Enlightenment and the Transformation of Man


Enlightenment and the Transformation of Man

Selections From Talks And Essays On The Spiritual Process And God-Realization.

By Da Free John.

Only edition: 9/83.
©1983 The Johannine Daist Communion.
ISBN: 0-913922-83-8 (paper).
LOCCCN: 83-72730.
Compiled and edited with an introduction and commentary by Georg Feuerstein.
(Note: dates are for “unpublished” talks.)

Introduction: Enlightenment Is Possible!

I. The Fundamental Argument:

1. Reality Is the Condition of All Conditions:
‘What Is to Be Realized?’
‘The Presumption of What Cannot Be Lost or Found’.
‘The Imaginary Disease of Un-Reality’.
‘Truth Is Not an Alternative’.
‘Realization Is Not a Matter of Belief but of Self-Transcending Practice’.

2. The Ego as Self-Contraction:
‘The Ego Is the Recoil from God’
‘Self-Contraction Is the “Original Sin”‘.
‘The Illusion of Subjectivity’.
‘The Ego Is an Activity’.
“The Ego Is an Imaginary Disease”.
‘Understanding the Ego Is Transcending the Ego’.
‘The Self-Contraction Must Be Re-cognized’.

3. Seeking and Understanding:
‘Seeking and Understanding’.
‘Seeking Is a Pseudo-Solution to the Fear of Death’.
‘Experience Cannot Liberate’.
‘Seeking Is an Unnecessary Pursuit of Happiness’.
‘Only Understanding Avails’.
‘The Truth Is Not an Answer to a Question’
‘God Cannot Be Found through Seeking’.

II. Approaching God-Realization:

4. The Seven Stages of Life.

5. Enlightenment Is the Foundation of the Way of Radical Understanding (includes talk, 2/20/81):
“Enlightenment Is the Basis of the Way” (1/26/83).
“You Can’t Get There From Here”.
‘The Seventh Stage Disposition Is the Principle of All Stages of Spiritual Practice’.
‘The Process Itself Is Enlightenment’.
“Falling into the Well of Happiness”.

6. Spiritual Practice as a Way of Life:
“The Great Discipline” (1/24/83).
“The Process Is to Be Happy in This Moment”.
‘Enlightenment Is Your Present Potential’
“The Ego Cannot Realize the Truth” (5/2/83).
‘The Principle of Understanding Applies to All Stages of Practice’.
‘Real Growth Cannot Be Rushed’.
‘The Conceit of Enlightenment in the Popular Mind’.
‘Until There Is Realization, There Is No Realization’.
‘Spiritual Practice Is Ordinary Life’.
‘The Desire for Liberation in Truth’.

7. The Way of Radical Understanding and Conventional Religious Paths:
‘Fourth Stage Practices in the Way of Radical Understanding’.
“Conventional Exoteric Religion as Cure for an Imaginary Disease”.
‘On Transcending the “Problem-Consciousness” of Conventional Approaches to Religious Life’.
‘The Inherent Limitations of Fourth Stage Paths’.
‘Conventional Religious Seeking Is an Addiction’.
‘The God-Idea of Conventional Religion’.

8. The Inherent Limitation of the Brain Mysticism of the Fifth Stage of Life:
‘Conventional Mysicism Is Brain Mysticism’.
‘The Ultimate Irrelevance of Mystical Phenomena’.
‘Mystic vs. Devotee’.
‘Even Nirvikalpa Samadhi Falls Short of Enlightenment’.
“Goal-Samadhis” and Native Happiness’.
“The Error of Drug Mysticism”.
‘Enlightenment Transcends the Body-Mind’.

9. Self-Realization of the Sixth Stage Is a Transitional State:
Exclusiveness Is the Limitation of the Realization of the Sixth Stage of Life’.
‘Identification with the Self-Essence Is Not God-Realization’.
‘Buddhism, Advaitism, and Radical Understanding’.
‘Inversion Rather Than Transcendence of Attention in Buddhism and Vedanta’.
Atman=Brahman Is True Only When Realized’.
‘Real Meditation’.

