Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace



On Liberation from ego and egoic Society,


Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace

an Essay by

Avatar Adi Da Samraj


The un-Enlightened (or egocentric) body-mind-self is founded
on the activity of self-contraction. The self-contraction is expressed
as the effective differentiation of the presumed “self” from the Transcendental,
Inherently Spiritual, and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Condition and Source-Condition,
and from every other form of presumed (or, by means of self-contraction,
defined) “not-self”. And the self-contraction is, likewise, expressed (via
the self-contraction-definition of “self” as independent and separative)
as the constant concern and search for the preservation of the (presumed-to-be
independent) “self” (or ego-“I”). The self-based (or self-contracting,
and would-be-self-preserving) orientation toward existence is manifested
as the psychology of search and conflict relative to all that is presumed
to be “not-self”—some and all of which is sometimes desired and sought,
and some and all of which is sometimes feared (or reacted to with the seeking
effort of avoidance), and even all of which is always limited, mortal,
passing, inexplicable, and (therefore) inherently unsatisfactory. Therefore,
the psychology of self-contracted (and, as a result, egocentric) existence
is inherently disposed to seek control and dominance over all that is presumed
to be “not-self”. For this reason, individual egocentric lives are a constant
expression of heart-felt (and total psycho-physical) anxiety (and even
the primitive ego-moods of fear, sorrow, anger, and every kind of un-love)—and
individual human actions are, on that primitive basis, always a more or
less mechanical (or uninspected and irresponsible) display of strategic
techniques of self-manipulation (intended to preserve “self”) and other-manipulation
(intended to control, or dominate, “not-self”). And the collective (or
group) life of egocentric human beings is, likewise, dominated by the same
exclusiveness, the same emotional base, the same inherent unsatisfactoriness,
and the same motives toward self-preservation, and toward control of what
is “outside”.

Human societies are always tending to be modeled after
the un-Enlightened pattern of the individual ego. The political and social
systems of the present-day world are not generated by literally En-Light-ened
(or even highly “evolved”) leaders, ideals, or institutions. Human beings
in this “late-time” (or “dark” epoch) live in the “samsaric” (or un-Enlightened)
world of egoic society—and this is why the signs of the times are so profoundly

The entire world is now nearly out of control with egoic
motives. Mankind, indoctrinated by materialistic philosophies, ego-serving
technologies, and gross political idealisms, is possessed by the mechanical
and emotionally negative efforts of self-indulgence (and anxious release-seeking
efforts of all kinds), and chronically depressed by the frustration of
the Spiritual and Divine impulses that are the inherent characteristics
of the heart of every living being. The ego-“I”, whether individual or
collective, is eventually reduced to sorrow and despair (or chronic life-depression),
because of (and as an experiential result of) the inability of life (in
and of itself) to generate Happiness and Joy and Immortality. And that
self-contained depression finally becomes anger, or loveless confrontation
with the total world and every form of presumed “not-self”—including even
(and especially) the Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and Self-Evidently
Divine Self-Identity (or One and Only and Non-Separate Self-Condition),
Which is “locked away”, by means of conventional (or merely exoteric) ideas
of “God Apart”, and is (thereby) made into an “Other” by the egoic mind.
And, when anger becomes the mood of human societies, the quality of fire
(or the primitive and destructive intent of the frustrated ego) invades
the plane of humanity. That fire is expressed as all of the aggression
and competitiveness (and all of the resultant sufferings and painful illusions)
of mankind, including all of the ego-based politics of confrontation. And
that ego-fire is, finally, summarized in the acts of war.


The differentiation of existence into ego-possessed units
yields, in the case of each “one”, the craving for entirely pleasurized
and unthreatened existence. This craving (or obsessive motive of self-preservation
and self-glorification) in turn yields inevitable conflict, fear, sorrow,
anger, and all kinds of destructive acts in relation to “others” as well
as to “self” (because the extreme exercise of self-preservation is, ultimately,
an aggressive and self-defeating motivation that destroys “self” in the
final effort to dominate “not-self”). Therefore, all egos (or un-Enlightened
centers of identity, whether individual or collective) are in aggressive
conflict with all other egos (and all that is presumed to be “not-self”,
or presumed to be “outside” the defined egoic center). All individual and
collective egos are involved in programs of self-destruction (via patterns
of ego-possession, self-seeking, self-indulgence, reactive emotion, un-Enlightened
thinking, and so forth), as well as other-destruction (via all kinds of
reactive activity, based on self-concern, that seeks to control, and, ultimately,
to dominate, whatever is presumed to be “outside” the “self”-center).

