The Divine Well of True Happiness Does Exist

The Divine
Well of True Happiness Does Exist


An excerpt from a Talk in which Avatar
Adi Da
describes both the sobering realities of
human existence and tbe Sublime Alternative He Offers.

It seems you have plenty of time! Indeed, you have nothing
but time—and space! Over and over and over again. That is what
is called “samsara” (or the endless cycle of rebirths). In samsara (or
the conditional domain), there is a seemingly endless resource of time
and space, but no resource at all of Real True Happiness. True Happiness
(Itself) is the Greater Well, Beyond time and space. True Happiness (Itself)
is the Divine Source, to Which you must resort directly. Only by resorting
to the Divine Well of True Happiness (Itself) can you go Beyond this horror
to which you are now bound.

You are mind, perpetuating a circumstance of bondage to
what suffers and is limited and passes. You feel you can cope with that
circumstance, you do not even mind it all that much, and you are willing
to put up with it because you can acquire some pleasure in the midst of
it. That is how you commit yourself to time and space. Yet, if you really
do not like it, if you truly do not want to be conjoined with death,
or with what is (altogether) not satisfactory, or with what is not True
Happiness (Itself), or with what is changing (rather than Unchanging—if
you really and truly do not want to be bound to all of that
(or even associated with all of that), it is not necessary
for you to be thus bound (or associated). I Reveal and Give to you That
Which Transcends all that is insufficient, unsatisfactory, and incomplete.
By right, true, full, and fully devotional resort to Me, you can (and do,
and will) Realize My Avatarically Self-Revealed Infinite Divine Self-Condition
of Absolute Love-Bliss-Happiness (Which Is True Happiness, Itself).

The Infinite Divine Self-Condition (or the Divine Well
of True Happiness, Itself) Does Exist. I Am That. That Condition
Is the Truth. That Condition Is Reality Itself.

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