Spiritual Life – Part 7 – Book 1 – Have I Said It? – Bubba Free John – selected quotes 1972-1975 – Ed Hi.

Have I Said It?

Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj), 1973

Note to the reader

Adi Da Samraj (Bubba Free John)

Bubba Free John (1974)…..Adi Da Samraj (2008)


Chapter 7.

Spiritual life

Spiritual Life is a Spiritual Relationship.


God performs this work.

This way is fulfilled

By grace.

It is made perfect

And true

By grace.


What’s true about

Spiritual life

Is that there is God, Truth and Reality.

And there is Grace.

Spiritual life

Is a spiritual relationship.

It is an involvement

With Grace.

It is life in God, Truth and Reality.

It is a Graceful Process.

Because the spiritual process

Is Divine business,

It can be done very easily.

It is already done.

We are not talking about

Some condition that is

or can be


We are talking about

The condition

That always and already pertains.


The foundation of spiritual life

Is not the absence

Of the intuition of the Divine.

The foundation of spiritual life

Is the intuition of your Real Condition,

The intuition of the Divine Nature

Of this moment.

I don’t mean life evolving

Toward the Divine,

But life presently founded

In the Divine.


Life isn’t intended to be a mystery

That leads to the discovery of God,

Truth and Reality,

At enlightenment,

Or at any other point in the future.

Life is founded in God, Truth and Reality,

And is meant to be lived in God,

Truth and Reality,

Happily and without mystery.


Life becomes a drama that is not

Leading to the Divine.

It is leading Nowhere.

Life is not leading anywhere.

Truth or Reality becomes

Not the goal

But the very principle of life.

Spiritual life

Is the company of truth.

It is a relationship to one

Who lives as Truth.

It is the very nature of life.

It is the form of existence.


Spiritual life

Is not the activity of spiritual seekers.

Spiritual life begins

When the spiritual search

Is abandoned

And Communion with Truth is begun.

It is a matter of living

In Divine Communion

From the beginning.

It is the assumption

Of the Divine

As the active principle and condition

Of your life.

Then you begin in utter freedom,

In the infinite intensity of God.


The True Way

Is to Realize God in Truth.

It is God first, not God as the goal.

God, Truth and Reality first,

as the principle of life.

Then the world is known in Truth.

Then all the psycho-physical

Manifestations are known in Truth.

The real or true way

Of Spiritual Life

Is to assume the condition

That is Divine Communion,

To live that condition constantly,

Now, in this moment,

And now in this moment.


The Truth is this condition,

And that’s the good news.

The real good news is that

None of that seeking is necessary

It is all nonsense!

The good news is that the condition

That is happiness is free of this dilemma

And all motivated existence,

That all of that is completely unnecessary

And can in this moment be side-stepped,

Obviated, undermined, and completely

By-passed in the way of real Spiritual Life.


The Divine Power of this work

Is perfect.

There is no obstruction in the cosmos,

No obstruction in a human being

That can stand up to it.

It is nothing.

It is just a ride.

It is no big deal.

It’s nothing, it amounts to nothing.

You’re very serious about it,

But at some point

It won’t mean anything to you.

This way is simple and easy,

Because it does not take

Billions of lifetimes,

But it requires a hell of a lot

In one lifetime.

And yet some day you will look at it

And see that it required

Nothing at all,

That you did nothing.

It all seemed very dramatic

At the time,

And yet it involved

Nothing at all.


The true way

Is the one that is blissful now.

The true teaching

Turns you to present bliss

And does not require you to create it.


The condition of relationship

Already exists as your condition.

What has to be added for that

To take place?


All that is required

Is relationship itself,

The condition

That is always already the case.


Allow it to develop

And reveal the Divine to you

According to its own pace.

Live by faith,

Not by design.

You cannot overcome this world,

But the Divine has already

Overcome this world.


The grace of Reality itself

Absorbs ego-consciousness

And makes it identical

To absolute Consciousness.

And it is all done

In a very natural, easy transition.

You couldn’t do it yourself.

You would refuse to do it

As soon as you realized

What was actually required.


The individual cannot do understanding,

Nor can he do no-seeking and no-dilemma.

Spiritual life is not about winning.

There are no winners in God.


Know that you cannot

Be responsible for it.

Know that you cannot figure it out.

You do not understand it.

You cannot understand it.

That is the truth.


Here is spiritual life, Divine Communion.

Live it. Be happy to have discovered

That you cannot figure it out.

Allow the Divine

To create your event.

The Divine is always creating

A perfect event.


