Space-Time Is Love-Bliss

Space-Time Is Love-Bliss

A Talk by

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Reality (Itself) Is The Only Real God. 1
Reality (Itself) is not merely what can be observed about this or
that limited condition. Reality (Itself) the Condition of all conditions.
Reality (Itself) Is That Which Is Always Already The Case.

Ordinary religion, ordinary science, and ordinary culture
seek to experience, to know, to gain an advantage with respect to, and
to gain control over what is mysterious, what is unknown, what is threatening.
Ordinary religion, ordinary science, and ordinary culture want to achieve
absolute power for human beings. The quest for power (or control) over
the unknown is the collective egoic pursuit (or aggressive search) of mankind,
in the midst of (and on the basis of) the universal human reactions of
egoic fear, sorrow, and anger—or the universal denial of un-conditional
relational love (and the universal non-Realization of the Love-Bliss That
the Inherent Characteristic of Reality Itself). To affirm (as the
world-culture of scientific materialism does) that this “All” of space-time
is merely materiality—limited, dying, and, effectively, dead—is, itself,
a kind of aggressive affirmation of power, a collective cultural manifestation
of a dissociative (or self-contracted) disposition that is merely afraid,
self-absorbed, and deeply depressed by sorrow and anger.

Matter is Light—not merely ordinary light (which
can even change its speed, or fly about and be reflected on surfaces, and
so on), but Fundamental Light, Light Itself, Which Is inherently
Indivisible, inherently Unbroken. The conditional (or space-time) universes
are a manifestation of the apparent breaking of Fundamental Light—a
curious, simple, apparent “difference” (or division) within Fundamental
Light (or Unlimited and Unconditional Energy, Itself). But Fundamental
Light (Itself), or Unlimited and Unconditional Energy (Itself),
Love-Bliss (Itself), the (Self-Evidently) Divine “Brightness”.
Therefore, the Real Condition (or Reality-Context) of space-time (or the
conditional, or Cosmic, or psycho-physical, domain) Is Love-Bliss
(Itself). Space-time (and even the entirety of all beings, things, or conditions
apparent within it) Is (in and As Reality Itself) Love-Bliss
(Itself). Love-Bliss (Itself) Is Reality (Itself)
and Truth (Itself). Love-Bliss (Itself) Is the Only

The conditional domain (or the Cosmic domain of space-time,
and psycho-physical, conditions) cannot be comprehended in its own terms.
In and of itself, the conditional domain is a “problem”, and a goad to
seeking. When the Irreducible, Indivisible, Unbroken “Brightness” of Reality
is Realized, It is Found to Be Always Already The Case, and It is Found
to inherently Transcend all of conditional existence, all of space-time,
all of apparent limitation—all of the gross dimension (of apparent materiality),
all of the subtle dimension (of subtler materiality, and of mind), and
all of the causal dimension (of root-causation).

Space-time (itself, or in its totality) cannot be observed.
The “Big Bang” was not an event that could have been observed. The “Big
Bang” is not something that occurred in space (or in time). The
“Big Bang” is the origin of space (and of time). To look at the
“Big Bang” as an event in space (and in time) is already to look at it
in egoic terms, and from a position after the event. To examine
the “Big Bang” in conventional scientific terms is to assume a dissociated
(and separate, and separative) position, as if the ego-“l”
(or the “observing” body-mind) were standing outside of space-time—but
it does not. Egoity (and all of psycho-physical self, or body-mind) is,
inherently and necessarily, an event in (and of) space-time. The body-mind
is an event in (and of) space-time. That in Which the body-mind is occurring
(or of Which the body-mind is a modification, or a mere and temporary appearance)
(Itself) Transcends space-time, Transcends limitation, Transcends the apparent
breaking of Fundamental Light (or of Energy Itself, or of Radiance Itself).

