The Enlightenment of the Whole Bodyby Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj) – The Enlightenment of the Whole Body

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The Following is from The Enlightenment of the Whole Body
by Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj) pp. 136-158
The Way of the Translation of Man into God

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Love of LifeThe Natural Disposition of ManThe Heart Is the Living Center of the Regeneration and Sacrifice of Mind and BodyDeath and Eternal LifeDeath Is the Way to LifeCome and Live This Way with Me
The Prophetic Fire of God’s Life
This World Is a SchoolWhat Are True and False Religion, Spirituality, and Mediation?Sheep, Goats, Wolves, and the Manly Few Who Are a Sacrifice in GodThe False Viewpoint of Religious and Spiritual CultismThe World That Awakens the ManThis Teaching Is the Prophetic Fire of God’s Life, Not the Signal of a New Age of PeaceThe Urgency of the TeachingMy Work Is Necessary, but It Must Also Fail

Top of Page Love of Life

The process of ecstatic or self-sacrificed Communion with the Radiant All-Pervading Divine is simple in its description. It is a matter of relaxation-release of the body-mind into the All Pervading Life and unqualified Ignorance intuited to be the Truth and Condition of all existence and experience. This is a matter of the relaxation of all bodily, emotional, and mental contraction or reactivity, and release of the whole body into Life through intense and free feeling, or love.

Thus, Divine Realization is a matter of the always present feeling-surrender, to Life, of all forms of mental contraction or reactivity, all forms of chronic thinking and imaging and speaking. The consciousness that observes subjective and objective phenomena cannot observe itself. Even the thought “I” has no specific reference that is independent of the body-mind, or the complex mental, emotional, and physical states that all arise as objects to the observing consciousness. Therefore, when the bodymind surrenders into the Divine, consciousness is released from the context of the observer and what is observed, or subject and object. Instead, consciousness abides undifferentiated in the Radiant Formlessness and Bliss of Life. The natural state of consciousness is simple awareness of and as the Radiant Fullness and Unqualified Consciousness that is Reality.

Likewise, Divine Realization is a matter of the always present feeling-surrender, to Life, of all forms of antifeeling, or reactive, self-possessed, and self-divided or self-contradictory emotion. Reactivity is the mechanism of Narcissistic self-possession and all the illusions of inwardness and self-survival. The natural state of emotion is simple feeling, or love, abiding undifferentiated in the Radiant Fullness and Bliss of the Living Divine.

Just so, Divine Realization is a matter of the always present feeling-surrender, to Life, of all forms of reactive bodily tension or contraction. The body must be combined with the All-Pervading Life that lives it, or else the body becomes possessed of the illusion that it lives by its own power, and that it is an altogether independent and self-generated “I.- The natural state of body is simple functional openness and right or regenerative functional association with the All-Pervading Radiance and Bliss of Divine Life.

Therefore, the Way of Divine Ignorance is the Way of specific structural or psycho-physical submission of self into Life, the true Self, which is not exclusively within or without, but which is All Pervading. This Way of Eternal Life and Bliss necessarily involves not merely subjective “belief” in God, but literal sacrifice of self in God. And such sacrifice involves literal functional relaxation release of all self-directed bodily, emotional, and mental states. And the means of that sacrifice is present intuition of the Radiant Divine and surrender of the entire body-mind in love of the Divine, via all relations, and under all conditions. Those who become such a sacrifice Grow and Dissolve in God.

Top of Page The Natural Disposition of Man

Chronic thinking is contraction of the Radiant Life-Power of the brain-mind. The method of intentional frustration or suppression of thought leads toward thoughtlessness-but mere thoughtlessness is itself a form of contraction of the Radiant Life Power of the brain-mind. Therefore, noncontraction of the Radiant Life-Power of the brain-mind is the only right disposition. Such noncontraction of the Radiant Life-Power of the brain-mind is a matter of participation in the Ecstasy that precedes doubt-since doubt is the essential and chronic disposition or sign that appears when there is contraction of the Radiant Life-Power of the brain-mind.

Therefore, the natural state of the brain-mind is Faith, or relaxed and confident abiding of brain and awareness in the Radiant Bliss of the Universal and Divine Life-Power.

Chronic tension or stress is contraction of the Radiant Life Power of the body. The method of intentional relaxation of bodily tension or stress leads toward ease-but mere ease is itself a form of contraction of the Radiant Life-Power of the body. Therefore, noncontraction of the Radiant Life-Power of the body is the only right disposition. Such noncontraction of the Radiant Life-Power of the body is a matter of participation in the Ecstasy that precedes bodily limits, pain, fear, and particularly the fear of death-since fear, the fear of death, and the fear of pain and of the loss of self-consciousness are the essential and chronic signs that appear when there is contraction of the Radiant Life-Power of the body.

