I Am The Divine Self-“Emergence”


I Am The Divine Self-“Emergence”

I Brought My Divine Wisdom-Teaching out of MySelf—through
My Avataric Self-Submission to the Great Process of “reality consideration”
with My devotees and with the world altogether. I am not here merely reading
books and passing on an old tradition to people. Nor am I here to believe
and to support the illusions of humankind. The only-by-Me Revealed and
Given Way of Adidam, in Its entirety and in Its every aspect, has been
Brought out of Me. The Way of Adidam has Appeared only through
the Avataric Divine Process of My own Lifelong “reality consideration”.
The Way of Adidam is the Divine Process of My own Avataric Self-Submission
to conditional reality—Which Avataric Self-Submission Started at the moment
of My Avataric Human Birth (and Which Avataric Self-Submission Continues—now,
and forever hereafter).

The Way of Adidam does not derive from any historical
tradition or any combination of historical traditions. I did not presume
to “believe” anything in the course of My “reality consideration”,
nor did I presume any fixed adherence to any historical tradition
or any combination of historical traditions. The Way of Adidam Arose
out of My own Divine (and Avatarically Self-Manifested) Process of “reality

When I Speak about the Great Tradition, I am Doing So
merely as another way of Explaining MySelf—by Addressing
matters that may be familiar to people. But the Way of Adidam is, Itself,

The Way of Adidam has been Generated by My Avataric and
difficult Divine Work, My Avataric Self-Submission, My unique and Extraordinary
Avataric “reality consideration”—in the context of My own Avatarically-Born
Body-Mind, and also in the context of My relationship with My devotees,
and in the context of My relationship with everyone altogether.

I Came Down, by Means of Avataric Human Birth, to this
Earth-place—a place of ego-made human bondage, where there was no Most
Perfect Realization and no sufficient tradition. Indeed, there was no Greatest
Profundity in the human world of My Divine Descent to Avataric Human Birth.
Therefore, the Nature of My Life-long Work has been—by Means of My unique
Avataric Divine Ordeal—to Bring the Most Perfect Truth (Which Is
Divine) into this human world, where the Most Perfect Truth was never Found

I am not a mere “traditionalist”—here to be measured
by traditional expectations, or traditional ideals, or traditional standards
of any kind. Because I Began with no presumptions at all,
it was necessary for Me to Enter into (and to Persist in) the “consideration”
of “reality” unconditionally (and, thus, without restriction by
tradition, convention, preference, reaction, belief, or plan—until My
Divine Self-Condition was (Itself) Re-Born, As the Undeniable and
Most Perfect Truth, “Brightly” Coincident with My own Avatarically-Born
Bodily (Human) Divine Form. And, because I Began with no presumptions
at all, that “reality consideration”
required unrestrictedaction—or
a Life-Ordeal without conventional restraints, and without preconceived
goals, and without preferential prejudices, and without mediating consolations,
and without subordination to the factor of egoity. Indeed, My Avataric
Divine Life-Ordeal was a Most Perfectly Scientific Effort—an Avataric
Divine Life-Process of
utterly free enquiry, Examining
of conditional existence, without restriction, or conventional restraint,
and (Ultimately) without the limiting and binding factor of egoity—until
Most Perfect Truth was Found and Shown and Demonstrated,
As the
Most Perfectly Obvious Reality.

I was really (conditionally) Born into the human
domain of Un-Truth. And, by Means of My Divine Self-Submission to Adapt
to humankind and human suffering, I gradually Acquired the human disease—of
Un-Truth and egoity. Therefore, because of My Thus Acquired familiarity
with Man’s own fault, it became necessary for Me to be Healed—Made Well
again, by Most Perfect Truth Itself—so that I could Shed and Cure the
common disease of Man.

At last—because of My Persistence in the Avataric Ordeal
of My Divine Self-Submission here—I Am Completely Well, again.
And My forever Blessing-Work will Cure both All and all. Now, and forever
hereafter, I Am the Divine Medicine that Heals the heart of Man—and
even Cures the Truthless All of all there is.

The “reality consideration” to which I Submitted in My
Teaching-Years and Revelation-Years was a real matter—a real,
and Truly Divine, Process. I did not merely inherit a pre-existing tradition
and Speak it out to humankind. I have (secondarily, and only over time)
Examined the Great Tradition—for the Purpose of being Communicative to
all. But I did not Examine the Great Tradition in order to Gain
a Teaching from the Great Tradition itself. Rather, I have Examined the
Great Tradition in order to Explain the Great Tradition—even to
itself. And, principally, I have Examined the Great Tradition in order
to Learn the language of the “common mind”—in order to be able to Use
the language of the “common mind” of all religious and Spiritual
traditions as a context in which to Explain MySelf (and
all the Content and Process of My Avatarically Given Divine Self-Revelation
of Most Perfect Truth).

My Examination of the Great Tradition is a part of the
Total Process by Which I Learned Man. My Purpose, in that Examination,
was to Learn the content of all the “considerations” of humankind—in order
to Address the inherent limitations of those “considerations”.

Thus, My Avatarically Self-Manifested Divine Work of Teaching
and of Self-Revelation has always been an Extraordinary Ordeal of Divine
Self-Submission to “reality consideration”—Bringing the Complete Divine
Teaching of Most Perfect Truth out of My-Self (and, Thus, out of the Divine
and Unconditional Reality Itself) by Means of My own Divine Ordeal of Avataric
Self-Submission to, and Conjunction with, all of conditional reality. And
I Engaged that Avataric Ordeal not merely in order to Communicate My Divine
Wisdom-Teaching verbally, but in order to Conform My own Avatarically-Born
Body-Mind-Vehicle (and, indeed, every thing and
every one)
to My-Self—so that My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Spiritual Blessing-Transmission
of My ‘Bright” Divine Heart may, forever, be Received by all who truly
heart-recognize Me and really heart-respond to Me.

