Love of the Two-Armed Form h

Love of the Two-Armed Form

The Free and Regenerative Function of Sexuality in Ordinary Life and the Transcendence of Sexuality in True Religious or Spiritual Practice.

By Bubba Free John.

First edition: 12/78.
©1978 Vision Mound Ceremony.
ISBN: 0-913922-40-4 (cloth).
ISBN: 0913922-37-4 (paper).
LOCCCN: 78-57090.

The Cover: “The Taj Mahal.”
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Introduction: Transcending the Two-Armed Form through Love by Saniel Bonder (6/30/78.) ‘We are defined and controlled by all that we have not transcended.’

Prologue: ‘This Book Is My Confession of Sexual Wisdom.’
Note to the reader

Part I: The Regenerative Principle: Liberation and Transformation of the Emotional and Sexual Connection to Life:
‘The Song of the Heart of God’ (an epitome of the Bhagavad Gita and the Way of Divine Ignorance.
1. ‘I Am the Body Is Love’:
‘The Bodily Confession of the Human Self, or the Conversion of Sexuality to the Law of the Heart.’
‘God Is the Transcendental Consciousness and Radiant Life That Pervades the Body, the Mind, and the World.’
2. The Taboo against the Superior Man: ‘Dracula and Frankenstein: The Ancient Superior Man as Scapegoat for the Modern Inferior Man.’
3. ‘We Have Not Sinned in Eden, but We Have Been Born’:
‘The Right Religious, Spiritual, and Human Discipline of the Sexual Function.’
‘Marriage and the Positive Sexual Destiny of Man.’
“Moving beyond Subhuman Sexuality.”
4. ‘The Transcendental Diet of Man.’
5. ‘Organ Doubt and Organ Ignorance’:
‘Narcissism vs. Ecstasy, or the Transcendence of Masturbation, Fetishism, and Other Obsessive Desires.’
6. Sexuality and the Ascent to Mature Human Life:
‘The Fourth Stage of Life Is the Origin of the Truly Human Function in the World.’
‘Sexual Communion Leads to Growth beyond Sex and Thought.’
7. Sexual Communion Is Worship, or Devotional Surrender to Life:
‘Sex and Enlightenment.’
‘The Way of Divine Ignorance Is True Religion, or the Sacrifice of Self in God.’
‘Love of Life.’
‘Growth and Transcendence.’
8. Reactivity and the Passion of Life: Frustration and Reactive Emotion:
‘Always Meet the Mark.’
‘The Creative Function of Life-Frustration in the Process of Self-Sacrifice.’
‘Reactivity and the Passion of Life.’
The Pursuit of Pleasure and the Realization of Ecstasy:
‘The Fullness of Life Dissolves Body and Mind.’
‘The Transition from Pleasure to Ecstasy.’
‘The Secret of How to Change.’
‘Three Suitcases.’
“Why Can’t We Feel Such Pleasure All the Time?”
9. Sexual Communion Is Transcendence of Self and Lover:
Ecstasy Is Realized Only in Relationship:
‘Self-Possession and Divine Communion.’
Life Is the Urge to Ecstasy.’
‘Ecstasy Is the Means of Self-Realization.’
‘The Urge to Repetition.’
‘Self-Sacrifice and Self-Denial.’
‘True Desire Is the Expression of Love.’
‘Transcendence of Self and Lover.’
‘Every Kind of Action Must Be Engaged as Love-Communion with the Living God.’
‘We Must Awaken from the Spell of Our Childishness.’
‘We Must Consent to Become Agents of Life.’
‘The True Man.’
“The Need Connection.”
‘Love Is Freedom from Fear, Doubt, and Despair’.
‘Monogamy, Polygamy, and True Marriage.’
‘Mature Lovers Are Devotees of the Real.’
‘Love Is the Bodily Intuition of God.’
10. Abandoning Casual Association between the Sexes:
“Abandoning Casual Association between the Sexes.”
‘Social Sexual Order and Personal Sexual Transcendence.’
‘The Independence of the Sexes and the Play of Human Society.’
‘The Spiritual Transformation of Sexual Characters.’
11. “Love Is the Sacrifice of Man.”