The presumption of “point of view”—as the “knower”, and
the “measure”, of Reality Itself—is the fundamental error (or inherent
limitation) of conventional science and conventional (or exoteric) religion.
Those who publicly advocate the viewpoint of scientific materialism tend
to speak in terms that “make nothing” of religion. Such advocates of the
scientific materialist point of view are, in effect, still fighting with
the Catholic Christian religious authorities at the beginning of the European
Renaissance. They all, in effect, imagine themselves to be Galileo, “getting
the goods” on exoteric religion—which is a “straw man”, easy to criticize.
Exoteric religion is filled with limitations, and scientific materialists
“love” to “make nothing” of it.

In the view of some scientific materialists, religion
is merely a kind of bizarre episode of human mind, an expression of a mind
naturally fitted to very simple patterns of comprehension that, although
they have an ordinary natural purpose, cannot comprehend the “big picture”,
or great Cosmic (and even pre-Cosmic, or non-Cosmic) matters. According
to this point of view, religious statements are merely a kind of mental
babbling, ultimately no more profound, or meaningful, than “Pass the salt”
or “Walk down the block”, or even random computer garbage”—and, therefore,
religion is to be discounted (as a pre-scientific, or non-scientific, and,
therefore, un-comprehending, mode of mind and language).

Anti-religionists, atheists, and so forth, generally do
not talk seriously about great esoteric religion and Spirituality.
They merely take delight in creating verbal conflict with “other” (or science-challenged)
human beings. The reason why they seem to have so much energy for promoting
their anti-religious (and inherently “dark” and hopeless) point of view
is that, in doing so, they presume they are addressing (and academically
“sporting” with) non-scientists, even exoteric religionists, people with
non-scientific (and scientifically insupportable, and, therefore, it is
presumed, irrational) views, and so forth. Like headstrong young college
students, they derive great enjoyment from denying (and even officially”
anathematizing) absolutely everything that the pious religionists merely
believe. But, outside the circumstance of that adolescent debate, where
would they get any energy for denying Reality Itself, in Its Greatness?
Any fool can delight in abusive conflicts with public religionists of the
ordinary and exoteric kind. But what about Truth? What about the Great
Matter—Reality Itself?

In the human being, mind is, indeed, associated with simple
functions in the natural domain, and so forth. That is one aspect of mind,
certainly. But the entire human structure (and its every part) is also
inherently One with Reality Itself, Coincident with Reality Itself. Beyond
all its verbal chat and ordinary functioning, the human psycho-physical
structure is One with What Is—and is, therefore, in its
disposition, capable of Realizing (or, in various ways, experiencing) That
in Which it Inheres, That in Which it is arising, That of Which it is an
apparent modification. Such Realization (or experiencing) is the Domain
of true religion—in other words, the Domain of esoteric (or Spiritual,
and, ultimately, Divine) religion, of non-“public” religion, of the religion
that is not about egoity, not about mere social personality, not about
ordinary social interactions, not about ordinary cognitive processes.

A conditionally manifested form may be modified over time
by interactions within the form’s own structure, or it may be modified
over time by interactions within the sphere of relations apparently external
to the form itself—but any and every conditionally manifested form is
also, all the while, a manifestation within, and a manifestation
That in Which it is arising. There is evolution, in the sense of the changing
(or mutating) of forms, through internal and external interactions—but
there is also the Condition of Unity, Which Is the Inherent Condition of
every event, and Which Is the Source-State in Which, and from Which, all
events proceed (one by one, and, also, simultaneously). All things (or
all patterns, and, therefore, all conditionally manifested beings) arise
in (and as an apparent modification of) the One (Self-Existing,
and Self-Radiant, and Self-Evidently Divine) Reality (or Self-Condition
and Source-Condition)—and, therefore (necessarily), their interactions
(both internal and external) take place in That Domain (or Reality, or
Real God) That Is Always Already The Case.