III. Enlightenment or Perfection in God:

10. The Nature of Open-Eyed Ecstasy:
‘Enlightenment Is the Obvious’.
Enlightenment Is a Most Ordinary Event’.
‘Enlightenment Is Literal’.
‘Enlightenment Epitomizes the Sacred Ordeal of Self-Transcendence’.
“The Seventh Stage of Life Is a Matter of Self-Abiding” (1/24/83).
“The Realization of the Seventh Stage Is the Ultimate Verification of the Way of Radical Understanding” (12/12/80).
‘The Three Phases of Enlightenment’.
‘Enlightenment Is Not an Act of Thought but Intuitive Recognition of Phenomena’.
‘Sahaj Samadhi and the Process of Attention’.
“Perfect Enlightenment Is Constant Remembrance of Me”.
‘The Enlightenment of the Whole Body’.
‘Enlightenment Is a State of Body, Not of Mind’.
‘The Gaze in the Heart’.
“Even the Last Cell of the Body Participates in Enlightenment”.
‘The Body Is Not the Enemy’.
‘Enlightenment Means Pure Spontaneity’.
‘There Is No Ego to Be Lost’.
‘Enlightenment Is Continuous in All States of Consciousness’.
‘Sahaj and Other Samadhis: The Testimony of the Adept’.
‘Sahaj Samadhi and the Jnana Samadhi of the Sixth Stage of Life’.
“Sahaj Samadhi Is Jnana Samadhi with Open Eyes” (3/26/83).
‘Sahaj Samadhi as the Context for the Appearance of Extraordinary States of Awareness’.

11. The Yoga of the Seventh Stage of Life:
‘Enlightenment Is a Process of Transfiguration, Transformation, and Translation’.
‘The Glorious Signs That May Surround the Sacrifice of Man’.
‘Radical Transfiguration vs. Conventional Transfiguration’.
“Recognizability Is the Essence of Enlightenment” (1/9/83).
“The Two Great Siddhis of Self-Realization” (2/20/81).
“Sahaj Samadhi—A Dead End?”
“The Yoga of the Seventh Stage of Life” (1/26/83).
‘Freedom and Enlightenment’.
“The Transcendence of Discipline” (1/8/81).
“Sahaj Samadhi Is Complete in Itself” (3/26/83).
“Conductivity and the Conscious Process in the Seventh Stage of Life” (1/22/83).
‘The Transformation of Existence Is the Sacred Ordeal of the Enlightened Being’.
“From Divine Activity to Divine Indifference” (1/26/83).

12. Translation or Bhava Samadhi:
‘From the Second Phase of Sahaj Samadhi to Bhava Samadhi’.
‘Sahaj and Bhava Samadhi’. ‘Bhava samadhi, Death, and Rebirth’.
“The Mystery of Amrita Nadi” (1/22/83).
“The Ultimate State Is beyond Description” (1/24/83).
‘Translation and the Future of Mankind’.

13. Adept and Enlightened Devotee:
“The Enlightened Personality Does Not Appear a Certain Way” (3/26/83).
“Difference in Character Is Not a Difference in Realization” (3/27/83).
“Enlightenment and Experience” (4/8/83).
“Enlightenment as Play” (3/27/83).
‘The Attractive Power of Enlightened Beings’.
“The Enlightened Being as Devotee” (3/26/83).
‘The Death of the Perfect Devotee Is Bliss’.
“Enlightened Beings and Reincarnation” (12/20/80).
‘Higher Karmas’.
‘The Mystery of the Adept and the Perfect Devotee’.
“Crazy Adepts and Their Higher Destiny” (12/12/80).
‘The Spiritual Master Is Absurd’.
‘The Spiritual Master Is an Archetype of the Nervous System in Its Native State’.

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