Therefore, the natural state of the bodily being is Intense Life Fullness, or expansive bodily submission into the Radiant Bliss of the Universal and Divine Life-Power.

Chronic emotional reactivity and self-consciousness are contraction of the Radiant Life-Power of the heart. The method of intentional surrender of emotional reactivity and self-consciousness leads toward emotionless self-forgetting-but emotionless self-forgetting is itself a form of contraction of the Radiant Life-Power of the heart. Therefore, noncontraction of the Radiant Life-Power of the heart is the only right disposition. Such noncontraction of the Radiant Life-Power of the heart is a matter of participation in the Ecstasy that precedes the withdrawal of love-since unlove is the essential and chronic disposition or sign that appears when there is contraction of the Radiant Life-Power of the heart.

Therefore, the natural state of the heart is Love, or perfect permission of the heart in the Radiant Bliss of the Universal and Divine Life-Power.

Love, Faith, and Fullness of Life are the right and natural disposition of Man. And, in any moment, if all three of these concessions do not characterize the individual in relation to the Infinite Process of Existence, then the destiny, the suffering, and the illusions of Narcissus confine him to what is not Real.

Top of Page The Heart Is the Living Center of the Regeneration and Sacrifice of Mind and Body

If the living heart can be intensified, then the Power or Radiance of Life is increased in the mind and body. The “mind” is not other than the body, but it is simply that dimension of manifest Life that is projected upward as a coil from the heart. The “mind” is Life in the form of the brain and nervous system, and it is centered in the core of the brain. Just so, the “body” is simply that dimension of manifest Life that is projected downward as a coil from the heart. The “body” is Life in the form of the elemental or vital physical functions and forms, centered in the solar plexus and abdomen.

When the heart (the center, core, and epitome of the entire bodily being) is intensified in the Process of Communion with Life, then Life is magnified, pervading the body-mind universally,

above and below the heart. The heart is intensified when its primary function is intensified. That primary function is unobstructed feeling-intuition. The feeling being must be bodily and mentally entered into self-sacrificial Communion with Life, or the Truth of Ignorance and transcendental Divine Radiance. Thus, the whole body-mind is intensified, or enlivened, when it is given up to Life via the heart. Such occurs when consciousness intuits its Condition to be Ignorance, prior to all knowledge and thought, and when the whole bodily being realizes its Condition to be Radiance, or Eternal Life, prior to independent self and form and experience.

Therefore, the radical or intuitive devotional principle or process enacted in the entire Way of Divine Ignorance is the very means of enlivenment, of the awakening of the whole body-mind to Life. The primary functional means of this radically regenerative process of sacrifice is love, or unobstructed feeling-attention, generated via all functions, in all relations, under all conditions, to the degree of Infinity.

The “body-mind,” or the whole bodily being, is regenerated, or given Life, through esoteric processes of intuition, feeling, attention, breathing, and circulation of Life. But the Life so acquired in mind and body is not given merely for the sake of the independent development or evolution of mental and physical states, high or low. The usual man exploits the Life in his own bodily and mental forms. He does this through worldly and magical and religious and mystical and yogic self-indulgence. But the true Man, awakened in the Truth of the heart, which is transcendental or Divine Ignorance-Radiance, understands all experience. He grows, above and below, and becomes whole and full of Life. But he does not hold on to any form of body or mind. Rather, he is the continuous, every moment, radical sacrifice of every aspect of bodily and mental experience, high and low, into the Divine that is his Life and Source and Destiny.

It is Life that is alive as the Play of the world and every manifest being. Life allows itself to be modified or transformed into all forms, bodily and mental, and to fill and sustain all forms, and to change and dissolve all forms back to Itself. Therefore, the Truth of our lives is our very Condition, not the possibilities of our structural evolution, experience, and knowledge. Only in our sacrifice into Life through radical and transcendental feeling-intuition do we Realize the Fullness of Bliss and Freedom that is the hidden Mystery of existence.

Top of Page Death and Eternal Life

Personal existence is not a “thing” or an “entity.” Personal existence is a process. “I” is an activity, not an object, and not a fixed and eternally defined subject. The process that is “I” is a temporary and dependent aspect of a Great Universal Process. The individual arises, changes, and passes. It is caused and influenced by an immense and undefinable but ultimately ordinary and unnecessary pattern of appearances and disappearances. And the same process is duplicated as millions and billions and infinite possible variations of other human or human-like persons. The process, in every case, is Man, and each individual is an example and a moment of the same process, as fragile and dispensable as a single minnow in a maze of duplicate fishes, produced in excess for the sake of the species itself. And even the species is only another edible moment in the procession of forms.