If you live by faith,

In other words,

If you live always already

In Divine Communion,

And allow the manifestation of your event,

Your life in any moment,

To be the Divine occasion,

Perfection will always be manifested

In the form of conditions

Appropriate to this moment in God.


Nothing happens to you

That is not appropriate.

All events serve truth.


Everything combines

For the sake of truth.

Nothing happens arbitrarily

To those who live truth.


The radical point of view

Is not one of seeking,

Step by step,

Through experiences,

But by penetrating,

Prior to any movement at all,

The present condition.

If you always move directly

To that condition,

That happiness,

Prior to your games,

Your separateness,

Your fulfillments,

Then you have already passed through

Everything necessary

For your dissolution in God.


You will never gain anything

Again by experience.

So if it has become complicated,

Return to the basics,

God, Grace, Truth and Reality.

There’s no meditation technique

For you to acquire.

I do not recommend

That you meditate.

There is only understanding.

Therefore, understand.

There is no right motive

For adopting it,

There is only the discovery

That you are

Already doing


It is not a matter

Of your meditating yourself

To the point of realization.


The actual power of the Divine

Is activated in understanding,

And that power does the meditation.

That power is the meditation.

The Divine power

Is greater than anybody

Could possibly comprehend.

It is not itself

Experiential or yogic in nature.

It is not even mystical in nature.

But it is perfect nonetheless,

And more than sufficient.

It is real, absolute.

It is present in silence.

It is immediate, direct.

The power of the Heart manifestation

Is a moveless intensity

Without center or periphery,

That grasps consciousness

And draws it into itself.


In the condition

Of Divine Communion

You are meditated.

Meditation is not your concern.

The Lord is the Great

Master of meditation.

He alone is the meditator,

And he alone is the Supreme

Object of meditation.


In the process of this meditation,

Only the Lord is known.

The Lord must meditate you.

The Lord must enter.

And when the Lord enters you,

He makes you ecstatic.

Intelligence is the fundamental


Consciousness is itself

The meditation.


Real meditation

Is an expression of that

Rather than a way

To get to it.

Real meditation is already

A radical activity.

It is not purposive.

It has no dilemma to solve.

Real meditation is an intense fire.

It is a marvelous intelligence,

A brilliance, a genius, a living force.

It is not a pious attempt

To quiet your little thoughts.

It blasts the hell

Out of these thoughts!


The most intense meditation

Is one in which the Form of Reality

Itself absorbs consciousness.

When consciousness

Moves into relationship,

The mind falls away.

The mind is replaced

By a form of intensity.

It doesn’t make any difference

What is inside.

It all has to go.

It is really very simple.

You just throw it away.

The key to the matter

Is not how to throw it away.

The key to the matter

Is recognizing that it is

Just stuff


As soon as you see it,

You know immediately

That you should throw it away,

Drop it.


You are just looking

At a lot of garbage

And thinking it is the precious

Instrument of God.

But I’ll tell you right now

It is all garbage!

Everything you are given is garbage,

And you are expected

To throw it away,

But you meditate on it.

None of it is the Divine.

It is garbage.

You are being asked

To sacrifice everything!

The Divine vision

Is just a pimple on the Goddess,

Except it is not recognized

As such by seekers.

They think, “oh, it is the Lord.”

They couldn’t care less

About the Lord,

Because to know the Lord

Would require them

To be obliterated.


The Lord in Truth

Requires the sacrifice

Of self-existence.

Nobody wants such a thing.

They want the Goddess,

Who will pamper them,

And delight them.

That is what people want.

The usual meditation

Is only a consolation.

The ordinary yogi or religious man

He may think he is looking at

The blue of Krishna

Or the white of Jesus,

Until he loses face.

Until the sudden zero,

He looking at Krishna

Or the Christ.

He is only consoled,

Only distracted.

His realization and his death

Are kneeling in one another.

What are you looking at

In this turning inward?

The same thing

That you are always looking at!

The same obsession.

The usual meditator

Is just another obsessed man,

Unaware of relationship

As his actual condition.


Fulfillment isn’t worth squat.

It is not a matter

Of the quiet mind,

The empty mind,

The blissful mind,

The transcendent mind,

Or even the Divine mind.

Truth is of a radical

And most prior nature.

It would be better

To be cooked alive

Than to gain a little peace

By method and trickery.

And even if

There is a little quiet,

Real spiritual life

Must begin at last.


Spirituality is not the way

To Truth.

The cultic path is not the way

To God.

No spiritual process

Makes you realize God.

There is no such process.

The Divine already enjoyed

Is the foundation

Of any genuine spiritual process.

All these ways of realizing God are false.

