Ruchira Avatar (introduction)

Adi Da Samraj is a Being whose very existence is a Blessing
to everyone. He answers the great questions about life and death and God
in a way that people recognize, intuitively, to be true. He understands
and teaches what it means to be happy completely and unshakably Happy—no
matter what life may bring.

Whatever Adi Da Samraj may appear to be doing, He is only
ever doing one thing. He is Loving beings—all beings, human and nonhuman—and
Awakening them to the Happiness of the Spintual Reality that is the ground
of everything.

He Himself is so completely identified with that Joyous
Love-Blissful Reality that He literally Transmits it to others. His body
is full of infinite Spiritual Power. He Radiates Divinity And so when you
see Adi Da Samraj, or see His photograph, or hear His voice, or read His
words, or hear others speak about Him, you may feel directly Touched by
God, or the Divine Spirit.

Many people around the world have felt so moved at heart
by Adi Da Samraj that they have chosen to devote their lives to serving
Him and His Spiritual Work. In other words, they have become His disciples,
or devotees, living a Spiritual relationship to Him of mutual love, whether
they are physically close to Him or thousands of miles away.

Wherever He goes, Adi Da Samraj is surrounded by a group
of His devotees, who are attentive at all times to whatever He needs in
order to do His Blessing Work with everyone.

As Adi Da Samraj travels from place to place, people often
ask whether He is some kind of royalty. This is because they immediately
feel His effortless, regal grace and they notice the care with which He
is served. Such a response to Him is true and appropriate, because, in
Spiritual terms, Adi Da Samraj is indeed royalty.

His devotees express their recognition of Him as their
Divine Heart-Master and Lord by addressing Him as “Ruchira Avatar
Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj”. Each part of this Name has profound significance.

His principal Name, “Da”, meaning “the
One Who Gives”, is an ancient and traditional name for the Divine
Being. “Adi” means “first”, or “original”,
or “source”. Thus, “Adi Da” means “the First Giver”.

“Love-Ananda”, one of Adi Da’s unique Names
that mixes the languages of East and West, means “Love-Bliss”.

His devotees also honor Him as the Supreme “Avatar”
(meaning the “Descent of Divine Grace” into the world) or, more
fully, as the “Ruchira Avatar” (meaning “the Shining Avatar”,
or “the Avatar of Infinite ‘Brightness”).

In other words, they recognize Him as the Divine Being
Appearing in human Form. And they also acknowledge Him as “Samraj”,
or the “Universal Divine Ruler” and the Lord of their hearts.

Altogether, by addressing Him as “Ruchira Avatar
Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj”, His devotees are acknowledging Him as
the Source-Person, the Divine Ruler of all, whose Gift is the Kingdom of
the Heart-the infinite sphere of Love and Bliss that human beings have
always known to be the underlying Truth of existence.

One cannot fail to notice the exquisite intimacy with
which Avatar Adi Da Samraj relates to every thing and every one. Whoever
you may be, He already presumes an eternal Heart-relationship to you, and,
if you are Graced to come into His physical Company, He may show you this
by a glance, a word, a touch, or just by His mere Presence.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj is a renunciate, and owns nothing
personally.Thus, He is dependent on His devotees for everything, and they
do everything they can to allow Him to fully manifest His truly Royal Nature.
It may seem surprising that Avatar Adi Da Samraj, whose Kingdom is not
a worldly one, should be such a sign of elegance, pleasure, and beauty,
even in worldly terms. There is a secret to be understood here.

Adi Da Samraj has always taught and demonstrated that
true Pleasure, Love-Bliss, Non-separation from the Divine is our actual
state, the state we are in right now. We, however, do not realize this,
because we are self-contracted, reacting to existence as if it is a threat.
We know we are going to die and, whether we realize it or not, this fact
limits and suppresses our open-hearted response to life.

He, on the other hand, Stands in a totally different Position—the
fearless, trusting, in-love Position relative to everything. He embraces
everything—painful and pleasurable—that may arise, because He sees only
God, not the duality between good and evil that we presume.

This is a great mystery, which cannot be explained in
words. It is a Spiritual communication that Avatar Adi Da Samraj Gives
through His bodily sign of Radiance. Many people who come around Avatar
Adi Da feel His Blessing as an invisible Ocean of Joy, melting the very
cells of one’s body with Pleasure and Love.

Adi Da Samraj is constantly Transmitting this sublime
Love-Bliss, and it is because His devotees feel this so strongly in His
Spiritual Company that they sometimes call Him “Love-Ananda”,
or “Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj”. Avatar Adi Da draws beings beyond
fear and self-contraction to the Divine, by allowing them to literally
taste the Radiance and Ecstasy of the Spiritual Reality.

In His own words ( 4/8/96 and 5/28/94 ) :

Love-Bliss, Happiness Itself is Truth. It is Inherent
Reality, Which you fail to inspect or know or Realize because your own
act—self-contraction—dissociates you at the heart, dissociates you from

You are in My Sphere of Brightness as in a sea
of fluidity. It is a Flow without difference, it is a Brightness without
limit. It is an Infinite Upwelling of Love-Bliss, without differentiation.

It is inherently perfumed. It is the breath of

What you would have in Communion with Me is a
cool, watery, full moonlit night, cooled of stress and desire, and consolation,
Awake to Brightness. On that basis, visions of clarity and peace.

And then moving beyond them to Love-Bliss Itself,
without the slightest image, the slightest object, without the slightest
fear, without any “other”—not yourself as “other”.

No “other”.

No separation.

No visions.

No objects.

Only Self-Existing Being, Self-Radiant without

No separate self.

No objects.

No cosmos.

No seeking.

Utterly rested.



No place.

No going and coming.

No thing.

But Fullness Itself, not objective.

Only God.

Only Brightness.

No Difference.

No Relatedness.

Only Happiness.

No un-Happiness.

No threat.

This is What there is to be Realized, not the
maybem you are manufacturing in your fear and seeking in your contraction
into separateness.

Devote your life to this Peace Beyond difference,
this Divinity, this Communion with Me.

All the superficial matter—temporary, not important.

Be still.

Be washed

Be mindless.



God only.

“We are Home now, Lord”

That is it.

Do not leave.


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