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Does the “Purusha” need to reincarnate?

“The Spiritual Master is a Transparent Reminder of the Divine Reality, a Guide to the ecstatic Realization of the One Reality in Which all conditions arise and change and pass away. The Spiritual Master is not to be made into the merely “objectified” idol of a cult, as if the Divine Being were exclusively contained in the “objective” person and “subjective” beliefs of a particular sect. Rather, right relationship to the Spiritual Master takes the form of free devotional response to the Spiritual Master’s Radiant State.” The Aletheon


“…the Guru is an agent of the Divine work…because…he has become nothing. All the assumptions you want to make about the Guru, because of your present and chronic state of conscious awareness, are fundamentally false.”

The Crazy Horse – Garbage and the Goddess

UnderstandingAdi Da’s first talk “in an undertone barely audible to anyone but Himself, “Who will cast the first stone?” 


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Sat Chit Ananda (Invisible Man) 1975 “Recently I have said a few things about the distinction between the Guru function, or Siddhi, the difference between that and the Teaching. They are two very different functions.” 

Adi Da Samraj Divine Mahasamadhi (death/passing)


Adi Da’s Guru?Adi Da’s regard for his lineage



My Great Regard for My Adept-Links to the Great Tradition of Mankind.

Seven Stages of Life – Adi Da – The inevitable destiny of every human being. ” In the traditions of spiritual culture, the development of a human being has often been described in terms of seven stages, each spanning a period of seven years. There is a rational basis in Awakened Wisdom for this scheme.”

Meditation, Enquiry and UnderstandingFranklin Jones, 1970 “Understanding, from the beginning and forever, is the source of our true and real life.”

The First Thing You Shoud DoAdi Da Samraj The thing that makes you unhappy is your own contraction. That’s it, absolutely!

Way and The RealizationEWB “As long as the conventions of experience persist, there must be the Way and the Realization, both.”

Double Bindunpublished notes 1971Adi Da Samraj “One who is beginning to understand first recognizes that he (she) is suffering, fundamentally unhappy, unsatisfied, and chronically in double-bind that cannot finally be consoled.”

Sudden and Gradual PathEWB “As long as you are attached to the mind and body, you must keep these states active. You must continue to have experiences in order to give yourself the sense of existence.”

Ego Society and PeaceAdi Da’s Appeal for World Peace “Human beings in this “late-time” (or “dark” epoch) live in the “samsaric” (or un-Enlightened) world of egoic society—and this is why the signs of the times are so profoundly negative.”

Necessity of the GuruAdi Da’s latest word on the belief and disbelief of the Guru Function “Until there is the development of significantly effective self-understanding relative to the developmental problems …associated with the first three stages of life,…will, characteristically, tend to relate to such possible esoteric practice in either a childish or an adolescent manner.”

Choosing the Outer or Inner WayEWB The world renouncing ascetic considers his born existence to he a problem. He feels himself always confronted by two great alternatives: Sex and God. He feels obliged so choose one or the other. He struggles to choose God But the God he chooses is only an aspects of his own experience

CultismAdi Da “The error of conventional cultism is precisely this childish, and (otherwise) adolescent, and (altogether) ego–based orientation to fascination with Spiritual Masters”

Action and Consciousness – Adi Da Whatever you appear to do, your activity is always an extension of your apparent self (and, therefore, of your perception, conception, or interpretation of your apparent self, the world, and…

Not Everyone Can Identify with MeDawn Horse 1975 ” It is not necessary for every one to belong to the special class of individuals whom it was my unique obligation to serve……”

Philosophically there are only 5 points of viewAdi Da “There are only five possible orientations, each built upon the one immediately previous to itself:”

Soul Realization vs God RealizationDawn Horse Mag (76) talk on ascended experiences “The God-Light in Truth is not known apart from the dissolution of the ego or causal principle, the seat of subjectivity, in the Heart. “

Spiritual Maturity – 1981 Da Free John”….spiritual maturity is one in which the real facts of conditional existence are clearly observed, understood, and transcended…. which is a free intelligence, matured beyond the beginner’s mind in which the Way has its original basis”

Jesus and MeAdi Da’s Free Rendering on the Book of Matthew “Scientists without Life! Politicians without Love! Wise Men without a Master! All of you who “speak with authority” and plan our progress as if you invented our very existence!”