The search for the independent preservation and ultimate
enhancement of the separate self is the universal model of un-Enlightened
egoity. Therefore, suffering, power struggle, and war are inevitable
in egoic society. And, if the capability for political manipulation and
war becomes technologically profound, universal suppression (via aggressive
political efforts) and universal destruction (via war) become the common
expectation and destiny of all human beings.

The present “late-time” (or “dark” epoch) is just such
a time of technological sophistication, in which the egoic model of humanity
and human society is the universal basis of mind. Gross materialism (in
science and politics) gives human beings no option in the mind except that
of the trapped and threatened animal. Therefore, a fiery mood is abroad—full
of gross desire, frustration, fear, despair, and aggressive reactivity.
The egoic motive of self-preservation is approaching its most destructive
mood—the mood that appears in the moment of ultimate entrapment. In that
mood, there is no longer any will to preserve “self” or world or any others.
There is simply explosive fire—based on the deep motives of egoic self-preservation,
but reduced to action that is most primitive and entirely destructive of
both “self” and “not-self”. In the collective mind of humanity in the present
and growing extremes of entrapment, the explosion of great nuclear bombs
merely represents the archetype of anger itself. And it is for this reason
that the possibility of a nuclear holocaust, in the extreme moment of the
now rising political confrontations, is an irrational—and, therefore,
entirely possible, if not inevitable—event.

Past societies have, in their extreme moments of confrontation,
destroyed themselves, as well as their opponents. This is because ego-based
societies function in essentially the same manner as egoic individuals.
Individual human beings kill others and themselves every day. Therefore,
groups and societies, confronting one another in egoic fashion, likewise
threaten one another with destruction. And, in the extreme moments of confrontation,
when self-preservation achieves its peak of righteous irrationality, it
is profoundly likely that nuclear war will result.

The motives of present-day society are the same as those
of past societies. The only difference is that, in the present day, the
technology of both communication and confrontation has become both
globally extended and profound. Therefore, when globally communicated
confrontation reaches its peak of irrationality, war-motives will willingly
destroy the entire world—just as readily as, in the past, less technologically
sophisticated war-makers have wiped their petty local warring tribes from
the face of the Earth.


Many people are now trying to influence governments to
abandon nuclear weapons. However, even if they succeed, irrational individuals
and groups can still threaten and destroy the common order with “terrorist”
tactics and “home-made” bombs. And the “limited” (or non-nuclear) warfare
that might still erupt between governments that agree not to make nuclear
war is just as much a threat to humanity as any nuclear war.

Therefore, it is now time to accept the political
necessity for an end to confrontation-politics, and the establishment of
a unified political entity to directly and truly and formally and accountably
serve the right collective interests of mankind as a whole. Human beings
must abandon their ancient egoic principles and renounce their political,
social, and cultural provincialism. Individuals within the collective
order of mankind may yet suffer the un-Enlightened and immature disabilities
of egocentric personality—but governments themselves, as well as
institutions and leaders in every area of human endeavor, must abandon
the egocentric, subhuman, merely materialistic, non-cooperative, and intolerant
(or loveless) posture and style of life. Indeed, humanity as a whole must
demand that a new leadership of this kind come forward and accept responsibility,
in a unified (and truly representative and accountable) manner, for the
indivisible representation of its collective interests.

Haven’t you had enough of the brute, stupid, childish,
and (otherwise) adolescent, exploitative representation of human (or, really,
sub-human) existence that is played out daily (in the name, and on the
lives, of each and every born human being) by competing governments, politicians,
militarists, scientists, technocrats, social planners, educators, exoteric
and fundamentalist religionists (who aggressively propagate the provincial,
and pharisaical, religions of ego-salvation, rather than practice
the universal, and ego-transcending, religion of love), and media
hypers (who thrive on the invention and exaggeration of conflict, and dramatically
showcase the worst of human instincts in the unending “gotcha” game that
denudes and exposes and trivializes and hypocritically mocks the highs,
and the inevitable lows, and even the natural ordinariness in the struggling
efforts of humankind)? Isn’t it evident, in your deepest feeling-psyche,
that this Wisdom-renouncing world is being controlled by the worst and
most superficial conceptions of existence?

It is now time for every one, and all, to understand
themselves, and to reclaim the world from the dictatorship of the ego,
and from all of those who play at politics (and life in general) as if
it were a sporting event that is supposed to excite and entertain every
one on television.

