The Ultimate Mystery of Consciousness


Chapter 8: The Transcendental Vision

The Ultimate Mystery of


All the predicates added on to the “I” sense in the form
of both experiences (high and low) and thought-conceptions
(great and small) are in fact forms of relation-avoidance,
self-contraction, or “I”-modification. When that entire
process is understood and transcended, “I” is Realized not
as an inward, independent, separate, or separated subject or
center of experience and thought but as the Unconditionally
Radiant Transcendental Being in or of which even the entire
Realm of Nature (internal, or conventionally “subjective,”
and external, or conventionally “objective”) is arising as a
spontaneous modification that is eternally unnecessary and
without binding power.

The Way of that Realization is not at all a matter of
conventional inwardness nor of outward self-exploitation. It
is a matter of Ecstasy, self-transcendence, or transcendence
of the conventions of thought and phenomenal experience. And
Ecstasy is associated with processes of intuitive
understanding, or self-criticism in response to the argument
of Truth, as well as heartfelt whole bodily (or total
psycho-physical) surrender into the Radiant Transcendental
Presence and Being Who is the Divine Master and Condition of
all beings and worlds.

The Way of Ecstasy is expressed as Liberation from the
subjective or psychological dilemma of physical and psychic
self-limitation, and, on the basis of that Liberation, the
apparent individual, and mankind, and all beings, and the
total universe or world of light, will be Transfigured,
forever Transformed, and ultimately Translated in and into
the Radiant Domain of the Infinite Free Blissful Love-Great

Therefore, the “I” sense (or simple Consciousness) is not
only or merely the conventional basis of our experiential
existence. It is the basis of our Destiny altogether. We may
submit to the conditions of experience (all mental,
emotional, and physical predications of the basic “I”
sense), and so become endlessly distracted by the positive
and negative extremes of experiential and conceptual
possibility, or we may Realize the Condition indicated by
the simple “I” sense (prior to all the limitations of the
“I” sense that are determined by predication, or
conventional association with psycho-physical conditions),
and thus transcend the dilemma of self-limitation.

Ecstasy is the Realization of the Truth or Transcendental
Condition of the “I” sense (or simple, mere Consciousness)
through transcendence of “I” as the ego, the conventionally
presumed subject of experience. It is to Realize the “I”
sense (or simple Consciousness, prior to the thought “I”) as
Unconditional or Transcendental Being, the Condition of
which all experience is only a nonbinding (or egoless)

The thought “I” is the ego, the conceived subject of
experience. But the simple Consciousness is prior to
experience, prior to the independent ego-self, prior to body
and mind, such that body and mind (or all psycho-physical
conditions) are only spontaneous modifications or
permutations of that very Consciousness, which is Itself
never limited or bound by any experiential or conceptual
phenomenon-except that It may presume Itself to be limited,
separate or independent, and depressed to the degree that It
identifies Itself merely as the bodily and inner “I,” the
subject of experience, the “entity” upon which all concepts
and experiences are conventionally predicated.

Therefore, we must Awaken from the conventions of our
independent subjective mode of “being” and enter into the
Transcendental Realization of our own Consciousness (Which
is Itself not merely the conventional “I” of mental and
physical self-conception, but even the very Life or Light or
Spirit in which the mind and the body and the phenomenal
world are presently arising). In that case we will be
literally Enlightened, or Transfigured, body and mind, by
that same Life-Light or Blissfully Radiant Spirit-Being, and
we will be physically, morally, and psychically Transformed,
even to the ultimate degree of perfect Translation of the
apparent self and the apparent world into the Radiant Domain
or Infinite Divine Being that is the Mystery of our