My Heart is Free – 1970Adi Da Samraj “Sitting in my room a few minutes ago and suddenly know who I am. A magnificent flow moved through me, through the Flow of Everything.”

Cosmos Bubba Free John teaching the Knee of Listening (early student course) In very early days of the teaching Adi Da taught a 12 week course on the Knee of Listening, elaborating and going into more depth the ideas and teaching within his autobiography.

Dissolution of Vital Shock – July 1974 “real insight ….simply see… things…in which he comprehends (his)strategy. And ultimately as this one strategy, this contraction, the avoidance of relationship.”

Heart is the Hole in the Donut76 Talk on the unconvention function of the Guru “The Guru in human form doesn’t have a conventional function. Conventionally people want to use the Guru as some sort of symbol, some sort of cultic figure”

The Meditation of UnderstandingKnee of Listening “The history of my experience as a seeker is a course of experimentation in relation to the forces of life conceived as the problem of existence on various levels of experience.”

Oedipal TeachingsAdi Da “The Oedipal complex is a primitive and unconscious force of reaction to our mother and father that controls our lives and realities like an unwritten script”

The Avon LadyMethod of the Siddhas, 1973 ” You read all these books, and you do all this thinking…about getting (or being) there, and doing this and that to get (or be) there.”

Sex and Emotion – Hearts Shout Adi Da Samraj “Sane sexuality is love expressed”

Maddness of the Universeexcerpt from the Avon Lady “Are all awakened men Gurus?”

Kundalini Shakti – The Basket Of Tolerance, Booklet Series “There are actually two distinct (and very different) traditions associated with the cosmically manifested Kundalini Shakti.”

Money Food and SexMethod of the Siddhas, 1973 “When people become involved in any kind of religious or spiritual activity…..there is the subtle suggestion that spiritual life has something to do with separation from vital and physical life.”

Creation MythsAdi Da – 2000 “Popular traditional religion tends to be associated with “Creation” myths… stories…on the origins of that (try) to account for the existence of the world”

Right View – Aid Da – January 1999 “When expansion is perfectly counter to contraction, that is infinity”

Knot of Self-Contraction – 1996 “It’s not merely a sensation you’re experiencing. It is an act you are performing. You are doing the self-contraction. It is not merely happening to you.”

Virtue of Discomfort -1982 “Tibetan tradition where they speak of bardos they mean all of these in between states and there are many sequences you see and this is one of the bardos then.”

There is a LawPrasad Day 1973 “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

1974-1977 – The Communion, Dawn Horse and Vision Mound Magazines

Taboo against the Superior ManLove of the Armed Form (Chapter 2) “The Ancient Superior Man as Scapegoat for the Modern Inferior Man”

Golden Great Bright Foreheaded Warrior – 1979 on Krishna

TouchLaughing Man Magazine “Touch is precisely the dimension in which you must become awake. You must transcend the intellectualizable senses of sight and hearing and so forth.”

Mark My Words (excerpt)Adi Da Samraj “We are moving into the time when God will make the move. This is the beginning of it. Mark My Words.”

The Most Difficult Stage -EWB “The most difficult stage is the one of transition from Lawless, subhuman existence to the responsible beginning of spiritual life”

This is a Mind-Made Realm Adi Da Samraj – 1983 “This is mind only! This is mind! Mind only! This is mind only. This! This is the bardo, the transition place. This!”

First Word (with and without parentheticals) “Yes! There is no religion, no Way of God, no Way of Divine Realization, no Way ofEnlightenment, and no Way of Liberation that is Higher or Greater than Truth Itself.”

Sudden and Gradual PathEWB “As long as you are attached to the mind and body, you must keep these states active. You must continue to have experiences in order to give yourself the sense of existence.”

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Breath and NameThe book

The Paradox of InstructionThe 1977 Book

Garbage and GoddessThe book

The Enlightenment of the Whole Body1978 Book

The Way That I TeachThe book – 1977

The Knee of ListeningThe 1971 Book

Method of the SiddhasThe 1972 Book

The Dreaded Gom BooThe 1982 Book

.NirvanasaraThe Book – Adi Da Samraj Radical Transcentalism and the Introduction of Advaitayana Buddhism.