Nuclear disarmament is a relatively positive, but still
too superficial and piecemeal, effort. It is not a truly curative means,
but only another palliative and temporary move in the midst of mankind’s
traditional advance toward future trouble. There is something more fundamental
than the disarmament politics whereby enemies come to a gentlemanly
agreement on how to kill one another without destroying one another! What
is more fundamental, necessary, and truly curative is that human beings,
individually and collectively, understand and transcend that which is in
them that leads them to confront one another as opponents and enemies.

It may sound naive to speak of the necessity for the present
(childish, and brutishly adolescent) crowd of governments and institutions
to understand themselves and renounce the self-imagery and the techniques
of enemies—but the feeling that it is naive to speak in such terms is
merely a reflection of egoic frustration and despair. Human beings everywhere
must now transcend that very frustration and despair if they are
going to prevent the enslavement and destruction of mankind.

Humanity is living in bondage now. Mankind is already—presently,
globally—bound to egocentric and materialistic idealisms that are suppressing
the human freedom to live by Wisdom and Realize the Truth. If human beings
do not shake loose from this regime, they are going to suffer the extreme
fulfillment of collective egoic destiny, in a “Narcissistic” holocaust
that will either enslave mankind (via a technologically robotized political
and social order) or (otherwise) destroy mankind (via technologically engineered

It is not naive to demand a new leadership when
those who are led (and who could make the counter-demand for change)
number in the billions. Nor is it folly to try to educate mankind when
the only alternative is slavery and death. Therefore, I Say to you: All
must commit themselves to understand the patterns by which they are now
(and have traditionally and historically been) living (both individually
and collectively), so that they can then change those patterns and the
destinies those patterns will (otherwise) inevitably inflict upon them.

The egoic model must—from now on—be intensively
“educated out” of the collective order of mankind. A new leadership must
appear, which is awakened to an understanding of the primitive egoic basis
of the present and traditional collective order. That new leadership must,
above all, provide an educative role—and it must, profoundly and
immediately, transform the techniques whereby governments and societies
enter into relations with one another. Only such leadership can, by efforts
based on the wit of free intelligence, cause all the governments and institutions
of the world to voluntarily change toward a cooperative and benign mode
of association with others. (And this can be done by establishing profoundly
undesirable economic sanctions and other practical penalties for not participating
in the cooperative process.) If this kind of approach is not made soon,
humanity will be entering into what has the potential to be the most destructive
period of political confrontation in its history.


A benign and tolerant and cooperative (or non-egoic, and
at least more advanced, if not Spiritual and Transcendental, and even Divine)
view of existence (and, thus, of politics) must soon arise in the leadership
of mankind. At the present time, human beings are being led to enslavement
and destruction by benighted materialists and self-seekers in every area
of common human endeavor. The Principle of Wisdom has been replaced by
the principle of power-through-knowledge—and knowledge has come to mean
conventional science, or all that can be achieved or supported exclusively
by the intellectual efforts of materialistic philosophy. Science (which
has characteristically identified itself with the archaic and false philosophy
of materialism) has itself, thus, become identical to technology (or the
materialistic power-machine of the “known”), and materialistic technology
(along with its like in the form of all the materialistic idealisms that
appeal to human egoity) has become the primary instrument for world-manipulation—not
only for the material manipulation of the so-called “material” world, but
for the political manipulation and gross (physical and mental) control
of collective humanity itself.

The political ideals and means of the present time are
materialistic, based on a gross and ego-based conception of human existence.
There simply cannot be any ultimately effective change in the collective
human situation until a new leadership arises that is founded on the intelligence
and more advanced capability of ego-transcendence and, ultimately, on the
Wisdom of Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and Self-Evidently Divine
Enlightenment. Only such a leadership can rightly educate the collective
order and relieve it of the burden of the egoic and materially confined
view of life. And only such a leadership can transform the technique of
governments from a process of self-preserving and other-controlling confrontation
(of their own members, as well as other societies) to a process of cooperation,
unification, and a worldwide creative order, based (necessarily) on pluralism,
tolerance, and freedom.

The problem of the automatic (and even unconscious) creation
of suffering and destruction is inherent in the egocentric form of individual
existence. It is this principle that I Call you to observe and understand.
Human beings must learn from this observation of the ego (in personal and
collective terms), and so equip themselves to freely abandon the egoic
model of existence.


This Essay has, thus far, primarily Spoken to the necessity
for such education and change at the level of the leadership and collective
order of mankind. Now I must move on to “consider” the implications of
this education at the level of individual practice.

The ego-“I” is self-contraction—or the conversion of
conditionally manifested existence away from the free orientation
to its Source (or Real Condition), and so back upon the individual
center of functional experience. This conversion represents the orientation,
habit, and destiny suggested by the traditional myth of Narcissus—which
I Propose as the basic symbol for the individual (and the collective) process
of egocentrism.