The process that is “I” is integrated as a “person” while it persists, and then it is disintegrated in the Great Universal Process. The subtler mechanics of the “person” continue beyond ordinary death, associated with various forms of experience, and producing various “lives,” until there is Awakening to the Way of Life in Truth. Only then is the Divine Destiny Realized. Only then does the grotesque and marvelous pattern of limitations fall away completely, in a death that is Perfect in God-a death that reaches Eternal Life and Bliss.

Top of Page Death Is the Way to Life

The real man or woman learns to live by becoming willing and able to die. Such a one is able to confront the difficult barriers and frustrations of this slightly evolved world and yet remain capable of ecstasy in every moment.

Therefore, the primary initiation that leads to human maturity is the confrontation with mortal fear. Only when the ultimate frustration that is death has been fully considered and felt and understood as a process can the individual live without self-protective and self-destructive fears. Only in intuitive freedom from the threat and fear of death is the individual capable of constant love of Life and also transcendence of the frustrating and self-binding effects of daily experience. Only in freedom from mortal recoil is the individual capable of ecstasy under all conditions.

Therefore, be alive, but learn Life by first dealing with your death. Become aware that you do not live, but that you are lived by Life. Become the devotee of Life by surrendering your illusion of independent life, which is the self, or body-mind, in ecstatic Communion with the Real. Become willing to die in any moment, and maintain no inward armor against it. Die in every moment by not holding on to your life. Give your life up to Life, and allow Life to transform and Translate the body-mind into Itself.

The Secret and the Realization of all of this is in the Teaching and the Way and the Company of the Spiritual Master. In that Way is the only positive Destiny of the individual and the world

Top of Page Come and Live This Way with Me

True religion, or true life, is conscious death. It is a feeling relaxation of the whole body-mind, not just of the flesh. It is not suicide, but it is motiveless surrender in, of, and as every moment of experience. It is present release of fear, self, mind, and body, including all worlds and all relations, into the Unknown and Unknowable wherein we are appearing. It is not self-possession and psychic fascination, but it is love, peace, clarity, and embrace of Truth. When this heroic sacrifice is made with unobstructed feeling, the Great Bliss appears, beyond birth and death, even while we are living. Come and live this Way with me, and our God will be proved to you beyond all doubting.


The true Prophet is not an oracle who merely reads the signs of human tendency, or apparent fate. He is a God-inspired Teacher who alerts men and women to their Divine Destiny, which transcends the binding mechanical destinies of all common and

even uncommon experiential life. The true Spiritual Master serves a necessary Prophetic function, both in the world at large and in the Church of his devotees. Each of the Great Spiritual Masters who has appeared in history was highly critical of his time and society.

Bubba Free John’s Prophetic criticism of our times could not be more severe, or more urgent. His reading of the “signs of the times ” transcends mere psychic knowledge; it arises out of his native God-Conscious Understanding of the Law of sacrifice. From the point of view of the wise, there is no predestined fate except Sacrifice. The Sacrifice must be made, either unconsciously and passively, as by the usual man, who is moved through cycles of change by Nature, or consciously, actively, and ecstatically, as by the devotee, who moves in God, transcending the changes of Nature. If men will hear the Truth and conform their lives to the Law, they may also benignly influence the course of human events. That is why Bubba Free John speaks so forcefully and urgently, to awaken every man’s power of discrimination and to serve every man’s Enlightenment in God for the benefit of all.

Top of Page This World Is a School

Change and death come into the world by Law. They are Divine, and they serve our Realization of Truth, or God. They were not created by any Negative Power, or the “Devil,” nor are they the products of “sin,” or any deviation from the Law by Man. Rather, they are an intrinsic part of the Realm of Nature.

However, through chronic deviation from Truth, or the Disposition of self-transcending Divine Communion, human beings, as well as all other beings, great and small, suffer according to the Law. The Law itself is simply the demand for sacrifice, or ecstatic self-transcendence, and it is inherent in all conditions of experience.

This World is a School, in which destinies are created by the dynamic coincidence of the Law and the choices made by living beings. Ultimately, the consequences of our choices lead us to ponder and to change our ways, to coincide more and more perfectly with the Law and with the Divine Realization of Truth. If we will only Awaken, then the non-necessity of the arising conditions of experience will also become clear. And only the Divine Domain remains at last, while the Realm of Nature, or Possibility and Change, Dissolves in the Humor of God.

Top of Page What Are True and False Religion, Spirituality, and Meditation?