Nirvana and Samsara Are Not the SameAdi Da Samraj “…in the mode of “pop” Buddhism formulae such as “Nirvana and samsara are the same” are reduced to slogans that justify the conventions of egoity in the lesser stages of life.”

Secret of BeatitudeAdi Da – “That is what Enlightenment is! Not some…”

Vital ShockAdi Da “when this contraction (cramp in the vital region) occurs in the vital, you not only get a cramp in the stomach – you have an entire life of suffering.”

IdolsCompulsory Dancing “No thought or figure or any perception arising in the mind is, in itself, is God. No thing, no body, no moment or place, in itself, is God”

You Can’t Bypass the FireAdi Da (Bubba Free John) – 1978 Quicktime movie – 2 mins

Beyond the KoanFrom a talk – Adi Da Going beyond the contradictory mind of duality and the emotion of the double-bind. The beginning of Listening and Hearing

Impingement of ExperienceAdi Da (Bubba Free John) – 1976

Reality-HumanitySelf-Liberated From The Stave In The Wheels – Adi Da (June 2008) Latest on the World situation and the need for political, social, economic, and cultural awakening

The Obligation of Eternal ExistenceAdi Da – 1978 “What I’m describing to you all is a process that belongs to the further evolution of humanity.

Relationship and AssociationsAdi Da – 1973 From the Method of the Siddhas redone in My “Bright” Word – Chapter 7..

Do Not Misunderstand MeAdi Da Samraj “Yes! There is no religion, no Way of God, no Way of Divine Realization…”..

The Great Esoteric Tradition of Devotion to the Adept-Relalizer Adi Da Samraj “…in the domain of the first three stages of life that the Guru is….taboo…”..

No “One” Survives Beyond That MomentMy Bright Word Truth is not a conditional state. Truth is not a perception or a thought. When there is truly no “difference”, no “one” survives. If there truly is the Most Perfect Realization of Non-separateness, no “one” survives beyond that moment.

Energy of ConsciousnessJune 1982Adi Da Samraj “What is It? I am not asking for some abstract description, but you are supposed to be a spiritual practitioner, so you must be in touch with something substantial about which you may communicate very simply and straightforwardly.”

Spirit – Compulsory Dancing “The Spirit is not to be found in visions or in forms. The Spirit is not knowable or capable of being mentalized , grasped, or objectified.”

The Universe is a Laughing Matter – Scientific Proof of the Existence of God Will Soon Be Announced by the White House Dance!

Klik- KlakAdi Da on the mechanical nature of existencethe only “you” that is constant.. is trying to have a sense of identity, looking for a …fixed person the memories, concepts..”

The “Brightening” Way Talk SeriesThe Yajna Discourses of Santosha Adi Da (1995-1996)

Transcend the Self Knot of Fear – Adi Da Samraj – 2006 You cannot escape fear unless something changes about your understanding. …you cannot get rid of fear. There is no intoxication, no diversion, nothing that will de-sensitize.. anything you do is temporary

The Test of Human Existence Adi Da Samraj – 1978 – “is whether you will persist as love, whether you will transcend yourself; transcend your contraction, your flight from relationship, your limitation on love..”

Relaxed Attention, Free Attention and The Sleeping State Adi Da Samraj – 1990 – You must go beyond the limitations… of the interior. Ultimately you must go beyond bare attention, which is the state in sleep.”

Witness, Attention and The Feeling of Relatedness Adi Da Samraj – 1990 – Attention, the feeling of relatedness and the Position of the Witness Consciousness”

Low, Middle and Higher SelfAdi Da Samraj – 1978 – “…your present stage of life or evolution represent the argument between what is traditionally called the middle self and the low self…this middle self is basically under the control of the mind.”

The Causal PositionAdi Da – 1995 “The ego…can be said to be at cause …subtle and gross appearances and activities of the individual body mind.”

Can Realization Be Lost in Life or in the Death Process?Adi Da – 1995 Can one lose his or her realization while alive or in death?

Purification of KarmaAdi Da – “you must get wisdom…understand….do purified of karma. People think…Mind is just brain…when you’re dead you’re dead. Well it’s not true.”

