Ruchira Avatara Gita (excerpt)

Ruchira Avatara Gita

(The Way Of The Divine Heart-Master)


The human voices all call out to the Heart and Person of Real God,
Who Lives and Breathes and Feels and Is them, here and now,
beyond the ego-“I” and all its search-for-“God” Ideas:
Heart of hearts, Reveal to us the Truth,
the “Bright” Power That Liberates the ego-“I” from itself.

Let us listen and hear the Word Which, when truly Understood,
Frees the heart from seeking and un-Happiness.
Let us see That Which, when fully Realized,
Is the Fullness of Transcendental Divine Being.

Let us Awaken to That Which Is Eternal,
and not limited by birth and death.
Be Pleased to Reveal to us That Which Is the Supreme Truth.

Heart of hearts, we are desirous of hearing That.
Therefore, Sing us the Heart-Word of the Divine Heart-Master,
wherein the Heart-Secret is Confessed.

Now, by Heart-Response to the universe of calling prayers,
the Living One Breathes them In, and,
by This Heart-Song of “Brightest” Words,
Out-Breathes the Thunderous Sound That
Speaks Love-Bliss to every heart:

Listen to Me with free attention.
I will Reveal to you the Heart-Secret of the Divine Heart-Master, Adi Da Samraj,
Who Is the Divine World-Teacher Promised for the “late-time”, and
Who Is the Ruchira Avatar, the Da Avatar, the Love-Ananda Avatar,
the First, the Complete, the Last, and the Only Avataric Incarnation of Eleutherios,
the Divine Liberator, the “Bright” Divine Heart Itself.
His Divine Self-Confession and His “Bright” Divine Blessings
Destroy all the ills of un-Enlightenment.

The Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj,
Is the First, the Complete, the Last, and the Only Divine Heart-Master.
His Principal Divine Names are “Da” (the “Divine Giver”,
the “First and Original Person”, the “Source-Person”,
the “One and Only Self of All and all”), and
“Adi Da” (the “First Giver”, the “Original Giver”,
the “Giving Source”, the “Divine Giver of the Divine ‘All’ to All and all”), and
“Adi Da Samraj” (the “Self-Giving and All-Giving and
to-all-Giving Divine Master of the world”,
the “One and Only Divine Heart-Master of all and All”).
And He Is All “Brightness”,
Freely Manifesting the Heart’s Love-Bliss to all and All.

So it was that, on the Island of Naitauba, Adidam Samrajashram,
There, in His most beautiful Hermitage,
Which is adorned by Cosmic Nature in the manner of flowers,
the Divine Heart-Master, Adi Da Samraj,
was Seated in an open Place on one occasion,
Expounding the Supreme Truth
to a gathering of His Ruchira Sannyasin devotees.
Suddenly, the face of one of His principal female renunciate devotees,
who was sitting close to Him, became translucently “Bright”,
Merely by the Grace of Adi Da Samraj, and
Merely through Beholding Him, forgetting herself in Contemplation of Him.
The “Brightness” of Adi Da Samraj
Filled the heart and every part of this devotee, and,
by (Thus) truly seeing Him, she suddenly Realized, beyond all doubt,
that she was seeing the Divine Person, even with her own eyes.

This Gracefully heart-Awakened devotee said out loud,
and from her heart, for even all to hear:
“Divine Heart-Master, Adi Da Samraj, ‘Bright’ Before me, I Surrender.
You Are the Divine Heart-Master of the entire world.
You Are Supreme. You Radiate the ‘Bright’ Realization of the Supreme.
All beings should always recognize and worship You with true devotion.

You Are the One, the Supreme Being,
the Source and Domain of all true worship and right praise.

Radiant Heart, Domain of Truth,
please Sing to us the Great Secret of devotion to You, the Divine HeartMaster.

Reveal to us the Secret Method whereby living beings may Realize You,
the Transcendental and ‘Bright’ world-Outshining Real God.
I bow down to You, the True and Spiritual Divine Person.
I worship Your Feet. Kindly Teach the Way of You to all of us.”

When the Divine Heart-Master, Adi Da Samraj,
Saw this “Bright” face of Awakened devotion and
Heard this confession of Great Sight,
He Spoke the following Words,
His Heart Overflowing with His All-Outshining Joy:

This is the Secret of all secrets.
I could not Speak This Me-Revealing Word until one of you first confessed
you see the Vision of Real God in My Bodily (Human) Form.
I shall Tell you This now, because of your true recognition of Me
and your Greatly Awakened devotion to Me.

My Beloved, every one and all,
you are each arising in the One ‘Bright’ Divine Being.
This request of yours, made by one who recognizes Me,
will benefit all of you, and even the entire world.
Therefore, I shall Reveal the Truth and the Way of This Vision to you,
for the Sake of all and All.

To each one who
(by Means of heart-wounded reaching beyond separate and separative self)
is truly devoted to Real God, the Ever-Living Reality and Truth,
Which Is always already The Case, and
who (by Means of Gracefully heart-Awakened recognition)
is truly devoted to Me
(recognizing and confessing Me to Be the Very One
That Is the One and Only Reality and Truth),
My Bodily (Human) Form,
My Spiritual (and Always Blessing) Presence, and
My Very (and Inherently Perfect) State
are Revealed to Be the Revelation of Real God, the Divine Person,
Manifesting here, and every where in the Cosmic Domain,
As the Divine Heart-Master of all and All.