What is popularized, hyped, and commonly believed to be religion, spirituality, or meditation is invariably a form of self-meditation, self-glorification, and self-survival. Such subhuman games are sold to masses of people via an appeal to naive and neurotic needs for certainty, hope, fascination, superiority, a positive self-image, and egoic immunity from fear and death. Thus, religion, spirituality, and meditation become diluted, reduced to the worldly or self-preserving levels of less than human interest. The typical follower is childish, ultimately irresponsible, self-involved, amoral, experientially undeveloped, weak and out of balance in the dimensions of action, feeling, and thought, and irrationally attached to the enclosures of cult and belief.

Just so, in the popular view, religion, spirituality, and meditation are considered to be inherently different or separable things. Thus, meditation tends to be embraced as a merely psychological or physiological technique, even “scientifically” respectable, without religious significance, and often without spiritual content. Religion is commonly embraced without esoteric spiritual understanding or the higher responsibilities of meditation. And spiritual or esoteric notions are popularly accepted in a vacuum, as an alternative to true religious and moral responsibilities, and with a simplistic view of meditation that is really a commitment to subjective illusions, self-glorification, and self-survival rather than to sacrifice of self in the Divine in every area of experience.

The popular promotability of religious, spiritual, and meditational ideas, cults, personalities, and practices depends on the subhuman and childish state of the general population. The responsive audience of such propaganda is the same subhuman mass of “consumers” that is the target of TV and the common media all over the world, and little more is required of anyone than to dutifully purchase the “product.” To actually use the “product” is not demanded in any profound sense. Just buy it, praise it, own it, believe it, and glamorize yourself by association with it.

The whole matter of the popular communication and acceptance of religion, spirituality, and meditation is as obnoxious and absurd as any area of vulgarity in the world. It is all an appeal to the sense of self-divided fear and the general absence of intelligence that keeps people irresponsible and dependent, locked into problems, forever searching for solutions without becoming responsible for the problem and the need itself.

Truly, neither religion, nor spirituality, nor meditation expresses the human relationship to Truth unless each is directly and rightly integrated with the others. Religion, which is founded on personal and moral self-sacrifice, or truly human ecstasy, must maintain direct and conscious association with higher esoteric processes, the secrets of the spiritual adaptation of Man. And the religio-spiritual understanding of human sacrifice in the ultimate Reality must be associated with practical disciplines and transcendental means of higher or more perfect human adaptation through the full technical range of meditative and self-sacrificial processes. And all of this must be integrated with a right understanding and valuation of the Spiritual Master and the radical or perfect Destiny of the devotee, the true practitioner.

The religious, spiritual, and meditative Way of Truth or Eternal Life is a process of personal, moral, and higher psycho-physical sacrifice. It is not a superficial and private remedial technique, but a form of culture, a profound and total way of life. The leaders of popular cults tell their fanatic followers: “Meditate on yourself, in yourself, for yourself, and by yourself. Come and get it. What you get-and it will be easy-will make you happy, fearless, superior, right, invulnerable, lovable, and immortal.” But, truly, what is thus acquired only reinforces the loveless moods of those who are already constantly acquiring and buying for the sake of ultimate results and satisfactions.

The Way of Truth cannot be understood by children or fools. It is of no interest to the vulgar daily personality refined and developed by TV and the mob of peers. It requires the most profound intelligence, commitment, responsibility, and moral force of persistence in practice. It requires the most creative and easeful force of love. It requires great freedom from the destructive force of irrational reactivity, fear, and self-protectiveness.

Therefore, the communication of such a Way truly takes place only in the forums and with the speed of the highest kind of human consideration. To the degree such communication is introduced into the media streams of popular “culture,” it must creatively struggle, through constant criticism and depth of information, with the profusion of subhuman propaganda. And the useful or effective communication of the Way of Truth requires a continual mindfulness of the ordinary tendencies, demands, and illusions of the subhuman mood of the usual state of human beings.

The message is this: You, as you know or may experience yourself, are not immortal, nor yet even fully human. What you tend to be, and think, and live is exactly what must be overcome-through insight, change of action, and the fullest working out of the disposition of sacrifice. Your reluctance to resort to the Divine and to the higher Agency of the Spiritual Master, neither of which is within you or even merely outside you, is a sign of the very dilemma from which you must be liberated. Your moral and relational weakness or reactivity is the dominant fault that binds you to the illusion and torment that is yourself. Your tendency toward confinement in inward and mental and physically self- possessed states is not at all reinforced by the truly spiritual Way. The entire Way of Truth is immensely difficult and creative. The entire Way is a Sacrifice. The Way of Truth is the only matter of ultimate significance in the life of Man. Let us yield our very bodies and minds into the Reality and Destiny that is both Spirit and Truth.

