Nanhua Temple Tour

Nanhua Temple (Monastery)

  Mountain Gate

This the Mountain Gate
of Nanhua Temple,

the temple of the Sixth
Ancestor of Zen, Dajian Huineng

(Hui Neng) (Japanese
Daikan Eno)

The temple is located
near the modern city of Shaoguan

in the north of China’s
Guangdong Province.

The temple can be reached
from the city of Guangzhou (Canton)

in about three hours
by train.


Many Chinese come to
Nanhua Temple to honor the Sixth Ancestor.

Offerings are also made
to many Buddhist deities.

The Pond for the Liberation of Life

Like many other Chinese
Zen monasteries, Nanhua contains a scenic pool at the entrance.

Often, animals such as
turtles, are saved alive from local markets and released to live in the

Baolin Gate

At the time of the Sixth
Ancestor, the monastery was known as “Baolin” (“Precious Woods”),

a name applied to this
gate that sits just past the scenic pool

The Drum Tower

The Buddha Hall

The Buddha Hall contains
the sacred image of Shakyamuni Buddha.

Here, as in other Chinese
Buddha halls, are images of various bodhisattvas

such as Manjusri and

Sutra Storage Pavilion

In this hall the great
Buddhist scriptures were stored for the Monastery.

Among them was the “Platform
Sutra” a famous teaching by the Sixth Ancestor.

The Pagoda

This great pagoda stands
before the Ancestral Hall of the Sixth Ancestor.


The Hall of the Sixth Ancestor, Dajian Huineng

This hall contains the
memorial statue of the Sixth Ancestor.

The remains of the Sixth
Ancestor were preserved at this site

until their destruction
during the Cultural Revolution in the 1960’s.

The two character sign
reads, “Ancestor’s Hall.”

The four character sign
above the door reads, “The Ancestor’s Seal Shines Again.”


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