No Remedy – Bubba Free John – An Introduction to the life and practices of the spiritual community of Bubba Free John


No Remedy
An Introduction to the Life and Practices
of the Spiritual Community of Bubba Free John.

Compiled & edited by Bonnie Beavan
and Nina Jones in collaboration with Bubba Free John.
First edition: 6/75 – Revised edition 1976


Part Two: The Complications of Sadhana


I Am Willing

In the letter describing the way of Divine Communion,
Bubba announces that he is willing to receive everyone whose
approach to him is made in the spirit of sacrifice, since
that approach fulfills the Law. Divine Communion is the
mutually sacrificial relationship between the Guru, or the
Divine Person, and his devotee, the process by which the
devotee realizes that everything, even existence itself, is

Everything is yielded. Everything becomes this meal.
When you have realized that principle, only then do you
realize your real Nature, which is prior to all appearance.
There is great blissfulness in that realization because it
is not dependent on anything. Everything can be eaten then.
Everything can be undone because you live in that Condition
that is not touched, that is not part of the process of the
worlds. Then you are truly happy. There is nothing that
needs to be held on to any longer.3

We tend to view life as a process of attaining,
acquiring, and grasping, but in its true form, lived in God,
all life is a constant yielding and sacrifice. Sadhana is
simply a realignment with the process that is sacrifice.
Thus, sacrifice is already your destiny. It is already the
lawful affair of reception and release, of birth and death,
of inhalation and exhalation, of the sacrament of

All life forms are essentially systems of life-force,
including those that are visible to us on this earth plane,
from human beings to plants and animals, and also including
those we cannot see. All systems of life-force have the same
source, the same foundation, and are fundamentally of the
same condition. They are part of our process and can be
consciously so. We are mutually involved with all of them.
We limit them, we suffer them, and we seek to fulfill
ourselves through them, even through those we cannot see.
Similarly, they seek to fulfill themselves through us,
through the communication of force, the mutual sacrificial
activity. This truly is life

The whole scheme of cosmic existence is a vast
sacrificial system of mutuality, mutual exchange,
transformation from one state to the next. While you are
alive in this apparent form you live as a continuous process
of transformation of state. Death is just another form of
that same sacrificial process. We are the meal of this
universe, and all beings are food. There is no living entity
that is not food, perhaps for some other living entity, but
ultimately for the vast cosmic process of energy
transformation. Everything terminates, everything is
transformed. This is the law of life, not of death. By
taking creatures or plants for food we are just involving
them in that sacrificial process. We are also being used,
devoured. We may be butchered if we arent conscious, and so
become domestic fodder for some invisible race or system of
energy, some life-system. Or we may become conscious and
live the sacrificial process that is our humanity with
absolute awareness of what it is

In that sacrifice we are endlessly renewed and
enlivened, because that process is the spiritual process. We
arent properly the meal of some invisible race of giants,
but we are properly a sacrifice into the Divine Light.
Despite this, we are continually being sacrificed to our own
unconscious and subconscious life and to subtle, invisible
influences of various kinds. The unconscious man, Narcissus,
is like a sheep. The conscious man lives the sacrificial
process, lives the universe itself as this great sacrificial
process in every moment proceeding from the Divine. Every
moment. And in every moment he makes the sacrificial return
to the Divine. You become consciously a participant in that
endless cycle, descending and ascending life, in which life
is manifested and returned again to its source

That is not the law only of death. You don’t only
return to God when you die. In every moment you are
returning to God. This sacrificial process is going on in
every moment. Our human, physical death is simply an
incident of that sacrificial process. Those who live that
sacrificial process while alive lose the common fear of
death, which is maintained by our social magic, our
experience, our conscious, unconscious, and subconscious

In one who is truly conscious, life is no longer a
mystery. He breathes the very Light of God. He sees the
alchemical transformation of the Divine into life in every
moment and sacrifices himself in return. He only lives in
God and everything is obvious to him. His life is not the
search for God. Life isnt intended to be a mystery that
leads to the discovery of God at the millenium, at
enlightenment, or at any other point in the future. Life is
founded in God, and is meant to be lived in God, happily and
without mystery

