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advice to you is not to undertake the spiritual
path. It is too difficult, too long, and it is too
demanding. What I would suggest, if you haven’t
already begun, is to go to the door, ask for your
money back, and go home now.” He said, “This is not
a picnic. It is really going to ask everything of
you and you should understand that from the
beginning. So it is best not to begin. However,” he
said, “if you do begin, it is best to finish.”
Trungpa Rinpoche

It is necessary
for the individual who enters into a spiritual path
to understand how that great relationship works.
Real spiritual understanding requires a practice
and discipline and is a hard school, well as being
a life of Grace, a life in which there is Great
Adi Da

 “A devotee
went to Ramana and said, “I’ve been with you for 25
years, doing “Who am I”, and nothing has happened
yet, so Ramana said, “Try it another 25 and see
what happens.””


are only a response to (a) question.
But (a) question is what you are all about!”
Method of The Siddhas


Do you ever think about
things? Do you ever wonder at all? I’m afraid to
say some people don’t but I’m happy to say I do.
That wonder is why I spend my time writing,
meditating and studying about things. All kinds of
things, big things (highs) and little things
(lows). One of the ‘things’ I’ve discovered is that
when I consider any thing at all it always returns
me to the place I started from, the place of
wonder. A wonder of who is this one who is
wondering, who is this one who is asking; the
starting place of my wonder.1

Of all the wonders of the
world I’ve discovered the greatest one of them all
is the wonder of me. Who am I? (and who am I not)
What am I? (and what am I not) What is this place I
find myself in and how does it make any

To make this introduction
short and to the point, all of my wondering,
studying, meditating, reading, talking and
questioning started me on a journey that led me to
the one person who knows more about this ‘subject’
of life (and death) then anyone else I’ve met, read
or listened to. And this person is Adi Da Samraj, a
guru. It all seems so foreign from my contemporary
American point of view but I can’t argue with the

This website is about my
journey of understanding starting with my early
quest into psychology, philosophy and history and
then leading me Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and
Buddhism, meditation and eventually to Adi

Of course the journey still
remains2, Adi Da is not an answer. He
may be a question to some, but he is certainly no
answer3. My journey is the same as
yours, ongoing.

The Beezone is an ongoing
consideration and study of The Great Wonder of
Wonders, you and me and the state of the world we
live in today4. I think this is an
important considering the state of things today,
not just for me but for you too.

I am not a
formal student of Adidam (the formal church of the
Way of Adi Da) but work with the institutional and
cultural forms of Adidam and am recognized as a
friend and supporter.



Ed Reither
Fairfax, CA

1. My wonder,
experience and knowledge ALWAYS implied and
exploited my sense of self. I noticed any and all
knowledge and experience always turned or attached
itself to the sense of ‘me’ – ego. (see
Restoration of

cannot take heaven by storm. There is no method…
that is equivelant to Enlightenment.
Self-Observation, self-knowing, self-transcendence
is a lifelong exercise. it never comes to an end.
It is always going on, always developing, there’s
nothing instant about it.”
Adi Da – 1982

“The Way of
the Heart is a “consideration”. It is
“consideration” itself. It goes on in every moment.
If you are serious, it never ends.”
Unity of

– 1994

“You still
have not gotten the point. You do not get that
point once and for all – it must be gotten moment
by moment. It is a continuous “consideration”. It
does not end. It is not a merely intellectual
matter, wherein you grasp something in a moment and
after that you are okay because you grasped it. The
practice of the Way of the Heart is constant
“consideration” until there is Most Perfect
transcendence of the self-contraction.”



3. There
are no answers



need not necessarily make everybody My devotee,
but try to get people to at least invest
in the greatest aspirations of the tradition they
do embrace.”
Da Samraj – 1993