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Adi Da Samraj


Drugs and

“To take a drug does
not yield any great capacity for recognition. Neither does
conventional meditation or the shocks of life.

If your entire
attention is reduced, or expanded, to the perception of a
radiant spot or a great field of light, you can realize the
experience to be not fundamentally different from the
ordinary experience of the waking state in which you are
seeing others and environments. In The Knee of Listening I
have described this recognition or realization in my own
case. I experienced all kinds of great yogic phenomena, but
always there came the tacit recognition that having a
subtle, mystical vision was not fundamentally different from
perceiving in the ordinary way. Nothing different happened
in meditation from what happened in ordinary awareness. The
features of the phenomenal appearance changed, but the
fundamental pattern or structure of awareness of phenomena
was the same in the abstract and subtle states of awareness
as in the gross states of awareness. Nothing was changed
fundamentally by changing the features of the objects of

This recognition
made it tacitly clear that Realization has nothing whatever
to do with the changes of experience that can be attained by
any means. God-Realization is the recognition of the habit
of association with phenomena. In the course of my own
spiritual practice, therefore, this disposition of
recognition became primary and ultimately consequential, and
all the other media or means of attaining experiences became

Thus, in the history
of my Teaching Work with people I have constantly criticized
that disposition in us that is fascinated with the
possibility of an alternative reality or the possibility of
subtle or abstract phenomena. Nevertheless, in the Way that
I Teach, we do not prevent such phenomena. In fact, in the
devotional and meditative exercises that we engage, all
kinds of gross or subtle or abstract phenomena may arise.
All of you can report such experiences.

The spiritual
process is not a means for attaining those experiences, but
it is the process that can, that must, go on in the midst of
those experiences. If now, presently, the experience arising
is essentially the pattern of gross awareness, or gross
phenomenal existence, you must recognize that. If now you
are having a vision of a subtle being or subtle
environments, the Spiritual Master in a form of light,
heavenly worlds, gods, goddesses, you must recognize that.
If now you are seeing white light, yellow light, blue light,
a spot, a field of light, radiance, you must recognize that.
To recognize all phenomena, all experience, is the

We must recognize
that whatever is arising, even this moment of gross
perception, is a non-binding modification of the Radiant
Transcendental Reality, what is called the Buddha Nature, or
Nirvana, or Brahman, or Parabrahman, or Very God, or the
Ultimate Divine, or the Truth. Whatever the name given to
the Ultimate Realization, it is That which must be Realized
on the basis of the recognition of whatever is arising.
Therefore, it is not necessary to achieve an alternative
reality or an alternative state of experience in order to be
Happy or to realize the Truth. Rather, Happiness or the
realization of Truth is a matter of recognizing whatever
happens to be arising.”

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