Illusion of Relatedness, The (excerpt)

The feeling of relatedness spontaneously and constantly
communicates itself as the complex feeling of “difference” (or
of not-Same and not-One) and separateness (or of dark and deprived independence
of being, or aloneness, and craving for an “other”) and limitation
(or of small and threatened and inadequate being) and emptiness (or of
non-Fullness, un-Happy futility of being, and the craving for any “thing”
that fills). The feeling of relatedness (or any instant of attention) is
self-contraction itself, at its original or causal level. And when I am
Perfectly heard (by Perfect listening) and also Perfectly seen, the Process
of real practice becomes the discipline of immediate and direct transcendence
of attention itself (specifically via transcendence of this conditional
feeling of relatedness) in the Inherent and Perfectly Subjective Spiritual,
Transcendental, and Divine Feeling of Being (the Aham Sphurana, or the
Spirit-Current in the right side of the heart). And this Process fulfills
itself in Perfect Awakening to the “Bright” Spiritual, Transcendental,
Divine, and Inherent Condition That Is Consciousness Itself, spontaneously
and Divinely Recognizing whatever apparently arises (as a condition related
to Consciousness) to Be Only Consciousness Itself, Inherent or Self-Existing
Being Itself, or Inherent and Self-Radiant Love-Bliss Itself.

The above is excerpted from The Da Upanishad
The ego-“I” is the Illusion of Relatedness
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