is only constant re-cognition of experience as
modification-only, in the Heart. There is no upturning or
downturning of attention, but only dissolution of attention
in the Heart. This is the constant process. There is an
eternal ‘gaze’ in the Heart, whereby Humor is restored to
the play of experience.

In this eternal Process of the
dissolution of phenomena, attention, and self in the Heart,
through the “gaze” of re-cognition, founded in prior
Awakening of the Heart Itself, the whole and entire
body-mind is Enlightened and Liberated in God. All
obstructions, all contractions in the body-mind are
re-cognized in the Heart. Therefore, the body-mind stands
free, founded in the Heart. The current of Readiance Spirals
from heart to crown, and, simultaneously, the the entire
body. There is no attention toward the crown or the extended
body-mind, but the Heart is naturally Radiant. The Heart is
Love, the Radical Intuition of the Divine, prior to image
and form, self and object.

Therefore, by simple abiding in the
“gaze” of the Heart, the Heart Enlightens the body-mind of
Man and Dissolves all phenomena of the World in Itself. This
is Divine Translation. The Heart is not within. The Heart is
Infinite Bliss, prior to form and qualification. Divine
Translation if Radical Transcendence of the

Chapter 7 – Part IV


Enlightenment of the Whole Body

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