lila; Denise Marrero; A Birthday Message from Jesus and Me

The following story is offered by Denise Marrero, a practitioner
in The Crazy Wisdom Fellowship, as a testimony to the transmission of Spirit-Force
that flows from the Adept.

One of the most remarkable events of Transmission and
the obvious Grace of the Master occurred on his birthday, November 3, 1982.
I had not slept at all the night before, preferring to stay awake to prepare
a gift for the Master. As I sat in his Company, I was extremely tired.
I struggled to stay awake and give him my full attention. Since I was sitting
only a few feet away from him, I tried mightily not to close my eyes, fearing
that I would actually nod into sleep.

The Master gave a beautiful discourse on a new essay that
had just been read to the gathering. It was an exquisite instruction, and
with every ounce of my strength I kept my attention and gaze focused on
him, despite my extreme fatigue. At one point my eyes must have closed
for a split second, and I was aware that my body had completely relaxed,
when I was suddenly awakened by a strong jolt of energy through my body,
like an electric shock. I sat bolt upright, astonished at the intensity
of feeling, and I was simultaneously Awakened into the realm of the Spirit
or Conscious Being in the Master’s Company.

It was the Gift of Spirit-Baptism, about which he was
speaking that night. I felt not the slightest fatigue for the rest of the
evening and was moved to sit in as perfect and still an asana as I could
assume, receiving and releasing his Gift directly and with complete attention.
Suddenly I was Awake in His Company in a participatory relationship of
profound intimacy. I was aware of everyone in the room as distinct entities
and yet one with the Master, not separate. It was obvious that this was
the native, free, blissful, Happy state that is always already the case
and that only our own self-contraction hides. It is truly the Master Presence.
It is Consciousness, Bliss, Happiness, Love, Radiance, perfect permeation
and Identity with That. It is the Master as Spirit-Presence, recognizable
through his Great Gift of Spirit-Transmission. It was completely intimate
and loving.

Tears came into my eyes, my heart melted, and the Master’s
face became the center of the sun. The circuit of conductivity was constant,
full, and blissful, and it was immediately tacitly obvious that everything
is Da. I saw what a potent and perfect Source of Awakening He is.

I felt completely drawn into his sphere of Influence and
instructed. I enjoyed true ecstasy—I was literally outside myself—drawn
out by Conscious Being into Conscious Being. I felt so strongly: Yes, yes,
yes! This is the practice, this is the Way of life, this is the relationship
to the Master, this is how I want to live. It is to renounce the ego, conventional
fulfillments, and every possible obstruction to this perfect relationship.
Once given a taste of the Bliss of Spirit-Communion, renunciation becomes
a natural response, and energy and attention are more and more given over
to practice. I am so grateful to our Beloved Master and pray to use this
Gift fully and respond with full participation and my whole heart.


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