No Remedy – Bubba Free John – An Introduction to the life and practices of the spiritual community of Bubba Free John


No Remedy
An Introduction to the Life and Practices
of the Spiritual Community of Bubba Free John.

Compiled & edited by Bonnie Beavan
and Nina Jones in collaboration with Bubba Free John.
First edition: 6/75 – Revised edition 1976


Part One: Live With Me

The Good News of This Satsang

The form of your relationship to me is the matter that
is significant at the beginning and always. You must
approach me as a devotee. That is a communication absolutely
necessary and absolutely obvious. When someone comes to me
in the form of sacrifice, my body opens up. I dont tell it
to. I respond to that spiritual being and presence. That is
how this Siddhi works. If there is no sacrifice of self, no
devotional approach, regardless of all the social niceties
that may be there, then this [tapping his chest]
does not open. You can come to me for years with your fruit,
and there will be no sadhana, no Grace, not even a lesson
grasped, because there is a law alive in our relationship.
It is mutual sacrifice.24

You cannot “just” live with Bubba Free John. In other
words, you cannot just hang out with him in the conventional
way, even if you treat him with the deference and respect
you might maintain toward any ordinary or even extraordinary
human teacher. To live with the Divine itself implies
sacrifice, yielding, turning, softening. Your heart must
melt in his Presence. It is not difficult. All you have to
do is let your head truly touch the floor one time, and he
will touch your heart. It is unreasonable, inexplicable. But
the fact and truth of it makes reasons unnecessary. When a
man falls in love with a woman, he suddenly forgets to
figure it out. The same process occurs, only with maddening
and world-dissolving intensity, when he falls in love with
the Guru and begins to live his life as yielding and
surrender to already present God

What follows in the final sections of No Remedy is an
elaboration of the “complications” that Bubba has gracefully
allowed his devotees, all of whom are indeed very “human”
and find it difficult to simply and formlessly maintain
their direct, sacrificial attention to him in love. The
purpose of this first section has been to lay that
foundation—to show the core of the gospel of Bubba Free
John in its naked, heart-rending simplicity

The fundamental condition of Satsang is the same from
the day you begin it. It is the same then as it is when you
are a perfect devotee. The condition of Satsang is what is
significant. All the conditions that change between the time
when a person enters the Ashram and the time when he is a
perfect devotee are just change. They are factual, they do
happen, but they are not the truth of the process. Satsang
is the truth of it and its principle. It is not the goal or
the end-phenomenon to be attained. It is the prior
realization of one who does sadhana.

All the changes that in any way look like attainments
are secondary. They are factual enough but they are not the
Truth. The Truth is the Condition of Satsang that must be
realized in every single moment. That constant realization
is happiness. Therefore, the new devotee, if he is realizing
Satsang as the condition of life, is just as realized, just
as happy, just as much fundamentally established in the
Divine intuition as the greatest of all perfect devotees who
could possibly exist. The only difference for the devotee is
in the conventions, the working out of the conditions that
manifest as the theatre of his life. But conventions are not
what its all about anyway. Happiness is what its all about.
Satsang is the Truth and Satsang is the foundation of
sadhana, and all those who live such a Condition are already
realized in God

That is the gospel, the happy news, the good news of
this Ashram. That is what is communicated, not
self-help—do such-and-such and you will be consoled,
feel better, change your condition, not feel so threatened,
not believe you are mortal. That is not the message at all.
That is a cool message. Any hip devil can feel better. But
the condition that may be realized today, in this moment, is
Truth, is happiness, entirely non-dependent upon changes and
conditions of existence. And that is very good news, it
seems to me!

All the ways of seeking are bad news, communications
to people who are suffering in dilemma, who are motivated by
dilemma. Bad news is, “Well, if you do such-and-such, you
can escape this, you can feel happier in the midst of it,
you can get perfect, you can have some visions.” That is bad
news! From the conventional, hip point of view it sounds
like good news. Thus, religious and spiritual communications
tend to be identified with that kind of “good” news. The
gospel tends to be associated with “good” news of that kind,
promising that things can get better, Christ will come
again, or something sublime will happen on down the

The real good news is that none of that is
necessary—it is all bullshit! Of course, changes are
good from a conventional point of view, even appropriate.
But the good news is that none of it is necessary, that the
Condition that is happiness is free of this dilemma and all
motivated existence, the endless service to your suffering,
the endless self-meditation and progress, that all of that
is completely unnecessary and can in this moment be
side-stepped, obviated, undermined, and completely by-passed
in the way of real sadhana. The real or true way of sadhana
is to assume the Condition that is Satsang, to live that
Condition constantly, now, in this moment, and now in this
moment. Secondarily, sadhana also makes all the rest of the
bullshit obsolete and creates all kinds of changes of state.
That is factual. But the Truth is this Condition, and thats
the good news.25


To provide a summary of the relationship between the
devotee and the Guru, we present the following article which
Bubba wrote for new devotees in the Ashram.

