No Remedy – Bubba Free John – An Introduction to the life and practices of the spiritual community of Bubba Free John


No Remedy
An Introduction to the Life and Practices
of the Spiritual Community of Bubba Free John.

Compiled & edited by Bonnie Beavan
and Nina Jones in collaboration with Bubba Free John.
First edition: 6/75 – Revised edition 1976


Part One: Live With Me

The Community

I am incarnating as the Community of my devotees.
Those who live in constant Communion with me are the living
manifestations of my Presence and Power. I send them into
the world and make myself known through them. This is the
secret of my spiritual work. My Devotees are the way to

During my life in this human form I am busy drawing
devotees to myself by exposing them constantly to the Siddhi
and Person of the Lord. I am only showing them the Lord in
all the forms of his marvelous and ordinary Activity and in
the very Form of his Presence. Bubba Free John is nothing
and no one. He does not acquire anything or anyone for
himself. He is only an instrument for the revelation of the
Siddhi and Person that is God. This Siddhi and Person is
always being revealed to my devotees. They see this
revelation in the theatre of their lives and in my own form.
They see it thus because they are my friends and lovers.
Because they are always turning to me, I am always showing
them the Lord and communicating his demands, favors, and
enjoyments. The Lord is eternally Present and Active, and I
am making him known. When this life of Bubba Free John is
abandoned, the Person and Siddhi of the Divine will continue
to be manifested to my devotees in exactly the same way I
have made known to them while I live. And the Community of
my devotees will remain in the world as my very incarnation.
It will continue to serve as the fundamental and living
instrument whereby my work will be extended beyond my
lifetime. . .

It is my expectation that I will not leave behind me a
specific individual who can assume conscious responsibility
for my work as a whole. Rather, the total Community will
share my complex functions at the level of life, and the
spiritual functions will be performed through the Community
as a whole by the action of the Divine Siddhi which I have
regenerated here. . .

I am always working to yield all responsibilities to
devotees and to make all my devotees perfectly available to
the Divine Work. Therefore, know that your responsibility
must at last be perfect. At last this Community must be me
and assume all my life-functions. For this reason I have
asked for your lives in total, so that you may be assumed by
me totally and live only in God to one another. If you
accept my demands truly and with humor, then the Siddhi and
Person of the very Divine will remain Active and Present in
and through this Community throughout the coming age and

Life in Satsang is mutual sacrifice. It is not only the
devotee who yields himself, but also the Guru. The Guru is
continually yielding all that he is to all his devotees. To
whatever degree he finds them assuming responsibility,
whether in life circumstances or in their spiritual work,
Bubba yields himself to them. As he put it recently, “I
replace you.” This is not the “I” of any individual, even
some super-individual, but the very and paradoxical “I” of
God, the Divine Lord

Thus, the Community of those who come to Bubba to live in
his Company has a very specific and truly sublime purpose:
to embody all his functions, both human and spiritual, for
the sake of all others and mankind in general, that this
appearance of the Divine in human terms might not merely die
out a few years or decades after Bubbas passing, but might
continue to expand and blossom in the human community at

Now there has never been, before this time, a true, full,
and ongoing community of devotees. By “devotees” in this
context Bubba doesnt mean the general group of all those who
come to him, but more specifically that group among them who
have realized the fullness of his Teaching and matured
perfectly in sadhana. Such people will, like Bubba, live
only God. They will know no obstruction in life or
consciousness, but will abide continuously in the perfect
Radiance and Happiness that is the Divine

The appearance of a Siddha brings with it no guarantees.
In the past other Siddhas, like Jesus and Gautama, have
tried to establish living communities in which the Siddhi of
the Divine could flourish. But they have never succeeded in
the perfect sense. At best there have been lineages of Gurus
within the various traditions, in which one Siddha passed
the mantle of his work and the Siddhi of his Presence to
another individual. But Bubba has no intention of this
limited form of continuance. He has said many times, not
just in the statements above, that no single individual will
assume his responsibilities after his psycho-physical death.
All of his work with us has had two purposes: to establish
his Teaching; and to generate the qualities and functions of
his own Presence throughout the Community by yielding
himself broadly into the lives of his devotees, so that the
Teaching is not only known but lived and fulfilled. When
these purposes are accomplished, then he may feel free to
withdraw his physical presence, because that Form of
existence which was served by his human form will be
perfectly alive in the Community at large

