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THAT…scares me.
I don’t want to go into that..the paranoia, discomfort
something may be wrong…the fear of ultimate confusion and
despair. That fear is a constant threat to us.

by Chogyam Trungpa

Bhagavan (Ramana
Maharshi) …said, “no man takes seriously the fact of
death. He may see death around him, but he still does not
believe that he will die. He believes, or rather, feels, in
some strange way, that death is not for him. Only when the
body is threatened does he fall a victim to the fear of
death. Every man believes himself to be eternal, and this is
actually the truth. This truth asserts itself in spite of
man’s ignorant belief that the body is the Self.”
Lies The Heart

by Mercedes D’Acosta

The following are various talks and
essays by Adi Da Samraj on the nature of conflict and
war(s), small (individual) ones and big (world)


fact we see the drama of hunter and prey all over the world.
Listen to the news! People are being killed all over the
Earth every day, simply murdered in weird conflicts. Such a
dreadful circumstance is just part of the unevolved state of
Man. Everybody asks “Why are we doing this?” But nobody has
come up with any reason to stop doing it!