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Beezone White and Orange Project* is based on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Blue & Brown Books books. The Blue & Brown Books of Wittgenstein’s were dictated as a set of notes to his student in 1934-1935.

Beezone will use three formats for assembling a project. One is to present a short piece directly from Adi Da. Then Beezone will write down the highlighted points from said paragraph and/or a group of like paragraphs.

The second format is ‘thematic’. Beezone will take a ‘theme’ of Adi Da’s teaching and go through various talks and essays and write down a sentence or two related to that theme or topic.

Lastly is a compilation or remix. This is a blend of the two other methods. In this style Beezone will take a number of talks and essays based on a theme. Beezone will then use the ‘cut-up’ method. The cut-up technique is an aleatory literary technique in which a text is cut up and rearranged to create a new text. This method can be traced to at least the Dadaists of the 1920s, but was popularized in the late 1950s and early 1960s by writer William S. Burroughs, and has since been used in a wide variety of contexts.

Beezone White and Orange Project



White and Orange Books
a Beezone Project


There is no separate, independent, quantifiable, “knowable”, “experienceable”, or, altogether, actual “self”.

A “point of view” (or “locus”) in space-time may suggest the fiction of a separate “self” in the apparent context of a functioning psycho-physical organism–but that suggested “self” is, nonetheless, entirely illusory, and a mere fiction, or a mere convention of psycho-physical exchanges between psycho-physically “located” organisms (or “points of view”).

There are an infinite number of space-time “locations” (or “points of view”) relative to which a sep- arate “self” may be psycho-physically presumed–but no space-time “location” is separate from any and all “other” such “locations”, and space-time itself is an auto-”located”, and auto-unified, and auto-organizing totality that is inherently seamless, and indivisible, and not reducible to (or as) any “location” (or “point of view”) within the whole.

The conventionally presumed separate “self” (or ego-”I”) is not reducible to a gross physical body, or to a gross physical brain, or to any presumed mode or state of mind or psyche–because there is (in Reality Itself, and in the totality of space-time) no separate “self” at all.

The Illusion of Weather and The Reality of Absolute Rain -by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

You are not separate ego. No matter what arises—waking, dreaming, or sleeping, no matter what arises—you are the Witness of it, Prior to it, not bound, not separate, the Only Condition that is Self-Evident, that is non-separate and Indivisible. There is no separate self. And there is no not-self. There is no not-self to dissociate from by introversion. There is no separate self to expand by extroversion.
Therefore, experiences are constantly sought in the vertical planes of experience, above, below, and altogether beyond, which will release the being from the inherent sense of separation, vulnerability, fear, obsession, and self possession. But there is no release until the primal error, illusion, or lie at the root of the heart is undone.
There is no separate self. There is no not-self. It is simply Unshaken, Absolute Self-Condition of Reality Itself, Self-Existing and Self-Radiant.
All separation is an illusion.
It is impossible for there to be. Any separation. There is no such thing. It has never occurred. There is no separately existing thing. Anywhere. There is no separately existing being. Anywhere. There is no separate Anything!
You must be willing to vanish completely, to be completely obliterated. You will become capable of that sacrifice only by degrees, because your fear is profound. The frigidity of feeling-attention is most profound in you, because of your experience, your adaptation. Therefore, the process of God-Realization is a matter of time and practice.

