The Presumption of God Realization


Chapter 8: The Transcendental Vision

The Presumption of


Realization Transfigures. Transformation and Translation
depend on moment to moment Practice of Realization (not
merely on the fact that a profound moment of Realization can
be remembered to have occurred in the past).

Realization is the first great Event, and it is
profoundly difficult for it to be established as a tacit
Presumption that is senior to the deluding arguments of
conventional experience. Even so, once this Presumption is
Awake, it is necessary and also difficult to Practice or
Abide in the Realized Presumption under all conditions and
in all states.

The Awakening of Realization is the sometimes conscious
or intentional Occupation of the first great cycle of our
lives. The Practice of Realization (or Ecstasy, or
self-transcending God-Communion) is the necessarily
conscious or presumed Occupation of the second or ultimate
great cycle of our lives.


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