Part II: The Ecstatic Practice: Conservation and Transformation of Orgasm.
‘The Free Standing Man’ (from Chap 11 of the Bhagavad Gita.)
Introduction: ‘Ecstasy and the Natural Transcendence of Sexuality.’
12. How Our Sexuality Is Transcended:
”Sexual Communion Is a Transitional Yoga of Man.’
‘Spiritual Practice Is the “Conscious Exercise” of Love.’
‘The Lover of Mankind, and How Our Sexuality Is Transcended.’
‘Love Is the Sacred Principle of Human Sexuality.’
“Sexuality Is the Physical Drama of Emotion.”
13. ‘The Right and Intelligent Use of Erotica and Aphrodisiacs.’
14. ‘Sexual Communion: The Divine Yoga of Sexual Love:
‘The Essence of the Process of Sexual Communion.’
‘Sexual Communion: The Human and Conscious Exercise of Sexuality.’
‘The Genital “Mudra”‘
‘The Feeling Cycle of the Breath in Conservation of the Orgasm.’
‘Love and Breath.’
‘Breath, Feeling, and Orgasm.’
‘Physiological Exercises for Conserving the Orgasm.’
‘The Uses of Tension, Pressure, and Relaxation of the Bodily Base in the Conservation of Orgasm.’
‘The Sexual Yoga of Life-Conservation.’
‘Further Instruction on the Conservation of the Orgasm.’
‘The Intentional Discipline of Adaptation to Sexual Communion with Life.’
15. True Sexuality Is the Play of the Heart:
“Sexual Communion versus the Sexual Yogas of the Ancients.”
The Anatomy of Feeling:
‘The Bodily House of Narcissus.’
‘Chronic Thinking Is Separation Anxiety, and It Motivates Us to Achieve the Sense of Reunion through Sex.’
‘Sexual Communion Is the Practice of Whole Body Radiance.’
‘Food and Sex Are for Life-Assimilation, Not the Casual Indulgence of Hunger or Desire.’
“True Desire Cannot Be Satisfied.”
‘True Lovers Feed and Enhance One Another with Life.’
‘The Regenerative Orgasm and the Thrill of Life.’
‘The Marriage Relationship Is the Yoga of Love.’
Bodily Rejuvenation and the Life-Enhancing Chemistry
‘Sexual Communion Is Divine Communion.’
“Marriage and the Transcendence of Sexuality.”
16. Sexual Activity Is neither an Obstacle nor an Obligation in the Way of Divine Ignorance:
The Ultimate Fulfillment of Sexual Communion:
‘Sexual Economy and Motiveless Celibacy Are the Natural Consequences of Sexual Communion and the Realization of Whole Bodily Fullness.’
‘Sexual Activity Is neither an Obstacle nor an Obligation in the Way of Divine Ignorance ‘.
‘Homosexuality and Whole Body Fullness.’
‘The Signs of Motiveless Bodily Transcendence of Genital Orgasm.’
The Stages of the Practice of Sexual Communion:
‘Sexual Discipline in The Free Communion Church’.
‘The Stages of the Practice of Sexual Communion.’
‘The Transcendence of Sexuality.’
‘When Does Sexual Communion Become Motiveless Celibacy?’
17. Only the Sacrifice Is Guaranteedition: Everything Else Must Be Transcendedition:
‘Sexual Communion and the Culture of the Free Communion Church.’
‘Sexual Communion and the Cycle of Human Adaptation to Be Engaged by Lay Members and Novices of The Free Communion Church.’
‘Social Celebration and Spiritual Maturity.’
‘Diet and Sex.’
‘Dietary Discipline in The Free Communion Church.’
‘The Right Occasional Use of Stimulating Tea.’
You Must Transcend Everything:
‘Renunciation and Transcendence.’
“Sexual Communion is a Spiritual Riddle.”
‘Enlightenment and Perfection.’
‘Rules of Behavior in the Seventh Stage.’
‘Bodily Transcendence and Sexual Communion.’
‘The Play of Sex in the Seventh Stage of Life.’
‘There Is a Right and Occasional Exercise of the Conventional Orgasm.’
“The Regenerative Response.”
‘Enlightenment Is a State of Body, Not of Mind.’
‘Transcendence of the Mind Is Enlightenment of the Whole Body.’
‘The Way of Renunciation and the Way of Ecstasy.’
‘The Householder’s Destiny and the Illusions of Traditional Holiness.’
‘The Ascetic Problem and the Freedom of True Devotees.’

‘Love of the Two-Armed Form’ (from the Bhagavata Purana, Bk 4, chap 29 ver 52-55, Bk 11 chap 26 ver7-26, bk 10 chap 60 ver 42-45 & 58-59)

An Invitation: Begin with the written Teaching.
Friends of the Teaching.
The Development of True Spiritual Life in The Free Communion Church.
Lay and Novice Membership.
The Esoteric Order of The Free Communion Church.
The True Church.
“The True Church and the Cult of the Spiritual Master.”
Appendix: Physical Exercises Related to the Process of Sexual Communion.
(462 pp.)

Second edition: 5/85.

By Da Free John.
©1985 The Johannine Daist Communion.
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