Adi Da Samraj (booklet)

Adi Da Samraj

An Introduction to the Life and Wisdom-Teaching of the Incarnate Divine

Only edition, 1996.

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The Divine Life and Work of Adi Da Samraj by His devotees:

The “Bright”

“Forgetting” the “Bright”


The Immense Bond of Guru-Love

“Radical” Understanding

Re-Awakening to the “Bright”

The Divine World-Teacher and the Religion of Adidam

The Wisdom-Teaching of Adi Da Samraj:

The Divine Physics of Evolution (10/78)

Dreaming and Waking (Method)

God Is Guru (1/18 and 1/15/94) (Ishta)

“That Is My Work”

A leela by Elizabeth Lowe

Self-Understanding (4/8/93)

The Dreaded Gom-boo, Or the Impossible Three-Day Thumb-and-Finger Problem
(9/9/82) (Gomboo)

The Secret of How to Change (Two-Armed)

The Red Sitting Man

A leela by Annie Rogers

Aham Da Asmi (DHT)

An Invitation

Regional Centers of Adidam

The Sacred Literature of Adi Da Samraj

(72 pp.)


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