What is Consciousness?

is Consciousness?


compilation, adaptation and edit from various writing by Adi
Da Samraj


is consciousness? This is the basic question posed in The Knee of Listening. What is consciousness? You never discover
what it is by wandering in the play of life and the
body-mind. You can only discover it by entering into
consciousness itself, by contemplating it most profoundly,
locating its Quality, Condition, Status, Force.
Consciousness is always only related to experience, and
therefore, it is never, as itself, an expression, result,
container, servant, or prisoner of experience. When you have
fully entered into Consciousness Itself, then suddenly the
Truth of everything becomes obvious.

To Realize the Truth you must enter
the Realm of Consciousness first. Very naturally permit the
body-mind to enter into a state of equanimity. When it is in
an ordinary, lawful, balanced condition, managed by simple,
natural disciplines rather than ascetic ones, the body-mind
does not bind you. Equanimity (absolute rest at Infinity
through feeling-attention, without recoil or obstruction)
grants you the free attention to explore consciousness and
realize its Status.

The trouble is that you have begun
with Nature with expectation that eventually you will
realize Consciousness. You do not get to Consciousness from
here. You can only enter into Consciousness directly. You
can only enter into Consciousness directly. You are already
established there. Therefore, the spiritual practice is to
enter into the contemplation of Consciousness

Becoming Enlighten is a very simple
matter of examining your present state and seeing its obvious
features. The simplest thing to say about everything that
arises is simple related, and not by necessity. You have
nothing directly to do with what arises. You are never more
than aware of it. None of its qualities are every your
quantities. But in your ordinary and un-Enlightened state
you are busy becoming involved with the drama of conditional
existence, and thus you never have time to explore the
Condition in which you actually inhere.

You do not inhere in the realm of
Nature, but in the realm of Consciousness.



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