Adi Da Samraj


Thus, I am here …. to demonstrate that the universe is
a laughing matter, so that you will transcend it. I am here
to tell the ultimate jokes – all seven of them. There are
seven eternal jokes, which are not revealed in words – they
are not quips or one-liners, but whole pieces of existence,
or stages of life. The seven stages of life are the seven
original jokes. When you transcend them by fulfilling them,
then you are able to see the wonderment of God.

Living the stages of life, …the seven stages are stages
of laughter, each of which must, in its turn, become a great
laugh to you. You must be able to feel total pleasure in the
face of each stage of experience before you can go on to
complete the next stage. In your present level of
realization, however, you have not yet laughed at any of the
stages of life. You are still burdened by them, still
carrying them around, still being tested by them. You are
not yet laughing.

The seventh stage(s) of life must become a laughing
matter, along with all the rest of your body and all its
stages of growth. You must get the seven(th)… joke(s),
which is the body itself, the last laugh. That joke is
eternal and its Humor is infinite Bliss.


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