There is not now,
nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be individual being. There is no such thing.
This Perfect Condition is utterly coincident with this appearance, and need not shun it or dissociate from it, or look to be fulfilled by it, or seek within it, or become bound by it, or attached to it. It cannot in fact become deluded by it. It is no different from the egoless Indivisible Self-Condition. It is Perfect Self-Radiance, Love-Bliss Itself, without the slightest limitation.
But in the instant of differentiation the most primitive archetype of all knowledge appears. It appears as a simple presumption of independent existence, consciousness, and pleasure over against all kinds of relations or objects, high and low
So whatever you are thinking, they are the thoughts of a fool and a fake. Once you grasp this and accept it, it’s easy to be humble, because you have a great deal to be humble about! And you are freely capable of observing yourself without any blinders on.
But in order for that enjoyment to be awakened in the individual, he must go on the great tour. He must see the circle of life. He must see dramatized all the forms of his conventional bondage. He must be purified in the face of them all. And the realization of such sadhana is a responsibility of the individual in the midst of his conventional life. There are ways in which the Divine Siddhi draws him to that perfect intuition, but he must actually live the sacrifice. It is not magic. He must live it. That demand always pertains. So the conventional dilemma of the body is not permanently taken away by the dramas of experience in Satsang. Eventually, the individual must realize the Divine through the intuitive process of real intelligence, even while alive in “the body.”
Fear is your creation, not something that is happening to you. It is the irreducible mood at the core of conventional perception and cognition. So something greater than the heroic overcoming of fear is demanded of the devotee. He must know his prior Condition in God, and that alone will obviate fear. That will destroy fear, not by mechanically suppressing or snuffing out fear itself, but by putting him in the Condition that is prior to that fear. When the separate self sense and the strategic avoidance of relationship, which are the ritual characteristics of Narcissus, have been obviated in Understanding, he will know even his bodily life in Truth.
What is called “self” or “ego-‘I'” is not-self. It is not real, it is not true. It is not the actual condition, even now. There is only the Indivisible Current of Conscious Light. There is no self or separate thing in It.
You are trying to console yourselves with what passes, what is ordinary, and what is empty. You are parading absurd self-imagery, pretending satisfactions that are untrue. You live as your question. I am not your answer.
It is not that there is some kind of reality to ego which requires you to destroy it. There is only Reality Itself, inherently egoless and Indivisible.
How does the world get to look like intelligent design? All you have to do is multiply two things enough times. A simple energy opposition—appearance, shift, change, countlessly done—is sufficient to manifest every pattern in the universe. It looks like intelligent design because it is infinite replication. It is a binding force of opposites. But it is also simply an apparition, an illusion, the thing in itself, the what it looks like, the appearance of there being a something in itself—an objectively existing, independently set, existing separate world of differences, you see. It is simply something like how the room looks to be something because you are established as a point of view.
You must transcend not only your own apparently individual destiny and tendencies, you must overcome it in the form of all others. This is the meaning of compassion and love. This is what Enlightenment expresses. There is no private karma, there is no personal righteousness. All are involved in the same Reality.
You feel you are the victim of events, a victim of your own reactivity coinciding with events. You think you have to analyze these events, analyze your reactivity, find what there is to blame. That is not how you get purified. That is the worldly model of life that is based on the principle of egoity.

Dealing with life requires you to come to the principle of responsibility, which is to understand your own activity of ‘self’-contraction and change your life. That is all. Past events do not control you—you do. You are not a victim. No one is to blame.

There is no event whatsoever that is so mighty that you cannot transcend it and deal with yourself. None. Not one event. Not any complex of events. The True Heart Is the Principle in Which you inhere. Either do It or not. But that is the Difference. That is the ‘Radical’ Reality-Way of the Heart.