End of Adi Da’s TeachingAdi Da – 1996 “it was obvious…there was nothing more I could..teach”

Sorrows and LossesAdi Da – This world is at best a brief amusement. All passes…and your turn is coming. You must know the place you are in.

The Myth of WithinAdi Da – Guru Day 1973

The Search for Union Adi Da – “The feeling of separation that instigates the motive to union.”

Esoteric Anatomy and The Great Tradition of Human HistoryAdi Da – 1996 The History of the Great Tradition and the Seven Stage of Life

The Art of Spiritual LifeDa Free Johe – 1983 (Crazy Wisdom) – “you are trying to get free of a knot, an opressive sense of existence”

The Place Where Sadhana Beginsunpublished – You may want to forestall this observation…”.

Health and Desending CurrentCrazy Wisdom – Da Free John on frontal reception of the Spirit-force as it relates to well-being. – 1983

The Vital is Asleep Adi Da – The vital (navel/core region of the body – Hara – Dantian) is not a conscious dimension

The Baptism of Immportal HappinessAdi Da 1982 – God is Great. But, unfortunately for you, bullshit is greater!

Primal Urge for Sanctuary1978 talkAdi Da Samraj “We are threatened”

The Restoration of LaugherScientific Proof – Wisdom that transcends all events, all the science, attainment, and failure of mind, all of culture and household consolation, all the dread or “News” of cosmic and downtown stress, all the terminal pleasures that penetrate silence, circumference, measure, probability, and death.

Perpetual “reality consideration”Heart Conversion Talk Series – 3/25/93 – What is the self-contraction and where is it?

The Completing Discourses of the 25-Year RevelationAdi Da1994-1995 – Recapitulated the entire Way of the Heart

Ishta Selections from The Way of Devotional Surrender to the Divine Person1994 – Are You Just Coping? – The Devotional Yoga of the Breath – and more


Self-contraction as Doubt A talk in Holland in 1986 – You can think about God or whatever, arguments made by Me or anyone else. You can think about all of that, but it doesn’t make it true for you.


Vitals, Peculiars and SolidsThree Personality Strategies from Eating Gorilla Comes In Peace – 1979

Conductivity and the Conscious ProcessA Beezone study based on the essay “What Is the Conscious Process”

The Origin of Attention






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Our Defense of the Body in God – 1985
Confront the Crisis of Transition to the Fourth Stage of Life – 1985
I Will Be Heard

























List of all books currently available at the Dawn Horse Press

“My future Work is simply to magnify the Divine Presence universally, and in my solitary Occupation to surrender all beings and the total world in that Presence. My Work with individuals is in general finished, except where I may presume it. Thus, I may be recognized by devotees, but they must depend on the Agencies of the Teaching, including the Community, the Holy Places and so forth, rather than on me, to turn them to the Radiant Identity. So through the Work of my intimate play with individuals in the past this intelligent consideration developed and the conscious process was created. Through magnifying the Divine Presence or Siddhi in their company, I established the conviction of Its existence in those who entered into this play with me. And I’ve established various Agencies that not only communicate the Teaching, but which act as vehicles for this same Siddhi. Even the Teaching itself is a vehicle for that Siddhi. It is both an awakener of intelligence and a way of magnifying the Divine Presence and putting a person in touch with it.

So in the future it is this Teaching and these Agencies to which individuals must resort who encounter this Teaching. On the basis of intelligent consideration and the contact that takes place through these Agencies, they must develop and maintain the certainty of the Divine Presence. If they will do so then my future Work will also be effective in their case. My future Work is not with individuals, to awaken intelligent understanding or to magnify this Presence in their individual company. My Work is simply to engage in the process of this Siddhi that magnifies and focuses the Divine universally, and in the plane of Earth. If people will make use of my Agencies then they will also be served by me.” The Future of My Work – Adi Da Samraj – 1981



Adi Da, Ramana Maharshi, Nityananda, Shridi Sai Baba, Upasani Baba,  Seshadri Swamigal , Meher Baba, Sivananda, Ramsuratkumar “The perfect among the sages is identical with Me. There is absolutely no difference between us” Tripura Rahasya, Chap XX, 128-133


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