Master Dancer, The

The Master Dancer

By Devotees of The Divine World-Teacher and True Heart-Master, Da Avabhasa (The “Bright”.)

First edition: 1/93.
©1993 Sri Love-Anandashram (Naitauba) Pty Ltd, as a trustee for the Sri Love-Anandashram (Naitauba) Trust.
ISBN: 0-9188801-74-5.
LOCCCN: 92-75776.

The Giver of “Brightness”.
Introduction: Da Nataraja by Meg Mcdonnell.
The Fourth Option by Greg Purnell.
The Dance of the True Heart-Master by Stephan Blas.
Extraordinary Eyes by Emily Grinnell.
A Rare and Precious Gift by Claire Murdoch.
“Da Astaire and Ginger Stilwell” by Kathleen Stilwell (Ewart).
Beyond the Good, the Bad, and the T’ai Chi by Bill Krenz.
Arm in Arm by Elliott Mehrbach.
Dancing the Wound in the Heart by Mo Whiteside.
The Youngest Person in the World by Cere Buntin.
Higher Love by Brahmacharini Shawnee Free Jones.
Throw It to the Four Winds by Isabelle Rocher.
“There Is No One Else in the Room!” by Lynnzee Elze.
Exactly That Same Embrace by Jane Attardi.
Sumo by Emily Grinnell.
Conversion of a “Soul” Dancer by Charles Seage.
Dance for Joy by Dan Bouwmeester.
To You, Love-Ananda by Meg McDonnell.
Dance the Circle by Jethro Hughes.
Lifting Me Higher by Jerry Sheinfeld.
Skillful Means by John Moyer.
Dating Plato by Canada Shannon.
Take Me to the River by Eileen McCarthy.
The Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairies by Carol Sander.
Divine Duplication by Sally Taylor.
“SHHHH!” by Bob Sabatino.
“Now You Dance” by Jerry Sheinfeld.

Epilogue: “Dancing Completely Madly and Completely Happily” (talk excerpt).

An Invitation to a Direct Relationship with Da Avabhasa.
The Sacred Literature of Da Avabhasa (The “Bright”).
(175 pp.)

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