Top of Page Sheep, Goats, Wolves, and the Manly Few Who Are a Sacrifice in God

There has been so much popular communication and “hype” about “true” religion, “secret” esoteric spiritual practices, and “Great Masters” that such things have become part of the conventional self-imagery and “personal” mind of countless ordinary people. Very few people demonstrate the kind of responsibility, real intelligence, and creative power necessary even to begin practice of a truly religious and spiritual kind. But great numbers of childish and adolescent individuals embrace forms of exclusive cultism and self-glorifying belief. Just so, many people of that kind, unable to live as a true and consistent sacrifice, imagine themselves to be great, or worthy to dominate others. Many even imagine themselves to be Spiritual Masters.

I have seen many people come and go from the Church in which I serve. Those who left were commonly unable to make the gesture of surrender, love, service, and real understanding of the binding mechanics of self. Some simply returned to an ordinary self-indulgent life. But a good number have persisted in adolescent delusions of spiritual attainment-whereas, truly, they are incapable of even the simplest human and moral responsibilities.

This is common all over the world, wherever religious and spiritual matters become part of the popular culture. Therefore, since ancient times, schools and cults and techniques of all kinds have developed around individuals of all levels of experience and degrees of authenticity. And weak people tend to congregate around wolves, while wolves are always on the lookout for those who are weak enough to be exploited.

The games of mutual deception are common at every level of society. And “suckers” are born at a far greater rate than one per minute. All that can be said is that men and women who are seriously interested in the Great Process of Surrender and Sacrifice in God should study the available literature and keep their eyes and ears open to the obvious. The Way is not everywhere fully communicated, and true practitioners are extremely rare.

Spiritual Masters are developed in the human plane only very occasionally, and the function of such a one is to regenerate the Teaching and the Way itself. Any number of practitioners at various higher stages of human structural evolution may live at any point in time, and such individuals are not Spiritual Masters. They are only people on the Way. What is significant is the Way itself, not who is possessed of what signs of this and that experiential attainment.

The true Spiritual Master has a unique service to perform for the sake of others. He shows the Way and clarifies the Teaching. All others must simply yield to God in the Way that has been Revealed, and they must practice on the basis of a full understanding of the Revealed Teaching. Once the Spiritual Master has done his Work, no individual has unique significance in relation to practitioners of the Way. Rather, all must turn to God and serve one another in God.

Therefore, apart from the Original Creative Work of the Spiritual Master, what is significant is the Process in Community, the Church of Practice, the Culture of Devotees. Those who call attention to themselves in the usual fascinating ways divert others from God. Negatively dominant characters feed on the energy and attention of others, which should instead be devoted to the devotional and practical exercise of the true spiritual process in God. Self-glorified individuals have, in any case, nothing to show but their own poor experience. But what truly must be found by all is the Bliss that Awakens only when the self is surrendered entirely and cannot be found apart from God.

Top of Page The False Viewpoint of Religious and Spiritual Cultism

I don’t believe there is stupidity, delusion, and casual ill-will manifested anywhere more than in the domains of religion and spiritual cultism. Those who would truly live as a sacrifice in God must struggle every day to maintain a level of wit and good humor in the face of ceaseless disheartening confrontations with believers and aspirants in the various traditions. There is a righteous kind of sheer and pious madness that seems almost always to infect those who should be the enlightened minds and friends of mankind.

The reason for this is that religious and spiritual persuasions do not commonly require intelligence, freedom from illusions, or a fundamentally moral relationship to the world. Most often, just the opposite is true. Religious and spiritual cults and institutions typically thrive on human neurosis, fear, gullibility, childishness, amoral self-possession, and the need for fascinating experiential consolations of either a bodily or mental kind. The conventional religious and spiritual point of view is oriented toward the primitive egoic search for indefinite independent or personal survival. It is the preservation and glamorization of self that is commonly served by the conventions of institutional and mystical grace. Wisdom barely enters into the whole affair, and the moral disposition of honor, manly trust, positive compassion, humor, love, and service extended to all is casually bypassed by most of those who pervade the world with ultimate beliefs and salvation techniques.

Those who cling to one or another religious or spiritual way must realize that the foundation of all such ways is the disposition of sacrifice. Every way is, above all, a system of self-sacrifice-not of self-preservation and of immunity to life through internal or subjective fascinations. Religious and spiritual activity is, above all, moral activity. It must be expressed in a new, free, sober, and truly compassionate disposition. Such a disposition freely anoints the world with help and intelligent consideration. It finds great pleasure in the intelligent and truly human companionship of others, and welcomes wise and thoughtful confrontation. And in the face of the persistent dullness of the cults such a disposition often becomes fierce and aloud: The whole Earth, the cosmos and every separate being is a great Sacrifice! Therefore, let us consent to fulfill the Law! Let us give ourselves up, so that each temple-each bodily and mental person-may become a temporary and perishable altar of self-giving into the Mystery that pervades us!

