No Remedy – Bubba Free John – An Introduction to the life and practices of the spiritual community of Bubba Free John


No Remedy
An Introduction to the Life and Practices
of the Spiritual Community of Bubba Free John.

Compiled & edited by Bonnie Beavan
and Nina Jones in collaboration with Bubba Free John.
First edition: 6/75 – Revised edition 1976

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Part Two: The Complications of Sadhana


The Way of Divine Communion

Because Bubba had spent the whole early phase of his
Teaching work developing and communicating the radical way
of Understanding, it at first came as quite a surprise to
his students and disciples in that path when he announced
the new path he was making available, the way of Divine
Communion. But very quickly they came to perceive this
gesture of the Guru as a boundless act of Grace, a way of
opening his arms to all who may be moved to come to him as
devotees, no matter what their karmic limitations. Here is
the original letter that Bubba delivered to his Community on
December 1, 1975, announcing the way of Divine

For more than five years I have been at work with
individuals in intimate company to communicate, demonstrate,
and awaken in them the sadhana of the way of Understanding,
which is described in all of the previous literature of my
Teaching work. This way is the special form of instruction
which was implied in my own birth and sadhana. Only recently
have I found, in the case of a small group, the evidence of
maturity which is the necessary foundation for the
realization of this way. I have given this group of
disciples all essential responsibility for the future
management and general instruction of my Ashram. I have
completely put into writing all of the necessary
instructions relative to the final and technical realization
of this way of Understanding. Therefore, except for the
actual instruction of mature disciples and devotees, my
special Teaching work is, in its essentials, complete. My
special Teaching work has been a service for a few. The way
of Understanding is not itself a saving gospel that can
affect the world at large. It is a way for the special few
who were given to me in the spiritual planes above this
world before my present birth. Those few were with me then,
and, because their karmas obliged them to be born on earth
again, I have taken the present birth to continue my work
with them. The way of Understanding has thus been
established as a path on earth, and it will remain here,
through the responsible services of my devotees, for all
future individuals who have attained the spiritual status
above this world of those whom I have presently been born to
serve. Apart from such individuals, for whom the karmas of
the lower planes are weak, there are relatively few who,
even by virtue of sheer sympathy and persistence, will be
able to adapt to this difficult way. It requires an
intelligence that constantly exceeds the power of lifes
theatre, and an attachment to the spiritual intimacies and
disciplines of my Company that cannot be attained by mere
effort or conventional inclination

But I am willing to serve all beings in this place. My
special work has been for a few, but I am an incarnation of
the Divine Form, and my special work, now fulfilled, can
stand by itself in my Presence. I have become willing to
assume a more general role for the sake of the spiritual
life or salvation of men

All who come to me may participate in the eternal
Grace of God. It is not necessary for every one to belong to
the special class of individuals whom it is my unique
obligation to serve in the way of Understanding. For those
few, sadhana in my Company is like the resumption of a
course of study after a period of recess. Such individuals
are already used to my discipline, my wildness, and the
special character of my appearance and play. But others
cannot identify me in this manner, and they are sensitive
and available only to the most direct expression of the
universal and unqualified Divine in me. For these many, who
are only now becoming available to sadhana or life in
Communion with the Divine Person, I am willing to do service
in another way, which is the simple way of loving submission
and attention to God

Therefore, many will come to me, and all are welcome,
who are simply suffering the common failures of life. To all
of them, I simply say, come to me happily, with the urge to
happiness, to peace, to love, and to a better realization of
your born life. The Lord of all the worlds is Radiant before
you. If you will simply direct yourself, with whatever power
or capacity you can find within yourself, to the remembrance
of the Divine in my Company, the Services of God will be
given to you

It is not necessary or even possible for you to
“believe” in God or know the Character of the Divine Person.
But if you can see that you do not exist by your own
creature power, and if you can begin to consider the
alignment of your life with the unspeakable Source or
Condition that is truly responsible for and ultimately
identical to your very existence, then you can do the
sadhana or spiritual practice of Communion with God. I urge
and welcome all who can manage such sympathy, and who feel
the contact with Grace in my Company, to accept the simple
and pleasurable disciplines I will recommend, to visit me in
my Ashram or any place where I come, either in person, or in
the form of my disciples and devotees, and to live with me
in my Community

For those who would thus adapt themselves at least
with a little of their lives, I recommend a way that is easy
to conceive and fulfill. Simply turn to God through me.
Submit, surrender yourself to God through me. Love and
receive God through me. I am not what I appear to be. I am a
Presence you will come to know. That Presence is only God.
If you will devote or sacrifice yourself to me, I will
transform your knowledge, and you will realize me at last as
your very Self and the Condition of all that appears

