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There are two ways of life. There is one lived by the law
of karma, or change itself, in confrontation with the solid
world, the appearing world; or there is the way of living
from the point of view of Truth or the actual, the real

These are the two laws and they manifest in a
variety of ways which bring forth other laws. Two other laws
are (1) whatever you have not transcended, you must fulfill
– whatever is set in motion tends to remain in motion and
(2) whatever is not used tends to become obsolete

If you live by the first law you are trying to figure
yourself out by becoming less than what you are and
basically you are struggling with your self. If you relax
into the second law, in equitableness of yourself, and you
will see the Spirit working, rather than a separate you that
is somehow trying to figure things out. The first law
creates people struggling, rejecting, resisting, offending
and this then creates a situation where the spiritual
process cannot take place – that is the Law.

When the second law is not understood you will not become
a sacrifice of the whole body mind. This only occurs when
the heart comes to rest until then there is only
contraction, this separate and separative consciousness,
obsessive, bewildered, pursuing fulfillment on the basis of
what is apparently possible in the midst of this puny
limitation we wake up to each day.

Understanding the second law does not mean things do not
still arise and difficulties vanish. Since the life of most
people is built on the idea that the Law of life is
survival and existence is a stuggle for survival. Survival
is then motivation, significance, meaning, and goal of life,
either conscious or unconscious. Then the law of sacrifice
is not fufulled and you become a sacrifice in any case,
grudgingly, unconsciously. You will be eaten.

Even if it were true in the most intimate circumstances
of your life, it can’t justify unlove, the contraction of
the Being in you, because it is not true. You are not a
child anymore; you’ve seen too much. It has been given to
you to understand, in some basic way, the spiritual nature
of the world and the consequences of violating the Law of
Love. You become less than love by believing that you are

You must remain a strong presence as love, even
physically, to Infinity. That is The Law, that is
your obligation. Everyone is tested in this way. If some
people sees a little stronger, it in because they haven’t
indulged themselves as you have and perhaps did not have the
same kind of circumstance to deal with when they were young
and vulnerable.

Change and death come into the world by Law. They are
Divine, and they serve our Realization of Truth, or God.
They were not created by any Negative Power, or the “Devil,”
nor are they the products of “sin,” or any deviation from
The Law by Man. Rather, they are an intrinsic part of
the Realm of Nature. One must continue to live an ordinary
life but one must transform it, make it an expression of
this understanding, of these laws.

If you are serious you will no longer frivolously
indulging in the life process and stuggling with the basics
of money, food and sex. You will rather submit that process
to the law, to the greater purpose, the ultimate purpose, to
the process of submission to happiness.

We are obliged from birth to be a sacrifice. We are
obliged to a participatory existence or creative
participation in the theatre of life-frustration, is a
purifying fire that moves toward release or sacrifice of
self rather than fixed survival.

Frustration must begin to awaken us at the heart to a
feeling sacrifice or release of self and attention from the
reactive contractions experiences tend to generate in the
body-mind. And that heart-generative responsibility, rather
than any functional form of self-exploitation, subtle or
gross, must become our essential means of ecstasy. Only then
is ”I” a human being, real, moral, and true.

Our responsibility is to be the fulfillment of The
, which is sacrifice or love. Thus, we will persist
as selves and changes as long as these persist, but we will
in every moment be the release of these into the Reality or
Intensity that is their Source and Bliss.

A spiritual relationship depends on sacrifice, the
fulfillment of The Law. The sacrifice must be true of
you and it must be true of me. And no one, just because he
likes something about me, somehow or other, on that account
has a relationship with me, has any spiritual connection
with me whatsoever. I am not a whore. I know my spiritual
relations. They are entirely my responsibility. And if they
are violated, if they do not fulfill The Law, then
that is the end of the matter. A true relationship to me
does not just float around in the imaginations of people. It
depends on a real human process, mutually acknowledged,
mutually experienced, expressed at the level of life. If the
spiritual and devotional practice is not true of you, then
the sacrifice is not true, and my response is not

I am here to tell you that you are always connected to
the true food Source through love, through unobstructed
feeling-attention via the functions in which you are
presently awake. That is The Law. We are fed through
the spine from the heart, in all directions, when we are
love. When we are not, then we are cut off from the food
Source, and in our relations we cut everybody else off from
it too. When you love, you are connected with the food
Source on which the whole body-being depends. It radiates to
you, in you, around you, and as you most especially.