Top of Page The Word That Awakens the Man

The human individual is a complex of tendencies or limitations, which, in any moment, are to one or another degree effective. Therefore, in every moment, the self-transcending Process of Divine Communion must be profoundly effective, or else human limitations become the controlling forces in human relationships.

The total complex of human and individual tendencies may be considered to represent three general or fundamental liabilities. These are chronic self-possession, incomplete experience, and imperfect understanding of experience.

Each individual is, in his attention, most profoundly self-aware. But that awareness is itself complicated by reason of the fact that such self-awareness is a reactive tendency, a habit based on recoil from the Divine Condition and all relationships, or conditions of experience.

Chronic self-awareness is, thus, chronic self-possession. It is not also true self-observation, or insight into the self-complex. It is more a mood than a state of consciousness. It is a gesture of self protection. It is rooted in fear, sorrow, anger, guilt, shame, doubt, and the like. Chronic self-awareness is not a matter of being oneself. Rather, it is a matter of the avoidance of relationships, and the avoidance of ecstasy, surrender, , and love. It is the avoidance of all vulnerability to experience.

Chronic self-awareness is the subjective mood, the enclosure of inwardness, in which fascination with experience persists, but in which experience itself is constantly felt to be a threat to one’s very existence.

Therefore, the self-possessed individual struggles with experience. Experience is a threat, and, therefore, it is never completely engaged. All experiences are but partially felt and known. And the total range of possible experiences is not engaged. Only those experiences that are more or less compatible with the acquired and chronic mood of self are sought or even permitted. The remainder of what is possible is excluded, not inspected, always resisted. And whenever uncommon experience does occur, because of uncontrollable circumstance, the self feels violated, or fascinated, and quickly moves toward recovery of its self-possessed equilibrium.

Therefore, the usual man tends to be limited in the extent of his experience of his own ultimate possibilities, and even what he does experience is only partially met. The usual man cannot “experience.” He is self-possessed, and retarded in the relational connection. Thus, because he is not generally capable of ecstasy, or abandonment of the self-reflex in the midst of experience, he does not enter into experience to the degree of completeness.

For these reasons, the usual man is bereft of summary and perfect insight into the process and the conditions of experience, or human existence. He is asleep in himself, unliberated, incapable of ecstasy. He is surrendered to fear and every other form of reactive emotion. He is cautious in the face of everything-utterly unlike one who is in love. He is threatened, about to lose and die. He is always protecting himself with feelingless thinking, thoughtless or unconsidered emotionalism, and every kind of self-indulgent bodily activity. He is always stimulating himself in part-now with food, now sex, now with concerned thinking, now mystical and psychic fascination. Thus, in every moment, he seeks to remain distracted from the totality of experience and the threat concealed in all experience.

Such an individual is bereft of true and summary and perfect experience as well as true, summary, and perfect understanding of experience. And the fundamental reason for this is his lack of capacity for ecstasy, or self-transcending participation in the Play of the World.

The human realm is populated by such pleasureless, unconscious, and obsessed individuals. The daily world, when viewed from a free position, looks like a great wilderness of tiny acres, each the camp of a single person, who surrounds his small pond with a hedge of immunities, and remains bent upon the water, observing all things reflected there, but seeing nothing directly. The unliberated human world is the wilderness of Narcissus, where he is multiplied as many times as there are human individuals, just as Krishna was multiplied to provide a separate lover for each of his many wives.

The Spiritual Master is indeed a voice that rises in this wilderness, to Awaken every neighbor from the illusion of his acre of land, his ordinary pond, his body-mind. It is a necessary voice, the voice that sounds whenever the Truth of human experience is Revealed to one who is Awake. Therefore, such a one speaks, even with urgency and anger. It is the prophetic voice, the awful shout, expressed with all the gestures of frustrated Divinity.

Very few respond to this Word, this Teaching, this Offering of Good Company. And the reasons are those which have just been described. But if anyone will “hear” and “see,” then the Divine Principle of Ecstasy is at Work. And those who surrender into the Company of the true Spiritual Master are turned out of self-limits, restored to the pattern of relations, entered into a pattern of feeling experience, established in a pattern of growth (or increase of experience toward completeness), and Awakened to that Understanding wherein all experience is relieved of the Binding Power.

