God – Part 3 – Book 1 – Have I Said It? – Bubba Free John – selected quotes 1972-1975 – Ed Hi.

Have I Said It?

Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj), 1973

Note to the reader

Adi Da Samraj (Bubba Free John)

Bubba Free John (1974)…..Adi Da Samraj (2008)


Chapter 3


There is Only God.


God is not what you think

God to be.

God is!

God is your real condition.

This is the moment of God.

God is the Real

God is Truth and Reality.

God may not be isolated,

Identified in any direction

Outside or inside,

Here or there,

Up or down.


The Divine is of a radical nature

Realized only in Divine communion,

Realized as that condition.

The Divine is not apart

And above and elsewhere,

To be attained at another time

In the midst of some condition or another

That you may or may not imagine.

That is not the truth.


The truth is the present one,

The absolute Divine

That may not be attained,

That may not be ascended to,

That does not even descend upon you,

But which is perfectly and already

Your present condition.


The Divine is unmanifest,

The Divine does not appear as a piece.

The Divine is absolute, entire,

All-pervasive, perfect,

Not to be found in some place,

Some thing, some archetype,

Some moment, some experience,

Some state.


The Divine is present,

Not above the world, not to be found,

Not elsewhere, not grasped, but fallen into,

Always already existing, of which all things

Are the manifestation.

Not the Divine who is himself manifest

In some thing, but of whom all things

Are the manifestation in the sense that

They are all his modification.

By the power of that

Divine Consciousness,

Qualities arise,

Modifications of that



The Divine is that

From which everything arises,

Of which everything is the modification,

Than which there is no other,

Which is only.


God is eternally present

And absolutely present.

God is as present

At this moment

As he is ever

Going to be.


The Divine is not elsewhere

Or only deeply within all this.

This is the Divine.

Only God is full.

And God’s fullness

Is the prior fullness

That is reality itself.

Fullness is only,

Always and already God.

God cannot be contained

Or given,

Nor does he fill

What is empty or unreal.


The true Heart is the one,

Unqualified Reality.

What I call the Heart

Is Consciousness.

It is the formless, absolute,

Omnipresent Divine Reality.

It is very Consciousness,

Absolute Bliss,

Unqualified existence.


It is intuition of unspeakable God.

The Heart is really present,

Not merely and subtly present.

It is always present

As understanding,

Alive as its radical nature.

The Heart is not deep or subtle,

But only present and free.

The true Heart

Is the present Heart.

The true Heart

Is the living Heart.

It is the inclusive Heart.

The Heart is always active,

Always accomplishing

The thing that desire always seeks

But never fully realizes.


There is only

The constant knowledge and enjoyment

Of the Heart,

Moment to moment,

Through the instant

Of all conditions

Of appearance and disappearance.

The Heart is absolutely radical,

Not identical to any thing,

Any dilemma,

Any path or moment in the path,

Any quality, any experience,

Any limitation whatsoever.

The Heart obliterates

And destroys limitation

All the time.

It is a wildness!

It is Divine madness.

The self, the Heart,

Is perfect madness.

There is not a jot of form within it.

There is no thing.

No thing has happened.

There is not a single movement

In Consciousness.

And that is its blissfulness.

Truly, the self is mad.

The self is unlearned.

It is utterly mindless,

Utterly free,

Uncontained, unqualified.

Shakti is the Heart itself.

It is truth itself.

It is real-God, God alive.


The Heart is Shakti,

It is conscious force,

It is the fire that is Reality.

There is only God.

Only God.

There is nothing

That is not God.



God is no alternative.

There is only God.


Literally there is only God.

There is only one condition,

Only one condition, not many conditions,

Not a condition of which

This is the manifestation.

There is one condition, absolutely only one.


How can i say it?

Let me put it this way

There is one condition.

There is absolutely only one condition,

And that is not other than

Your own Consciousness.


I’m always happy.

There’s only God.

I don’t know why

There’s only God,

It’s just perfectly obvious.

What the else is there?

What else could there possibly be?

How could there possibly be

Anything else?

Isn’t it obvious?

The point is not,

“are you avoiding relationship?”

The point is,

There is only God.

The Divine

Is simply the great Reality

Which includes all dimensions

And all worlds.

Obviously that exists.


The Divine is a single,

Absolute intensity and reality

Standing present in the world,

As the very condition

Of the world.

The absolute reality and the world

Are the same.

The world is the inclusive reality,

The Divine nature, condition, form and process.

It includes all that is manifest,

And all that is unmanifest,

All universes, conditions, being, states,

And things,

All that is within,

All that is without,

All that is visible,

All that is invisible,

All that is here,

All that is there,

All dimensions of space-time,

And all that precedes space-time.

All these endless, endless possibilities

Are being lived by the Divine,

Who is a single, absolute person.

The world, all of this manifestation,

Is absolutely the same

As the eternal absolute reality,

Not other than it,

Not a form of it,

But is exactly that.


The Divine process

Has never been absent

From this world.

The Divine has never withdrawn

From the world

Or from a single living being.

That has never happened.

And it never will happen,

Because the Divine is the always present

Source of the world,

The always present nature, condition

And sustainer of the world,

And the absolute destiny of the world.

The Divine is infinitely present, perfectly,

And available.

The Divine must be lived, not sought.

The Divine is the condition of the world

Not the ultimate hope of the world.

There is no dilemma in this world,

No absence of God in this world,

There is no goal of God in this world.

The Lord is Lord of this world.

He is not the Lord of the other world only,

The Lord is absolutely

The Lord of this world.



Adi Da Samraj (Bubba Free John)

Bubba Free John (1974)…..Adi Da Samraj (2008)


Note to reader:

As a member of Adi Da’s (then Bubba Free John’s) community from about 1973-1975, during which time I lived for nine months in Persimmon, the sanctuary where he lived. My service was to creating an index of his early books. I found these writings to be compelling, along with some of outrageous talks that have not found their way into print. Around his birthday in 1975 (to the best of my recollection), Adi Da was planning on moving with a small group to Hawaii. For that occasion, I arranged a selection of his compelling words by topic (mostly selected from his books) and hand wrote them in a blank book for his enjoyment. As far as I know, nothing ever came of that compilation. That became Book One of two parts, the second of which I completed some time thereafter. Now through the Internet, I make both parts available to interested readers. These blank books (I made a copy for myself) have been sitting on my bookshelves all this time, and after Adi Da’s passing, it occurred to me that this compilation would be very useful to many readers.


Ed Hirsch
Ashland, Oregon


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