What to Remember to Be Happy

What To Remember

To Be Happy

The Way of the Heart

For Your First Fourteen Years or So


Adi Da


(note to the reader)


Have you heard this

is an apple?


Have you heard

this is a tree?


Do you think this

the moon?


Do you think this

the sun?


Have you told someone this

is a little girl?

and this

is a little boy?

Well. But you and I can be very truthful to each other.
And it seems to me that no matter what we name






or this


or this

we still do not know what they Are.
Truly, you and I don’t know what even a single thing Is.
Do you know what I Am? See.
And I don’t know what you Are
either. It is a Mystery. Doesnt it make you feel good to feel It?



Did you ever ask somebody where


or this 

or this

came from,

or how this 



or this

came to be?

Some say, “I don’t know”, and saying this makes them feel
they are being very honest and truthful. Others say something such as “God
made it” or “It comes from God” And such people are also being very honest
and truthful when they say this.

How can they both be telling the truth?

Well, because they are both telling you the same thing
in different ways. You see, nobody, not Mom, or Dad, or Grandmother, or
Grandfather, or big Sister or big Brother, or teachers, or doctors, or
soldiers, or athletes, or lawyers, or TV stars, or any people who are working,
or any people who are playing, not even a President, not even a King or
Queen, not even people who love each other know what even a single thing

It is a great and more than wonderful Mystery to all of
us that anything is, or that we are. And whether somebody says “I don’t
know how anything came to be” or “God made everything”, they are simply
pointing to the feeling of the Mystery, of how everything is but nobody
knows what it really Is or how it came
to be.


As long as we go on feeling this Mystery, we feel free
and full and happy to others. This the secret of being happy from the time
you are small until the time you are old.

Everybody, even all the animals, goes on living for a
while, and then the part of them we see and touch and talk to every day
when we wake up goes to sleep in the feeling of the Mystery. This happens
to everybody.

And everybody has to live every day without being afraid
to go to sleep. This can be difficult, even when you are small. Because,
especially people sometimes forget the Mystery and get unhappy and try
to make others feel unhappy by making them know or think things that make
them afraid and forget the Mystery.

So the way to keep on being happy every day until you
go to sleep is to remember the Mystery. Just keep remembering that you,
with everybody else, do not know what even a single thing Is.

not even a 

Just remember this, or remember God, which is the same
thing. Keep on remembering God, or the Mystery, and you will feel happy
and act happy to others, and so you will keep on loving and helping others
so the world won’t get all afraid and stupid and unable to sleep or play
or work.

If you do this all the time, you will have lots of amazing
and more than wonderful experiences until you go back to sleep. And if
you remember the Mystery even when you are going to sleep, then you will
go to sleep all happy in the Mystery too. And all your dreams will be about
the Mystery until you wake up again.

Remembering the Mystery is a way of being everything you
always already are. When you sleep you are something different than when
you wake up. And when you dream you are different too. The way you seem
to be when you wake up is only one of the ways you are.

Some day, everybody has what they look like go to sleep
and not wake up. Then they forget that part and they go on to someplace
else and look different.

Nobody knows what they look like after what they look
like now goes to sleep forever. When you go to sleep at night, you forget
what you looked like all day.

And when somebody “dies”, or lets the body go to sleep
for the last time, they forget what they looked like when they were alive
and awake. It is a Mystery, like going to sleep, or dreaming, or waking

So, whether we look like


we are not only the way we look.

Well. There are three good things to remember lots of
times every day if we are going to stay happy and keep on loving and not
be afraid. They are three ways of remembering the Mystery, or staying the
way we really Are
before we start to name things and think and know about anything. Before
we name or think or know, we already
and we already




The first thing to remember a lot
when you are awake is to feel the Mystery, and so feel God. Feel that you
don’t know what even a single thing Is. You may know the name of something
or someone. You may know about all kinds of somethings and someones. But
you do not and you cannot know what anything or anyone

Nobody does, and nobody can. It
is important to remember and feel this a lot. When you do this, you feel
quiet and you forget to be afraid, and you stop thinking, and you only
feel good, and true, and full of love, and radiating.

And when you feel the Mystery real
strong, you can tell that you even breathe the Mystery. When people feel
the Mystery real strong and breathe It, they say things like “God is Spirit”,
because Spirit is just a name for what people feel about our breath.

When people say things like this,
they are only feeling very happy. They are just wondering beyond wondering,
how the Mystery even goes all through them and doesn’t have any shape or
face or up or down or inside or outside.