The egocentric form of conditional existence is a kind
of entrapment that leads only to more and more elaborate (and confining,
as well as deluding) states of limited and un-Enlightened psycho-physical
personality. In the egocentric form, conditional existence cannot “Locate”
Happiness, Truth, or Reality, but it is confined entirely to the visions
and sufferings of independent selfhood. Therefore, many who have seen this
to be so have called humanity to escape conditional existence itself
by a strategy of self-suppressive means. What I Call for is self-observation,
self-understanding, and self-transcendence, in the midst of free (and rightly
disciplined) participation in the play of conditional existence. If this
is done, the motives either to exploit or to escape the conditional self
and world are inherently transcended. A more natural course of life-practice
can develop (as I have thoroughly Described in My Avataric Word of Divine
Instruction), on the basis of the orientation of self-transcendence (rather
than self-exploitation or self-suppression). And that life-practice, engaged
in a right, true, full, and fully devotional manner by My true devotee,
leads (ultimately) to the Most Perfect (Love-Bliss-Full and Free) Realization
of the Real (or Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, Indivisible, Non-Separate,
and Self-Evidently Divine) Condition, in Which there is Inherent
(and not self-suppressive, or world-excluding) Transcendence of separate
self and the conditional worlds.

You must observe and understand the separate and separative
self as reactive psycho-physical contraction. You must see the self-contraction
operating in (and as) the experience of pain and suffering, and in (and
as) all the kinds of conditional desire, reactive emotion, conflict, gross
competitiveness, and destructive aggressiveness, and in (and as) even all
the arising patterns of thought, emotion, physicality, and seeking. On
the basis of this observation and understanding of the separate (and, likewise,
self (or the individuated psycho-physical personality), you should freely
abandon the principle and the strategies of egocentricity. And you should
allow yourself to feel the inherent heart-Motive to yield the total body-mind
(and every moment of attention) to the Condition That Precedes the self-contraction—Which
Is That Which Is Always Already The Case (or the Transcendental, Inherently
Spiritual, and Self-Evidently Divine Freedom, Love-Bliss, Happiness, Consciousness,
and Being in and from Which the self-contraction is generated in each moment).

I Am the Divine Heart-Master of all and All. Those
who rightly, truly, fully, and fully devotionally practice the only-by-Me
Revealed and Given Way of Adidam (Which Is the Divine and True and
One and Only by-Me-Revealed and by-Me-Given Way of the Heart) practice
self-observation, self-understanding, and self-transcendence in every moment
of conditionally manifested (and inherently relational, or non-independent,
and inherently and entirely with-the-pattern-integrated and on-the-pattern-dependent)
existence. By Means of that practice (the primary basis and form of which
is the counter-egoic exercise of moment to moment devotional recognition-response
to Me, or Divine Love-Communion with Me), the habit and the effects of
egocentricity (or the reactive habit of presuming separateness and enacting
separativeness) are (by Means of My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine
Grace) directly, immediately, and (in the course of ongoing practice) progressively
released—thereby liberating energy and feeling-attention for the only-by-My-Avataric-Divine-Grace-Given
Most Perfect Realization of the Freedom, Love-Bliss, Happiness, Consciousness,
and “Bright” Fullness of Self-Existing, Self-Radiant, Indivisible, and
Non-Separate (and Self-Evidently Divine) Being (Itself), or Real God, the
One and Only Real (and Ultimate, and Self-Evidently Divine) Condition of
both “self” and “not-self”. And That Most Perfect Realization, Demonstrated
Most Ultimately, Divinely Outshines conditional existence, and (Thus and
Thereby) Translates the context of Being from the Cosmic domain of conditional
Nature to My “Bright” Eternal Self-Domain of Divine Fullness.

I Call every one of mankind (and even all conditionally
manifested beings) to This Way of ego-transcending (and Only-Me-Realizing)
practice, the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam (Which is the
Way of the Heart—of the Heart Itself—Revealed and Given only by Me).
However, until (indeed) every one of Man (now, and forever hereafter)
heart-recognizes Me, and heart-responds to Me with true devotion as My
formally acknowledged devotee, at least the by-Me-Revealed-and-Given life-principles
(of abandoning the gross style of ego-based political confrontations and
ego-based social participation, or non-participation) must become a matter
of active practical commitment on the part of the leaders and educators
of mankind—or else humanity will collectively move toward intolerable
enslavement and even nuclear (or otherwise war-made, and cleverness-made)

Therefore, I Call every one and all to “consider” at least
the political and broad social fulfillment of My Avataric Divine Wisdom-Teaching,
via the active embrace of every form of true and benign social and political
cooperation and all-embracing social and political tolerance—since such
cooperation and tolerance are the prerequisites for true social and political

I Call upon all the leaders and educators of mankind (now,
and forever hereafter) to actively embrace, and to universally
declare and promote, and to actively require and measure the universal
real fulfillment of My simplest Law and Measure of Man: Cooperation + Tolerance
= Peace.