The evolution of man, if that is something actual at
all, isnt going to be achieved gradually from eon to eon. It
will be produced by mankinds becoming conscious, living
already in the Divine, so that the Divine process can be
fully realized in life. It isnt by going toward God that we
evolve but by standing in the Divine already, already happy.
It is not yogic bliss that we are seeking to attain, some
psycho-physical manipulation of the life-force. It is to be
already and presently happy regardless of the apparent
condition. All the manipulation of the life-force is Gods
concern. Life in Truth is to be already happy without any
reasons whatsoever, not to be hoping to be happy by moving
into samadhi.4


The principal quality of the sadhana of Divine Communion
is action, but it is not the action of search and
acquisition. It is constant sacrifice. You do not yield
because you want to attain Divine Communion. You yield
yourself because Divine Communion is already your very
Condition, prior to the distraction that your “self”
represents! Because you are already being held by God, you
can relax your compulsive graspings and rest in the Radiance
of Truth.

Mutual sacrifice is the nature and expression of the
relationship between the Godman, the Siddha-Guru, and his
true devotee. The devotee gives his life, all that he has
and is, to the Guru; and the Guru gives the gift of his very
Nature, Satsang, the Divine gift of Truth and Light, to his
devotee. That gift of the Guru is a miracle beyond the most
far-fetched hopes of a man. But that is all the Guru is
alive to do, to give that gift to all who are capable of
receiving it. From the beginning the Guru looks only to
establish and secure this relationship with the devotee
through which this transforming Grace can move. Thus, life
with Bubba Free John is truly a Graceful process, and at the
same time by definition a Lawful one. You cannot receive the
Gift that is always offered unless you yield your hold on
your self and open your hands.

This way is a way of action. Of course it involves
intelligence, but not as a specific development of a way of
sadhana. It is also founded on insight, on a maturing
process of insight, essentially an insight relative to
action. The beginnings of sadhana are the same in
everyone—a sense of the failure of life, of the
inherent suffering of life. But then, when the individual
comes into my Company and lives with me as a devotee, he or
she begins to see how action and experience are forms of
turning away from me. Insight arises relative to your
life-action, to your life-experience, to your relationship
to me in living terms. What you see as turning from me, you
can yield if you turn to me. Turning to me is the yielding
of it. Therefore, there is intelligence at the foundation of
that way, not developed in the apparently complicated
elaboration of the way of Understanding, but a similar
intelligence. You see the turning away and you turn to me.
That is the simple action.5

“I will serve those who serve me.” That statement
communicates the nature of the Law, of the Divine Process.
It is not a matter of your lying back while everything
happens to you and you become enlightened. There is a
participation that must be alive in the individual and that
fulfills this law of sacrifice. Then my own work can be
known. It cannot otherwise be known or truly

The way of Divine Communion is a necessary and
compassionate offering. It is a way of action, but not a way
of motivation or seeking of any kind. It is founded in the
immediate Presence of God in, as, and through the Guru, and
not in any form of dilemma or assumed lack of the Divine
Presence. The real action here is the Gurus action, it is
Gods action—and it is Grace. The devotee accomplishes
nothing with his sacrifice. It is not a form of
righteousness that wins him some kind of Divine voucher for
Grace. It turns him, renders him wide open, and leaves him
dependent and defenseless in the already present Intensity
of God. Therefore, the Guru considers the action of his
devotee to be fulfillment of the Law, and the devotee is
served and gifted with Gods Grace instantaneously. The Guru
assumes responsibility for the devotee and gives of his
Grace completely. It is a radical devotional approach that
is already fulfilled and complete in God

For all who would live with Bubba Free John there is one
demand that must be met, one factor that assures the
fulfillment of the Law, and that is the realization and
continuing maturation of a devotional life of service to
Bubba, honoring, enjoying, and feeding upon his Presence as
Guru. No Remedy provides a basic introduction to the
principles that inform the awakening of such a way of life.
The following section, on “The Practical Discipline,”
outlines the basic forms of life action undertaken by all
who do the sadhana of Divine Communion.


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