No Remedy – Bubba Free John – An Introduction to the life and practices of the spiritual community of Bubba Free John

No Remedy
An Introduction to the Life and Practices
of the Spiritual Community of Bubba Free John.

Compiled & edited by Bonnie Beavan
and Nina Jones in collaboration with Bubba Free John.
First edition: 6/75


Part Two

The Complications of Sadhana: The Way Of Divine

The Lord of all the worlds is Radiant before you. If you
will simply direct yourself, with whatever power or capacity
you can find within yourself, to the remembrance of the
Divine in my Company, the Services of God will be given to

When a person lives in Satsang, over time the force of
the Gurus Presence begins to fill him with lightness,
radiance, a humorous lack of concern for the stuff of his
own life. And he begins to realize that Bubba is merely
stating the factual truth when he says that the moment
Satsang begins is itself perfect God-Realization. It is
literally true, because that moment is the simple, conscious
regeneration or intensification of the happiness at the core
of all existence. It may not necessarily, and certainly does
not immediately, transform the whole quality of our
psycho-physical condition. God-Realization itself has no
implications for the conventions of our lives. It is simply
life in God, and life in God is already life as God

But because we tend always to remain convinced and
confused by the binding force of conventions, of earthly,
personal, human, even spiritual events and conditions, we do
not assume Satsang to be what it truly is. We do not assume
that it is already Divine Realization. We assume that it is
less than that, and so remain prey to the force of our own
habitual distraction by the conventions of existence

Thus, the Guru not only lives with his devotees in God,
he also yields to them prescriptions for forms of action and
intelligence that will serve their realignment to him in
God—that will serve, in other words, their realization
that in Truth no such complications to life in Satsang are
or were necessary from the beginning! It is an entirely
humorous event. He has already assumed their realization in
Truth, he knows it is already the case—there is only
God!—but he is willing to concede to their lesser
assumptions. So he gives them sadhana to do, functional
disciplines to perform in relation to him, to aid their
remembrance of him in God

Bubba Free John spent the first five years of his
Teaching work communicating a special and unique Teaching
among men, which is the way of Understanding. From the
beginning Bubba founded this radical path of intelligence in
Satsang, or Divine Communion. More recently, once that path
of Understanding was secure in a small group of his
disciples, Bubba felt free and was moved to offer a
different path of approach to devotees, a path of action
called the way of Divine Communion. The way of Divine
Communion is a direct path of radical reliance on Grace in
Satsang and surrender of all one has and is to the Guru,
without the severe and critical necessity for intelligent
insight that characterizes the way of Understanding. It is
the foundation approach for all who enter into relationship
to Bubba. The way of Understanding is an adjunct to that
path for those who are particularly (and karmically)
inclined to the qualities of inspection and intelligence
that characterize the conscious process of understanding. So
the way of Understanding is a possible, but not necessary,
development of the way of Divine Communion. There are and
will be devotees who pass through all the crises and
realizations of spiritual life without ever taking on the
explicit practices and technical responsibilities of the way
of Understanding, but who only continue to perfect a life of
submission and sacrifice to Divine Grace through the way of
Divine Communion

In the following brief essay, Bubba distinguishes the two
fundamental ways in which his devotees come to enjoy real
liberation in his Company.

You are not suffering what is happening or has happened
or will happen to you. Your suffering is your own activity.
And you are suffering from what you are doing. Thus, you
also suffer from what happens to you. Release comes by Grace
in the Company of the Guru in God either by radical,
discriminative insight, wherein you abide in the prior
Condition or Only God, or by absorption in the true or
God-Condition via a new or true action which tends to make
the old action of suffering obsolete

Since suffering or ignorance is not itself a matter of
your conditions or what has happened, is happening, or will
happen to you, but a matter of your own present activity,
which is contraction, self-definition, the avoidance of
relationship, release is not a matter of a change in your
conditions or circumstances. Liberation or salvation
involves not a change in your conditions but a
transformation of your relationship to or participation in
forms of action. Bondage or suffering is identical to a form
of your own activity. Liberation or salvation is release
from the force and implications of all action

There are fundamentally two ways in which an
individuals relationship to his own action is transformed in
my Company. In the way of Understanding one moves by a
process of critical insight toward the intuition of the
Divine and prior Condition. In the way of Divine Communion
one duplicates from the outset a form of action which is
perfect or true by design, and it is, by degrees, made
perfect and true by Grace. But both ways are essentially
founded in this true action or Divine Communion from the
beginning, since all must via an intelligent, intuitive,
heartfelt, and practical response, become my devotees in
order for sadhana to begin and to be fulfilled

This true action is devotion, or continuous return of
self and all its contents and circumstances to the Divine
Condition. Such realized devotion is itself Samadhi, Bhava,
perfect Intuition, Love, and Bliss. It is the perfect
fulfillment of the Law, which is sacrifice

Each must turn to me, making the constant natural
effort of self-giving and loving service, and I become his
servant in return. And each, in the due order of his
appropriate sadhana, will realize his sacrifice more and
more perfectly as God-Realization

The way of Understanding involves critical insight and
technical responsibility for the action that is suffering
and ignorance. The way of Divine Communion which is the
foundation and ongoing principle of the way of
Understanding, involves a counter-action or other action,
wherein the action that is suffering is made obsolete by
non-use. In both cases, the action that is suffering and
ignorance dissolves at last and there is only the no-action
of Bhava Samadhi, which is prior establishment in only God
or Real Consciousness. Salvation or liberation is not, then,
itself a kind of action in the conventional sense. It is not
identical to any “act” of devotion. In perfect devotion
there is no actor (no defined self or self-position) and no
Object. The Condition that is Satsang itself must be
realized from the beginning by such intuitive devotion. The
course of sadhana involves forms of action or conventional
responsibility. But the realization itself, which is the
Condition of Satsang or Divine Communion, is prior to action
and re-action. Realization is not the action of love, but
the intuition that is Love, or Conscious Bliss, the
Condition of all conditions

Such realization becomes your enjoyment in this moment
not by exclusion, separation, and escape into some other
condition. Realization or release in Truth is not any
solution in conflict with the whole of what arises or any
condition that arises. Rather, it is a matter of realizing
the true nature of whatever presently arises. All that
arises is only a modification, not other than your present,
real, true, and eternal Condition. There is only God. In
this realization in the present there is no conflict, no
fascination, no separation, no self, no knowledge. There is
no interest in any implication or alternative or condition
in itself. One fulfills the conventions and even lives with
great intensity, but there is only God, and attention is
dissolved in Consciousness.