That process is already well under way. No Remedy
represents a culmination of Bubbas Teaching work, with its
outlines of the foundation sadhana of the way of Divine
Communion and the special Teaching of the way of
Understanding, each established in the prior and simpler
context of Bubbas fundamental invitation to all, to merely
“live with me.” More than that, Bubba now has a small but
growing group of disciples in whom the Siddhi of his work is
securely active. He has said recently that even if he were
to die today—and that is a real possibility, because
the world is a spontaneous event that he does not manipulate
to any apparent ends—the Siddhi would continue its
radical work in this group and, through them, in the
Community at large. So the eventual appearance of true
devotees is assured now in this Community

In very practical terms, the Community provides an arena,
a theatre, for the quickening of sadhana and the dissolution
of all limitation and suffering in devotees. The Community
exists to communicate the Gurus Teaching and the Condition
of Satsang itself, but it does so not as an organization in
the world whose aim is to perpetuate itself. It is the
community of beings who have come together to do sadhana,
who live cooperatively and in mutual dependence, who
represent a righteous and happy demand to one another for
humor, energy, love. It is one thing to study the Teaching
and to perceive in your hidden subjectivity the strategies
of avoidance and suffering as Bubba describes them. It is
quite another and daring thing willingly to become
vulnerable to others so that they also see your strategies
and openly demand that you surrender them totally and live
this devotional life all the time. By entering into a
functional, whole life with other members of the Community,
you will naturally begin to see and sacrifice all that you
represent in limitation. In the Community, devotees not only
serve one another in outward or conventional ways, but also,
because the Guru has invested himself in them, they
spontaneously and without effort or knowledge bring to one
another the potent Divine Siddhi that is at the core of this
work. So the more your life is spent in contact with others
who are living this work, the more intense, potent, and easy
will be your own sadhana

The following excerpt from a talk about the Community of
devotees was given by Bubba on July 7, 1974, the date which
marks the fulfillment of the initial and foundation phase of
his Teaching work in the world and the fundamental securing
of his Community.

The Siddhi of our work is perfect. There is no
obstruction in the earth, no obstruction in the cosmos, no
obstruction in a human being that can stand up to it. Anyone
who submits to the Teaching, who lives the discipline of
Satsang, will pass through it in a happy, essentially
ordinary way. He will have his difficulties, because sadhana
requires heat at times, but it will be easy compared to the
traditional passage. It is nothing

It is just a ride. It is very simple. It doesn’t have
to involve extremes of any kind. It is a natural life in
this Community, living the Teaching relative to the stages
of your own conscious transformation. The way of the Siddhas
is very easy. The traditional seeker must try to pick
himself up by his bootstraps and attain the state of God,
but when the Siddha appears in the world, he manifests that
complete and perfect Realization directly, to all living
beings. He asks only for their attention, their surrender,
and he becomes them. So they dont have to pass through all
of the artifices of their own search for transformation, for
release. They live the happy life of present relationship to
the Divine, or Satsang, Communion and Non-separation in God.
In the midst of all of that, this radical transformation
occurs. It appears as all these phenomena, but without the
concern and self-cognition of the individual.
So the
way of the Siddhas is a happy, easy way. It is Divine Grace
in the world

It is also uncommon, because wherever it has appeared,
it has been undone in a relatively short time. The Dharma of
the Siddhas has never been fully communicated in the past,
never totally pictured in its fullness. It has always been
adapted to the point of view of the search in dilemma.
Because of this, the Community of Devotees was never
established in the world. No medium was created for the
ongoing realization of spiritual life in the form of the
Dharma of the Siddhas. At the end of the lifetime of such a
Siddha, there was nothing left to do but resume the path as
it always was, and the influence of the Siddha who had
appeared gradually ceased to be effective after his death.
Perhaps he left a few who were close to him, but they didnt
truly know what he was about. All they could do was talk
about their experience and radiate a certain quality. Others
might experience that radiance in little arbitrary ways, and
so create another path out of it, but the Siddhi did not
last. The Dharma has never been perfectly communicated in
the past. This is the first time.

