Free Daism

Free Daism

The Eternal, Ancient, and New Religion of God-Realization An Introduction
to the God-Realizing Way of Life Revealed by The Divine World-Teacher and
True Heart-Master, Da Avabhasa (The “Bright”.)

By the Free Daist Writer’s Guild.
Edited by Paul Augspurger
Only edition: 10/92.
©1992 Sri Love-Anandashram (Naitauba) Pty Ltd, as a trustee for the
Sri Love-Anandashram (Naitauba) Trust.
ISBN: 0-918801-39-7.
LOCCCN: 92-022863.

Editor’s Foreword.
The Eternal, Ancient, and New Religion of God-Realization by Paul Augspurger.
“A Call to Awakening” (5/11/77).

Part One: Da Avabhasa’s Revelation of Free Daism by Michael Macy and
Meg McDonnell: (4/25/72, METH, UPAN , 9/9/82).
Satsang: The Company of Truth (METH, HYMN, letter).

Part Two: Born in the “Bright”: Sri Da Avabhasa’s Life and
Divine Work by Richard Schorske:
The “Bright” of Sri Da Avabhasa’s Birth, and His Ordeal of Self-Forgetting
(KNEE, 4/74).
Sri Da Avabhasa’s Submission to His First Guru (KNEE).
To India-and Beyond (KNEE).
The Return to New York and the Play of the Shakti (KNEE).
Swami Muktananda’s Acknowledgement of Sri Da Avabhasa’s Yogic Self-Realization
The Development of Sri Da Avabhasa’s Unique Practice of self-Enquiry (KNEE).

The “Cosmic Wedding” and Divine Self-Realization at the Vedanta
Temple (KNEE).
The Awakening of Sri Da Avabhasa’s Teaching Siddhis.
The Lessons of Sri Da Avabhasa’s Early Work with His Devotees (DHT, 11/20/82,
TWO-, 11/23/83).
The End of the Teaching Years and the Beginning of Sri Da Avabhasa’s Divine
Emergence Work (10/28-9/ 89, 8/25-6/90, GITA).
“I Will Remain Perfectly Effective In All the Generations Of Mankind”:
The Future of Sri Da Avabhasa’s Work: (4/18-19/89, 7/22/91, DHT)

Part Three: The Seven Gifts of Grace in the Way of the Heart: Intro
(2/8/82, 11/22/82, DHT):

I. Sat-Guru-Vani: The Gift of the Word by Matthew Spence: (DHT, GARB).

The Divine World-Teacher and the World-Teaching.
Sri Da Avabhasa’s Wisdom Teaching Is a Direct and Living Conversation with
The “Eternal Conversation” (DHT, TEACH).
Study Is a Relationship, Not a Technique (8/3/87).
Academic Study versus Sacred Study: A Class with Professor Pfomph Pffoffenbickler
“My Bodily (Human) Form is (Itself) the Teaching” (5/27/89).

II. Sat-Guru-Darshan: The Gift of the Sign by Emily Grinnell (DHT):

“The Revelation Proves Itself” (GITA).
“Live By My Darshan” (GITA).
The Gifted Calling for Feeling Contemplation of Sri Da Avabhasa (2/5/89,
The Practice of Formal Feeling-Contemplation of Sri Da Avabhasa (GITA).

III. Sat-Guru-Bhakti: The Gift of Devotion by James Steinberg: Divine
Distraction (DHT, 12/16/75).
Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga (HYMN).
“Love Me with Open Eyes”: Devotional Activities in the Way of
the Heart (HYMN).
The Hard School and the Happy Way of Life .
Understanding the Limits of Devotion: Childish and Adolescent Strategies
Cultism and Spiritual Authority (HYMN, 12/17/78).
Enchantment (4/26/83).

IV. Sat-Guru-Seva: The Gift of Service by Donald Webley (DHT, 11/2/81,
GITA, PARA, METH, GITA, 7/9/88, “I”).

V. Sat-Guru-Tapas: The Gift of Discipline by Donald Webley (DHT, 12/19/87):

The Confrontation with Discipline Is the Necessary Foundation of Spiritual
Life (METH, BOT).
Self-Disciplines in the Way of the Heart.
The Daily “Form”.
The “Radical Nature” of Discipline in the Way of the Heart (8/25/82,
Lunch-Righteousness vs. God-Communion (GITA).
“Conscious Exercise” (GORI).
The Dietary Discipline (METH, GORI).
Foods That Free Daists Choose to Eat (EGO-“I”, GORI).
Sexuality (TWO-, COMP, DHT).

VI. Sat-Guru-Kripa: The Gift of Blessing by James Minkin (DHT, EotWB,
The Samadhis of the Way of the Heart (3/26/83, KNEE, 1/24/83, 3/31/81,

VII. Sat-Guru-Moksha-Bhava: The Gift of Blessedness by James Minkin

Part Four: The Progressive Practice in the Way of the Heart by Carolyn

I. Listening and Hearing:
The Process of self-Observation (DHT, GITA, 6/28/75).
Listening as a Practice of Feeling (DHT).
The Intensive Listening-Hearing Phase (8/16/91, 10/10/87).
The Great Grace of Hearing (5/20/87, DHT).

II. Seeing (COMP, ALTER):
The Would-Be-Seeing Stage (DHT, GITA, COMP).
The First Actually Seeing Stage, or the Frontal Yoga (4/15/89).
The Process of Spiritual Ascent (DHT): The Circle of the Spirit-Current
and the knots in the frontal line (chart).

III. The “Perfect Practice”:
Be Consciousness: The First Stage of the “Perfect Practice” (DHT).

Understanding the Feeling of Relatedness (7/9/88, GITA, LION, EGO-“I”).

Free Renunciation.
Contemplate Consciousness: The Second Stage of the “Perfect Practice”
Transcend Everything in Consciousness: The Third Stage of the “Perfect
Practice” (KNEE, EGO-“I”, HYMN, DHT).

Part Five: Founding a New Order of Men and Women: The Culture and Community
of Free Daists (KNEE):
I. A Pictorial Presentation of the Culture and Community of Free Daists,
edited by Anne Henderson (GITA):
The Human and Religious Necessity of Community (7/2/88, PROOF, BOT, METH,
7/7/74, 8/31/83).
Sacred Culture and Ashram Life (METH).
The Free Daist Sanctuaries (PROOF, 10/28/83).
The Free Daist Communion (PROOF).
Community Services and Business.
Community Services and Businesses (1/20/75).
Children and Young People (LOOK, 5/8/84).
Sacred Arts (3/14/90).

II. “You Can Love”: A Leela of Retreat at Sri Love-Anandashram
by Carol Wilson.

Epilogue: My Divine Disclosure: Freely Evolved from selected verses
of the traditional Bhagavad Gita by The Divine World-Teacher and True Heart-Master,
Da Avabhasa (The “Bright’).

An Invitation:
The Initial Forms of Participation.
The Progression of Free Daist Practice (chart).
Becoming a Student-Beginner in the Free Daist Communion.
The Seven Stages of Life.
An Invitation to Support the Way of The Heart.
Further Notes to the Reader.
The Sacred Literature of Da Avabhasa (The “Bright”).


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The Da Love-Ananda Samrajya,
perpetual copyright to all photographs and the entire Written
(and otherwise recorded)
Wisdom-Teaching of Avatar Adi Da Samraj and the Way of the Heart.
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