I Am Not Born

I Am Not Born

Originally published in vsion Mound Magazine, Vol 2, No
5, November 1978.


BUBBA: I am not born. And I am not one who has
been born, I am not a reincarnated individual. I am not even
an incarnated individual. I am not one who as a future. I am
not one who is in the worlds. I am not one whose
consciousness is here or there. I have seen all things and
they all exist in Me, so I can describe them to you. But I
am not always meditating on them, so they are really beside
the point for Me. And I fundamentally, know nothing about
them, except that I recognize them perfectly.

So the simple little drama of my life, however dramatic
it has appeared to be, is simply a way of restoring you to
the Disposition of Truth that you have always intuited, so
that you may realize no conventional destiny and no mere
experience, so that you can become free of this suffering
existence. Because all things upon which you may meditate,
all things that may be reflected in you, all things that may
arise in the mind in this life or in another life, all
things that may be known in meditation or in perception, in
memory, recollection, or knowledge in the present,
everything altogether may be released from bondage to the
self. The separate self may be dissolved. And in the
dissolution of this self you may know, in this moment, that
Condition which is beyond performance, beyond knowledge,
beyond acquisition. It is so Perfect that no being has ever
spoken it, except that I have been permitted to speak it, to
suggest it. This is not because of any merit. I have never
been born, so there is no merit involved. I am simply a
Voice that instigates your own insight. Bubba Free John is
not one who is like you, who is related, who is
knowledgeable, who is informed, who is saved or relieved.
Bubba Free John is not any such person. Bubba Free John is
no person. At some point you may begin to realize this.
Bubba Free John is like a movie on the screen. You do not
suggest to yourself when you see a movie on the screen that
there is consciousness in the screen. The play itself is the
argument. And Bubba Free John is not anything other than the
process of his appearance on every level of being. There is
no implication of an individual in him. There is no
individual in Bubba Free John – none! No person. No one who
has been, who is, or who will survive. This appearance is
only a reflection of you.



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