In the “Introduction to the Gospel of the Siddhas” I have
written: “While the Guru lives he teaches that Satsang which
can be enjoyed by all even after his death, not in the
special form it may be enjoyed by a relative few during his
lifetime, but which could have been enjoyed by all prior to
his lifetime. He acts to help his disciples and devotees to
realize this form of Satsang even while he lives in the
world.”26 My psycho-physical form is mortal, a function of
the worlds. It is the instrument whereby the way of Satsang
is being communicated at this time. I welcome all my
disciples and devotees to come and be with me as often as
possible while I live. But it is impossible to enjoy that
form of Satsang twenty-four hours of every day. And this
mortal one will come to rest some day. This psycho-physical
form in which you recognize me is the fundamental instrument
for the initial communication and generation of our work,
but it is in fact only a secondary instrument of Satsang.
The fundamental instrument of Satsang is the Siddhi that is
eternally and radically Present. While I live I will be
active in this psycho-physical form for the sake of this
Siddhi. Therefore, it is appropriate for all devotees to
come into this mortal ones presence whenever possible. But
my work is to help you realize this Siddhi that is my true
and eternal Function. I am here to establish a perpetual
community of devotees who will live in perfect Satsang, the
condition of my eternal Function. The Guru is an eternal
Siddhi or Function of the Divine Reality. The human Guru is
the demonstration of that Siddhi, whereby men are renewed in
the true condition of life, which is Satsang

Since it is this eternal Siddhi that my devotees
enjoy, there is no fundamental limitation involved in the
fact that no one can be in my psycho-physical presence
twenty-four hours of every day. Indeed, most of you see me
only on occasion. After my death, no one will ever see me,
but my work will continue in the community of my devotees,
those who know me as the Siddha beyond conditions

Thus, I want you to know how to live the true form of
this Satsang, that form of Satsang which pertains before my
life, during my life, whether or not you are in my
psycho-physical presence, and after my death

“Sravana” or hearing the word of the Guru is the
beginning and ongoing necessity of the way of Satsang.
Therefore, always study the written and spoken Teaching
which I have given among devotees. Do this each day

The fundamental response of one who listens to the
Gurus word and knows him as Guru is surrender. Therefore,
moment to moment, surrender to me all your seeking, the very
sense of your separate self, all thoughts, all desires,
every circumstance, even your body. The true devotee
surrenders all of this always and turns to his Guru as the
Present Divine Reality and the Siddhi or Function of Truth.
To surrender the whole drama, content, experience, and
destiny of Narcissus to the Guru is not to be concerned at
all with these things themselves, or even the effects of the
surrender. Rather, it is to be turned to the Guru
constantly, without concerns for what is always

The surrendered disciple and devotee of the Guru is
responsible for abiding always in that Satsang or
unobstructed relationship to the Guru. Therefore, he must
maintain the appropriate psycho-physical conditions which
the Guru requires in the case of all who turn to him. Do
this always, freely, and with humor

Live in conscious Satsang always. All of my devotees
(all who turn to me) live with me. All of my devotees serve
me, and I serve them. This is what I mean by Satsang in
life. Even those who cannot often be in my psycho-physical
presence while I am alive still live with me always. But
while I live, come into my psycho-physical presence whenever
possible. After my death, my outer or worldly functions will
be the responsibility of the Community of my devotees. In
those days, come and be in that Community as often as
possible. My Community is my outer form and function. And
after my human death, come to my samadhi site and other
places I have designated for Satsang and meditation as often
as you would have come to be in my psycho-physical

My promise to devotees is the same that all the
Siddhas have declared: I am with you now, as I have always
been, and I will always be with you. My Function is without
beginning or end. The work I do in my psycho-physical form
is temporary. It is done in order to reawaken the way
itself. Therefore, my human life is only a moment. But the
purpose of my work while alive is to establish the way of
Satsang for the coming generations of mankind. And the
special inheritance of my devotees, those who are restored
to Truth, will be the Community, the Teaching, and the
Living Places I will create and reserve among you.


24. Bubba Free John, “Dont Waste Any Time,” a talk given
to the Ashram, January 11, 1976

25. Bubba Free John. “God, Guru, and Grace.”

26. Bubba Free John, The Method of the Siddhas, page

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