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[ Painting by Balgajbar, Guru Siddha Peeth, Ganeshpuri,
(Darshan magazine, SYDA Foundation) ]


( Tukarama, Tukaram Maharaj, Tuka )

( 1608 – 1649 ) ( 1598 – 1650 )

All creatures have become divine to me,

I have transcended time and space,

And I shall never be born again . . .

I am smaller than the atom,

But I’ve expanded to the outer limits of space . .

What is left of Tuka is only

For the benefit of others

[ Gatha 993 (P. M. Lad)]

Tukaram was a bhakta by nature and farmer by trade and was
likely born at Dehu near Poona in the State of Maharashtra
where his ancestral home is still said to exist.

His family were successful grain sellers but the priestly
class considered him lowborn.

(Tukuram’s own farming fortune took a bad turn later
in life when a famine resulted in the death of his first wife and son by

Tukuram inherited devotion to God from his family. The
family deity was Vitthal, or Pandurang—
a form of Krishna worshipped in the famous temple in Pandharpur.
His devotion took greater focus after the disaster that befell his family
and many others.

Some say Tukaram received his spiritual initiation from
in a dream. Others say that it was during a period of intensive meditation
that Tukaram’s Guru, Babaji Raghavachaitanya, initiated him in 1619, whereupon
he renounced his inheritance gave himself completely to meditation and

Tukaram believed the body to be the temple of the living
lord and idol worship and rituals had no meaning for him. His all-embracing
love and forbearance and his special compassion for animals compare with
the saintliness of St. Francis of Assisi.

He had much need to be forbearing, for his envious comtemporaries
from the upper classes condemned and reviled him for his spontaneous witnessing
of the Love of God. Oblivious to the misunderstanding and spite of his
detractors, Tukaram bequeathed to his fellow men and posterity many wonderful
songs, chants and poems in praise of the Divine and the spiritual Way.
Nearly five thousand lyrics in the Marathi language have been consolidated
into a volume known as the Tukaramachi Gatha.

The woman saint Bahinabai exclaims
in one of her songs that “Jnanadeva laid the
foundation, and Tukaram became the pinnacle”.

[ page of original manuscript from Tukaram’s abhangas

(lit.immortal) ; devotional lyric or song-form in the
Marathi language ]



Excerpts from Tukaram

A visit to Tukaram’s village,
Dehu, Maharashtra, India

(excerpt from Swami Durgananda’s pilgrimage with Baba
in 1978)

The Great 17th Century Saint from Maharashtra

from neonblue.com, includes bio, abhangs, and movie ref.


Giri’s biography




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Village Songs of Western India :

Translations from Tukaram

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Eating Hunger:

Selections from the Poems of Tukarama (1608-1649)

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