Julie Anderson – Beezone Interview – Only One Condition – Session 12


Beezone Interview with Julie Anderson

(Formerly Kanya Samarpana Remembrance)

Only One Condition

Julie with Avatar Adi Da Samraj, 2002

The following session took place with Julie on August 9th. In this session Julie talks about her time (tells a leela) with Avatar Adi Da at the Mountain of Attention Sanctuary in 2002. Part 2 is our discussion of the leela.

Part 1: Julie Anderson – Leela ‘Only One Condition’, 2002


Part 2: Ed and Julie – Discussion about Leela


What’s the difference between telling a story and telling a leela?

Spiritual Life

Is the Life of Truth.

Spiritual Life is a demand,

Not a form of therapy.

and this demand

does not make life easy

but it does change it

into creative life.

It is the practice of life

In a world where the living Heart,

Not your Dilemma and search,

is the condition.

Real Spiritual Life

Requires everything

of a person.

Spiritual Life

Is a crisis!


Have I Said It?

Avatar Adi Da Samraj (Bubba Free John), 1975



The Real Practice of Guru-Devotion

Julie Anderson, 1980

First to Awaken