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I have a couple of questions for you
I thought you could help me out with.

In a discourse Beloved says that
devotees don’t notice Him. He says that He is interfering
with devotees days. In the Teaching He talks about noticing

“If you disconnect the Way of
Adidam from the direct relationship to Me, and reduce It
merely to words, then you have merely created another means
for selling mind. If you remain busy with mind, with body,
with social situation, struggling to be fulfilled by all of
that, there is, inevitably, a tacit and perpetual dis-ease,
an anxiety of fear just under the surface, a constant
gnawing sense of the unsatisfactoriness of “this”. But who
will act on this sense of unsatisfactoriness?

Who will look for the Realizer,
to the point of even noticing Me?”

I’m curious about tying “noticing”
Bhagavan to the “listening process”. I have looked at The
Dawn Horse Testament, but I thought you might be able to do
a search on “listening” just to see how it ties in to
Beloved’s description of noticing.


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