The seeker is violent. At first he approaches the man of understanding humbly, self-effacing, with great need. But his questions find no ultimate solution. He becomes frustrated and angry, and he leaves. He criticizes the man of understanding. He asserts the forms of his own seeking. He says the man of understanding is a seeker like himself.
You must give up your life, the identification with this rhythm, this contraction, this recoil that defines you. And how do you give it up? It is impossible. It cannot be done by the one who would do it. No one can transcend the rhythmic contraction of the heart, which defines our consciousness, except by the most perfect and absolute sacrifice. The way to this perfect sacrifice is the practice I have described in this Teaching, by which, as a discipline, you move beyond the contracted disposition. You must move beyond fear and sorrow and anger into the disposition of love, of radiance, previous to any form of contraction or separation. You must presume the radiance of happiness as a discipline in spite of all subjective signs to, the contrary.
Change your way of action and the subjective dimension itself will change naturally. The born condition precedes all subjectivity. You want to manipulate your subjectivity first – your feelings, your thinking, your conceptions, and your feeling-conceptions. You want to change them before you will change your way of life. You want to be free inside before you will love, before you act differently. You must act differently first, and not be concerned that the feeling and thinking aspect of the being remains full of tendencies. You must not be concerned about them. They are just the signs of the old way of living. You must act in love, in radiance, with energy, with life, in all your relations, in your disposition moment to moment, under all conditions. You will observe in the midst of such action that the subjective dimension is also gradually penetrated and transformed. Its negativity, its reactivity, becomes unnecessary and ultimately obsolete by virtue of your different action.
You either change your action or you do not. You must begin to do it. There is nothing more that can be said, nothing more convincing than that. You simply must begin to do it…………
Now you are waiting for your insides to change first. They are the last to change! Your action must change first.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: But what is your motive? The One Contemplated is the same, regardless of the level or degree or kind of Realization. It is the one who Contemplates who makes the difference—and “difference” is what is made. So what is your motive? What are you looking toward? Improvements in gross embodiment? Evolution into other planes? Or “Divine Translation”?

DEVOTEE: Just You. I have no interest in the rest.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Nonsense! [Laughter.] There is a motive. It must be discovered. To discover it is fundamental to sadhana. There is not only the Contemplation. There is the transcendence of self by means of Contemplation. This self that is to be transcended is a design. It is a motive. It is an effort.

This Maya cannot be comprehended, as it has been said in the Great Tradition of humankind. It is a paradox. It is a plastic. It is always space-time. It is always psycho-physical. It is by nature incomprehensible and dreamlike. You cannot win unless you transcend it. But to transcend it you must transcend yourself.
If you see Me in some visionary sense, or I say something and you hear it without My being physically there, well that is interesting. Examine that phenomena and feel everything about it. On the other hand, do not identify the experience with Me. I am not the experience. At most it is an effect of My Presence. I am simply My Presence, My Person
Those who are Awakening from the dead ends of this world may find their Help by serving my Heart, and by renouncing all occupations that are not utterly turned into whole bodily Communion with God.
I remain, the experience does not—it is gone. Just to say you have had it, you already know it is gone. It happened, and it is past. In fact, you could not have perceived it until it was already past, because it takes time for it to be generated as an experience— even just a brief moment of time, you could say—but nonetheless, it is in time, of time, of self. It is a permutation of the body-mind, as well as some kind of evidence of My Person, perhaps, or at least evidence of your response to Me.
All these phenomena are of interest. They may and should be hopefully inspiring to your practice, but they are not, in and of themselves, to be identified with Me. So I do not care what I said in your dream, you see. That is not the point. The point is I said it, not what I said. Do not imagine that your vision of Me in a dream is Me. You will be looking for Me in your dreams from that time on, trying to see Me again. Whereas in the moments you are not seeing Me in your dreams, I am still here—so I am not in the form of some experience.
If you cannot know yourself in the form of absolutely everybody, including the worst characters you have every heard about, thought about, read about—if you cannot understand that that is your potential, too, then you do not understand anything about yourself. That does not mean “go ahead and do it” — this kind of knowledge comes through a profound process in which there is the transcending of it.
Where there is Perfect Transcendence, there is a perfect summation ofthe worst character who ever lived—and in some sense, the best, perhaps—but none of it makes any difference anymore. It is all cancelled. The pluses and minuses add up to zero, and only the Outshining “Brightness” remains
To practice is to suffer, but it is not egoic suffering. It is that suffering associated with the transcending of egoity. Therefore, it is not called ‘suffering’. It is called ‘tapas’. It is called ‘the ordeal of practice’. It is called ‘renunciation’. It is called ‘discipline’. It is necessary! That is it. That is the substance of change! That is the alchemy of change. That is the fire on the pot. Everything must be thrown into it.
Truth was before you thought about it. When you have an answer, you do not have truth. You regenerate the questioning commonly. You repeat the self-reference and go on as you were.
The first great crisis of human existence is the observation of the tentative, minimal, and always temporary association between life and Happiness—and how the mortal and limited nature of embodiment itself makes the search for Happiness both a necessary and a futile enterprise. I Argue that Lesson, so that you may become serious, understand your un-Happiness, and begin the Way of Happiness Itself.

