Qualification for First Congregation

“Qualifications for the First Congregation”

Adi Da Samraj

Saturday, March 8, 2008


ADI DA SAMRAJ: This matter of people practicing in the First Congregation is not something that can be done by mere intention. You must have the qualifications. The qualifications are not rote, where there is a checklist of things you are supposed to do and you are doing them. Obviously, there are disciplines you should be obliged to do, including many details personal to the individual. But the preparedness is about the turning to Me, and what that demonstrates when it is truly and rightly done for a sufficient period of time to move a person into the First Congregation.

The disposition of searchlessly Beholding Me without going back into “self”-contraction and wanderings in the body-mind is the fundamental qualification for Transcendental Spiritual life in My Company. Nobody can do that by simply following the checklist of obligations, serving, and expressing the desire to Realize Me. That intention is good, but then you must actually do what that takes.

To be acceptable to Me in the First Congregation, the preparedness must be evident in the signs I observe in people. There have been various groups sitting with Me in the Silver Hall over the last year, and there were virtually no qualifications. And there was no lawfulness with Me here in My Hermitage and in the worldwide gathering, just giftlessness and all the rest.

Preparedness means you have the demonstrated capability to participate in My Transcendental Spiritual State and Self-Radiance. If you do not have that demonstration, you are not prepared. When someone is truly prepared when coming into My physical Company, tangible Spiritual signs appear spontaneously. It is clear to the person that it is not something the devotee is doing independently. They can clearly recognize Me in their Spiritual sensitivity to Me.

If there are no such signs, then a person is “self”-conscious, with an illusory focus on a separate-“self”-pattern, and such a one “experiences” all kinds of patterns of body, emotion, mind, and breath that are obstructions to participating in My Transcendental Spiritual Self-Transmission.

Those who are not prepared constantly show these obstructions—even as dramatizations in their lives—the moment to moment obstructiveness of physical, emotional, and mental patterns that become diversions of attention.

That is what the foundation practice undermines. That is what the turning to Me, and the right-life obedience to Me, and the “Perfect Knowledge” process is all about.

Searchless Beholding is My description of what that preparedness demonstrates. It must really be so, and not just enthusiasts saying they want to be here and practice this. That is not enough. That is not the evidence. It is good that people want to do it, but then they must actually do it and demonstrate the results. Doing it is what is required.