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Adi Da: I started
Communicating this Wisdom-Teaching, rather bright-eyed, more
than a decade ago already, and I am still Struggling with
the same lack of response in people that I encountered when
I began. Nobody is really interested. I have seen the usual,
gleeful, sitting around-at-a-lecture attitude with which
people respond to movies and TV. People are used to being
sold everything, as if they can just have it at a cost they
can comfortably afford, people are adapted to the psychology
of the consumer. If something exists to be desired, you can
have it just by coming into contact with it, or by going to
a store, by picking up a book, and by going someplace for a
weekend. Everything is supposed to be instantly consumable.
The message is that what is between you and a mouthwash is
the distance between here and the store. You only need to
plunk your money down. Even the great Realizations of human
life have somehow been drawn into the stream of
communications that propose such things merely as desirable
objects. The conventional consumer’s mind says that there is
nothing between you and anything you might desire but space,
whereas what is really between you and What is Great is much
more than space!

The distance between you and What is
Great is not only space but time, or mind. It is the
distance between where you are now and your ultimate
overcoming. God-Realization is not a consumable product.
Spiritual Teaching cannot be presented as a consumable

People are not interested in coming
to your church if Enlightenment is not what they get by
coming there. If you cannot make a religious or Spiritual
offering in its fullness available like a consumable object,
you cannot generate the growth that seems desirable.
Religious institutions grow, therefore, by creating
religious illusions, consumable religious products,
consumable Spiritual products. Religious institutions hype
illusion, or ideas, in such a fashion as to make them
desirable, make them somehow seem like Enlightenment itself.
You would think that just the ideas themselves were the
equivalent of ultimate Realization, or ultimate Happiness.
All you have to do is consume these things. People flock to
organizations to get products that are hyped, thinking that
they are getting Happiness, or getting the ultimate Great
Thing. But they are not getting true Happiness at all. The
religion business exists to make the unattainable seem like
a product that can be purchased.

I have been Teaching the Real Thing
to people all these years, and I know what happens to people
when they are confronted with the realities of Spirituality.
Unless they are unusual people, they basically do not
respond. They somehow can get attached to the Teacher, or
attached to whatever organization may seem to develop around
the Teacher, because they are hopeful of something, or
because in the context of belonging certain goods come
across so consoling that people do not mind being

But I do not have an
“Enlightenment-product” to sell. The Way must be lived. The
Way requires disciplines. As soon as the word discipline is
mentioned people want to retreat and become a spectator, a
reader, a consumer of knowledge.

The difficulty with the people who
are involved or getting involved is that they have not
observed life itself or even engaged in life itself to
understand the motivation for spiritual life. Life still
seems to them to be an amusing opportunity. They want to
continue with its consolations. They are not really
observing life as a whole. They are not really seeing what
is before them. The profound nature of existence escapes
them. They are involved in a very superficial level of
existence. Of course there is mortality and difficulty, and
therefore they like to throw a little religion, a few drugs,
a few teachings into their heads, just to protect

My Teaching is not the kind of
religion that can serve such a purpose. The kind of religion
that can serve that purpose is conventional, exoteric,
downtown churchism and all the hype of self-help groups. The
ultimate, Transcendental, esoteric Spiritual Process has
always been a great matter. Very few have ever been involved
in it. Very few even heard about it before the last century.
The ordinary run of humanity just is not in touch with it.
Thus, it has always been reserved.

Because the world has gotten into
such a bad state, and because the science of communication
has advanced, the secret stream of human evolution and
higher Teaching has become more public. As a result, the
secret Teaching became part of the domain of business and
superficial culture.

Today all kinds of weak-minded
people are making commentaries on great matters, as if they
were authorities. The Great Teaching has been made an object
of abuse and casual treatment by the general public, who are
threatened by its existence. If you want to succeed as a
religious institution, you must reduce yourself to a common
message. You must present yourself as a congenial, friendly
little thing, a little character that does not know too much
or own too much, is not free too much, is just a good guy.
You must be like everybody else. You must present something
that is consumable by all people just as they are. “Jesus
loves you just as you are” is the message, you

All people want to be just as they
are, and they want to enjoy themselves just as they are.
Such is the common motivation to be exactly as you are and
to enjoy yourself.

If people had half a wit, The Knee
of Listening would have changed your life! It has been in
print since 1972, but you simply do not like the
implications of The Knee of Listening. It suggests that you
must change, you see. It suggests that you cannot enjoy the
consoling religious ideas, You must have a fundamental
understanding now, and if you live on the basis of that
fundamental understanding, you will change your life. Your
whole life will be taken up by disciplines, meditation, and
God-Realization, but you do not want it.

You know that saying in The Knee of
Listening, in “The Man of Understanding” section, something
like “Nobody understands so he makes himself happy with the
idea that you have already understood.” There is no way
whereby you get to understand. There is nothing I can do to
make you understand. The Bodhisattva vow or any other vow
does not really work, not in any ultimate sense. Some sort
of Transmission is involved in the awakening of one
individual, because the Divine Reality Transmits Itself to
the world in one way or another, but such Transmission is
required eternally. It must happen again and again and again
and again. Nothing one individual can do in one lifetime is
going to make the ultimate or absolute difference for
mankind as a whole because of the nature of this material
bondage that is humanity.

