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Place Where Sadhana Begins
You may want to forestall this observation”

Heart is the Hole in the
How did I
get involved in this anyway…”

Mood of the Heart

“I do not
call men or women to my form, for I am not present as any
form or power. There is no name or light that is my form or
the way to me.



is its Essence?

1974 Talk – Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj)

“We’re talking about the
realization that would be true if we would only commune with
you. No doubt you’ve said it a thousand times




Intelligent people cannot
find God in such a mass of idiocy, so quite naturally they
look for satisfaction elsewhere.



Earth and Stone at my Foot

“I resist
and take flight from the material and life condition. The
crux of the spiritual life for me now is to see and embrace
this mode of reality. The material realm is relentless in
its lawfulness.



and Doubt
– 1969 –
Water and Narcissus


“You must find the ways to
overcome the stresses, to transform the chemistry of the
body literally, so that you can live long and without
stress, both chemical and social, or cultural.”



first truly human or humanizing stage of development is for
us to…

 “The actual or
Realized Truth is not itself an answer to the emotional
dilemma of our existence”



best thing to do is to be uncomfortable…

“You cannot avoid that
discomfort. It is essential to your conditional life. You
must find it, locate it, and really use it.”



Urge for Human Awakening

“Human awakening is the
product of a inherent biological urge. This process of
awakening is inherent in the psycho-biological structures of
every human being.”



thinks that God is taking care of everything

Everybody thinks that God
is taking care of everything. There is no such God. God
Transcends everything. God is to be Realized. God is not
your parent.”



There More Fish in the Ocean on a Sunny Day, or on a Cloudy

“The realm of possibility
is infinite. There are endless conceivable and inconceivable
realms of experience or embodiment that you could be
involved in at the present time. But you are consciously
involved only in this human one. You are involved in this
human embodiment because you have desires”




“Life is suffering, and
then there is God” – “That is one way of putting it, in your
humble one-liner fashion.”



and Entheogens

To take a
drug does not yield any great capacity for recognition.
Neither does conventional meditation or the shocks of



Urge for Sanctuary
– 1979

“To create a human
sanctuary for higher adaptation of the human species is a
primal human urge. We inherently desire a human and natural
environment in which we can live without the chronic
production of stress chemistry.”



am not here to fight with you…

“You should also
understand that I am not here to fight with you for any
cause whatsoever. Whatever you choose, you are completely
free to choose, and that is all there is to



Patterns and New Responsibilities

“Your present situation is
only a reflection of patterns repeated from incidences of
the past, frozen moments in time, repeating themselves over
and over again. “



Setting Sun – The Great Western Sun

“This is the late-time,
the dark epoch, East and West. This is the long-prophesied
time of the setting sun, the Western sun. This is the time
of the decline of the mind and the culture of the rising
sun, the Eastern sun.”



– he
ego-“I” is always seeking and arguing – because it is
inherently dissociated from Reality Itself, Truth Itself,
and Real God.

with Existence as it Truly
– You do have
to do this sadhana in the context of your

Serious About Your Suffering

“”You must get serious
about your own suffering and the suffering of all other
beings, and about the stupidity of all movements on Earth,
whatever they are called – political, economic, religious.
There is no siddhi in them, no blessing, no unique
capability invested in the world.”



Meditation and Spirituality

“What is popularized,
hyped, and commonly believed to be religion, spirituality,
or meditation is invariably a form of self-meditation,
self-glorification, and self-survival. “



Should Your Create Your Life

Love Is Sufficient




“You can practice
Communion only by transcending fear, by actual, literal,
heartfelt surrender beyond all fear of death and madness
into the Transcendental Reality.”