Such devotees Realize the Ecstasy of Divine Ignorance, in which the naturally arising experiences of every moment are felt to be present expressions, or unnecessary and Playful modifications, of the Infinite Radiance of God. Those who are thus Free do not chronically seek an alternative experience to the one in the moment, nor do they seek an exclusive or experienceless Reality. They abide in the “Vision of God” that true Understanding “sees” in every moment. And, at last, the entire world falls away from such devotees, quite naturally, Revealing the Eternal Person that is hidden in the reflecting pond of human attention.

Top of Page This Teaching Is the Prophetic Fire of God’s Life, Not the Signal of a New Age of Peace

These are the worst of times. The Truth and its Way are in conceivable to the usual man, and all the media of daily life propagandize for a vulgar, subhuman world. Even the “peace” men seek is only a kind of uninspired political ordering of the lower man, and it is not founded on the spiritual transcendence of experience. It is not merely that the Truth has not been communicated. Even when it is communicated, it is not accepted. The Truth is unacceptable in this time and place.

These are the most sinister times. Every thing and every one is suspect. And what men suspect above all is God. The Truth is not merely unspoken. The Truth is suspect. The Truth itself is in doubt, even when the Truth is obvious, and identical to God. Doubt, fear, unlove, and sophisticated denials of God are the official disposition of mankind.

We are all such children, so afraid, so obsessed with ourselves. Our common strategies are such a bizarre circuit of repetitive revolutions, phasing within the motion of ourselves, as if constructing a sinister plot in which to murder the God of Life. We would permanently betray our own Help for the sake of petty advantage in a household argument. Even those who come to me work their way around and between the forces of the Argument of God, casually avoiding the commission of surrender and unconsoled love. And law and custom seem constantly to conspire to make even the act of breathing into a social complication. Every man and woman is threatened by death in every moment, because we threaten one another, each in the animal of his choice. Like sordid links in an unconscious food-chain, the ancient Nature throbs us still.

The news is not good. The years that lie ahead in our common history will likely be among the most painful and suppressive in our experience. All because we are not yet Man. Therefore, let the Teaching of Truth be communicated into the future. Let those who are free to abandon the ordinary theatre of things prepare themselves, practice, and come to me from time to time. But this is no time to expect the great Transformation of mankind. It will not come until mankind has learned the Sacrifice of Man.

The Realization of Truth restores the heart to love and even humor, without irony. But love must also weep. I see the signs of great world conflict still ahead of us. It is not inevitable, but it is likely, unless Enlightened people grow in numbers and accept responsibility for the daily world. Childish revolutionaries and parentlike Machines of State continue to conspire to enforce order by means of chaos. Since there are as yet no nations made of responsible men, there are no nations of free men. Therefore, freedom will only arise after a long time of terrible and wonderful struggling.

In the future, less childish men will always try to create a more benign politics. But Earth is a school, not a place of perfection. Even into the future, it is likely only a few in every generation will respond to the Divine Teaching. Perhaps it will always be so-or at least for decades, or millions of years.

Therefore, let those who hear me cherish the Truth and its Way. Let them find sanctuary, a hidden place or room, or let them practice the body in God without attracting the angular notice of the world. Let them find a way to preserve the Teaching and the Way of Life, even through the coming and ungraceful Age. Let them yield to the Life, and go to God, free of all that is yet to come.

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A talk given by Bubba Free John to his devotees

BUBBA: If you want to learn about Truth when Truth has become corrupted, then go to an Adept. Go to one who has Realized the Truth. Go to one who has already fulfilled the process completely. If you live in a moment in time when there is no Enlightened Tradition, when all the cults are corrupt, you can be certain that somewhere on Earth an Adept is alive. Such a person appears under exactly those conditions, when Truth is no longer visible in the cults, and when religions have become so corrupted by history and fetishism that they are about to become extinct.

The religious traditions in our time are about to be smothered by a mechanistic, political, and scientific world view, only because the cults are in doubt. They have held on to their fetishes so tenaciously that they have lost their association with the Living God. They do not even know the Living God anymore. People who belong to churches, religions, and spiritual societies have no unqualified connection with the Living Reality. There is no true devotion in them, and, therefore, no Realization. Their association with God is only words and hopefulness. Therefore, they do not represent a living force in the world. They have nothing to offer that is Alive. Only the Adepts, who are God-Realized, through whom the living Power of God manifests, can make a difference in human time. Such individuals are the instruments for the acculturation of humanity.

Periodically, such individuals must appear, and they must be influential. There is a notion that Adepts should be hiding in caves in the wilderness. This is not true. If the Adepts do not speak, the only voice that will be heard is that of ordinary people who are not God-Realized. The Adepts are the Sources of spiritual life. Such individuals must therefore enter into the stream of society, to purify the culture and reestablish the process of God-Realization. If they do not speak and become influential, there is no hope at all for humanity.