It has never been done before, so now that it has been
done, the one thing necessary is made possible. That is the
Community of Devotees, who are the living incarnation of the
Guru. That alone makes it possible for the Guru-function to
exist perfectly during the lifetime of the Siddha, and to
continue afterward perfectly into time. Only if the devotee
can be awakened in the Gurus Presence, and made identical to
him in Consciousness, can the Teaching be realized

Merely to come and teach philosophy and some methods
does not pass on anything that is alive. There must be that
living transformation, that contact with the Siddha in which
the overwhelming Divine Process is initiated. When that
occurs in a group of people who live with one another and
are responsible for that common experience, that common
enjoyment, then the Teaching can last. This is the first
point in human time in which that possibility has existed.
But it is only a possibility. It will come to nothing again
unless you become responsible for it in the midst of your
own sadhana and responsible for its communication in the

DEVOTEE: Bubba, we have been meeting in groups, and
more and more I have begun to see the intensity of the
Siddhi being manifested through them. Is this the way the
Teaching will spread in the world?

BUBBA: Yes. It will occur through devotees meeting others
and taking others into their households and spending time in
groups together and sitting in Satsang with them. That is
how it will grow. Whenever possible, I will personally be
with those who come, but I want also to work through the
agency of those who are already with me. When you meet in
these groups there are always people there who just came in
today. Others have been in the Ashram a couple of months.
There are some who have been here for a short time, but who
have realized a great deal. There are many degrees of this
enjoyment represented by these groups. That is why they are
groups, not just one-on-one

The Siddhi is literally alive in my devotees. When
some individual comes to me and I contact him, there is a
living connection established, not just, “Hello, Joe, be my
friend.” There is a Great Spiritual Process. It literally
exists. If I have an agent in a person, I can work with him
twenty-four hours a day, as long as he maintains his
sacrificial attention to me. Wherever these individuals
gather with others in the ways I have told you, this Siddhi
will be radiant. The same process will be awakened in
whatever centers or groups you create. Wherever individuals
do sadhana in the Community, the same process will be

There will continue to be the same literal contact,
the same literal transformation, because this work is not
involvement with “Bubba Yogi.” There is only the Divine, and
that is all Bubba is showing. Because that is so, it is not
limited to Bubbas psycho-physical form, his limited mind,
and what he can show you in human terms. The Divine work is
present here, and it is eternally available to all who
become devotees in Satsang with me. The Divine Siddhi is
available wherever devotees live, wherever the Community is
established. That same process is awakened as long as people
do this sadhana and become my devotees. As long as it is
done with that kind of simplicity, you will always see these
same phenomena, these same states. Everything that I have
told you will be exactly the same

The Community is in itself a form of meditation, a
form of devotion. Therefore, when devotees get together they
tend to turn one another quite naturally to the Guru, to
Satsang. Individually, they tend to become associated with
their dramas, their changes, their limitations. But as soon
as they enter into one anothers company, it is as if they
were reminding one another of Satsang, even though they
might not outwardly be saying it. That reminder in itself is
meditation, so you naturally feel it more strongly at those
times of gathering. Also, you are entering into the company
of many others in whom this Siddhi is active, perhaps in
different ways than it is in your own case. Limitations that
may be yours may not be active in some of the others, so you
feel the Force of the Siddhi more purely represented to you
at those times, because your own limitations are transcended
by the Force as it freely
appears in others. Just so,
there may be areas in yourself that are not obstructed, but
which are obstructed in others, and those others feel the
Power of Satsang more intensely because of your presence, or
the presence of several like you

When I send people to present the work of the Ashram
in public, it will not be one person going out and showing a
movie somewhere. I will always send groups of two or more,
in order that it be the Community that is going, not just a
single person who can get involved in his private number. It
is the Community that must move, and there will not be any
single individual who in himself represents the work. There
wont be any replacement for me. I cant imagine any greater
liability than trying to load it all on some person. I lay
it all onto the Community, but the Community is very large.
There are many qualities in the Community

What is truly great is the existence of a Community of
individuals who will submit to the discipline of living with
one another, of loving one another, of creating a common
life whose real principle is the absolute Presence or
Present Nature of the Divine. Compared to that, the random
transformation of a few individuals is nothing. The
significance of the Community is absolute, because it means
the movement into human terms and human time of the Divine
Process. Without the Community, that movement cannot occur.
It can occur in however many can have contact with me during
my lifetime, but it cant go beyond that if there is no
Community. So you must all maintain living contact with the
Community as well as with me, and when you have to go out
and do things in the world in general, you must understand
your limitations, you must do sadhana. There will be
difficulties created by that, but that is

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