The traditions have only felt

The comedy that men may attain.

All those ways are absolutely false.

There is absolutely no way.

There is no way.

There is no path.



In order to know that

With certainty

You must realize

That all paths are


All paths are

Suffering and avoidance.

Spiritual life is not the extraordinary.

Spiritual life is not sitting in the cave,

Reciting the mantra.

Thirty years of Shakti experiences

Will occupy a fool,

But they will not awaken him.


In the presence of the Divine Person,

There is nothing to be attained,

There is no state to be attained.

There is no God-union

Until God is there to be unioned with.

And when God appears you are not going to

Have to do your spiritual breathing!

It will all be very obvious.

You won’t have to think about

What is necessary to be done

To become one with God.

All righteousness,

All ordinary spirituality

Or the search for consolation

Is nonsense.

It is a refusal.

It is unreal.

All separation is an illusion.

And all attainments are an illusion.

There is no separation,

And there is no attainments

Of union.

No process,

High or low,

In any plane of manifestation,

Is Truth or leads to Truth.


The only way to Truth

Is Truth itself.

Truth is the way.

Spiritual life

Is a relationship,

A living demand.

The Way

Is the condition itself.

The relationship itself.

It already exists.

It is the spiritual discipline,

The meditation.

There is nothing else

That needs to be added to it.

The condition itself,

The relationship itself

Is the spiritual discipline.

Spiritual life

Is a relationship.

It has always been so.

Nothing apart from

That relationship

Is offered.

Spiritual life

Is simplicity,

It is relationship,

Relational life.

It is your conscious humanity.

You must live it.

You must become a human being.

To be intelligent,

You need not first realize

Absolute truth.

But no one can realize absolute truth

Who has not first

Become intelligent.

You must become

Masters of the ordinary.


Truth is resurrected

From the ground up.

Spiritual life

Is not a form of consolation.

Its foundation is not

A fascinating promise.

Spiritual life is threatening.

Spiritual life is not leading

Toward your fulfillment

In some great vision.

Spiritual life is leading to

The absolute undermining

Of your separate existence



Spiritual life

Is not a cure.

There is no remedy.

Spiritual life

Is the life of truth.

Spiritual life

Is a demand,

Not a form of therapy.

It is the practice of life

In a world where the Living Heart,

Not your dilemma and search,

Is the condition.


Real spiritual life

Requires everything

Of a person.

Spiritual life

Is a crisis!

The crisis in Consciousness

Is spiritual life.

The suffering and the intensity


Is spiritual life.


Spiritual life

Is living intelligence,

Conscious in dilemma,

But with intensity.


We begin

Spiritual life

Only when we have

Already discovered

The “terrible truth.”

It is because

You are sensitive

To the fact

That you are disturbed

That you become willing

To engage

Spiritual life.


It is better to be disturbed.

It is right to be disturbed.

In your condition,

One should be disturbed!

It is quite correct

For you to be disturbed, because

In fact, you are disturbed.

To be disturbed

And yet not to feel disturbed

Would not be appropriate.

It is much more intelligent

To realize that you are disturbed.

That is the beginning

Of spiritual life.

At least that sensitivity

Affords the possibility

Of spiritual life.


No one begins to live

Spiritual life

Until he or she has suffered.

Life is suffering.

Suffering is the first form of grace.

Suffering has released you

Into your own depth.

Come into the presence

That is God

When you are already happy.

It is not a matter of

Any experience whatsoever.

It is a matter of

Falling out of the

Conditional and conventional

Representation of existence

Into that prior, absolute enjoyment.


It is all garbage.

Throw it all away.

Only God

Is the condition

Of Consciousness and Life.

Spiritual life

Is life in the condition of Truth.

Spiritual life has to do with

Continuous happiness, continuous bliss,

Continuous freedom, continuous relationship.

To live that Divine Communion

Under all conditions

Is the discipline of our work.


Happiness is the responsibility.

Freedom is the discipline.

To be free

Is the ultimate discipline.

Happiness is

What it’s all about.

Unhappiness is

The highest crime.

Spiritual transformation depends

On this realized, ecstatic condition

In every moment.

A spiritual life is one in which you

Lose face in each moment, in which you

Are the servant of God, in which you

Are dependent on the services of God.

Unless such a literal and conscious

And ecstatic and face-losing affair

Appears in every moment as your life,

You are not living spiritual life.

If that glorious, ecstatic kind of

Happiness and distraction is not present,

Spiritual life is not possible.


There is no call

For seriousness at all.

There is never any call

For seriousness.

There is no reason

To be serious about anything



You must already be happy,

Already full of humor.