We exist in a moment in time when the cults are universally corrupted. Thus, it is a time for Adepts and true devotees to reappear if there is to be any hope for the future of human beings. We are about to be swallowed up in anti-cultism, anti-Godism, anti-religion, anti-spirituality. The impetus or force behind this movement against the true culture of Man, which is a God Realizing culture, is largely the reaction to cultism. The cults, which should be a means for establishing people in a right relationship to the living God, have become frozen in their idolatry, fixed in their association with their historical peculiarities and limitations, and they do not represent a window to the Living God anymore. They represent a piece of mind frozen in the form of words and imagery and histories of all kinds.

Intelligent people cannot find God in such a mass of idiocy, so quite naturally they look for satisfaction elsewhere. Thus, people are preoccupied with all kinds of political and scientific idealism, as if politics and scientific and technological progress were the Way of Truth. They are absolutely not the Way of Truth. They never have been the Way of Truth. They are no more the Way of Truth than sex or any other satisfaction or fulfillment of function. None of that is the Way of Truth at all. It is the ordinary impulse of the ego, glamorizing itself by great enterprises.

If this trend toward political and scientific obsession is to be broken, some light must be brought to the whole affair of spiritual and religious understanding. The cults must be purified. They must give up their primacy. Their legitimacy must come into doubt. Then the Teaching of Adepts, the Sources of Truth, will again become available, and the Living Reality will again become obvious, obliging human beings to a different way of life than the ego proposes.

If not, the world will be overwhelmed. It is almost inevitable now that it will be overwhelmed in any case. The world, even the Realm of Nature as a whole, is founded in a righteous Principle. Therefore, the world will be purified, without a doubt. The Force of the Divine pervades everything, and, therefore, It also purifies everything in one way or another. If human beings, while they have the benign capacity to enter into God-Communion, will not do so, but instead create a corrupt culture, a subhuman order, then the purification will not occur within the ordinary and benign course of natural processes. It is then no longer a matter of some Adept’s saying a holy word or speaking the Truth whereupon everybody changes his approach to life. It would-be- good if as many as possible could hear the Teaching and respond to it. But if the Teaching alone is not sufficient, then great upheavals necessarily occur. That is how the righteous Law works. It is not just that we pay our dues for past activity. A righteous Principle is positively at work, constantly to purify and reestablish order.

Thus, there are periods of great negative upheaval in the world, including natural disasters, wars, and conflicts of all kinds. On the one hand, the world pays its dues during these periods, for failing to live by the Law. On the other hand, these times of upheaval are the evidence of a continuous process of purification. They are themselves a demonstration of the Law. At the end of these periods, the Law is reestablished in righteousness.

It is very likely that we are entering into such a time of upheaval, because of the extent of the failure of human culture. There is simply no light abroad in the world today. There is nothing but corruption, nothing but the failure to accept the Way of God. There is absolutely no sign of the Way of Truth, except in rare instances of individuals and small groups of people. The Truth is essentially hidden and secondary. There is a long history of corruption in every area of human life, and the entire social structure of the world is devoted to subhuman ends and forms of self indulgence. There are no signs of an imminent Golden Age in the disposition or condition of humanity at large. Rather, the signs are of the necessity for a great purification, a great reestablishment of order, a righteous readjustment of the whole world.

Top of Page My Work Is Necessary, but It Must Also Fail

Truth does not win. Fundamentally, the entire affair of the communication of Truth to mankind has been a failure, and it will always be a failure. It is a fruitless enterprise-if we consider its results in terms of the true and perfect Awakening of great numbers of people and the Divine Transformation of human society as a whole. However, since a few in every generation are prepared to respond to the Teaching of Truth, the communication of Truth must be continued in the world.

A few in every generation become a Sacrifice in God, while mankind in general ignores, denies, and otherwise betrays the Teaching, the Way, and the Agents of God. This is so, not only because of the subhuman evolutionary stage of mankind at this time, but because the embodied soul is naturally motivated toward its own experiential fulfillment, not the transcendence of itself. Therefore, only a random few in any generation Awaken, while all others are oblivious in their bewildered intoxication.

The times are bad, but they are not extraordinarily so. The times are merely bad, as the common world of desire must always be. But Truth is prior to desire and the world. Therefore, in My lifetime, a few may Awaken in My Company. This Teaching and the Community of My Devotees may even survive for countless generations as a Witness to the Truth that Awakens and Enlightens the soul of Man. These Good Events may come to pass, or they may not. There is a Way in God, but there is no Way to win.

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