Beyond This Call for universal fulfillment of My simplest
Law and Measure of Man, I (now, and forever hereafter) Call (and Look)
for those who can understand and utterly transcend the pattern and destiny
of the separate and separative self—in this world and in all higher (or
subtler) worlds. I am Calling (and Looking) for those who will go beyond
the outward and bodily improvement of separate self and its world, and
who will also go beyond the inward and ascending improvement of separate
self in the higher (or subtler) worlds. I am Calling (and Looking) for
those who will go directly to the Source-Condition of “self” and all worlds.
I am here to Serve every one’s basic understanding (and basic practical
transcending) of the egocentric habit of living, but I am especially Looking
for those who will formally embrace the full practice of the only-by-Me
Revealed and Given Way of Adidam—so that the Way of Adidam may be fulfilled
by them (especially in its formal renunciate forms), and formally passed
on by them to future generations.

The fundamental basis (and principal form) of the practice
of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam is always present-time
Divine Communion (Realized In and As devotional heart-Communion
with Me), and the free (or non-problematic and non-strategic) renunciation
(and inherent transcending) of separate self, based on the intelligence
of direct self-understanding and the intensive practice-response (and always
present-time devotional heart-Communion with Me) that is generated by true
devotional recognition of Me. The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of
Adidam is not a variation on (or a mere revision of) the traditional (or
perennial) ascetical (or otherwise self-suppressive, or, in effect, self-destructive)
path. The traditional (or perennial) path is not based on inherently
ego-transcending understanding (and always present-time Divine Communion),
but (rather) the traditional (or perennial) path is the path of every kind
of seeking—and all seeking is based on the egoic (or self-contracted)
presumption of a problem to be strategically escaped. In stark contrast
to the traditional (or perennial, and, altogether, ego-based) path of ascetical
(or otherwise strategically self-suppressive, or strategically self-destructive)
seeking, the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam is characterized
by non-seeking, and by truly counter-egoic (and always already ego-transcending
and Divinely Infused) self-discipline, and by inherent freedom from all
the self-manipulative and other-manipulative strategies of self-fulfillment
(in any and all of the possible stages of life), and by a “radical” understanding
(or root self-understanding) that is neither strategically self-destructive
nor strategically world-denying. The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way
of Adidam is the Divine Way of the always already presently existing (and
always already able to be functioning) heart in every one—and It is, therefore,
based on the always present-time-existing participatory intelligence
(expressed as devotional heart-recognition of Me), and the always present-time
recognition-response of devotional love of Me, and counter-egoic surrender
of self-contraction by Means of that devotional love of Me. And the only-by-Me
Revealed and Given Way of Adidam matures (by Means of My constantly Avatarically
Given Divine Spiritual Grace) as right, and truly human, simplicity (and,
Most Ultimately, As Divine Love-Bliss, Which Is Divine Freedom).

The path of egocentricity is recognizable as separativeness,
or the complex avoidance of relationship (or avoidance of the life-condition
of inherent relatedness, or of universally patterned dependency within,
and upon, the Indivisible Unity of Light-Energy Itself). Thus, the characteristics
of the path of egocentricity are the struggle between the life-motives
of childish dependency and adolescent independence, and the constant dramatization
of every kind of seeking (based on chronic self-contraction, and the subsequent
chronic sense of unfulfilled and threatened existence).

The egocentric life is characterized by delusion, fear,
sorrow, anger, self-suffering, and the constantly alternating cycles of
hope and despair relative to the ever-wanting need for “reasons” for hope,
faith, and love. Even all the possible strategic religious resistance to
“self” and world only reinforces the self-mind, because the strategy of
resistance only duplicates suffering in its stark disciplines—but the
only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam inherently transcends confrontation
with “self” and world.

The only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam is the
Way of Inherent Peace—not the perennial path of the search for
Peace. That Inherent Peace inherently transcends every effort and sign
of self-understanding, but It cannot be Realized except through
“radical” self-understanding—served and fulfilled by Means of My Avatarically
Self-Transmitted Divine Grace, and (Most Ultimately) Dissolved in Me, the
Very Person That Is Divine Grace Itself.


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