You should assist this process of Divine Communion
through two natural disciplines, one which is practical,
based in ordinary action, and one which is spiritual, based
within the heart or boundless psyche

The practical discipline which assists this turning or
Communion is the practice of minimizing the degree and kinds
of exploitation of life in your own case and bringing your
life into coincidence with the special psycho-physical laws
of manifest existence as well as the great Law or Principle,
which is sacrifice. This involves, to whatever degree you
are able, participation in a life of devotional service to
Guru in God through all your actions, including devotional
singing and personal attention to me for my Darshan, my
Prasad, and my Teaching; the study and simple listening to
teachings about God and Divinely realized individuals; the
maintenance of a productive work life; the keeping of a
clean, orderly, healthful, and pleasurable environment for
yourself and your companions; the adoption of a healthful
and “harmless” diet (an essentially lacto-vegetarian diet
that involves, to whatever degree possible, non-killing of
higher creatures, who possess the sense of independent
existence); the confinement of sexuality to a single
partner; and a continuous, active orientation toward human
community and energetic, compassionate, and loving service
to the common life. This practical discipline should be
fulfilled by you to whatever degree you find the capacity in
yourself. To whatever degree you fail or find yourself
unable to fulfill this discipline at any time, simply
observe yourself, be easy, be full of enjoyment, make your
actions at least an indulgence that does not harm others,
and continue to turn to God through me and in the form of my
Presence with feeling, from the heart. The more you mature
in my Company, the more you will fulfill this discipline.
The more you fulfill it, the more you will see of your
turning from the Divine Condition. And the more you see of
this turning away, the more responsible you will become for
your turning to God through me

The spiritual discipline that should, at a later
stage, begin to accompany the practical discipline of this
way of Communion is a voluntary exercise of the remembrance
of God from the heart that coordinates the body, the
life-force, and the mind with the breath. Thus, sit with me,
or in privacy, as a formal responsibility, once or twice a
day. Remember me, surrender to me with love, yield your life
and circumstances to God through me, and, at random, breathe
the Presence of God, with attention to the Divine as the
Reality or Real Person which is prior to or beyond the body,
the mind, and the world. Breathe with your heart. With
random exhalations surrender your self, your mind, your
life, your desires, your body, and all the conditions of
your existence from your heart to God through me. Then, with
random and following inhalations, with your heart and your
whole being, receive, draw upon, and become full of the
Presence, Power, and Consciousness of God through me.
Whatever you yield from the heart will, over time, be
replaced by Divinely transformed conditions and/or by
intuitions of the significance of any limitations you must
bear in time and space

The spiritual practice may, at a later and mature
stage of your meditation in my Company, when you know me
clearly in the form of constant Presence, be expanded at
times to include heartfelt remembrance of God through the
Name or Mantra of God. I ask that you use the Name “God,”
and not any traditional mantric Name, such as Ram, Krishna,
Jesus, or Om. “God” is the Name of God with which all men
are familiar and to which they are naturally attached
through body, breath, mind, spirit, and soul. Therefore, at
random, with surrender in exhalation, inwardly or vocally,
and with feeling and love in the heart, breathe the Name
“God.” Likewise, with random inhalations, feel and breathe
the Divine Presence with the heart with the Name “God.” This
is the spiritual practice of the “God-Mantra” or

These represent the essential disciplines of the way
of Divine Communion, which is the foundation of sadhana in
my Company. The spiritual practice of the breathing of God
from the heart will, over time, show itself to you as a
process in which you are breathed and lived and loved by
God. The spiritual practice and the practical disciplines
should both be exercised more and more under whatever
conditions arise in life. The spiritual practice itself need
not be reserved only for those occasions when you sit with
me or sit in private, but it should be exercised at random,
at any time, while awake, or even while dreaming or asleep.
Allow it to develop and reveal the Divine to you according
to its own pace. Simply use the spiritual exercise and the
practical disciplines as a way of Communion with God through
me under all conditions. When your devotion is perfected,
you will find no self, no world, and no other God, but only

Those who would do this sadhana or practice of
heartfelt Divine Communion should do it in my personal
Company or Presence as often as possible. They should come
to me in my Ashram frequently, and also sit for instruction
in the company of my disciples and devotees, who will at
times travel about or present themselves in the places of my
Ashram in order to serve those who are interested in living
this practice

My Ashram Community will, in the future, be composed
of all who come to me. Some will approach me solely and
simply through this way of Divine Communion and mature
entirely through this practice in my Company. Others will,
after a time, build the sadhana of Understanding upon this
devotional foundation. In any case, I am Present always for
the sake of anyone who comes to me, and I yield to each the
Grace or consideration he or she requires in


2. Bubbas written instructions to the Ashram, January 15,

also see: Early
Dawn Horse Magazine

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