Mummery, The

The Mummery

(A Revelation-Book In The Form Of A Liturgical Prose-Opera, 
The Subject Of Which Is Truth, Or Reality Itself, 
Sometimes, By Some, Named “God”)

By The Ruchira Buddha, Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

©1996 The Ruchira Buddha Foundation Pty Ltd, 
as a trustee for The Ruchira Buddha Foundation.

Produced by Adidam 
in cooperation with the Dawn Horse Press.

Introduction (excerpt)


(twenty-five chapters)

(excerpt : end of chapter twenty-five)

Epilogue: The Secrets of the “Mummery Revelation-Book (excerpt)

(To be read, recited, or performed, only, and immediately, after the
twenty-five chapters of the “Mummery” Revelation-Book have been read, recited,
or performed.)

(69 pp.)

(also once called: The Love Exit and Water.

Written in a few weeks in late 1969.

The ‘mummery’ is the sham ritual that constitutes ordinary and most
extraordinary life.)

(See also Understand the Mummery of All that You
Have Been


©1999 The Da Love-Ananda Samrajya Pty Ltd., 
as trustee for The Da Love-Ananda Samrajya.

All rights reserved.

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