The second great crisis of life is this process of serious understanding of un-Happiness and conversion to the Way of Happiness (rather than the futile search for Happiness). Such understanding is what I Call ‘hearing’, and such conversion is what I Call ‘seeing’. It is only when such hearing and seeing prevail that the practice of the Way can begin.

There is no final decision that can be made by the ego. The ego cannot make final decisions, because it is two and not one relative to everything. Everything is yes and no, yes or no, yes and no both, yes and no each one sometimes, yes and no at war with one another.
Everything appears on it as a screen, everything just passes.
There is only one Siddhi or transforming Spiritual Power active in this work, and that Siddhi is God, the Power of the Divine Person. It is not a secondary siddhi, not magic, not a mere influence. Only the Divine is active in this work. The Lord is the fundamental condition communicated in Satsang with the Man of Understanding. From the beginning, not merely at the end, Truth is the condition of this process. It is pressed on devotees with more and more intensity, always to the degree which is just a little bit beyond their preferred tolerance.

I cannot merely turn off the switch and then you are all relieved of your destiny. I can guide you. I can lead you into Communion with Me and in the process of Realization. I can effect things
While you are all doing what you do constantly, I am working in the midst of it and effecting it as I do. Yet, it is still something to be transcended. This is not utopia. I can’t make it utopia. It does not have that potential. That is not what it is about.

Follow Me. Be drawn to Me, Liberated from your confinement to the pattern, the weave of self-contraction, and Realize That Which Transcends this pattern you call life. It seems to depend on something that is really nothing but an illusion. It is your own design, your own rug, and that is what I am pulling out from under you. You keep weaving. I keep pulling.

