Bodily Location of Happiness, The


The Bodily Location of Happiness

By Da Free John.

On the Incarnation of the Divine Person and the Transmission of Love-Bliss.

Only edition: 1/82, Second printing (color cover): 10/82.
©1982 The Johannine Daist Communion.
ISBN: 0-913922-61-7.
LOCCCN: 82-70017.

Foreward: The War Is Always Already Over by Daji Bodha and Dama Ninth Mary of the Hermitage Order of The Johanine Daist Communion.

Introduction: The Bodily Location of Happiness Is the Way Itself.

I. I Am John, the Messenger of Da:
“Guru Enters Devotee”.
Everything Bows to the Divine Lord by Torn Closser.
Falling by Dennis Duff.

The Oneness of the Spiritual Master and the Divine Person:
‘The Supreme Statement’.
‘The Spirit and the Truth of the Divine Person’.
Chart: The Spirit and Truth of the Divine Person.
Grace Leans by Daji Bodha.
‘Worship the Divine Person in Spirit and in Truth’.

The Miracles of the Siddha-Purushas:
Healing the Healer by Marcus Holladay.
The Miracle in the Garden by Darna Navaneeta.
“The Most Basic Principle”.
‘The Law in My Company’.
Saturday Night Avadhoot Fever by Daji Bodha.
“The Divine Life and Work of the Spiritual Master”.

II. The Lesson:
The Lesson:
‘The Three Subjects’.
‘The Lesson’.
‘Happiness, Truth, or God Is neither Within nor Without’.
‘The Siddhi of Recognition’.
‘Recognition and Discrimination’.

The Two Sides of Un-Happiness:
Anybody Can Be Transformed by Paris Panico.
Death of a Fascination by Crane Kirkbride.
“Dancing Completely Madly and Completely Happily” (e. 10/76).

The Teaching of the Siddha-Purushas: The Great Dharma of Freedom:
“The Dogmas of Social Morality and the Gospel of Freedom in God”.
‘The Spirit and the Flesh’.
‘The Transcendence of Bondage to the Separate Self and Others and the World’.

III. The Transcendental Current of Love-Bliss:
Happiness Is Satsang:
‘Satsang Is the Relationship, the Condition, the Principle, and the Life of Happiness’.
‘The Bodily Location of Happiness’.
“Come to Me When You Are Already Happy” (11/28/81).
I Knew I Had Been Blessed by Max Distenfeld.
Radiant Da: Satsang as Yogic Purification by Rob Hosmer.

The Transmission of Freedom:
“The Bodily Location of Happiness Transcends the World” (approx.12/1/81).
The Place of Happiness:
Satsang as Spontaneous Teaching by Dennis Duff.
Satsang as Transmission by Dama River.
Satsang as Radiant Power by Emily Hamp.
Outshine the Symptoms:
Satsang as the Foundation of Practice by Marie Prager.
Where Is Happiness?: Satsang in the World by Daji Bodha.

The Samadhis of Happiness: “
“Goal-Samadhis” and Native Happiness”.
Chart: Goal Samadhis and the Samadhis of God-Realization.
Chart: The Characteristics of the Samadhis of God-Realization.
She at Times Appears to Be Blue by Dama Ninth Mary.

Epilogue: This I Have Noticed:
‘What Did I Teach?’.
‘Turn Out to the Living God’.

(258 pp.)