It is not merely that a bee appears, and (utterly independent
of the bee) a flower appears, and, after a while of time, they (even
arbitrarily, or accidentally) learn how to relate to (and combine with)
one another. No! The “bee” and the “flower” arise (in some essential mode
of their pattern of appearance) simultaneously, in the totally interrelated
conditional pattern in which everything is arising. Plants cannot
bees—and, yet, plants (or their flowers) are found to take on forms that
are attractive to bees (and that, in order to attract them, even look like
bees)! If all aspects of “bee” and “flower” are merely external,
and gross, and inherently separate from one another, then both would disappear
long before they “learned”, enough about one another to establish the natural
relationship upon which each, in its natural fragility, depends for its

There are changes and interactions among all conditionally
manifested patterns and forms, but there is also simultaneity of
appearance, universal inherent unity and interrelatedness, and Inherent
Coincidence in the One Unbroken Light. This Greater Affair is the subject
of true (or esoteric) religion. The noticing of the interactions and changes
between forms, and so forth, is a compartment of human knowing (both ordinary
and scientific). That noticing is interesting enough, as one of the things
that human beings do, but such noticing is not an enterprise superior to
true religion, nor is such noticing the Way of Truth (Itself) and of Reality

A true science is not priorly committed to a philosophy
of materialism. A true science is free enquiry. Therefore,
there is a kind of true science exercised even by true religion. Of course,
ordinary (exoteric) religion often takes the form of babble about things
that, perhaps, are better described, comprehended, or investigated through
the scientific method and language. In other words, there certainly is
an immense amount of nonsense (or of arbitrary exoteric belief and doctrine)
that is called “religion”, but it is not the purpose of science merely
to criticize (or even anathematize) the nonsense of exoteric religion.
Rather, a true science must (and, inherently,
because both true religion and true science are Founded on That Which Is
Always Already The Case (and Which, therefore,
Is Truth Itself,
and Reality
Itself). And That Which Is Always Already The Case need
not (and cannot fruitfully) be sought. Therefore, if Truth is to
be served (and if Reality is to be Known), That Which Is Always Already
The Case must be priorly Acknowledged, and consistently
and, altogether, fully Affirmed (or
Really lived), whether
one is practicing religion, or doing science, or simply passing the salt.

When it is Founded in Truth (or Reality Itself),
science is no longer “scientific materialism”, but is simply part of the
human enterprise of observing (and coming to know about) conditionally
manifested forms. There is nothing about true science, or even science
in general, that is threatening to true religion. Science is very
threatening to ordinary (or exoteric) religion—no doubt. But why should
science be involved in an endless adolescent debate with conventional pious
religiosity, or even religious nonsense? Part of the “darkness” of the
present world-culture is that its present disposition (wedded to scientific
materialism) supports a process that is destroying all modes of
religion (both esoteric and exoteric). Of course, many religions are resisting
that process, but, nevertheless, the dominant cultural disposition in this
“late-time”, or “dark” epoch,
is anti-religious—in the sense of being a criticism of exoteric
(or conventional) religiosity.

In this “late-time”, science presumes itself to be a kind
of “esoteric” school, possessing what it regards to be a superior description
of reality. That description of reality amounts, in the common scientific
view, to an anathematizing of religion, and a declaration that reality
is only material, and that, therefore, the human being is only
material. Thus, the human being is presumed to be a dead-end of merely
material appearances, rather than what the human being truly (or Really)
is (in Reality, Itself), which is a process in or of (and, ultimately,
Identical to, and not separate from) That (One, and Only, and Non-Separate,
and Non-Dual, and Indivisible, and Indestructible, and Always Already Most
Prior Reality, or Real Condition, of Conscious Light) within Which
the human pattern is arising, and with Which the human pattern is
Always Already Coincident.

To be My devotee is not to side with the sometimes “nonsense”
of conventional (or merely exoteric) religion, or with the lunacy of negative
“cultism”. Not at all! But to be My devotee is also not to be bound by
the limited point of view of conventional science, or by any limited point
of view whatsoever. If, as My devotee, you are inclined to do science,
you can do so—just as you could be a baker, or a plumber, or whatever.
Science is a kind of ordinary human enterprise, in that it is about the
investigation of the signs and effects of broken (or conditionally manifested)
light—or, in other words, of appearances. True religion, on the other
hand, is the Way of always present-time Realization of Fundamental Light—of
the inherently Unbroken, Indivisible, and Indestructible Light (or Divine
Love-Bliss) That Is Reality Itself.