It is very difficult to manifest a
truly mature community practitioners, particularly in this
wasteland where forces propagandize against the higher
possibilities of humanity from all directions. It is
basically against the law to become Enlightened. You must
violate basic human taboos to enter into the real Process of
Spiritual life. There is not enough free space. Everyone is
obliged to be the same. How can you possibly create an
authentic gathering under such circumstances? It would be a
rare case if any single Realized individual came out of
that, and it is rare and unusual, but today everybody wants
to maintain the egalitarian view of humanity. Everybody
imagines that if one guy can do it, everybody must be able
to do it in a weekend. It must be as easy as pie.

Adepts almost never appear. Real
practitioners are very, very rare. That is the way it has
always been, and it is still the way it is. To hear people
talk you would think there were thousands of Adepts all over
the country. There are not even thousands of real
practitioners. There are people famous for their
Spirituality who are not even real practitioners. This is an
Alice-in- Wonderland world. It is not real. That is why
there must be the Great Teaching. That is why the Truth is
of such great consequence, because it is hardly understood,
and the real implications of Spiritual Wisdom are not

Even in the optimum circumstance of
the traditional setting, it still took years and years to
develop a disciple. And there were very few of those. Look
at the history of the traditions and consider the people who
were associated with Adepts. How many Adepts were, in
effect, fathered by other Adepts? How many Adepts produced
one or more other Adepts, even in the apparently optimum
circumstances of the traditional setting?

All of the Adepts basically act as
if, in their sort of bright-eyed fashion, they are going to
save the world. What they have Realized obviously has great
consequences. If everybody else could Realize it likewise,
things certainly would be remarkably different. Thus, the
Adepts are always laying the Teaching onto people and
suffering and being abused for doing so. What is the history
of mankind? It is not the absence of Adepts and Teachings.
These have always appeared. It is the non-use of them, the
non-response, the abuse, the suppression. Yes, religion is
famous, but not as true religion, not as the servant of
Truth, not even as the medium of Truth. Religion has become
famous because it is not really religion. It is the same
thing that existed before the Truth was proclaimed. And it
makes the Truth or the atmosphere of Truth into something
else entirely, basically a justification for the conventions
of worldliness, not Enlightenment.

And yet religious institutions have
value in that they keep some sort of stream of Spiritual
teaching in the world. What they present is often falsified,
manipulated, suppressed, abused, and miscommunicated, but
these institutions are the only vehicle apart from the
occasional arising of an Adept. This is why it seems
important to me to create an institution that functions
rightly, but not because I have even the slightest sense
that the world could be suddenly changed by hearing the
Truth. It has never happened, and it is never going to
happen, at least not with humanity as it is. In general, it
is not going to happen in the manifest realms, and there is
no other place where it could happen.

To communicate the Truth is always
difficult because the Truth is about waking up from the
presumption you are making on the basis of manifest
existence. The basic Teaching this institution should
represent is the understanding of this fundamental error, or
the mechanism associated with manifest existence that makes
it into an illusion, into suffering, un-Happiness,
un-Enlightenment, Godlessness. You cannot merely believe
something positive and develop a true religious or Spiritual
life. Enlightenment is not simply a matter of believing in
conventional God-ideas that motivate you to be better. All
such ideas must be understood. You must enjoy this
Awakening, this insight. You must

hear the Teaching Argument

Edited and
by Beezone from a talk by Adi Da Samraj on
October 18, 1981


read the full talk:
Not Reduce This Institution to a Religion

a talk by Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda October 18,



And what is the the teaching
argument? It is this:

“The foundation of my Teaching
Argument is this: You are, as a matter of habit, and in
every part, conformed to the activity and the results of
Makes Adi Da’s Teaching Unique – A Beezone

“My work as heart-teacher and my
struggle to generate the teaching argument in every detail
is complete. Hereafter, those who are interested will simply
“consider” my always heart-revealing word and leelas, and
they will practice true devotion to me. Now my work is only
that of the true heart-master, standing free, always
blessing all to listen to me and to hear me and to see me
where I stand. And only those who have heard me can also see
me with, and at, and as the heart.”

The Dawn Horse Testament –


The first step, then, is simply to
study this consideration. Consider the teaching argument, do
what you will in your personal life, assume responsibility
to study. Study, ponder, observe yourself, observe your
life. When it becomes your own, then you can begin to add to
the discipline. Until it becomes your own. People will live
in a variety of ways, some more exaggerated than others
perhaps, but if you are involved in a serious consideration,
a serious study, your consideration will also be reflected
in your manner of living. Of course, it is up to you how you
work it out.

Are at the Beginning, and I Am at the
– May 28,


Almost all human beings persist in
an infantile developmental moment that has nothing
whatsoever to do with the Ultimate Truth. As a general rule,
human beings are still dependent, violent, ego-possessed –
still seeking consolations in the realm of changes.
Therefore, do not imagine for a moment that right and true
practice of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of
Adidam is an easy matter, that you can simply Listen to My
Teaching-Argument and Realize the Truth. The Reality-Way of
Adidam is the Work of Reality Itself. The Reality-Way is the
obligation (or Law) of Eternal Existence.

Aletheon – The
Super-Physics of Divine Enlightenment


Liberation through God-Realization
is senior to any effort of the conditional self to be
lawful, purified, evolved, fulfilled, ended, or

This is the seed-essence of my
teaching argument.

Dawn Horse Testament –