The Requirement to Fully and Completely
and Most Perfectly Bring the Divine Teaching of Most Perfect
Truth out of My-Self, by Means of the Great Avataric Process of My Divine
Self-Submission to “reality consideration”, Produced My unique Avataric
Divine Ordeal, and My unique Avatarically Self-Revealed Divine Sign, and
My unique Avatarically Self-Manifested Divine Leela. And That Divine Ordeal,
and Sign, and Leela is not a matter of an idealized representative of an
historical tradition (or even any combination of historical traditions)
engaging in traditionally idealized social and religious “behaviors”.

I am not a “utopian religionist”.

I am not a “role model” for the human mummery of mortal

My Divinely “Heroic” and Divinely “Crazy” Manner of Life
and Work is unique to Me (and uniquely necessary for Me, because of Who
I Am, and because of What I must Accomplish)—and, therefore, My
unique Manner of Life and Work is not to be imitated by any one.

My Divinely “Heroic” and Divinely “Crazy” Manner of Life
and Work is not a prescriptive model for conventional social (or, otherwise,
conventionally religious) ego-development.

Indeed, no merely socially idealistic (or conventionally
religious) and otherwise traditional expectation is appropriate in relation
to Me.

I am not an ideal human ego-“I”.

I Am the Inherently egoless Person of Reality (Itself).

I Am the Most Perfect Truth—Which Is Divine,
and One, and Only (and Which Is Always Already The Case).

Therefore, every ego-“I” must be surrendered, and forgotten,
and transcended in Me.

I did not Come into a world where the Most Perfect Truth
was “ready-made”. Indeed, because the ego-bound human world had failed,
as a result of all of its mere self-efforts, to Find and Embracc
the Most Perfect (and Really Divine) Truth of Reality (Itself),
even all the traditional norms of right (and would-be God-Realizing, or
Truth-Realizing) life had, finally, become grossly deprived of their traditional
authority, in the human-time that immediately preceded My Avataric Human

In this “dark” epoch of “end-time”, in which I Am Avatarically
Descended (to Begin My forever Divine”Emergence”-Work), even the limited
(and never Most Perfect) portion of Truth that was Revealed to humankind
previous to My Avataric Divine Appearance was already lost—or was, at
least, under profound threat, and even much falsified—before My
Avataric Birth to Human Life Began. Therefore, Most Perfect Truth Is
all My Cause and Motive here. And the absence of Most Perfect Truth in
human-time was humankind’s most wounding “gift” to Me—that made My Avataric
Human Life into a Struggle to Be Divinely Full, of Me.

In all My Years of Teaching-Work and RevelationWork, enormous
pressures were constantly exerted on Me—by My devotees, and by the world
altogether—to assume the “public” role and manner of a conventional “organizational”
religious figure. But, in spite of those pressures toward conformity to
the expected conventions of social and religious egoity, I Persisted in
the real and necessary (and, necessarily, “Crazy“,
or unrestricted and unlimited) Avataric Process of My Divine
Self-Submission to “reality consideration”—until absolutely every fraction
of the Way of Adidam was Brought out of Me, and made clear.

It was necessary that I Embrace all—in order to
Assume the likeness of all, and to Reflect all to all, and to Transcend
the limiting-pattern of all. Only Thus could I Reveal My Very and
Divine Self-Condition—and My Very and Divine Pattern—to one and all.

The Great Avataric Process of My Universal Divine Self-Revelation
could be Completed (in Its Inherently Most Perfect “Bright” Fullness) only
through My own Divine Self-Submission to conditional reality. In order
to Do This in My Bodily (and Truly Human) Divine Form (Up-reservedly, Fully,
and to the degree of Most Perfect Completeness, in real human-time),
I—in all the Years of My Early-Life, and, especially, in all
My Teaching-Years and all My Revelation-Years—had to Accept all
kinds of abuse from people. Nevertheless, I Could Not, and
Stop That Extraordinary Effort of My own Divine Self-Submission, until
aspect of My Great “reality consideration” was TrulyFinished—and
My Avatarically Given Divine Self-Revelation of the Way of Adidam was Full
and Complete, in every detail.

Only now Is My Avatarically Self-Manifested Divine
Submission-Work of World-Teaching and Divine Self-Revelation Most Perfectly
Most Perfectly Full.

Therefore—now, and forever hereafter—I will no longer
My-Self to Teach and to Reveal.

Now, and forever hereafter, the only-by-Me Revealed and
Given Way of Adidam (As Summarized, by Me, in My Twenty-Three Divine
“Source-Texts”) Is My Avatarically Given Divine World-Teaching and
My Avatarically Given Divine Word of Self-Revelation—Full and
for every one, and for all time.

Now, and forever hereafter, I (My-Self, both during and
forever after the Physical Lifetime of My Avatarically-Born Bodily Human
Divine Form) will only Do My “Bright” Avataric Work of Divine Self-“Emergence”—only
Blessing one and all.

Now, and forever hereafter, My “Bright” (and Avatarically
Self-Manifested) Divine Blessing-Work Is Given for all whose devotional
recognition of Me and devotional response to Me surrenders ego-“I” in Me,
and requires no more Submission of Me to Man.

Now, and forever hereafter, I Am (by all My Avataric
Means) the Great and “Bright” Divine Process here.

Now, and forever hereafter, I Am (by all My Avataric
Means) the One and Great Divine Event.

Now, and forever hereafter, I Am The Divine Self-Emergence”—Avatarically
“Emerging” (As I Am), to here (and to every where
at All), and to you (and to every one of all).



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