Therefore, there is no conflict between true religion
and true science, any more than there is a conflict between true religion
and life itself. However, science can be engaged egoically, and on the
basis of wrong principles—just as life altogether can be so engaged. Therefore,
science (like every other aspect of human life) must be corrected by the
Discipline of Truth and Reality—if there is to be “Brightening” by Me
(and, Thus and Thereby, Divine En-Light-enment).

When advocates of scientific materialism criticize religion
as an inherently limited expression of cognitive mind, they are criticizing
(or ordinary) religion, the religion that is a manifestation of
the cognitive mind (or of human ordinariness). True religion is not a manifestation
of the cognitive mind. True religion is not a manifestation (or invention)
of any aspect of conditional existence (itself). True religion is a Revelation
in the midst of conditional existence. True religion is a Revelation
conditional existence. Therefore, true religion is a Revelation
everything that the human being is. True religion is a Revelation that
fits all aspects of the human being to Reality Itself. If you are (thus)
fitted to Reality Itself—you can live life better. Therefore, you can
do science better, too. You can do
anything better—which is to
say that you can do anything that is right, and you can do it in a true
(or right) disposition.

DEVOTEE: Scientists have typically regarded science as
a way to understand objective reality. But, more recently, some scientists
have begun to regard consciousness, or subjective reality, as a rightful
subject of scientific investigation.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: When scientists investigate consciousness,
they are investigating a function of the human operation of knowing. Thus,
from the point of view of conventional science, consciousness is priorly
to be part of the human psycho-physical apparatus—and, on the basis of
this presumption, consciousness is (in general) declared by scientists
to be merely a functional aspect of what is (otherwise)
material, and (therefore) necessarily mortal.

However, Consciousness Itself (like Fundamental
Light, Itself) Is a Transcendent Condition. Therefore, Consciousness Itself
is not being (and cannot be) accounted for by means of scientific investigation
into the human apparatus of knowing and experiencing. Consciousness may
be being dismissed as a mere material function by certain scientific propagandists,
but they are not truly dealing with Consciousness Itself (or Energy
or Reality Itself). They are making merely conventional statements
about functional consciousness, and they are, in so doing, also being mere
propagandists, mere adherents (or “believers”) of an inherently false philosophy—false
because it is a view of Truth, and of Reality Itself, that is reduced
by and to “point of view” (and, in particular, to the “point of view” of
the gross physically based ego-“I” of the human organism). In other words,
scientific materialists are not being true scientists, but mere (and would-be-“official”)
propagandists for scientific materialism (itself), which is a mode of presumed
science (or of “rational” knowing) that is associated with the even ancient
philosophical tradition of materialism. Categorical statements denying
the Reality (and Transcendental, and Self-Evidently Divine, Nature) of
Consciousness Itself are merely the evidence of the materialist
philosophy being propagandized (and even irrationally “believed”), rather
than the sign of free enquiry being rightly and effectively pursued.

DEVOTEE: The point of view of many neurophysiologists
is that consciousness is merely an extension of brain chemistry.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: What is brain chemistry?
Brain chemistry is a modification of Light, of Energy. But when scientists
say that consciousness is merely “brain chemistry”, or that the
body is only “matter”, they think they are saying something profound
and absolute that reduces everything to mortality—ultimately, to nothingness.
The flesh-body, or brain chemistry, or any aspect of conditional existence
can be addressed as a mechanistic matter, but brain chemistry Is
(in its Inherent Coincidence with Reality Itself) Light—as all
conditionally manifested form Is. Therefore, in order to truly
(or in Reality) examine brain chemistry, the examination must be conducted
in an entirely different (and, ultimately, necessarily religious and Spiritual)

On the one hand, it is obvious that human beings are,
in some sense, “material”. Therefore, there is an obvious legitimacy to
the investigation (or rational examination) of the “material” nature of
the human being (as a pattern of form). On the other hand, every conditionally
manifested form is Always Already in the Condition of Inherent Unity with
Fundamental Light—and, therefore, every conditionally manifested form
is, simply, a modification of Fundamental Light. This Greater Truth is
the Basis for the true religious and Spiritual approach to the investigation
of conditional existence.

Even in your apparent materiality, you Are Energy.
Energy is always conserved—It is Indestructible. Energy can be changed,
but It cannot be destroyed. Therefore, you (As you Are)
cannot be destroyed. You simply cannot. All kinds of transformations
are possible, but that is all.