There is no reason

Why you have to be extraordinary.

Be ordinary, be happy.


Before you started imagining

A program for your

Ultimate victory or defeat,

By desiring and creating circumstances

For yourself,

Just before all of that happens

In this moment,

Just before you believe all of that,

You are happy.

And it is better to be happy.

That happiness is your condition.

All of the rest of it is an hallucination

By which you program your life.


Be easy, be full of enjoyment.

It is not to annihilation

That you are invited.

It is to the fullness of God

That is happy and free.

There is only this humor, this freedom,

As the radical foundation

Of conscious life.

And it makes no difference,

Except that every other state,

Object or form of knowledge

Makes a difference.

Universal modification, as a functional

Rather than a conventional condition,

Known in truth, is wonderful!


All human possibilities, if they are

Managed in God, are enjoyable.

Life is, fundamentally, delight,

When released from the strategic destiny

Of narcissus and the conventional cult

Of this world.


Life or the cosmos is a modification

Of the great Divine.

What heresy to assume

That the Lord’s power of modification

Is false or to be gotten rid of!

It is all God’s work, God’s happiness.

It is to be known and lived in truth.

Therefore enjoy it,

For you alone

Must live your ends

And all the stages

Of time.


Enjoy and create

According to the wisdom

Of your own form.

All that arises

Is to be realized

As the conscious theatre

Of God.

Not any yogic bliss

But to be already and presently happy,

Regardless of the apparent condition,

Is spiritual life.

All the manipulation of the life force

Is God’s concern.

Life in truth

Is to be already happy

Without any reasons whatsoever,

Not to be hoping to be happy

By moving into Samadhi.

This enjoyment

Is the principle of life,

Not its goal.

True Bliss

Is the enjoyment

Of your condition

In Truth.

It requires

The most perfect sacrifice.

Truth is Life

Is to live the primary

Condition of relationship

Under all conditions,

At all times.

Live this

Conscious relationship


You should just

Live that relationship.

Live that forever.

A lifetime of truth.

True spiritual practice

Is to live the condition

Of that Divine relationship,

Divine Communion,

For a lifetime,

Even eternally.


Spend no time whatsoever

Analyzing yourself.

No time.

I mean no time!

Don’t spend any more time

In your little

Self concerned life.

Turn yourself completely

Over to that process,

Withhold nothing,

And every moment throw away

Everything that you’ve withheld.

You must make every moment

An involvement in that process.

Every moment must be realized

In this form of service,

Every moment must be realized

As the sacrament

In which the self is yielded,

In which all content is yielded,

And in which grace is received.


You are under

An obligation.

You must go through it.

You must maintain the form

Of spiritual life eternally.

Having begun, never abandon it.


Once having found it,

To abandon it

Is the height of foolishness,

Worthy of what it realizes.


Now you must do it,

And if you don’t do it,

Then you will suffer.

If you do it,

You will enjoy God.

Enjoy the condition

Of spiritual life

With open intensity,

And you simply won’t be

Obsessed anymore!


The fact that any of that remains

Is not really any concern of yours,

Because it belongs to God.

So fine, now it belongs to God.

It is a matter of living the truth,

And truth obviates

What is not truth.

Do this always,


And with humor.

Just do what you have to do

And get it started.

Then it goes on forever.

Everything else is quick.


It seems

That talking about

Spiritual life

Tends to make it appear

A very complicated process.

It is here!

This relationship

Is a real condition.

You must be

Very simple

And very direct.

True spiritual life


Is much more practical than that,

Much more direct than that.

It must be.

It is here.


Adi Da Samraj (Bubba Free John)

Bubba Free John (1974)…..Adi Da Samraj (2008)



Note to reader:

As a member of Adi Da’s (then Bubba Free John’s) community from about 1973-1975, during which time I lived for nine months in Persimmon, the sanctuary where he lived. My service was to creating an index of his early books. I found these writings to be compelling, along with some of outrageous talks that have not found their way into print. Around his birthday in 1975 (to the best of my recollection), Adi Da was planning on moving with a small group to Hawaii. For that occasion, I arranged a selection of his compelling words by topic (mostly selected from his books) and hand wrote them in a blank book for his enjoyment. As far as I know, nothing ever came of that compilation. That became Book One of two parts, the second of which I completed some time thereafter. Now through the Internet, I make both parts available to interested readers. These blank books (I made a copy for myself) have been sitting on my bookshelves all this time, and after Adi Da’s passing, it occurred to me that this compilation would be very useful to many readers.


Ed Hirsch
Ashland, Oregon


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