Your single obligation is at the heart. It is in your feeling that you become self-possessed, that you betray the Living God and all your relations, that you are unhappy. It is in your feeling that fear, sorrow, anger, doubt, shame, lust, and all obsessions are arising. Therefore, it is in your feeling alone that you will be healed.
Everything is conflict and competition. Everyone is at war with everybody else. Wherever there is even very ordinary difference, people make so much of it these days that it becomes the basis for potentially even global conflict. It is insanity! Truly, it is insanity! It is inflaming the entire world.
When human life is detached from the Source and from the context of relatedness in life, aberrations come. That is essentially how it happens. “No Source” means no relatedness, no cooperation, no guidance, no Source-Principle presented, no Divine Reality
This time of absolutism, of neighborhood wars, people absolutize their self-imagery and enter into conflict and differentiation and dominance of others. It is a terribly dangerous situation, and it has got to be stopped — not stopped by force, except stopped by the force of Truth, just that. That is the only measure.
What you have on your mind is boring and unsatisfactory. Your thoughts and your self-manipulations are fruitless and disheartening, regardless of their content. To be fallen upon by the Self-Evident Divine “Brightness” is the only Satisfaction. It is the only Cure for doubt and fear and all the sorrow of all of this
I am waiting for you. I have been waiting for You Eternally. My Fulfillment is the very world. But I am not heard. My gestures are unseen. The Powers of My Delight are not enjoyed. All things depend upon your visit. Where are you?
Fundamentally, My Work with everyone is silent. Fundamentally, the circumstance of being in My Company, therefore, is silent.
With the Buddhist I say nothing. With the Hindus I say “God”, With the theists I say “the Lord”, In and as myself, I say….nothing.
Spiritual or real life is simply the ability or consciousness to handle, obviate and dissolve illusion and its effects at any moment. To be without such ability or consciousness is to be involved in a random or at best arbitrarily controlled adventure in illusion and its effects (extensions).
At any moment avoidance is primarily in the form of identification, differentation or desire, and secondarily (effectively) in the remaining two. but these three account entirely for all forms of avoidance.
Where there is understanding I am the only One who appears and speaks. Where there is no understanding there is only all of you, the dilemma of many births and searches. Understand and you are the one who lives.
The world is a form or dimension of Consciousness. It is not a solid something that exists outside of Consciousness. This is a Conscious dimension. All of this exists in the Divine Consciousness, which is also your own Consciousness, Nature, and Condition. So the Conscious Universe also contains memory in its midst. It includes all the qualities like those of the human psyche, as well as transcendent qualities, and lesser, dependent qualities
Experience is always a form of exclusion and limitation
It should be clear that it is not by working on perceptions or the contents of your mind that you undo that assumed limitation. It is only through a radical process in which that assumption and all its extensions are confounded, in which the separate self sense is dissolved, and the conscious principle falls into the intuition of the Divine
Our thinking is a convention, the forms of all our perceptions are conventional, all our cognitions and communications are conventional. They are all based on the conventional model of the psycho-physical “entity.” They are ways of making use of this natural vehicle, this ordinary condition, and making it serve the aspects of existence to which we are experientially awake. But, apart from that, the conventions and their supportive model (the “ego” or “entity”) have no value
The conventional model of life that we communicate to one another is also something to which we glibly refer. We glibly pass it on to one another as if it were real. We talk about “me” and “you” and “the world” and “the universe” and “the air we breathe” and “going to work” and all of that. We just smack the conventional concepts about, and that’s it. As if all of that had anything to do with anything we had ever perceived, ever truly known, even by experience. In fact we have never perceived and known any such things.
The seeker operates within the structures of the conventional model to find God. If you try to overcome your bondage and become free, you never will. You will just become more and more subtly aware of how complicated it is, or else resort to some consoling illusion or artifice whose “significance” is liberation to you. You will be trying to make this and that vanish, to purify this piece of it, and then that piece of it. Eventually, you could go mad trying to do it that way. And the seeker is a kind of madman
The subject or conscious actor is not more the presence of reality than the objects upon which he appears to act. all these things are “witnessed” in reality, and one who embraces any part or his own or as reality itself has wedded himself to dilemmas and the whole adventure of avoidance.
It is not necessary or even possible for you to “believe” in God or know the Character of the Divine Person. But if you can see that you do not exist by your own creature power, and if you can begin to consider the alignment of your life with the unspeakable Source or Condition that is truly responsible for your existence, then you can do the sadhana or spiritual practice of Communion with God.
The media of the life of a man of understanding are not important…sainthood or libertine…He can not be read according to his forms…to view him in terms of his forms is to be trapped in visions of paradoxes, contradictions and affronts.
But as My devotee you’re here to exercise your discrimination, you see. “What is fruitful, what is Happiness, what is the Way that supports it, that serves its Realization? Is this a wrong course or right course? Is this distraction, is this something to follow?” Its always discrimination, always a profound sensitivity to the self-contraction and its effects, and the whole mechanism of bondage. Sensitivity to all that is fundamental to the Way of the Heart.
You feel with your head. You stop thinking. You stop crumpling the mid-brain.
When you feel with your head, You don’t concentrate! When you are just being happy, You do not do anything like that. The navel relaxes. All the yogic signs appear, The energies find their proper place.
The heart must be open, Radiant. It is the principle Of the whole body’s radiance. Why isn’t the heart radiant? Why isn’t it open, Because of this conflict With the body, With its vital form, With its desiring.