Conscious Childrearing

Must Be Liberated

Breathe Deep and Feel the Mystery


“The non-dramatization of our lives is our own responsibility,
and this responsibility must certainly be realized, or else the world is
inherited by mad children and overwhelmed by births and deaths.”

“Do not make children pay the price of a wounded psyche”



— Sri Adi Da Samraj


This page is primarily help for adults in serving
children (as well as themselves), however What To Remember
To Be Happy, is for children directly (as well as
everybody else).


Remember the Mystery in Which
You Live

What To Remember To Be Happy

The Three Forms of Intimacy
in Childhood

Conscious Discipline in the
First Three Stages of Life

Love, Wisdom and Happiness in
the First Three Stages of Life

(Summary Table) (revised
version of the preceeding table)

Practical Discipline Guidelines

The True Principles of Children’s

Four Primary Principles of Conscious

Conscious Childrearing Series

Suggested Reading for Children

The Scale of the Very Small

Adidam Bibliography

The First Three Stages of Life

Transcend Meaning and Live With



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