The scientific investigation of the material relationship
between brain chemistry and cognitive processes does not account for the
fact—proclaimed even by science itself—that brain chemistry is a mode
of Light. All apparently material processes are, ultimately, a play of
Light. You presently (and Always Already) Exist in a State of Indestructible
Unity with Fundamental and Primary Light (Itself). Everything arising is
Always Already in a State of Indivisible Unity with Reality (Itself). This
is the Basis for a great (and truly free) enquiry. Therefore, This
is the Basis for true science, and also the Basis for true (or esoteric,
and truly Spiritual) religion.

Scientific materialism is egoic science. Scientific
materialism is science wedded to the archaic (and false) philosophy, language,
and symbolism of materialism. The concept of “matter” should have become
obsolete with the passing of the nineteenth century. Since the discoveries
of physics in the first half of the twentieth century, every schoolchild
knows that “matter” is a mode of energy (or of light). And, yet, this universally
accepted “equation” has not yet become a basis for the world-culture. The
same science that declares E = mc
is contradicting its own declaration by telling everyone that everything
is merely “material”—and, thereby, communicating a “dark” and hopeless

Why is mankind becoming even more and more hopeless? Because
it is possessed (and ego-bound) by the belief in the ”official” (or “authoritatively”
propagandized) declaration of materiality-only—and, on that basis, it
doubts Truth (or feels materiality, and mortal “darkness”, is the “Truth”),
and it doubts Reality Itself (or feels materiality, and mortal “darkness”,
is the only “Reality”), and, therefore (or likewise), it doubts all

In this “late-time”, those who would affirm common (or
merely exoteric) religion often have to become virtually insane in order
to piously affirm it. If they are not informed in their understanding (and
patterned in their lives) by true (and, necessarily, esoteric—and Really
ego-transcending) religion, it is only by developing fundamentalist craziness,
or fanatic “cultism”, that people become “religious” in the face of what
they (correctly) perceive to be the negative (and anti-religious, and false)
scientific declaration that fills the common world.

The desperate, and even irrational, resort to exoteric
believer’s religiosity is not the Way of Adidam. My devotees are
not Called to Me to become “cultists”, to be mad, to be insane. My devotees
are Called to Me to be made sane by My Spiritual Company.
In devotional heart-Communion with Me, My true devotee (by right practice,
and by exercising truly intelligent discrimination) overcomes all
errors, all falsity, all negativity, all false views—whether
religious, or scientific, or of whatever kind.

This overcoming of falsity and negativity must
occur, because all of mankind is insane in this “late-time”. The craziness
that may be observed in the world in this “late-time” is the manifestation
of a universal (and, therefore, dangerous) collective human insanity that
is becoming more and more profoundly destructive day by day. There is a
profound conflict in the heart and mind of humanity in the present epoch—a
conflict resulting from its own false and ego-made doctrines, its own aggressive
and ignorant dissociation from Reality (Itself). The science of materialism
and the ordinary religion of anti-materialism are equally false, and they
are false for the same reason—because they are visions made by egoity.
They are not manifestations of Truth, but merely products of the conditional
suffering (and the defensive ego-efforts) of human beings.

The culture of scientific materialism is opposed to anybody
having anything to do with mysticism and related endeavors, but it still
has not found a way to control people as effectively as exoteric
religion can. Therefore, the culture of scientific materialism still allows
a “back door” for the continued existence of exoteric religion, as a means
for the political and social controlling of people’s pain-based motivations,
and their pleasure-based motivations. In and of itself, scientific materialism
does not provide a truly usable doctrine for motivating people to control
their behavior along idealistic lines. In fact, quite the opposite! The
materialistic message does not give people any real reason to be “good”!
And that is why the times are so “dark” (or “bad”)!