Well. When you remember to feel
the Mystery real strong, then you can also remember to breathe the Mystery.
The Mystery is good feeling full of light and happiness and love, isn’t
it? So when you breathe the Mystery, remember always to breathe in all
the good feeling and breathe out all the bad feeling.

Breathe in all happy feeling about
the Mystery, and breathe out all the unhappy feelings you might be thinking
about, like being afraid, or angry, or selfish, or mean, or just unhappy.
Stand up and feel to yourself “Breathe in the good stuff–Breathe out the
bad stuff” again and again.

It is good to do this every now
and then every day. It is a way to get to remember the Mystery stronger
and stronger. And if you remember the Mystery stronger and stronger, you
start to feel so good after a while that it seems like you aren’t remembering
and feeling and breathing the Mystery anymore but the Mystery is remembering
and feeling and breathing you!

What a Mysterious Great Happy Mystery
the Mystery Is.




The second thing to remember a lot
every day is that you are always more than what you look like. The part
that is the way you look is only you while you are awake and alive.

But the rest of you goes on while
you sleep and dream, and after the body “dies”, or goes to sleep for good,
the rest of you goes on in the Mystery. The way to remember this is to
see and feel
that is yourself all the time.

The body part, the way you look
when you are awake, is only part of the way you are. You also feel and
think when you are not awake and when you dream, even though the body is
forgotten. But even more than this is the way you can feel yourself to
be in the Mystery.

It is a good idea, along with remembering
to feel the Mystery all the time, to sit down everyday for a little bit.
Feel the Mystery real strong and breathe It until your breathing becomes
real quiet and you are only feeling the Mystery really quiet and strong.

Then close your eyes and put one
of your fingers in each ear, so you can’t hear any noises in the room or
outside your face. Then listen inside. Listen up toward the top of your
head with your eyes closed. Try it now, and then come back to reading again.

Well. Did you hear? All the sounds
inside your face? There is ringing and zinging and popping and fluting
and wheezing and strumming and ocean roaring and booming and buzzing and
all kinds of sounds like birds and crickets and music, and lots of quiet

Now put a finger over each eye,
with your eyes closed and looking up inside toward the top of your head.
Try it now, and then come back to reading again.

Did you see? There are lights and
zigzags and lightning and stars and moving shiny spots and shivering shapes
and all kinds of spaces and moons and suns and even places and all kinds
of things to see, like in dreams, and really too.

It is good and fun and Mysterious
to do this with your ears and eyes every day so you will remember to feel
what you are is more than what you look like. You are electrical and your
are light and sound, whatever all of this may be. If people don’t forget
to feel this, they stay happy and not afraid to love or to die, but they
go on and on.

So far you have two things to remember
a lot every day.

1. 2.

First, remember to feel the Mystery
and even breathe It. Second, remember to feel you are more than what you
look like. (And a good way to do this is to sit and relax and feel the
Mystery with your eyes and ears closed up at the same time, like when you
are asleep.)


The third thing it is good to remember
every day is that
do the feeling and breathing and listening and looking and naming all the
aren’t anything you know or feel or see or hear or look like or name or
think. All these things just happen, and
get to watch or know or think them.
feel and see your own body or your inside sounds or lights or dreams or
all the places that come up.




You think the names of




and and

You even think “I” and “me” and
“mine”. Well, what are you if you only watch all of these things.



You are the Mystery! Yes. And you
don’t know what
you Are
either! Yes. There
Is Only
the Mystery! And you yourself in your Heart and up and down and in and
the Mystery. It
All One Feeling.

If you will remember every day to
feel and breathe the Mystery, and if you will remember to feel that you
are more than what you look like, and if you will remember to Be the Mystery
Itself, then you will be happy every day. And all kinds of more than wonderful
happenings will come up for you. You will feel happy and you will always
help and love others, even those who are having trouble feeling happy and
are are even trying to make you forget the Mystery.

It is good to spend a lot of your
time talking about the Mystery with others, instead of talking about unhappiness
and things that happen when we forget to love. People who also feel the
Mystery and love It are the best friends to have.

Someday you may meet someone who
has felt the Mystery really strong for a long time, so that person feels
the Mystery all the time and is always happy. Such a person is the best
person to learn from about happiness and life and love.

I hope you will remember to feel
the Mystery every day, as long as you are awake, forever. The best thing
to tell anybody is to remember to feel this. I have been doing this for
a long time, and it is the best and most important feeling of all.

I am very happy I could tell you
this. Maybe someday we will meet face to face. Maybe. Anyway, at least
you and I will always know that at least one other person somewhere is
remembering and feeling and breathing and loving and Being the Mystery
right now.


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