Every being must fulfill The Law, regardless of
his or her past. It does not make any difference how
difficult it is for you. The Law remains The
. The Law is unobstructed feeling-attention
under all conditions and in all relations to Infinity. If
you are obstructed in feeling and attention, you fail to
fulfill The Law. That is why you suffer, and why you
stop growing.

You must accept the discipline of The Law of love,
or sacrifice, and bypass completely all of your old victim
and loveless ways. To love is not a matter of self-denial.
Love is the transformation of self through Divine Communion,
through pleasure, the inherent Bliss of the body-being when
it is feeling to Infinity. No matter how difficult it is –
because you can still sympathize mightily with these old
incidences of unlove of being a victim, a child – you must
enter into the heartfelt enjoyment of the Divine Reality,
and be its agent.

So long as people do not respond to the highest wisdom,
they remain reactive and conventional. It will continue to
be so in our world, and all kinds of problems will result,
until there is a universal response to higher Wisdom. Such a
response is certainly not likely in the near future, and so
there will continue to be problems in the world.

Thus, there are periods of great negative upheaval in the
world, including natural disasters, wars, and conflicts of
all kinds. On the one hand, during these periods, the world
pays its dues for failing to live by The Law. On the
other hand, these times of upheaval are the evidence of a
continuous process of purification. They are themselves a
demonstration of The Law. At the end of these
periods, The Law is reestablished in

Editors note:

Adi Da’s Prophetic criticism of our times could not be
more severe, or more urgent. His reading of the “signs of
the times ” transcends mere psychic knowledge; it arises out
of his native God-Conscious Understanding of the Law of
sacrifice. From the point of view of the wise, there is no
predestined fate except Sacrifice. The Sacrifice must be
made, either unconsciously and passively, as by the usual
man, who is moved through cycles of change by Nature, or
consciously, actively, and ecstatically, as by the devotee,
who moves in God, transcending the changes of Nature. If men
will hear the Truth and conform their lives to The
, they may also benignly influence the course of
human events. That is why Adi Da speaks so forcefully and
urgently, to awaken every man’s power of discrimination and
to serve every man’s Enlightenment in God for the benefit of

There are periods of great negative upheaval in the
world, including natural disasters, wars, and conflicts of
all kinds. On the one hand, the world pays its dues during
these periods, for failing to live by The Law. On the
other hand, these times of upheaval are the evidence of a
continuous process of purification. They are themselves a
demonstration of The Law. At the end of these
periods, The Law is reestablished in

It is very likely that we are entering into such a time
of upheaval, because of the extent of the failure of human
culture. There is simply no light abroad in the world today.
There is nothing but corruption, nothing but the failure to
accept the Way of God. There is absolutely no sign of the
Way of Truth, except in rare instances of individuals and
small groups of people.

Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin
sacrificium, from sacr-, sacer + facere to

Middle English verb meaning “to make sacred”. Commonly
known; to make a sacrifice or offering. Examples are; the
practice of offering food, objects (typically valuables), or
the lives of animals or people to the gods as an act
of propitiation or worship.

A Vedic proverb runs: “Sacrifice is the navel of the
world” – This archetypal concept of sacrifice is presented
throughout Vedic poetry and has been replicated as
enactments of Vedic ritual in the Brahmanas. The sacrifice
is the ‘navel of the world’, says the Asyavamsya hymn. All
this, whatever exists, is made to share in the sacrifice.
Even a standing tree is symbolic of life and is
participating in the cosmic sacrifice. This is the poetic
image presented in the Rigveda (3.8 1).

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