Do You Know What Anything Is?

Do You Know What Anything Is ?

By Da Free John.

Talks and Essays on Divine Ignorance.

Only edition: 2/84.
©1984 The Johannine Daist Communion.
ISBN: 0-913922-87-0 (paper).
LOCCCN: 84-70215.
Compiled and Edited with an Introduction and Commentary by Ty Koontz.

Introduction: Divine Ignorance and the Master 0f Love by Ty Koontz.

I. The Argument:
1. ‘Birth Is the Primal Incident’ (2/77).
2. “My Radiance Is Perfect” (10/10/76).
3. “Eternal Ignorance” (8/14/76).
4. ‘All There Is Is Is’ (1/30/82).

II. The Teaching Demonstration:
5. ‘The All-Pervading Symbol’ (9/77).
6. “The Mind Is No Big Deal” (7/26/76).
7. “What Do You Do to Take a Breath?” (7/26/76).
8. “Maybe There Is No ‘You'” (7/26/76).
9. “Our Very Condition Is Mystery” (8/7/79)
10. “Ignorance Is Bliss” (7/26/76).
11. “The Body Is Consciousness” (8/8/76)
12. “Enlightenment Is Not Like a Brilliant Idea” (7/26/76).
13. “Nobody Knows” (9/26/82).

III. The Way:
14. ‘When the Body Is Full of Light’ (12/29/78).
15. ‘The Transcendence of Familiarity’ (essay & commentary, 10/11/82).

16. “You Are As Good As Dead” (5/6/77).
17. ‘Perfect Ignorance and the Perfect Practice’ (1/8/83).

Epilogue: ‘There Is No Independent Self That Is Body or Mind’ (3/13/78).

(156 pp.)


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