The Communion of Adidam – 1987-2023

he lifetime of a Spiritual Awakened Influencer, like the lifetime of any individual, is brief. Even so, the cultural and Spiritual influence of such a one – with the function of an Awakened Master – can continue for many centuries after Their death – as seen with Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, and Bubbha. Commonly, that influence persists through the Agency of the Spiritual Masters’s written and spoken teaching and whatever institution or gathering of practitioners may develop during or after Their lifetime. 

How long such influence persists, however, depends on how true the agencies (followers/disciples/devotees) remain (true) to the (Influence/Recollection/Vision/Transmission) and original communication and purpose He or She Gave.

Today, countless religious and Spiritual institutions exist. The most significant of these evolved from the lineages of great Spiritual Masters, while others derive from lesser teachers and practitioners. However, all such groups, movements, and traditions tend, in varying degrees, to be less than ideal spiritual agents.

It seems now that 15 years after Adi Da Samraj’s lifetime ended (2008), the institution and church that has maintained responsibility for His significant influence (Avatar) is a question, if not a conclusion for many.  The history of the Adi Da (Adidam) community reveals the ravages of time. If one looks closely and honestly at the community of Adi Da today they will see an aged and mostly marginalized small number of devotees who maintain his sanctuaries and treasures He left behind. Well funded, yes, but without any serious ‘outreach’ or vibrant centers anywhere in the world. 

In 1982, Adi Da gave a talk published in Crazy Wisdom magazine 1987 titled, ‘The Call for Spiritual Leadership.’ In the address, he emphasized that only in the case of having “senior,” “mature,” and “Spiritual” devotees could the communion preserve “The Way of the Heart.”

The following excerpts are from Crazy Wisdom magazine (1987). The first is entitled “Sacred Institutions,” Adi Da Samraj elaborates on the necessity for mature leadership in his senior and spiritual devotees.



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