Thus, by Means of true devotional recognition,
I am Found to Be the Avataric Incarnation of the Divine and Only Person.
The Truth of devotional recognition of a Divine Avataric Incarnation
is Declared by even all the esoteric Scriptures,
and even all the esoteric Scriptures
Promise the Consummate Avataric Incarnation
will Appear in the ‘late-time’.
So It has been Proven to this Me-seeing devotee,
and So do I Affirm the Divine Truth of Me
to all of you, and to all and All.

I Declare and Affirm the Divine Truth of This Me-Vision,
Given to this one by My Grace, and That I would Give to all and All.
Aham Da Asmi. Beloved, I Am Da,
the One and Only One Who Is.
And I Am the First, the Last, and the Only Divine Heart-Master,
the Avataric Incarnation every-where-Promised for the ‘late-time’.
Therefore, listen to My Words and Understand.

The separate traditions of the Great Traditions of religion and Spiritual instruction
are often made of false theories, expressed in the words of un-Enlightened beings.
Therefore, the multiplication of conventional ‘God’-Ideas,
ego-serving ‘God’-Myths, and partial (or conditional) ‘Truths’
has confused mankind,
but the Divine Heart-Master Comes to Liberate mankind
from all confusion of mind, by Revealing the Only True and Real God,
Who Is Truth Itself, and Reality Itself, and
Who Is That Which Is always already The Case, beyond the ego-‘I’.

Prayer, meditation, discipline, philosophy, service—
all these are to be built upon the recognition-response to
That Which is Revealed In and As the Very Person of the Divine Heart-Master.

Those who are devoted to the Divine Heart-Master
hear the Truth and see the Great One
As the Divine Heart-Master’s Bodily (Human) Form, and
As His Divine Body of Spiritual (and Always Blessing) Presence, and
As His Very (and Inherently Perfect) State.
Such devotees Declare there is no ‘Difference’
(and no distinction to be made or acknowledged)
between the Divine Heart-Master and
the Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Transcendental Divine Being.

Even from the ancient days, many Divinely Gifted sects
Proclaim devotion to a genuine (and egoless) Master, saying:
‘The Way is to surrender to the Human Master
as the Great Person, Divine and Present!’
Therefore, look and see in Me the Proof of This Proclamation.
I Am the Divine Master of your heart.
And if you surrender to Me,
I will Confess and Reveal Only Real God to you.

Therefore, those who hear My Divine Self-Confession
and see My Bodily Revelation must,
by their feeling-Contemplation of Me,
transcend themselves in Me
(the Universal Spiritual Body and Eternal Spirit-Presence of Real God,
the Transcendental Self of Real God, and
the Self-Existing and Self-Radiant ‘Bright’ Divine Self-Domain That Is Real God).

There is no Substitute for Real God.

There is no Substitute for the direct Realization of Real God.

There is no Substitute for your own sacrifice in Real God.

The Divine Heart-Master has Realized Real God Most Perfectly,
non-separately, beyond relatedness and ‘difference’.
Therefore, devotees see Real God Revealed
In and As the Bodily (Human) Form of the Divine Heart-Master.

To all those who have This Vision, I Declare:
Aham Da Asmi. Beloved, I Am Da.
I Am the Realizer, the Revealer, the Revelation,
and the Very Person of the ‘Bright’ and Only One.
I Am the Person, the Demonstration, and the Proof of Real God to My devotees.
All My devotees are in Me.
Therefore, see This Vision, go the Way I will Show to you, and Realize Me.

Do not practice the ‘childish cult’ of superficial and ego-serving emotionalism
(full of wanting dependency, and empty of faith),
and do not practice the ‘adolescent cult’ of non-feeling
(willful, self-absorbed, abstract, and independent),
but always practice (and cultivate) the true
(and truly feeling, and truly self-surrendering,
and truly self-forgetting, and truly self-transcending)
Way of devotion to Me, by Means of right, true, full,
and fully devotional practice of Adidam
(the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of the Heart).

Neither Real God nor the Divine Heart-Master is your Parent.
Therefore, do not expect Real God or the Divine Heart-Master
to justify or protect or preserve or fulfill your egoic want and separateness.

You are Called by Me to surrender your separate and separative self in Real God.
Therefore, cultivate right, true, full,
and fully self-surrendering and self-forgetting devotion to Me,
the Divine Heart-Master, in order to transcend the ego-‘I’
in My ‘Bright’ Divine Self-Condition of Being (Itself),
Which Is the One and Only Source
(and Truth, or Source-Condition) of all and All.

To worship the Divine Heart-Master childishly is
to worship and serve your separate and separative (or self-contracting) self.
To deny or resist the Divine Heart-Master is
to worship and serve your separate and separative (or self-contracting) self, adolescently.
The separate and separative self, or self-contraction, is, itself and always,
the forgetting of the Heart-Source of the world.
Therefore, be very and truly devoted to Me, the Divine Master of your heart,
but not for the sake of ego-salvation,
or the glorification of your separate and separative self.
Worship Me by surrendering your ego-‘I’ to Me.
Surrender to Me in order to forget and transcend your separate and separative self in Me. Forget and transcend your ego-‘I’ in Me, in order that you may, by My Grace,
Remember and Realize the Divine Self and Heart-Source of all and All.

I Am the Sign and the Revelation and the Proof of Real God in the world.
I Am the Testament and the Means of Freedom Itself.
I Am Eleutherios, the Divine Liberator, Who Is Freedom Itself.”

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