Religion is still a part of the materialistic world-culture,
but it is reduced to being merely a means for encouraging people to positively
socialize their behavior, and to reduce their pain-based activities and
their pleasure-based activities to an acceptable (politically and socially
prescribed and enforced) level. Exoteric religion does this through rather
bold, even suppressive, methods—which control people (to some degree),
but which do not, in any profound sense, make people “good” human beings.
Merely exoteric (or pious and idealistic) religion does not make people
either religious or “good” in any profound sense—any more than scientific
materialism makes them “good”, religious, and so forth.

On the one hand, many influential scientists constantly
argue against (and, altogether, condemn) exoteric religion. On the other
hand, they are still inclined to allow large-scale exoteric (and politically
and socially prescribed and enforced) “official” religious institutions
to function as the common controller of social behavior. Nevertheless,
this is neither logical nor truly effective, because such scientists are,
all the while, condemning the very basis on which exoteric religion attempts
to convince people to control their social behavior. People are not failing
to get this point! And this is why everybody is going mad. If “when you’re
dead, you’re dead”—if there is nothing but a material process here—then
what difference does it make what anybody does! You may as well be utterly
ego-possessed and negatively indulge yourself as much as you can—while
trying to avoid trouble as much as you can—and that’s about it! And that
is what everybody tends to be doing in this “late-time! And that is a very
dangerous situation. It is a world-culture made of fear, sorrow, and anger—a
world-culture that enshrines egoity, on both the individual level and the
collective level, while pretending to be about something great.

Certainly, those who truly practice the only-by-Me Revealed
and Given Way of Adidam (which is the one and only by-Me-Revealed and by-Me-Given
Way of the Heart) are benign characters in their behavior. But this is
not the case simply because My devotees are Called by Me to control their
social behavior—as if that, in itself, is religion.
The disposition of My true devotee is certainly humanly positive and life-positive,
but that disposition does not come from mere adherence to “moral commands”.
It is the humanly positive and life-positive disposition itself—made true
and real by his or her devotional heart-Communion with Me—that rightens
My devotee. Without that disposition, My devotee does not have a right
and true basis for volunteering for any kind of “socially disciplined”

If the universe is nothing but flying rocks, what difference
does it make what you do, or what anybody does? It is all unsatisfactory,
even terrible—and, effectively, dead! “Matter” is death! If that
is all there is, who cares about anything?! And, indeed, that is precisely
the disposition of mankind, as a whole, in this “late-time”. And that is
why this is such a “dark” and dangerous time.

If the disposition (or Real Circumstance) of the being
is not Found to be Eternal, then there is no basis for rightness,
there is no basis for sanity, there is no basis for well-being, there is
no basis for right life, for a truly “good” life, for a consistently positive
disposition of any kind—except whatever you can manufacture based on your
of suffering. To “control” your “pain-and-pleasure”-based social behavior
merely because you hope that everyone else will do the same—and that you
will (therefore) be (in any case, only temporarily, and only maybe) safe—is
not a profound disposition at work. Indeed, it is a very frightened
disposition at work.

While humankind is collectively insane, and becoming more
and more insane day by day, the mosquitos and the frogs and the fish are
all still sane—unless they are confined, or trapped, or abused, or otherwise
too much influenced by human beings who are insane. Thus, the insanity
being manifested by humankind in this late-time” is not shared by the rest
of the conditional domain (except where inordinate human influences have
been imposed). Flowers are not insane, yet—except, perhaps, some hybrid
varieties, “made” by human beings. Fish are not insane, yet— except, perhaps,
some hybrid varieties that, because of their over-large heads (and such),
cannot swim, and cannot eat, and, therefore, cannot survive. Even the “edible”
animals are not insane, yet—except, perhaps, some enslaved varieties,
buckled and fenced into feeding-confinements, unable to rest into Contemplation,
because of the material stresses by which their human keepers mock and
reduce their lives. These “invented” and enslaved non-humans have been
manipulated into suffering and insanity through the intervention of insanely
clever human beings! But, apart from such hybridization and enslavement,
which does result in negative signs, the non-humans—including all the
plants and trees—are not, yet, insane.

