“I” is the body (or the total body-mind). There is no
“I” inside, other than, or separate from the body-mind (or conditional

“I” is contraction—a separative (self-defining and other-defining)
effort added to That which is always already the case. As an ordinary or
foundation discipline. (to maintain psychophysical equanimity and release
energy and attention from entrapment by the conditions of the body-mind),
the “I” (or psycho-physical self) should be relaxed, surrendered, and expanded
beyond its own knot or gesture of contraction. But mature practice develops
only in the event of the stability of true equanimity—that state in which
energy and attention are relatively free of the tendency to be distracted
or bound by the psycho-physical symptoms of the self-contraction. That
mature practice begins when self-observation has developed to the point
of certainty that the “I” (or body-mind-self) is contraction, inherently,
and in every form of its appearance. Therefore, the mature practice is
one that transcends the motives of selfexpansion (and the obsessive search
to achieve pleasurably distracted psycho-physical states). Such mature
practice is simply the re-cognition (or direct transcendence through always
present understanding, or knowing again) of “I” (or all forms of the body-mind-self)
as contraction.

When the self-contraction is utterly re-cognized, it becomes
clear that it is only a transparent, or merely apparent, unnecessary, and
non-binding modification of Nirvanic, Transcendental, or Divine Being,
Consciousness, or Love-Bliss. Such is radical intuition, or the ultimate
basis of the Way of the Heart.

The Way of Radical Understanding, or Divine Ignorance,
or Advaitayana Buddhism is not a conventional path of self-seeking or God-seeking
based on being the “I” rather than transcending the “I.”
The Way truly begins only when it is observed and understood that the “I”
is only contraction. All the forms or developments of the “I” that
are observed in the first six stages of life are only contraction.
All that is body, all that is mind, and all that is self is only
contraction. And the conventional cognition of all the objects of the body-mind-self—the
world, all beings, thoughts, subtle forms and states, and all apparitions
or conceptions of God—is rooted in and determined by that same contraction.
When this understanding is most profound, only That in which “I” (and its
states and relations) is arising stands out as the Obvious. Therefore,
the essence of the Way is to understand and thus tacitly transcend the
self-contraction (rather than make all kinds of conditional and self-based
efforts to expand beyond the knot of self-contraction). And the radical
fulfillment of the Way is in the native, direct, or spontaneous Realization
of That which is No-contraction, prior to all contraction, prior to Its
own modification in the form of contraction and all subsequent appearances.
It is to Realize That in which contraction or modification is apparently
(but not by virtue of ultimate necessity) arising. Such Realization is
Sahaj Samadhi, or Divine Ignorance.

In Sahaj Samadhi, the self-contraction is inherently transcended
through its prior re-cognition and ultimate or radical Identification with
Radiant Transcendental Being. And all of the parts of the total Realm of
Nature (including all of the phenomenal structures of the body-mind) are
only then tacitly and inherently and spontaneously recognized to be transparent,
or merely apparent, unnecessary, non-ultimate, or non-binding modifications
of that same Radiant Transcendental Being. Therefore, in the seventh stage
of life, self and not-self are no longer merely defined and separated (on
the basis of the selfcontraction) but equally recognized and transcended
in Radiant Transcendental Being—the Ultimate Divine, prior to separation,
otherness, and limitation. In the Awakening of the seventh stage of life,
the self-contraction (or “I”) is already and inherently or priorly transcended,
and the not-self (or Nature) is thus also inherently or tacitly recognized.

The Way in the seventh stage of life is to Abide in Divine
Ignorance, or tacit and prior Identification with Radiant Transcendental
or Divine Being, spontaneously recognizing whatever arises (as mind, or
phenomenon, or action) in That, until all is forgotten or Outshined in

When there is no self-contraction, the Realm of Nature
is Obvious as it is. The self-contraction and the entire Realm of
Nature are arising as transparent, or merely apparent, unnecessary, and
non-binding modifications of the same One Radiant Transcendental Divine
Being or Reality! Therefore, transcend the self-contraction via radical
understanding until the Awakening of the seventh stage of life, wherein
self and not-self are equally and simultaneously transcended and ultimately
Outshined in the One that is Love and Happiness and the Peace of

This is “Nirvanasara,” the Essence of the Teaching of
Nirvana, or Radical Transcendentalism.

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