My First Word – The Basket of Tolerance



Adi Da Samraj: This is the
late-time, the dark epoch, East and West. This is the
long-prophesied time of the setting sun, the Western sun.
This is the time of the decline of the mind and the culture
of the rising sun, the Eastern sun.

Now the human world is in its
“Western” and “Westernizing” phase. For centuries, there has
been the slow motion toward this grotesque mockery of
end-time, wherein all, now at the end of day, look forward
only to their long-anticipated nightlife of lower and
subhuman and always struggling occupations of body, emotion,
and mind.

The “Western” time of Man is that
epoch which is characterized by ambiguity relative to any
kind of dependency, any kind of “authority”, or even any
demand from without. The “Western” and “Westernizing” Man
(male or female), including even all the “modern” and
“modernizing” human world, is deeply set in rebellion. This
dark time is thoroughly characterized by a reactive and
adolescent, immature, egoic, and ego-bound, and ego-binding
rebellion against all that is not the ego-“I”- and all that
can be described as true “authority”, and all
“authority-figures”, and even all “others”.

In this adolescent “Western” (or
sunset) time, the “kingdom” is ruled by the separate and
separative ego-“I”, one by one, and every “one” suspects and
accuses every other “one” of threatening the “freedom” of
the suspicious and accusing ego-“I”.

Even in this time of the politics of
“reality”, and the society of “reality”, and the “culture”
of “reality”, and the science of “reality”, and the arts of
“reality”, and even the religions of “reality”, or even all
the empty and fleshy monotonies and mere “ego-systems” of
this would-be “utopian” era of the “realism” of mere lowness
and illusion, it must be Said that, now that this sunset
time of night games is upon all, the Diurnal Fuse yet
Crackles overnight, and will Make an inevitable Dawning.
And, in the meantime, much can be Said and Done to bring the
nightwalkers to Rest, and to Awaken them Early, to Feel
toward the inevitable Morning, and to watch for the Flying
Horse of Dawn that Lights the Single Eye and Heart, and
Restores the Divine Kingdom within, and (if only there is
Compassionate Love) without as well.

This is the vulgar time for each and
all are mad “monarchs” and false “authorities”, making a
universal “democracy” by destroying all “Kingship”, all
“Queenship”, all Rule, replacing the “Center” everywhere
with “Centerless” mobbery and refusal, and the constant “no”
and caricaturing satire of “uncourtly” and merely
“realistic” behaviors, intrigues, controversies, and
suspicions, always making sure that no head rises above the
rest, and that no head bows to any foot, and that all are
constantly reminded of their blowing backsides and how that
“means” there is no “soul”, no God, no Truth, no Ultimate
and Divine and Only Self, but only mocking contempt of these
is allowed (and mocking contempt of any one who dares to be
made serious and Sublime by What only the Heart can hear and

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