However, there is much inordinate influence by insane
humanity that is affecting the larger picture of the world. Terrible weather
patterns, terrible natural environmental patterns of all kinds, and even
terrible (and powerfully “cure”-resistant) diseases are appearing all over
the world, and these are the product of an over-powerful, insane humanity—which
is an entire species confined to itself, an ego-machine
that exploits and destroys all that is “good”, and that (in its
“dark” point of view) reduces even Reality (Itself) to a loveless
“Thing” of meaningless motions and grotesque always already death.

There have always been insane human beings, but, in earlier
times, they were not as powerful as they have become in this “late-time”.
It is only in this “late-time” that human beings have become capable of
producing effects that can change even global weather patterns, and global
ecological patterns of all kinds. But human beings have always been insane
in the domain of politics, for example. For countless centuries, wherever
human beings, in their egoity, have been capable of influencing conditional
events, there has been insanity and conflict. But now, in its motion into
the twenty-first century, the insanity of mankind is influencing even the
larger picture of the human natural circumstance. And this mustbechanged—or
there is going to be a terrible, horrific calamity on Earth! Such a calamity
is not yet inevitable, but it will occur if there is not a fundamental
transformation of mankind—in its heart and mind, and in its endeavors.
A fundamental rightening of the world-process must occur,
because mankind is now having a profoundlynegative effect on the
human world-process, and even on the larger natural domain of the world.

This is why I Describe this time as the “late-time”, or
the “dark” epoch. This epoch need not be so “dark” that every
thing and every one is brought to an end, but such can be
the dreadful outcome of the current human insanity! And, previous to this
“late-time”, that immense potential did not exist in the human

My devotees must serve the rightening of the entire world-process.
In My twenty-three Divine “Source-Texts”, I have Given (to all and All)
the right understanding of all and All. In My twenty-three Divine
“Source-Texts”, I have Given the understanding that (if it is Embraced
in right devotion to Me) makes the heart and the mind truly sane, and (thus
and thereby) righters the total life of human activity. So rightened by
their conformity to Me, My devotees are able to serve the rightening
of all of mankind. And, in fact—now, and forever hereafter—I Call upon
all My devotees to do so….

My devotees are the living Seed whereby the worldrightening
transformation can, and must, occur. Indeed, right devotion to Me Is the
Substance of human rightness and of all the rightened worlds of all and


1. The term “Real God” indicates the True
Source of all conditions the True and Spiritual Divine Person, rather than
any egoic (and, thus, false, or limited) presumptions about “God”.

2. By the word “Bright” (and its variations,
such as “Brightness”), Avatar Adi Da refers to the eternally, infinitely,
and inherently Self-Radiant Divine, Indivisible and Indestructible Light

3. Avatar Adi Da uses the word “gross”
to mean “made up of material (or physical) elements”. The gross (or physical)
dimension is therefore associated with the physical body, and also with
experience in the waking state.

The subtle is the dimension of energy and mind, associated
with experience in the dreaming state. The word “subtle” indicates that
this dimension is “refined”—in relation to the “gross” physical dimension.

The causal dimension is senior to and pervades both the
gross and the subtle dimensions. It is the root of attention, or the essence
of the separate and separative ego-“l”. The causal dimension is associated
with the nght side of the heart, specifically with the sinoatrial node,
or “pacemaker” (the psycho-physical source of the heartbeat). Its corresponding
state of consciousness is the formless awareness of deep sleep.

4. The ego-“l” is the fundamental activity
of self-contraction, or the presumption of separate and separative existence.

5. “The ‘late-time'” (or the ‘dark, epoch”)
is a phrase that Avatar Adi Da uses to describe the present era—in which
doubt of God (and of anything at all beyond mortal existence) is more and
more pervading the entire world, and the self-interest of the separate
individual is more and more regarded to be the ultimate principle of life.
It is also a reference to the traditional Hindu idea of “yugas”, or “epochs”,
the last of which is understood to be the most difficult and “dark”. Many
traditions share the idea that it is in such a time that the Promised Deliverer
will appear.

6. En-Light-enment (or Enlightenment)
is not just a state of mind, but rather it is an actual conversion of the
body-mind to the state of Divine Consciousness Itself, or Light Itself
Thus, Avatar Adi Da and His devotees sometimes write the word “Enlightenment”
with “Light” set apart by hyphens, in order to emphasize this point.


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