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{\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\f0\fs20 Ken Green, Chogyam Trungpa Rimpoche and Tibetan and Hopi Prophecy\par
….that\rquote s when (Rimpoche) said, \ldblquote We\rquote re going to Nova Scotia and that was the beginning of the Shambhala Wisdom for me that very day. He really shifted.\par
He said, \ldblquote This is going to happen. We need it to happen\rdblquote and he said something interesting. He said, \ldblquote North America is like the three Kalashas: Mexico, his passion, the U.S., his aggression, and Canada, his ignorance and ultimately we have to work with ignorance.\par
There was a question about well what about America. He said, \ldblquote It\rquote s going to be too problematic. It\rquote s actually workable now but it\rquote s going to get extreme.\rdblquote And then over the course of the month and the months to follow we spoke about prophesies that came up a lot, the Shambhala prophesies, and he asked me to look into the native American prophesies.\par
Many years later I went down to Hopi Land to meet a medicine woman and questioned her about that. That\rquote s a very interesting story and maybe we can talk about it to some point.\par
Grandmother Caroline, this was 1986 I think. She had met Karmapa. Karmapa found her or they found each other. And they shared stories. When I went down there years later with my wife and son we talked about the Tibetan prophesies and the Hopi prophecies and how they are one in the same. She said come the turn of the century, the first ten years between 2000 and 2010 there would be tremendous environmental disaster and economic upheaval.\par
This time is what the Hopi call \ldblquote the Fifth Time or the Fifth World\rdblquote I believe. They measure in time cycles and were entering into the fifth time and will be difficult.\par
So shortly after having that meeting with Grandmother Caroline, I was back at Rocky Mountain Dharma Center and this was one of my last business meetings with Vidyadhara.\par
One of the first things we spoke about was my trip to Hopi Land and he got really interested and he wanted to know all about it in great detail.He really wanted to know one thing more than anything else. He said, \ldblquote When do the Hopis think things will change? Did she give you a date?\rdblquote\par
I said, \ldblquote Well, she gave me an approximate date and she said it would be somewhere in the first decade of the new millennium,\rdblquote and he smiled and said, \ldblquote She has it right,\rdblquote \par